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Tagged > Relationships
THREAD Human Nature & EmotionEmotions
17 Posts • 6269 Views
Philosophy Forum
Man like all animals (beast) form relationships & therefore societies. (pecking order*clown*).
THREAD EconomyWhat can we do to improve international relationships with the USA?
7 Posts • 2545 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
Or let me put it this way, for those with the shorter attention spans (I feel ya)... We will improve these relationships when we stop doing things we tell other people not to. ;)
THREAD Relationships & LoveIt is amazing how one day things are well and the next they spirl out of control.
5 Posts • 2127 Views
Psychology Forum
lol OMFG This guy said the SAME EXACT THING to me like 3 years ago and he was one hundred percent right lol. Listen to him, hes good with relationships. (if nothing else :P)
THREAD Gender PsychologyChicks and Fake Phone numbers
64 Posts • 42604 Views
Psychology Forum
i stumbled upon this and thought it was funny... http://www.bullz-e ur_dating/2004/081901.htm
THREAD DepressionI can't stand being around people anymore!
7 Posts • 28770 Views
Psychology Forum
Isolating yourself is fine, if that's what you really want, but if you want to have relationships etc then you need to sort this out. Also, depression manifests itself in lots of ways, it not ju...
THREAD Human Nature & EmotionThat Logic is the path to Emotion
0 Posts • 905 Views
Philosophy Forum
I'm worried about you. Do you have healthy relationships at home? If so I can assume that is where you put your love, but its confusing when you sound lonely.
THREAD Your Opinions Please
10 Posts • 3177 Views
Talk Talk
hmm *looks for a 14 year old to date* ....well good luck with that. relationships are hard enough without all the outside forces and pressures. hope it works out.
THREAD My Mate Cheats On Me
7 Posts • 3118 Views
Talk Talk
I am much older then you but my advice is at your age I was married the first time and I have learned a lot from being married twice in my lifetime so far.... I would kick them all to the curb, fin...
THREAD Why????????
1 Posts • 2874 Views
Talk Talk
What is the big deal with interracial relationships?? I mean if you are in an interracial relationship b/c you generally care for them and are being treated like you want why do so many people have is...
THREAD giving up
4 Posts • 2069 Views
Talk Talk
well, in the last couple of relationships i've been in, i've been doing the heartbreaking. not intentionally, but i lose interest quickly. i'm having a hard time moving on from one pers...
THREAD Gender PsychologyI Hate Women
84 Posts • 31356 Views
Psychology Forum
I'll have to admit that there was a time when I thought that women were the bane of my existence, experiencing much of the cruelty and confusion you, IHW, may have endured from women. I realize n...
THREAD Gender PsychologyWhy do women nag?
21 Posts • 20133 Views
Psychology Forum
Some women nag if you ignore what they tell you, especially if they think what they tell you is a simple and necessary thing. Maybe it's something we pick up from our parents, most likely our mot...
THREAD How far will you go for love?
22 Posts • 4911 Views
Talk Talk
Have you had problems in past relationships or do you just think about these things? because you sound as if you've had some experience with this sort of thing. Oh, and I seriously doubt that he&...
THREAD Are Videogames Good or Bad?
16 Posts • 10218 Views
Talk Talk
thanks for your helpful responses i am glad to no that most of you agree wit my opinion and i must say that final fantasy games also teach alot about relationships and love.
THREAD God in Religiongods name
46 Posts • 11171 Views
Religion Forum
But the God of the Jews existed before there was Judiaism, He had relationships with people before any religions. And besides there is no recorded history beyond 6000 years ago (as a rough estimate)
THREAD interratial relationship... but wait, there's
9 Posts • 4577 Views
Talk Talk
thanks sooo much for your input, i didn't know who to ask! now i just hafta figure out how i should go about telling him- and before he goes to college, you can see im not that exp...
THREAD Human Nature & EmotionEmotional Intelligence
23 Posts • 5996 Views
Philosophy Forum
your Emotional IQ is 133....Strong in perception.... is that high?....or what? I don't know....honestly i'm not sure, my relationships are aight but i don't know if i'm smart in...
THREAD Relationships & Lovefutility of romantic 'love'
76 Posts • 18357 Views
Psychology Forum
cynical, To spicesoup, can you 100% honestly tell me that at no point during any of your relationships you have never felt any interest in anoy man other than the one you are dating? in earlier r...
THREAD Child & Family PsychologyDenial
32 Posts • 10941 Views
Psychology Forum
To be honest I think most people do not have really good relationships with their parents. I think if you go out there and started telling people about your situation you will find that many people ar...
THREAD any girls wanna have some fun?
21 Posts • 4137 Views
Talk Talk
Don't forget the media. Whenever you watch tv there is adverts and programs that talk about relationships. This leads to sex. I am quite sure if she uses the internet she could find things. And I...
THREAD Internet Vulnerability
11 Posts • 2427 Views
Talk Talk
By vulnerable and uninhibited I mean not thinking twice about what you say or do but just doing it. I imagine the short term of being like this would initially be very volatile as far as your relation...
THREAD About You / IntroductionsOur strengths and weakneses
9 Posts • 2690 Views
Talk Talk
My strengths would be I can always pick an argument out of anything anybody says and manage to annoy them. my weakness would have to be too often I screw things up wether it be relationships work or l...
THREAD Things That Bother Me
27 Posts • 6879 Views
Talk Talk
all "good" relationships take a lot of effort and comittment from both people. tough to find for sure.
THREAD Intimacysex isnt it a wonderful thing.. what do you think.
4 Posts • 3640 Views
Sexuality & Intimacy Forum
people under the age of 30 know nothing of relationships with significant meaning. sex is dull without meaning. anything goes in that area when you are with the right person.
THREAD Intelligence, Memory & BrainEmotions vs Logic
30 Posts • 14018 Views
Psychology Forum
Today I was thinking about if it would be better to have no emotions whatsoever and be creaures of logic, or if it better to have emotions and all that comes with them. I asked several of my classmate...
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