Insanity is the spice of life. One small dash can add flavour to the blandest personality. - Chained Wings
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Tagged > Stuck
THREAD PerceptionI Find Myself Here
20 Posts • 5854 Views
Psychology Forum
Every once in awhile I get the same feeling, and I have been since last year. For me it just comes in phases where I can't tolerate ignorant, simple-minded people, and become really skeptical and...
THREAD What I'll Never Be
63 Posts • 12169 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
She's trapped in a mansion... But it's not luxurious. She's stuck by a fake fireplace... But it's not safe. She's confined in these walls of hate... And this is when she...
57 Posts • 7522 Views
Talk Talk
oh otay... hahaha idk.... i dont think im ugly... my bf has shown me that i can call myself beautiful and not be stuck up. but i do know im fat... i do know i could loose a little weight... in fact...
THREAD Do favorite colors really tell you anything about
12 Posts • 14812 Views
Talk Talk
green and brown = pothead rainbow ( in the right oder) = homosexual rainbow (but mixed up) = a raver or a hippie baby pink = some girlie girl, most likely stuck up how 'bout that ? :)
THREAD JokesYo' Mama Jokes?
163 Posts • 93560 Views
Jokes & Games
oh ya? yo mamas face is so ugly, when she stuck her head out the window to get fresh air, she got arrested for mooning the entire state! yo mamas so poor, she cant even afford to pay attention!...
THREAD confused
10 Posts • 1784 Views
Talk Talk
Well I'm stuck with a predicament, its about a ex. We broke up around April. I must say, it was my one and only true love, so thought. Anyway, we haven't been in contact with each other unti...
THREAD And The Story Goes On......
56 Posts • 9202 Views
Talk Talk
With his heart in his throat Fred Al Gor walked back to good old Dora, jumping back in he noticed a little note stuck to his steering wheel. It read: Dear Mr Al Gor, Your presence is needed at
THREAD About You / IntroductionsWhat's In Your Name?
92 Posts • 21617 Views
Talk Talk
my name drived from the show Jackass for at times i am quite eccentric so everyone just started calling me Kevo, also i have little recognition of others so i tend to be in my own little world, not th...
THREAD Movie ReviewThe Da Vinci Code
11 Posts • 2621 Views
Movie/TV Reviews
they stuck to the storyline,which acctually made it a good movie.but i wish they would have somehow fit the explanation of Phi in there or the halarious prison scene explaning the Mona Lisa'a nam...
THREAD JokesYo' Mama Jokes?
163 Posts • 93560 Views
Jokes & Games
Ok yall its on Yo mama so stupid the news said it was chilly out side so she took a spoon wit her. Yo mama so fat when she steps outside she gets stuck. Yo mama so fat yo daddy still climbing. T...
THREAD SpiritualityI need absolute Proof
26 Posts • 8098 Views
Religion Forum
im too tired to pray im lazy i rather watch tv than celebrate life im stuck in my ways ((he'll use the weak to overcome the strong)) look at your eyes theyre small in size but they see e...
THREAD PoetryEchoes
258 Posts • 52791 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
I've been apple picking: Good Night... Or Morning. Seven Hours In Bed Happy Birthday Stolen Sweetness 3- I Hate It When The Truth Gets Stuck In My Head Myspace And Motion City At 3:30 A.M...
THREAD Ladder Theory
5 Posts • 3682 Views
Philosophy Forum
Women think more emotionally and men more logically. Women think of their feelings for a man and judges their future off that. Men know that they like sex. Why not? Anyways most guys that fit the cate...
149 Posts • 31958 Views
Talk Talk
currently stuck driving a vaxhaul zafira (vaxhaul = opel but the english company) my dream car would have to be aston martin DB7 or vanquish or possibly jaguar xk8. id put up links or pictures but...
THREAD ExistentialismExistentialism
47 Posts • 11743 Views
Philosophy Forum
i used to be real big into existentialism, but it just depressed the hell out of me. some of it may be true, although i question the belief in free will; still, i think people should hope for the best...
THREAD Poetry'Untitled'
51 Posts • 10529 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
Has your hope been burned with time, can it be explained or is it another victimless crime. I am lost without a map, just stuck in another cruel trap. Not knowing if I should just shut my eyes, and gi...
THREAD Physics & CosmologyPerpetual Motion?
9 Posts • 2993 Views
Science & Technology Forum
if you restrict yourself to rules such as those, humanity will be stuck to that idea... suppose if you didnt think like that, you find a way to create pure energy from nothing.... now if you followed...
THREAD Word GamesPass the word
170 Posts • 30570 Views
Jokes & Games
change 1 AND ONLY ONE letter from the word before you can rearange the letters too HAS TO BE A REAL WORD!!! first person to get stuck loses!!! HAVE FUN!! eg. man - fan god - dag Start...
THREAD Wish breaker
121 Posts • 22552 Views
Jokes & Games
..then your top half would materialize in a brick wall and the bottom would detach and relocate itself to your forehead (while remaining stuck in the brick wall.) I wish I had a pair of Rollerblade...
THREAD Rehab & AddictionWhat differentiates the habitual narcotic user and the recreational narcotic user.
7 Posts • 10692 Views
Health & Wellness Forum
I agree but there are people who simply get stuck in a type of lifestyle that includes heavy drug use but they don't have that desire to forget they simply lose themselves in the "fun".
THREAD PoetryCrap?
8 Posts • 3633 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
Any creative venture is always subject to viewr taste. I think though some folks are stuck on rules they cannot see past that- my mind set is compltely different- screw the rules of a sonnet it is pre...
THREAD Scottish weather
5 Posts • 2692 Views
Talk Talk
gotta love the weather up north. nearly got stuck at my grans once due to the weather. the track to her farm goes over a bridge, and because of the snow and the limited amount of run up on the famyard...
THREAD GovernmentSecular Gov't Opinions
18 Posts • 6466 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
hey irish pagan ...i know you love me oh so much *lol* but i'm not gonna post yet cuz i didn't make it all the way through the thread cuz i'm still stuck on the what the word secular me...
THREAD DepressionI hate people and feel better alone
33 Posts • 134880 Views
Psychology Forum
Perhaps hope and optimism are simply the ego's drugs of choice, things that seem helpful but simply keep us stuck in the illusion, clinging to the possibility that the illusion will somehow, some...
THREAD SocietyWhat went wrong with America
9 Posts • 2732 Views
Philosophy Forum
well I am in fact not all that qualified from school but i, if i do the application, can be a qualified capenter and welder, but the one problem is NOWHERE is employing within 30miles of where i live...
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