Thought without action is useless; Action without thought is stupid. - Sky
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Tagged > Side effects
THREAD Reality & MetaphysicsWhy do we exist?
83 Posts • 54056 Views
Philosophy Forum
What a great question.I looked at some great art work and it showed these people with robes and hoods from a view from the back and it made me wonder what was on the other side or what did these peopl...
THREAD Human Nature & EmotionCould one live their philosophy?
8 Posts • 3199 Views
Philosophy Forum
Pickup: Let me know and I will be there. Unless I am not invited. Still, plJames this one is pretty good. Fact is, I imagine everyone has the same problems I do (well, maybe not so much). The perso...
THREAD Rehab & AddictionAlcohol vs. Marijuana
72 Posts • 102372 Views
Health & Wellness Forum
Man, this has to be the Ninjas Vs Pirates version of the drug family. Really, it doesn't matter what you do in the privacy of your own home so long as youre not harming other people. I think t...
THREAD How does the mind display itself to us?
11 Posts • 2235 Views
Philosophy Forum
Essentially you are correct, to be sure we would need to scientifically prove what the divisions of the brain would be doing. But by mere thought we can at least have a hunch, a hypothesis, an idea...
THREAD ChristianityWhy do teens find Chruch Boring?
50 Posts • 18282 Views
Religion Forum
I know this is going off topic, but I just want to say that God, according to what I believe, doesn't send natural disasters as a punishment necessarily. We have to look beyond the calamity and l...
THREAD Reality & MetaphysicsDoes Time Even Exist?
85 Posts • 25232 Views
Philosophy Forum
One second has be defined as such The natural resonance frequency of the cesium atom, 9,192,631,770Hz. Basically meaning We use this atom in order to keep all our clocks in sync. This allows for be...
THREAD Society & Sociologyauthority unfariness
10 Posts • 2853 Views
Psychology Forum
i cant stand it its like normally acceptable to insult people who are not on the authority side (ex: use drugs) to call them dumb stupid etc.. but if someone not on authority side said that they would...
THREAD DreamsImagination/Dream theory
14 Posts • 6981 Views
Psychology Forum
Went to a fire walk once, after I walked the path, I told others to image their spirit walking over the coals to the other side then when they got their, reach back and pull their physical aspect to t...
THREAD Gender PsychologyI Hate Women
84 Posts • 28117 Views
Psychology Forum
'devils of love' 'slutty' - to me it just sounds like you don't look closely enough at women. The left side, the feminine side, the half of spirituality and society, existence...
THREAD Right or wrong....
300 Posts • 45822 Views
Philosophy Forum
Do you or do you not feel bad for people only because it effects you?
THREAD Drugstrips (drugs)
54 Posts • 14365 Views
Psychology Forum
What negative effects do these drugs have?
THREAD Females Inferior?
31 Posts • 10934 Views
Philosophy Forum
equal but different. My wife is a school teacher. I have to say she's smarter than me. I ask her questions all the time. But that's her. I do the dishes. I grew up through the male bashin...
THREAD Freinds With Benefits, I Think Not
16 Posts • 5216 Views
Talk Talk
ok...a little off topic but you know it's ok to be wrong. A good example of someone who has tolerance towards adrenalin is an athlete. As an athlete trains he or she becomes able to calm down and...
THREAD Right or wrong....
300 Posts • 45822 Views
Philosophy Forum
everything effects me. im blaming you for not thinking any thing through
THREAD This sounds like a debate for... Super Hero Mania
161 Posts • 31678 Views
Movie/TV Reviews
i think if anyone can pull it off he can. but of course the suit or effects have to be good first.
THREAD Summer Movies
14 Posts • 3432 Views
Movie/TV Reviews
I saw The Day After Tomorrow last night and I totally thought it sucked. The special effects were cool. Very cool as a matter of fact. Almost real even...... but as for the story...I think they we...
THREAD Society & SociologySave us from puritanical soul-torturing 'Green' people.
25 Posts • 8105 Views
Psychology Forum
Gives you a sort of buzz, doesn't it gentlemen? Seeing yourself on the side of right. But you didn't create the debate, did you? You just joined in. Which means you haven't...
THREAD Child & Family PsychologyChildhood Outlets
7 Posts • 2364 Views
Psychology Forum
I too daydreamed alot in first grade. I can remember sitting there and realizing that the teacher and class were waiting on me to answer a question and how gnawed my pencil would be. Simple things tha...
THREAD ChristianityExcerp: America is not a Christian Nation
155 Posts • 35609 Views
Religion Forum
We were discussing the secular government intentions of our Forefathers DO you know what secular means?? OR is it just a word you like. Secular means worldly cares... I quoted where they were Chr...
THREAD GodWhy did God create the universe
119 Posts • 32996 Views
Philosophy Forum
How can time be irrelevent if it still effects him? Can you be a little clearer in your musing?
THREAD GodQuestioning God's Existence
98 Posts • 19117 Views
Philosophy Forum
there is no such thing as God per se, as that implies that God is seperate. u can say that in reality, God is all that exists. Once u even get a glimpse of what you really are, you will know what I m...
THREAD Religion & HumanityReality is NOW!!
13 Posts • 2953 Views
Religion Forum
a part of your vconcious is always living in the past.. or else how would you know what your looking at??? and perhaps now is the only thing there evar was.... since youve addresed that side i wil...
16 Posts • 17386 Views
Talk Talk
hey, i got my first attoo a ocuple of months ago. i was in the shop with my mate who was getting a piercing i just went for it. Ive wanted one for years but could never think of anything. i just got a...
THREAD PoetryEchoes
258 Posts • 52855 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
Something I Will Forget Perminit stains on the left side of my face. People get angry when you turn the other cheek. Learning restrain in like pulling your hair out. And by pulling I mean slap...
THREAD GodWhy did God create the universe
119 Posts • 32996 Views
Philosophy Forum
still effects him in the sense he/she knows time is flowing, but since he's/she's such a high being he/she is not effected eh?
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