You can't truly see the connections between things so how do you truly know they exist? - gothabomber
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Tagged > Missing person
THREAD Life & DeathCircle of Life
34 Posts • 9488 Views
Philosophy Forum
Yes, I've recently given up Christianity. It seemed odd to me that Christians thought of Adolph Hitler as such a cruel and evil person when their own god does the very thing that makes them think...
THREAD GovernmentI Was Right - Bush Just Wants Black People To Die
7 Posts • 2922 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
id love to say lets bomb the bastard but id have the FBI on my ass in a matter of minutes, I find myself being careful using discriptive words about how I feel about Bush also. I could turn up miss...
THREAD Alternative BeliefsPieism
30 Posts • 9742 Views
Religion Forum
Again, any such person who says things like this and causes his brother to stumble, will wish he had never been born. Not only the person who made this up, but all who go along with it, are destined t...
THREAD Name your Top 10 Movies
45 Posts • 10258 Views
Movie/TV Reviews
im kind of a weird person, i think, because i am like the only person in my age group i know who didn't like it. i just didn't think it was funny. and it just irritated me, to be perfectly h...
THREAD Child & Family PsychologyDo we all really become our parents?
9 Posts • 9235 Views
Psychology Forum
A very nice topic. I would never want to be like my parents. No matter what! I feel proud to have my own character. Like others mentioned, you like it or not, the character has already slipped into yo...
THREAD Christianitychristians?
110 Posts • 18989 Views
Religion Forum
Read the Bible find evidence that proves that it is missing text or contains an error which compromises the story line and then tell me that I am wrong. A cohesive story line does not validate a st...
THREAD The Relevance of Age?
11 Posts • 1827 Views
Talk Talk
I'd like to add comments for a given person, rather than for observing generalities. The advantage of being young is to have imagination and spirit, which could possibly be caused by a lack of...
THREAD What is ' Existence ' ?
8 Posts • 2758 Views
Philosophy Forum
you can fight against the opposite of yourself as a good person an stay that way but if you were a bad person fighting against good it would make u think about what u are doing
THREAD Epistemology: Truth & KnowledgeDo truth and lies really have a purpose?
3 Posts • 2004 Views
Philosophy Forum
Do truth and lies really have a purpose when something such as belief exists? By belief, I'm not talking about any specific type of belief. Example of the type of belief I'm talking about:...
THREAD ChristianityCatholics vs Christians
158 Posts • 52101 Views
Religion Forum
Srongclad - Almost finished reading you post - The manuscript - We're getting a little ridicules. Ofcourse no one has the original - what does it matter - what does that prove? I don't wa...
THREAD Life & DeathThe balance of life
3 Posts • 2451 Views
Philosophy Forum
Reading a thread by countalucar regarding the happiness balance, I 'concluded' that everything in life is balanced in a similar way. For every happy person, theres somebody equaly as sad, fo...
THREAD Death Penalty
54 Posts • 10194 Views
Talk Talk
Staying in an 8' X 12' cell for the rest of your life is a much worse punishment than death. So you intend to torture that person by dragging out a miserable existence? That is a sick thi...
THREAD FuturologyProgression of Humanity
16 Posts • 7718 Views
Philosophy Forum
I appreciate your enthusiasm. I have one friend who really believes in the power of one person. I admire him, I really do but at the same time it seems a little helpless. I mean even when one person m...
THREAD Relationships & LoveMen and Women don't want the same things, so why bother?
14 Posts • 5262 Views
Psychology Forum
It's interesting to me that you use the word 'character.' I think that's how I see women. Or, rather, how I wish to see women now. Sex; passion; romance as set, setting and char...
THREAD SocietyReform or Revolution?
10 Posts • 3050 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
Installed in each living room is a black box used for brain washing. From it the masses are taught that those who hve much are great, better, more worthwhile people and those who have nothing. They...
THREAD Emotions & FeelingsEmotional Spreading
98 Posts • 16343 Views
Psychology Forum
etherealmeekle: your arguement is biased. The meaning of 'truth' is so vague. What you may fail to realise is that your 'truth' isn't universal. Meaning and value of human b...
THREAD Relationships & Lovefutility of romantic 'love'
76 Posts • 16752 Views
Psychology Forum
my dear "texts on a screen" it is good to put my thots thru this fire of discussion. all my analysis i do on my own, but when u 'texts-on-a-screen' argue it out, it builds my co...
THREAD What should i do?
4 Posts • 2476 Views
Talk Talk
Your relationship isn't going to last. I know I sound like a bitch, but if you really sit down and think about how much this guy is going to change as a result of attending college and what he&#...
THREAD Random QuestionsAm I an asshole/bad person?
4 Posts • 2788 Views
Talk Talk
Whoa! I think you are being wayyy too harsh on yourself. There isn't a person here who hasn't been insecure about something in their lifetime. We've lied to avoid any sort of confro...
THREAD BiologyMeditation altars brain structure
18 Posts • 5668 Views
Science & Technology Forum
I think that really depends on the person as an individual to begin with. If a person jumps into meditation because it's the new kaballah bracelet, they are losing their individuality. I do not t...
51 Posts • 68914 Views
Sexuality & Intimacy Forum
Well, as just having sex for the first time like 3 months ago...I'm in the whole, 'gotta have sex constantly' phase...only problem is, I don't have that person that I loved anymore...
THREAD For a Million $, Would You...
48 Posts • 9362 Views
Psychology Forum
I don't think I could kill someone--periode. If I did kill someone, even though it was an accident or from self defense, I don't think I could live with myself. I'd have a very bad cons...
THREAD Child & Family PsychologyDenial
32 Posts • 9897 Views
Psychology Forum
Hate the action don't hate the person is really flawed. You should hate the person. This is because they did it. Should we just bypass the whole idea of responsibility? Are the Nazi's respon...
THREAD A Theory on Omniscience...
5 Posts • 1886 Views
Philosophy Forum
This is something I came up with today, whilst chatting with friends... First of all, I noticed that the four of us chatting, and how if you looked at it the right way, it looked like a vector diag...
THREAD Famous PhilosophersSocratic and Platonic philosophies
34 Posts • 8237 Views
Philosophy Forum
This response is a tragic cocktail of hostility and charlatanism. You leave unimpugned the most salient parts of my argument, and your thinly veiled jibes, since you know absolutely nothing about me,...
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