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Tagged > Aussie short film
THREAD PoetryEchoes
258 Posts • 51767 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
Decisions Limbo In between. Fillers... Prog ress is natural. For the indecisive, "almost there" lasts a long time. For the passionate, no such thing exists. But to pretend t...
THREAD Cesspool of our youth
14 Posts • 3871 Views
Philosophy Forum
It is my opinion that there is absolutly nothing wrong (except for the legality issue) of doing something that will expand your mind, if only for a short while, and expand your capacity for abstract t...
THREAD Intelligence, Memory & BrainStrange things with memory
11 Posts • 2738 Views
Psychology Forum
you'd need a phycologicallyismist person for that lmao.. my answer... short term memory loss? you could just have the memories at the back of your head and they come clearer days on. Many p...
THREAD GovernmentThe Anti-Bush Thread
0 Posts • 38348 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
(Warning: This post contains conspiracy theory regarding Bushes) In case McTex does read this, I was meaning to redirect a question of yours to me first, you asked me if there was a conspiracy theo...
THREAD The Village
23 Posts • 6153 Views
Movie/TV Reviews
I really love his work---it's very poetic, very human and touching on the deepest, most beautiful parts of the soul. I feel this quality of his work is often overlooked by critics, in favor of th...
THREAD Poetry*Smiles with in Solitude*
202 Posts • 38135 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
Chains lie forgotten on the film reels as I step over the camera onward with a smirk on my chin that says Stop. You are now facing a new you with diced mentality and chopped measurements. Th...
THREAD What did you do today?
31 Posts • 7421 Views
Talk Talk
Slept in after a big night, at friends beachhouse. Went for job interview with a hangover (not a good idea). Got the job. Did some renovations. Went to see harry potter at the movies (it only just cam...
THREAD Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater
3 Posts • 1250 Views
Talk Talk
oh its amazing, its about a man named john,and his codename is "naked snake",they just call him snake for short. hes in the jungle, inside military bases, and many other places. you fight to...
THREAD Spirituality
17 Posts • 4819 Views
Philosophy Forum
Yeah, for enlighnement, u basically have to live in meditation. Thats what i m tryin to do basically. Lately, I have been trying to insert meditation into whatever I do. I have been quite successful...
THREAD Spirituality
17 Posts • 4819 Views
Philosophy Forum
Yeah, for enlighnement, u basically have to live in meditation. Thats what i m tryin to do basically. Lately, I have been trying to insert meditation into whatever I do. I have been quite successful...
THREAD I'm kind of sad
19 Posts • 4171 Views
Talk Talk
You know what most of my problem is, I am not a very fast typer. I still finger type and dont look at the screen. I actually dont have the time to post. I honestly have to take 10-20 minutes to do...
THREAD Intelligence, Memory & BrainKnowledge…
2 Posts • 1282 Views
Psychology Forum
Have you studied any formal cognitive or biological psychology? I only ask because if you have you should research some papers on memory which may help you to understand more clearly the areas you are...
THREAD Relationships & LoveChrisD
16 Posts • 4240 Views
Psychology Forum
In case any of that dawnsense is pointed towards me. That poster brightened my mood while I am very lonely at the moment. I actually really like that song, takes me back to less lonely days....
THREAD DepressionI hate people and feel better alone
33 Posts • 134148 Views
Psychology Forum
Hey Erika, Exactly feel d same way. Hate is a strong word, i just dont like them... I am disappointed at them. For me, ts not just all those meaningless chats, but empty fake characters. As much as...
THREAD Human Nature & EmotionEmotional Intelligence
23 Posts • 5216 Views
Philosophy Forum
and wyote i think the reason that you got a much higher score is probably because peoples grow wiser through out time and sometimes in short periods of time i bet if you took it next week your score w...
THREAD Mental Remote Control or Mental Compensation
4 Posts • 1607 Views
Philosophy Forum
Some type of self motivated modification? Short answer, yes... I think that we have a great ability to try and expand our minds, and one way is understanding what is going, so that we can use our mi...
THREAD Everyone acting like Victims
4 Posts • 2080 Views
Talk Talk
particularly in the US the mentality is along the lines of "i am deserving of ____" or "i am entitled to ____" regardless of the circumstance, they think other people owe them for...
THREAD JokesYo' Mama Jokes?
163 Posts • 92762 Views
Jokes & Games
Yo mammas so short, when she sits on the kurb her feet dangle. Yo mammas teeth are so yellow, i cant believe its not butter. Yo mammas so poor, she goes to KFC and licks other peoples fingers. Yo m...
4 Posts • 1259 Views
Talk Talk
its been out a while.but i only just got into it the other day.its not short but its not really that long either.but its not like a "go here and do this" type of game either,like Halo for ex...
THREAD BooksThis Book Will Change Your Life
62 Posts • 13562 Views
Talk Talk
Day 7 - today masturbate at 13:56 there are two stories to masturbate by today, one is very long and sensual. the other is for guys and it says "two blondes doing it together" ... so if y...
THREAD Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows
8 Posts • 1825 Views
Talk Talk
Well, I did enjoy the book and thought good on her for managing to round it off and give the series an end , which must have been difficult to do. I did think it was a bit dark and depressing and the...
THREAD BooksCatcher in the Rye
28 Posts • 13474 Views
Talk Talk
Catcher in te Rye... An excellent book- its been a while since i read that one... but an excellent read for one and all. A Nice summary... (spoiler) http://www.gradesav
THREAD Telekinesis
7 Posts • 2211 Views
Talk Talk
Not specifically moving objects with the mind, but in a more general sense of the word Telekinesis - influencing physical matter with brain waves. Is this possible? Has it been documented? Either b...
THREAD PhotographyTribute to Life
16 Posts • 7095 Views
Art Forum
Clay - I hope you get this worked out in your mind. Never lost anyone like this, I can only imagine it would be difficult. Have to know every thing to understand why. It's possibe the neighbor...
THREAD Gender PsychologyThe right to dress provocatively?
80 Posts • 32478 Views
Psychology Forum
These are good tips, I think, and should be passed on to your loved ones. They don't however, solve our ever-raging argument. It does imply that the ones that carry a pair of scissors might not...
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