Most people go through the world with their eyes shut and their brains set to 'simmer'. - Evilia
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Tagged > Fate
THREAD PoetryDust in the Wind
41 Posts • 12691 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
How fate plays with the emotions of the young, that is painful sir, so very painful.
THREAD God in ReligionQuestioning his Behaviour
284 Posts • 46557 Views
Religion Forum
But I choose this path and therefore my own "fate" so it was still choice.
THREAD SpiritualityFaith: innate or not?
6 Posts • 5717 Views
Religion Forum
I think I understand what you're saying. Like in your scenario with the dice, the person when faced with what reality had dealt him; his "coping mechanism" may kick in as so he would sa...
67 Posts • 17734 Views
Philosophy Forum
THREAD luck??
16 Posts • 7095 Views
Philosophy Forum
hmmm...everything i seem to conclude on this topic is contradictory so ill just let my thoughts run randomly...... "Prepar ation meets opportunity...." So if opportunity is attracted by yo...
THREAD Life & DeathSoul Mates
58 Posts • 16983 Views
Philosophy Forum
I don't believe in soulmates or fate. I think the whole conception of everyone having a soulmate is just a way for people to be reassured that we all have someone in our lives so we don't di...
THREAD Relationships & LoveConfused about almost everything...
8 Posts • 3157 Views
Psychology Forum
People I keep talking to keep telling me that is one of God's test and it will make me better in the end and stuff like that. I guess I just have a hard time believing at the moment that this som...
THREAD ChristianityThe Devil
7 Posts • 2628 Views
Religion Forum
This is where my question of fate and free wil comes into this. I mean how the hell could the devil be blamed for what he did if it was already known to God before, and if it had to happen? Adam and...
THREAD Life & DeathBeing succesful.......
26 Posts • 13521 Views
Philosophy Forum
Having goals will make you reach a sucessful life, but who knows what will come in 10 years? A sucessful life may not be persude. It all depends on your belief and fate.
THREAD luck??
16 Posts • 7095 Views
Philosophy Forum
if you believe in fate then luck can't exist.. btw someone has to win the lottery.. this doesn't mean that they have "luck".. it just means that one single person won.. that is...
THREAD PoetryMy poem
14 Posts • 3381 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
Thrice to be shown, thou never will see. Vibrant darkness the resides in thee, shadows reaching out of it's bright eyes, coaxing you closer through the true lies. Never to think the fate of...
THREAD Relationships & Lovefutility of romantic 'love'
76 Posts • 19425 Views
Psychology Forum
The goal should not be to be perfect, it should be to be as perfect as is possible. Well said. Never stop improving yourself. Never give up. Always keep your head high and walk face first into the...
16 Posts • 6832 Views
Philosophy Forum
Fear does not restrict. From fear comes courage. It's the matter of fact how you percieve fear and how you deal with it. Look at modern society today, we're constantly running away from fear...
35 Posts • 13629 Views
Philosophy Forum
In response to Decius D -" Well, I believe in a very logical sense of fate: If everything is cause and effect, then everything is pre-determined because the future is an effect of our present,...
THREAD PoetryHer...
5 Posts • 12846 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
Finding your soulmate is difficult. Harder still, Leaving your soulmate Your words are thoughtful Apology accepted Not so much pain though More like soft numbness Or a bright void, kind of...
THREAD PoetryPoems by an Ancient
21 Posts • 6221 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
it keeps raining it just keeps raining maybe one day... this world will wash away and all that I felt for in any case will be gone forever in histories end it couldn't last we knew it su...
THREAD Alternative BeliefsWhat do you believe?
67 Posts • 15591 Views
Religion Forum
You obviously didn't read the part where I siad "Humans can't escape working". Of course people need to farm to make food and work for other necessities in life, that'd be stu...
THREAD SocietyKhat, your thourghts?
22 Posts • 5755 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
I loath conspiracy theory. Go read some Facoult, then how he died.Realize the irony, call yourself foolish and move on with your life, safe in the knowledge that there is no master minded ideology beh...
THREAD luck??
16 Posts • 7095 Views
Philosophy Forum
Is there a such thing as luck? Does luck involve fate in anyway? Maybe it's, and I quote "preparation meeting opportunity". What do you think?
THREAD Human's Inevitable Downfall
89 Posts • 22292 Views
Philosophy Forum
I think that the game of chess is the picture of human fate. In the future there will be a black president, and he will be a great president, but like every other president some will disagree with act...
THREAD Reality & MetaphysicsWhy do we exist?
83 Posts • 59294 Views
Philosophy Forum
we have no fate. we got this 1 life to experience the structure of the universe the chance of your life existing is about 1 in 18 with 403,166 zero's after it, almost zilch. life's a gift...
THREAD Life & DeathVoluntary Human Extinction Movement
233 Posts • 127468 Views
Philosophy Forum
lol, ya right. Stop breeding my ass, in the end we are all gunna die off anywayz. The Fate of destruction is also the joy of rebirth *eek* If there can only be one specie left alive on earth id ra...
67 Posts • 17734 Views
Philosophy Forum
If life was based on chance (randomness) rather than fate (structure) then what would the purpose of life be? There would be none because an action left to chance has no meaning and therefore our live...
THREAD Atheism & AgnosticismThe last leg for Atheism
185 Posts • 37862 Views
Religion Forum
Maybe morals are set only on those that think they are set on them. I think morals are more a tradition thing not the actual thing. If you keep being told something especially at a young age it eventa...
THREAD Life & Deathwhat is your theory on life?
270 Posts • 51905 Views
Philosophy Forum
I like that conway.. I think that's a marvelous new way to look at fate. That is what I was talking about when I said you have startling ideas. My perception of what you are saying is that fate o...
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