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Tagged > Guys lying to girls
THREAD suicide with heartbreak?
16 Posts • 10606 Views
Talk Talk
From a male's perspective, I have done a lot of stupid things in my life - the majority of which had to do with my own stupidity when it came to women. I look way back and am actually embarassed...
THREAD SocietyNow She Really Did It This Time - I Guess We'
3 Posts • 2036 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
SEN. Hillary Clinton recently called the American media a bunch of wimps. "It's shocking when you see how easily they fold in the media today," she told a group of supporters. "T...
THREAD i dont know just read it!
3 Posts • 1513 Views
Talk Talk
Okay here it goes im 25 turning 26 and yes im a nice guy, I know some of you are rolling your eyes and thinking here we go again but seriously wtf when I say nice I don't mean boring far from it im ju...
THREAD Movie Quotes Game...
6 Posts • 2764 Views
Movie/TV Reviews
Let's play a game. I'll post a quote from a movie, then one of you guys and gals guesses the movie... If you get it right, you quote. I'll start with an easy one... "A censu...
THREAD Relationships & Lovefutility of romantic 'love'
76 Posts • 16416 Views
Psychology Forum
it seems ironic that guys seem to be stuck in one of two mindsets, either we appear to be complete assholes and never give as much as we take, or we try far too hard and attempt to give so much that w...
THREAD I like girls!
24 Posts • 6767 Views
Talk Talk
I can't say I love girls, but I love to bone em. If I ever meat that one who isn't so willing to use my insecurities to hurt me more and simply reinforce them, then maybe I can say something...
THREAD God in Religionproof of the existence of God, maybe...
14 Posts • 2953 Views
Religion Forum
this is difficult for me to explain but whatever to get from point A to point C you must first get to point B (in this example B is halfway to C) before you get to point B you must 1st get halfway...
THREAD Video GamesStar Trek Online
3 Posts • 1934 Views
Talk Talk
After playing STO I remain impartial to the game. Just like every other RPG there are more grind elements that eat up the first month or so of playing. After queuing up for PvP I found myself playing...
THREAD Why has my life turned out this way?
10 Posts • 3660 Views
Talk Talk
I'm unsympathetic to the guy who opens his heart on the net and expects sympathy. What you have to ask yourself is what does this guy want? A response, a sympathetic response most probably. He wants s...
THREAD Random QuestionsObservations Thread
48 Posts • 8104 Views
Talk Talk
I recently observed some of my friends complaining.they were complaining about the stupidest crap.simple stuff that they can solve or they think that they are the only one going through it."man,i...
THREAD Zootastic!
9 Posts • 2041 Views
Talk Talk
Actually this all brings to mind a story I started but never finished about a bunch of girls who take part in a reality TV program like big brother only to discover they're actually the breeding...
THREAD Viral VideosLaina Walker
12 Posts • 13731 Views
Photos, Videos & Music Forum
It's not surprising Laina has so many fans. I haven't put up her q&a videos - ones where she's not in character, but if you didn't start liking her from her overly attached vid...
THREAD PedophiliaPaedophilia
189 Posts • 57464 Views
Sexuality & Intimacy Forum
You have missed my point again, I never said that people who find themselves attracted to children in a sexual way (pedophiles) should kill themselves, I said that people who find an overwhelming urge...
THREAD Gender PsychologySexyness and Sluttyness
0 Posts • 14704 Views
Psychology Forum
sexiness is something you are,its the way you speak, the way you carry yourself and many other things sluttiness is something entirely different(to me anyway).... sluttiness is a cry for attention, p...
THREAD Society & SociologyGOD and goofy belief systems.
210 Posts • 31042 Views
Psychology Forum
i havent really said much on this thread because you guys seem to care much more than me but on nature, which leads people to being gay.... im not quite sure what the proof for that is. We have intuit...
THREAD Society & SociologyI just can't tolerate STUPID people!
184 Posts • 67267 Views
Psychology Forum
Please let me stay...wahahahah..you guys are so cool... FUCKIN' POSER CRYBABY!! poser exposer wrote: sorry. please understand they attacked me and i responded the wrong way. i like this...
THREAD RelationshipsSoul Mate?
30 Posts • 8259 Views
Sexuality & Intimacy Forum
I always feel that perception is such a vague word. Perception is always different. Two guys watch a guy fall from a tree. There perceptions are varied through an infinite number of variables. For ins...
THREAD World of Warcraft
5 Posts • 2730 Views
Talk Talk
just wondering how many of you people play WoW out there. I would like to say that it is a pretty good game, it has some drawbacks though. And i have about 6 chars only really use 4 so i should dele...
THREAD Justice or Avoidance?
0 Posts • 1291 Views
Philosophy Forum
Well I think it is wise to let it be for the reason you stated. However I think if he threw something at me on the highway I may have tried to run him off the road . Or something to that effect. I...
THREAD whats ur occupation?
2 Posts • 2388 Views
Talk Talk
i have been on undergrounds for quite some time, and i am curious to find out what everyone's career is or future plans are? I am student (senior) waiting for graduation so that i can go to u...
THREAD Society & SociologyI just can't tolerate STUPID people!
184 Posts • 67267 Views
Psychology Forum
anyone seen that Jeff Foxworthy comedy tour thing? its been playing on comedy central off and on. they all do these little stories with the tag line of "there's your sign" ... the one t...
THREAD Gender PsychologyFat girl, tight clothes.
66 Posts • 66440 Views
Psychology Forum
It isn't like I have anything against larger people, it's just that when I see a size 24 chick sucking in and squeezing into a size 8 dress, you gotta draw the line. I mean, I just can'...
THREAD About You / IntroductionsIntroductions
0 Posts • 25084 Views
Talk Talk
Lynniepooh, we live in a little town called Moorcroft. It is close to the SD border. It is quite different from Arizona as we have trees, mountains, and the biggest thing is snow. The kids have seen s...
THREAD Religion & HumanityA Just Religion
65 Posts • 13036 Views
Religion Forum
understand what an assumption is, I don't believe in anything in particular, assumptions are simply generalized consistencies that allow for a basis of context for an idea or argument, allowing f...
THREAD Movie Trailers & ClipsMovie Trailers
41 Posts • 11420 Views
Photos, Videos & Music Forum
Post Interesting trailers and clips of good or good potential movies, new or old (and comments or critiques of movies as well). ---------------------- ------------------------------ -------------------...
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