One has to go beyond concepts in order to enjoy total INDEPENDANCY - vasudev_60
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Tagged > Fate
THREAD Anatomy of Death
7 Posts • 3034 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
When I wrote the story originally, it was in the right format...but when I copied it onto the site, i lost all the paragraphs and breaks. To answer some of the questions that have been posed: Purga...
THREAD God in ReligionThe Problem of Evil
202 Posts • 38215 Views
Religion Forum
he is the one who insites resentment and distaste and prejudice. he is the one who creadted deseas. But all this could have been easily avoided. You fail to grasp the situation; God had faith in Ad...
THREAD Poetry*Smiles with in Solitude*
202 Posts • 45374 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
I'm eager, the excitement is killing me inside. Anger rushes to the center of my soul, As I wait patiently for the verdict. So many empty shells fighting for the same spot, I can see I'...
THREAD Life & DeathIs Life Worth the Strife?
23 Posts • 7031 Views
Philosophy Forum
"To those who live nature's ancient lie... well, your life to us tragic folk looks like a comedy. And comedies are not enjoyed by the protaganists." I just really liked that quote so...
THREAD ConspiracyExcerp: 9/11 Conspiracy Theories
214 Posts • 58210 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
See, I wouldn't even be worried if I knew that things were gonna end up like the matrix or something, thats a far better fate than the things I tend to see in our history. I'm not too wor...
THREAD PoetryThoughts Unchained
40 Posts • 10037 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
Chained Wings I am falling, my wings, chained as they were, unseen, yank me back to earth. And I pay for my ascent, with the inevitable crash landing. All I can do, is close my eyes, an...
THREAD ChristianityChristian Q&A
0 Posts • 3762 Views
Religion Forum
Q: How would you logically prove that your god exists using rational evidential reasoning and justification - without using arguments that someone from another religion would use to prove their god ex...
THREAD ChristianityChristian Q&A
0 Posts • 3762 Views
Religion Forum
These answers are for summit. Q: How would you logically prove that your god exists using rational evidential reasoning and justification - without using arguments that someone from another religio...
THREAD ChristianityWhat is heaven like?
7 Posts • 3467 Views
Religion Forum
I had an idea what the after life would be like... Take this one with a grain of salt though... Basically we all live our lives, and when we die, we kind of wait around, our souls floating around th...
THREAD SocietyThe Capitalism Debate!!!!
95 Posts • 27155 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
Ah! So we should have left Korea decide its own fate? If the USA had let Korea the freedom of choice, it would today still be a Communist state. Openly hostile to the rest of the world with a stagnant...
THREAD Random QuestionsKarma
39 Posts • 8170 Views
Talk Talk
"Hinduism, Buddhism. action, seen as bringing upon oneself inevitable results, good or bad, either in this life or in a reincarnation: in Hinduism one of the means of reaching Brahman. Compare bh...
THREAD Society & SociologyExcerp: Industrial Society Destroys Mind and Environment
34 Posts • 11853 Views
Psychology Forum
[quote="cturtle"]Rig ht on, western civilizations used (abused) their natural resources until they were depleted then colonized others' lands to provide the means to continue their expan...
THREAD Ethics & MoralityThe Morality of Action
24 Posts • 8313 Views
Philosophy Forum
In theory, not practice, the motives behind an act determine an act's morality. The ends justify the means, if someone for whatever reason ,urders and believes that they will bring universal fort...
THREAD PoetryEchoes
258 Posts • 61932 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
4/19/10 4:00 pm edge computer lab sinking in and shuting up. zoning in on coward's cries. "to each his own" i'd like to say, "that's not my way" a few...
THREAD suicide with heartbreak?
16 Posts • 11410 Views
Talk Talk
well i know im younger but i still know what you are going through...i myself has been heartbroken i went out with this guy for only a little less than 3 months. it crushed me i also gave up everythin...
THREAD Creative MusingsScribbles from my notebook
2 Posts • 2334 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
My very first attempt at a villanelle. I'm glad I followed the basic structure and of that I am pleased. If there is anyone out there who could offer any constructive critique, I'd appreciat...
THREAD EconomyWhy not tax the Rich?
52 Posts • 22037 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
[If you are rich, you are not an idiot.] You've obviously never read a Dilbert comic strip? Have you ever attempted to climbed the corporate ladder? Ever heard of nepotism, or good old boy hir...
THREAD God in ReligionIf there's a god, why is there evil?
222 Posts • 53142 Views
Religion Forum
okcity kid: I think it is indeed a change. Change is inevitable in a space / time continuum. It implies nevertheless that evil can increase at the expense of good onto the most extreme. our location i...
THREAD Religion & HumanityAbortion
76 Posts • 18277 Views
Religion Forum
okcitykid, I love humanity despite all of its weaknesses and darkest moments. I love people and believe, as you do, that we should show kindness to one another and help each stand when we fall. But...
THREAD Is This Freedom?
34 Posts • 11958 Views
Talk Talk
I recently having been pepper spayed and my rights violated in a small town in OK by the local police. A lawsuit is in the works with one of the top lawyers in that state. He has over 25 years experie...
THREAD What's wrong with the world? How do we change
93 Posts • 42064 Views
Philosophy Forum
also, if you care not to justify yourself...or prove yourself as all unenlightened beings seem only to want, why did you feel the need to post again. because i'm still unenlightened.....I'...
THREAD Life & DeathVoluntary Human Extinction Movement
233 Posts • 125248 Views
Philosophy Forum
If this was successful (in terms of a group of people who believe this planet is over-populated), thus that group of people would stop breeding. But that would mean the values of these people would...
THREAD Ethics & MoralityThe Morality of Action
24 Posts • 8313 Views
Philosophy Forum
I don't think the difference between the theoretical and the practical is all you make it out to be. For instance, you say (theoretically), the ends justify the means. OK, so, I want world peace...
THREAD help me
19 Posts • 5623 Views
Talk Talk
Thank you chained wings, i can see that you understand me well. Honestly, told my two best mates, one believes i need therapy, the others so upset she cant talk to me right now. How the hell am i g...
THREAD Ballhog
1 Posts • 2685 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
Ballhog by Cory Rice "Mommy, Daddy, big brother will not share with me" I've been called alot of things A ballhog and in flight the wings The center of attention is where I like...
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