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Tagged > Mental
THREAD why continue?
63 Posts • 16823 Views
Philosophy Forum
The next time I have to ask myself why keep living this existence.... I'm gonna' google it - What th' - ? Yeah, then I'm gonna' go down the list one by one and experi...
93 Posts • 25154 Views
Philosophy Forum
But fun and speculation comes with confusion and much argument. Disagreement isn't bad, unless things get out of hand . . . in some rehab centers, they teach that cocaine as an activating agent...
THREAD ConsciousnessI Got A New Theory on the Human Mind
31 Posts • 7997 Views
Philosophy Forum
It is not the spoon that bends, it is only yourself. If I try to concentrate on accomplishing a discrete goal, like obtaining $500 to pay bills with, it doesn't happen. I must change my perce...
THREAD When I feel pain, I....
20 Posts • 5828 Views
Philosophy Forum
WHEN..! I feel pain again... It's been a long time since I could relate to anothers tolerance for pain... I am an injured disabled vet of the Marine Corps from the first gulf war.... I am i...
THREAD Alternative BeliefsPeers and religion
3 Posts • 2439 Views
Religion Forum
If god created everything then he created me as an atheist. If the bibles depiction of god is correct then he created everything from evil to good. So if there's a child who was born christ...
THREAD God in ReligionGod?
88 Posts • 16419 Views
Religion Forum
Somebody once told me that god was actually our true self. That each of us is god. The idea was that god was attempting to learn all there is to know about human experience, and so he broke himself up...
THREAD ChristianityScientific Proof of the Bible vs Theories
44 Posts • 18532 Views
Religion Forum
Adam and Eve is just as scientificly possible as evolution, you underestimate even the current abilities and near current abilities already in the works of man today. With such things as Nano-tech...
THREAD Religion & Humanitypro-life v. pro-choice?
18 Posts • 4581 Views
Religion Forum
I very strongly believe that, if the woman is the one who is having the child inside her, it should be solely up to her what she feels she needs to do with the child. whether the reasons being predete...
THREAD Doctor-Assisted Suicide
13 Posts • 3198 Views
Philosophy Forum
Clea Benson of the Bee Capitol Bureau (Published 2:15 am PST Sunday, November 14, 2004)writes, "The Bush administration last week asked the U.S. Supreme Court to overturn Oregon's assiste...
THREAD Reality & MetaphysicsTruth, reality and the meling pot
13 Posts • 2354 Views
Philosophy Forum
Put yourself in the mind of an early human, you might call this man a savage. His stomach growls and so he searches the area for potential food. You're suggesting that once this man finds berries...
THREAD GodWhy say 'life doesnt matter' without god
19 Posts • 7168 Views
Philosophy Forum
Dear Patape. More or less........yeah your right. Simply though is to say, that all these things that I have listed (with or without God's existence), are the things that are the accumulati...
THREAD IslamPlease Help To Stop Torture
1 Posts • 2494 Views
Religion Forum uantanamo/w3ugnxe2a5bb6ne? New photos of detainee abuse at Abu Ghraib Prison in Iraq and a blistering United Nations Report calling on the U.S. to shut down the Guan...
THREAD Christianityis being too lazy to read the bible a sin?
10 Posts • 4489 Views
Religion Forum
ok so if i believe that Jesus Christ died and rose again (again still all i think of jesusu is that name kind of howhe looks and the story (Jesus Christ died and rose again.. etc).. so from gaining th...
THREAD Reality & Metaphysics'reality'
100 Posts • 18159 Views
Philosophy Forum
Sorry...It's been awhile...I like those sub-three-dimensional theories of matter but, although most people understand what two-dimemsional space is, I think the "physical" reality of su...
THREAD CelebritiesMichael Jackson and his new album
9 Posts • 6886 Views
Photos, Videos & Music Forum
i agree. he truly is the "king of pop" and his hard work deserves every success that comes his way. the media has done a very unfair job of representing (and smashing) his reputation to t...
THREAD ArtworkScissors & Glue
36 Posts • 8490 Views
Art Forum
"I was wondering how you go about them? Is it a moment of creativity that hits, and you just sit down and go for it, and whatever comes out comes out? Or is it an idea that you plan out in your h...
THREAD DrugsDo you smoke?
47 Posts • 12971 Views
Psychology Forum
oh silhouettedevil, I started smoking a year ago(I am 19 now). and although I know it's bad for me, it helps me through the really tough times I have been going through. I started smoking whe...
THREAD Spiritualitycurious question..
10 Posts • 3121 Views
Religion Forum
ethral.. i am aware that (christains geneally) believe that hell is eternity without god and heaven is eternity with god.. if you dont believe in jesus you cant get to god etc... im already aware of t...
THREAD Alternative BeliefsWhat Gods or Goddesses do you believe in
31 Posts • 7937 Views
Religion Forum
So many questions have been asked here about the Christian God so now time for a more "pagan" or "Occult" question... What Gods or Goddesses do you believe in? What Religious/n...
THREAD PoetryWindsor Knot (Poem)
3 Posts • 2407 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
Windsor Knot by dapharoah69 I'm dying slowly. But you stand there fixing your neck tie, trying to find that Windsor knot. Incognito's never been a part of my mental. Nonchalant...
THREAD Society & Sociologyafrican americans
10 Posts • 4324 Views
Psychology Forum
Such a vile term "racist" is. Sort of like "sexist". It invokes a Pavlovian response. Race, a word that can be replaced by 'genetic type", breed, kind...populatio...
THREAD Ethics & MoralityWhat is the Association of Efficiency with Morality?
12 Posts • 2822 Views
Philosophy Forum
i love this thread it is an excellent mental excersise almost like a riddle. No imoral acttion can truly be considered efficient even if at the surface the act it self seems efficient. like efficiency...
THREAD PedophiliaPedophilia
27 Posts • 14619 Views
Sexuality & Intimacy Forum
I've read a number of the posts here on the subject of pedophilia. I'm pretty disgusted by some of them that suggested this behavior is "probably" normal. Trying to get into the he...
THREAD PedophiliaPaedophilia
189 Posts • 58081 Views
Sexuality & Intimacy Forum
Curious - I get the impression that you are attempting to convince us that Pedophilia is normal behavior like a gay or lesbian and should be accepted as such. I'm curious why you would encourage...
THREAD A Few Things from the Notebook…
1 Posts • 1225 Views
Philosophy Forum
The mind constantly figures out configurations, to capture the complexities of experiences… We piece things together like a painting. By starting with the foundation and growing by adding bits on...
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