Thought without action is useless; Action without thought is stupid. - Sky
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Tagged > Hypothetical question
THREAD ChristianityWhat is faith: Why Christianity?
23 Posts • 6351 Views
Religion Forum
Christianity is a socially engineered mechanism that prevents those who follow its rules to question it. Excuse my ignorance but what does this mean? Can you explain why you feel I cant question my fa...
THREAD Reality & MetaphysicsWhat is existence?
29 Posts • 13237 Views
Philosophy Forum
if YOU can ask the Question "do we exist?" your question presupposes existence. otherwise there would be nothing to question , and no one to ask the question.
THREAD DreamsWhats Happening to ME?!
23 Posts • 6664 Views
Psychology Forum
Speaking from a strictly anal ytical standpoint it seems these feelings of deja vu are misconceptions of time. When your brain registers a memory it may incorrectly log the time it happened and so you...
THREAD Chicken or the Egg
64 Posts • 13050 Views
Philosophy Forum
I still think the chicken came first with more to add. They did a DNA study and found that female came first - don't know how that would work, but my wife tells me that it is possible for a woman...
THREAD Categorical Imperatives
2 Posts • 2373 Views
Philosophy Forum
well what kant is striving for is a utopia. and in a utopia your hypothetical situation would never exist. Every form of evil can be traced to a lie in its roots. without lying, there would be no evil...
THREAD Alternative Beliefsreal or just a myth?
57 Posts • 15266 Views
Religion Forum
A totalitarian government and society is not so easily destroyed because its essentially of one mind. How many other systems of living are possible that would increase the chances of a civilizations s...
THREAD Physics & CosmologyCenter of the earth and gravity
14 Posts • 4723 Views
Science & Technology Forum
If we're talking pure hypotheticals here, then yes, the tennis ball would indeed be suspended at the center given a small amount of time. Let's not forget that a tennis ball doesn't hav...
THREAD GodWhy Question God's Existence
45 Posts • 10005 Views
Philosophy Forum
This is a valid question but one which goes back to why we ask why. 'Curiosity killed the cat' is a quote I passionately dislike. It is a motive for lame, ignorant people to bring up more...
THREAD Society & SociologyWhy must intelligent people be so sarcastic?
64 Posts • 83131 Views
Psychology Forum
The more inteligent they think they are, the more they feel they must assert this inteligence at every available opportunity. if they cant agree fine, then discuss it and answer the question, dont go...
THREAD The ultimate and first beginning
28 Posts • 5835 Views
Philosophy Forum
Are there any objective scientifically minded people on this board? Why do most of you believe that a sentient being or designer (God) is responsible for the universes creation? God is the ultimate co...
THREAD Religion & HumanityThe Meaning of Living
103 Posts • 19878 Views
Religion Forum
From WHAT WE KNOW of the elements, the Earth materials (being heavy and rocky) MUST HAVE BEEN created in a high pressure and high energy area. The only places like that are stars. Yea, and the fac...
THREAD Human's Inevitable Downfall
89 Posts • 19113 Views
Philosophy Forum
Are you saying that because this hypothetical future president is black or coloured or technicolour polka dotted that there would be more chance of a racially motivated civil war? If its just a disagr...
THREAD Physics & CosmologyThe Edge of the Universe
32 Posts • 7454 Views
Science & Technology Forum
I've always believed that infinity was a psychological symptom of our inability to contain the world in our extremely limited perception of three-dimensional space which, as Kant asserted, is mer...
THREAD Sexually Transmitted DiseasesBumps: Would you rather...
10 Posts • 3781 Views
Sexuality & Intimacy Forum
I came across this question perusing yahoo answers and it's a pretty yucky question but I wanted to know what your responses would be: Would you rather: 1) Marry someone who has bumps on thei...
THREAD Reality & MetaphysicsWhy do we exist?
83 Posts • 54059 Views
Philosophy Forum
we exist JUST because... and we'de die eventually... we might find OUR OWN reason of existence on the way there... OR WE MIGHT NOT... but the question "why are WE here?" will still rema...
THREAD God in ReligionGodly Limitations
6 Posts • 3285 Views
Religion Forum
The rock question is just a variation on the question "can God outdo herself?" whether or not God can outdo himself is irrelevent regarding the question of limitations becasue if God has a l...
THREAD Reality & MetaphysicsQuestioning Reality: Are we for "Real"?
118 Posts • 30609 Views
Philosophy Forum
Are we real? This has an obvious answer. What people don't realize is that we are real because we can ask (are we real). If someithing wasn't real it couldn't ask this question could it...
THREAD Riddles & PuzzlesBuddhist riddles/interesting philosophies
65 Posts • 36444 Views
Philosophy Forum
we did acknowledge suffering by observing the suffering of the chick...but like buddha also teaches, is how to overcome or remove suffering from ones own life....its a question that we in psychology l...
THREAD PoetryJust a poem i thought up last night
20 Posts • 5498 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
The question What do i seek? What can i find? Why do i search? Why am i bilnd? The anwers are simple, The question difficult. I only seek to find, But only find to seek again. I find all th...
THREAD Life & Deathare u ready to step outside the box? part I
7 Posts • 2709 Views
Philosophy Forum
It could even prove to have profund implications for us. Why should we live? Well, if your into religion, then it's easy to answer, 'to have a glorious after life'. But if you don'...
THREAD Sexual Psychologywhat's the deal with porn?
9 Posts • 3602 Views
Sexuality & Intimacy Forum
as i thought, none of the contributors to the CC blog have a pair of balls and probably think more often of fluffy animals than horny bitches. which brings me to my third post in this very selective a...
THREAD War & TerrorismA Conservative Reviews "Fahrenheit 9/11"
30 Posts • 7020 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
how the embargo was necessary Actually I think it is a perfectly good question. A) If for no other reason than to question is it neccessary? How can we tell? By the word of those: 1) who serve...
THREAD Religion & HumanityWhat is religion?
40 Posts • 8008 Views
Religion Forum
You ask a question, but you don't want to hear the answer - what is that all about? to realize what religion is, you must look at the question objectively... that is why i can't have peop...
THREAD Ethics & MoralityWar - What The Hell Is It Good For
164 Posts • 24852 Views
Philosophy Forum
I take it you are not capable. Thought so! "You can't answer my question - but you want an exact answer to yours. You're one way buddy." That's correct. Your personal qu...
THREAD What's Worth Dying For?
54 Posts • 10077 Views
Talk Talk
I agree with whoever suggested family, friends, and the world. Heh. It is a weird thought, dying for the world. Years ago, I saw one of those world-destruction-caused-by-a- meteorite movies that was...
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