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Tagged > Do women propose
THREAD Gender PsychologyDo Women Ever Propose?
2 Posts • 6050 Views
Psychology Forum
I always hear stories of how men know at first sight when they've met the woman they're going to marry and so they peruse her and eventually pop the question. But do women ever do this? Do w...
THREAD Gender PsychologyDo Women Ever Propose?
2 Posts • 6050 Views
Psychology Forum
It happens just not very often. They want to be equal to men(hence the 19th amendment) but then they can't do basic shit and propose to the man no matter how much they love them(supposedly). I th...
THREAD Alternative BeliefsGod = The Universe
72 Posts • 20192 Views
Religion Forum
REBerg, in your original statement, you have already answered this. If the universe = God, as you propose, then what is outside of God? If God is everywhere, as you propose, where is not-God? If th...
 49yrs • M
Women are the root of all misery and suffering, and they love it that way.
 42yrs • M
I only like women and i like hot women
 43yrs • M
< no additional information provided >
THREAD God in ReligionWhy Do You NOT Believe In God?
192 Posts • 37343 Views
Religion Forum
And what about women with women, with that kind of clarification it seems as if it is excluded. Do women of today really want to be associated with how women were treated in times of the bible. The...
THREAD Gender PsychologyIf women ruled the world...
61 Posts • 15479 Views
Psychology Forum
The women's movement is putting more effort to make men and women exactly the same rather than honoring what's feminine. Men and women are equal, but not the same. Could you say that the mov...
 39yrs • F
All men are mortals, women are not men, Therefore women are not mortals?
 60yrs • F
what do men really want from a women
THREAD Gender PsychologyWhy do women nag?
21 Posts • 20354 Views
Psychology Forum
I thought I'd finished this. lol. A study found men talk about 7,000 words a day, whilst women talk on average 20,000 words a day. Also, men think about sex more than women, and women are more...
 34yrs • M
< no additional information provided >
THREAD Females Inferior?
31 Posts • 12504 Views
Philosophy Forum
I am not a feminist and i believethat women and men are different . i believe men are stonger than women in some aspects and vice versa. that is why we are meant to be with each other, the things wome...
THREAD Gender PsychologyGirls Suck
16 Posts • 34210 Views
Psychology Forum
Girls are sh*t. LOL. But no - the reason is because women want 1 man but men want several women and the 1 man women want they know don't just want them - and yet this makes them more attracted...
 43yrs • M
Clarity is key
THREAD Gender Psychologywhy are men treated so badly
23 Posts • 13326 Views
Psychology Forum
I'm not old, but I've seen so many changes, it's not hard to feel old. When I was a little boy, women were treated badly. To be a women meant you were stupid, weak, fickled, etc. Th...
THREAD Rules To Live By
29 Posts • 6723 Views
Philosophy Forum
ok. lets do this thing were we make a set of rules to live by. using only reason and complete objective view points. ***DO NOT LITTER THIS WITH THE TEN COMMANDMENTS*** i understand completely if y...
THREAD Gender PsychologyWhy I hate women
32 Posts • 81318 Views
Psychology Forum
BigRed42, I know this seems like an obvious response to your post, but not all women are as you describe. Not all women dress slutty and use their sexuality to get what they want. I admit that many,...
THREAD PedophiliaChild Predators
46 Posts • 17478 Views
Sexuality & Intimacy Forum
how come? Because it is alot harder for males to get some than it is for females. Men hit on women all the time while a guy has to actively pursue to have any chance at all. Women have the luxury of...
THREAD Women Empathize better with Women
5 Posts • 1880 Views
Talk Talk
I know why women talk to women more often then men THEY CAN TELL WHEN YOUR UPSET!! well most men can't tell... i figured this out by talking to someone earlier... you hint but they never a...
THREAD Gender PsychologyFat girl, tight clothes.
66 Posts • 69331 Views
Psychology Forum
Actually - I think it was McCalls that did a survey over twenty years ago (so thnigs may have chaned) and discovered something very strange. Women believe that most men like super skinny women and mos...
THREAD Women are scared sexy...
24 Posts • 14474 Views
Philosophy Forum
Why is it that women are so intimidated to admit that they are attracted to other women?? There are many beautiful women on the website, however the top sites are like big boobed porn star looking...
THREAD Gender PsychologySexual Discrimination
1 Posts • 2667 Views
Psychology Forum
Okay..first off im all for women's and women are equal...etc I just wonder why society still makes rules to "equal" the opportunities for men and women...i believe most...
THREAD me and men
14 Posts • 4478 Views
Talk Talk
Men and Women are different. Society in my life time has gone through a lot on this subject. Now there are some men who are a lot like women and there are some women who are a lot like men. But those...
THREAD Relationships & Loveboyfriends that lie
17 Posts • 5448 Views
Psychology Forum
It is the mans animal instinct to try and have sex with as many women as he possibly can. Before the invention of birth control and abortion a man that had sex with more women would have more offsprin...
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