"Love is giving someone the power to break you". - Stephanie Meyer
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Tagged > Guys lying to girls
THREAD Life & DeathLife, Death, Choice
19 Posts • 5743 Views
Philosophy Forum
^^^I love humans........I mean we're slow...but it's all to the good, most of us will realize what we are and where we're supposed to be in this twisted up reality we've created......
THREAD Gender PsychologyI Hate Women
84 Posts • 28658 Views
Psychology Forum
I think that probably calling a women a bitch is more insensitive than calling a man an ass is that women have been previously discriminated against. In that calling a women a bitch is derogatory or a...
THREAD Society & SociologyRacism on SNL
0 Posts • 14665 Views
Psychology Forum
and your statement "Your President doesnt love you?" Whats that. There will always be homeless and you really cant blame that on him. Doesnt that happen in Canada or ??? your from. He has re...
THREAD Gender PsychologyChances are high when it comes to rape
22 Posts • 5468 Views
Psychology Forum
This is a very strange subject - one I must admit I like to stay away from, because this is a double edge sword. I've seen women who would dress provocativly, make come ons and put themselves...
THREAD Gay Bishop??
57 Posts • 12943 Views
Sexuality & Intimacy Forum
Okay, here's my say: As for those of you who believe being gay is a choice and want proof before believing otherwise, let me ask you. Why are you attracted to the opposite sex? Did you say "...
THREAD Random QuestionsGirls with Tattoos
36 Posts • 62916 Views
Talk Talk
I come from an era when pierced ears meant a girl was 'easy'. Times change. I also only lust after one woman, my wife, and that should be lust with a capital L. I don't ogle other women...
THREAD The Berlin Stories:The Last of Mr. Norris and Goodbye to Berlin
1 Posts • 1573 Views
Talk Talk
My AP english teacher bought me this book, which was surprizing. I usualy dont read social books, but Berlin cought my eye for Deutschland is my home country. Well once i strated i could not put it do...
THREAD Kangaroo Jack
1 Posts • 3588 Views
Movie/TV Reviews
Anyone see it yet? I just got done watching it and think it to be a kick ass comedy. Two guys, (one the step-son of a mobster), are sent to Australia with a package. Suppose to deliver the package...
THREAD Life & Deathwhat is your theory on life?
270 Posts • 43504 Views
Philosophy Forum
we are born in sin because we are born!....our parents have instilled in us a part of their innerself even before conception. We are born in UNreality....therefore it is all sin....that's why thi...
THREAD HomosexualityGay Marraige, For or Against?
32 Posts • 14481 Views
Sexuality & Intimacy Forum
marraige throughout history has been the joining of man and woman. I am married , and it would not be the same if i had married some dude rather than my lovely wife.I feel like allowing the gays to ma...
THREAD Sexual Psychologyhow would you define sexuality?
9 Posts • 11208 Views
Sexuality & Intimacy Forum
First of all, I think you've interpreted what I've said all wrong. I do enjoy being seen as sexy, but I don't think that 'sexy' is purely a physical thing. Intelligence is sex...
THREAD Recycled Night
1 Posts • 1621 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
The moon shrinks, the moon grows, The city dies and the young girl knows; Amidst the wood wild with life The girl wept, a heart blackened and strife. And the moon shrinks, the moon grows. The c...
THREAD Science vs ReligionScience is prooving the Bible
142 Posts • 29428 Views
Religion Forum
"And archeology has time and again showed the accuracy of scripture...so common sense would lead us to believe IFall else found thus far prooves scripture then according to reason, it is accurate...
THREAD I would like your input!!
15 Posts • 3509 Views
Talk Talk
Thanks for your input guys! Mia, I looked at those dresses you linked to. The first one is cool but I don't have the chest for a strapless. Nothing to keep it up. The second one was just to pl...
THREAD Dressing for your age?
68 Posts • 15911 Views
Philosophy Forum
people should dress however they feel comfortable,if an older person wants to wear a younger fashion what does it matter??? young girls dress way older than they are is that ok?? and what is dressing...
THREAD ExistentialismExistentialism
47 Posts • 12042 Views
Philosophy Forum
and even if lets say there was some sort of scentific machine that can show us all the causes of everything around us, we still wounldnt see it all.. guess why... kinda obvious but want to see if you...
THREAD Creating Web Sites
11 Posts • 3463 Views
Talk Talk
i hate it!urgh....our teacher always ask us to create our own website every month and i keep on forgetting and loosing all my files...but that's not the major PROBLEM...the very problem is HOW TO...
THREAD Life & DeathVoluntary Human Extinction Movement
233 Posts • 115376 Views
Philosophy Forum
Yeah man ur right. I mean the human race is natures best work, and we are superior to every thing else on our planet, and so our life is more valuable then a ants or chickens or whatever.( I mean FOR...
THREAD Drugstrips (drugs)
54 Posts • 14675 Views
Psychology Forum
whats crackin, Yeh, i am acctualy addicted to meth at this current time, im actuly rly fucked up on it right now, it seems when ever i get fucked up i coem to this website b/c ofr soem reason when im...
THREAD GovernmentIdea of the "perfect" government?
42 Posts • 27063 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
now i know im young and i still have a lot to learn, but i belive a perfect goverment is one which incorporates a little of every goverment we have... where the individual is regarded as the basis...
THREAD Kallenites, x-liberals, and Neocons, oh my!
19 Posts • 5976 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
After 9/11 Bush had the perfect opportunity to change everything. Not one person in this country would've blamed him. But nothing changed. People are still coming to this country by any and all m...
THREAD About You / IntroductionsIntroductions
0 Posts • 25084 Views
Talk Talk
Welcome Mia, and Wyote, you guys contribute to the discussions alot, thats very good we need more people like you here! My favorite movie is also Pulp Fiction! Remember this: A papa tomato, momma t...
THREAD Life & DeathSoul Mates
58 Posts • 14809 Views
Philosophy Forum
Back in 2000, I had asked an online psychic if the guy I was with was the right one for me. The answer I got back was no that I would meet some more guys like him. I've had a total of five. That...
THREAD GovernmentThe Anti-Bush Thread
0 Posts • 38348 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
guys, come on... we are all part of the same country, it is this seperation that does not allow us to reach our full potential... yes the seperation of a democratic and republican party is good... to...
THREAD abortion
26 Posts • 6724 Views
Philosophy Forum
I can tell that this is a subject that will get lots of attention and is a touchy one at that. I am pro life. I have several children that I love and would never give up. I had my first child when I w...
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