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Tagged > Guys lying to girls
THREAD Gender PsychologyWhy do men lie?
3 Posts • 1836 Views
Psychology Forum
It seems like every man I know and every guy that my friends have dated turn out to be scumbag liars. My first boyfriend lied to me about being a virgin, but he only said that to have sex with me beca...
THREAD Relationships & LoveYour dream girl (or guy)
109 Posts • 26605 Views
Psychology Forum
I don't think that a girl needs to change herself, except perhaps to at least be healthy, to get the attention of a guy. Guys, like girls, have such varying likes and dislikes when it comes to wh...
THREAD Cheater or not
14 Posts • 3565 Views
Talk Talk
I agree with Wes and I R Me somewhat, but if a guy does stare/gawk at girls when theyre with you or on a date with you thats crude and I know from my on experiance and from my friends. It makes you fe...
 32yrs • F
Cool Girls look 4 cute guys
 28yrs • F
What guys do girls can do better
 35yrs • F
What Guys Can Do, Girls Can Do Better
 32yrs • F
GuYS r GrEaT!!..EvErY GiRlS TeAm ShOuLd HaVe 1!!
THREAD Gender PsychologyHIghly dissatsified with sexual stimulus
0 Posts • 3263 Views
Psychology Forum
I want hoes in small amounts. Mostly because they make good stories. You got to admit funny shit happens when it all goes down. Some girls just want a good time I can respect that. But, it's the...
THREAD Am i going gay?
21 Posts • 5649 Views
Talk Talk
Dont wry, ur most likely not gay unless u get turned on while looking at guys, then thats another story. Girls do the exact same thing. We look at girls to see how they're style is and compare ou...
THREAD Closeness
16 Posts • 3830 Views
Talk Talk
Shyness is quite a hard thing to get over, especially when it comes to members of the opposite sex (or members that you like). Age and experience do help, i find myself a lot more comfortable around g...
THREAD Sex and Penis Size
14 Posts • 20237 Views
Talk Talk
So this is how males get their advice! Girls have Cosmo and the like to neurotically analyze and fret over relationship issues. And all those men's magazines are essentially just pictures of scantily...
THREAD Gender Psychology15 Year old girl hangs herself... for being a girl.
0 Posts • 4971 Views
Psychology Forum
Without a doubt girls get ridiculed more for having sex because of stereotypes. A girl who sleeps with a lot of guys is a slut or someone who gets around. Where as a guy who sleeps with a lot of women...
THREAD Relationships & Loveboyfriends that lie
17 Posts • 4629 Views
Psychology Forum
ive posted this other places but i was engaged a few months ago. i understand that girls are generally more emotional than men are but why why why do guys cheat and then feel its ok not to tell you? i...
THREAD Am i going gay?
21 Posts • 5649 Views
Talk Talk
i dont know what to tell u... i am 13 and i am battin .000 with girls right now but as long as you like girls more than guys that aswers it right there... maybe you are just scared to ask them out bec...
THREAD Gender PsychologyFat girl, tight clothes.
66 Posts • 66440 Views
Psychology Forum
noooo, the tight shirts are not appealing at all, but then again, thats just me. Some other girls (or guys) may like it. But I just think it's best to stay away from that. I like guys when they j...
THREAD Gender PsychologyFat girl, tight clothes.
66 Posts • 66440 Views
Psychology Forum
omg. there is this girl in my class who is *constantly* wearing shirts and skirts that are waaay to small for her. Im like Ewwwww. There should def. be some rules made against shit like that. And ab...
THREAD Control?!
2 Posts • 2389 Views
Talk Talk
I was having a discussion over the weekend with my mates over who has control over the descission to have sex when you meet someone you like? Is it the girls, who can say no sorry not interested when...
THREAD Habits & BehaviorShort Men
59 Posts • 28238 Views
Psychology Forum
the thing is, guys however ugly, or short, fat or has acne all over their body, they always get girls. or they will have A girl. But for girls, if we aint goodlooking or acceptable by standards, we...
THREAD More guys than girls on these forums...why?
39 Posts • 9067 Views
Talk Talk
I personally have never met a girl that had the power to think as abstractly as I can. Then again, I haven't met any guys that could do it either. Girls, I find, are more likely to stop thinki...
THREAD Last guys finish last
43 Posts • 8293 Views
Philosophy Forum
the problem i think is that the nice guys tend to look at the girls who are slutty and are afrer 'Bad' boys what they want in a girl isnt in the girls they tend to look at if they lookked...
THREAD Gender PsychologyTeen girls dressing like Hookers
0 Posts • 5234 Views
Psychology Forum
with you on that firefly as another teenage girl i dont see why they want too look like they sleep around (most of them do) wear what you want is what i say but i have to say most guys do look at...
 51yrs • M
Girls! Girls! Girls!
THREAD so where's the girl stuff?
66 Posts • 9489 Views
Talk Talk
but guys don't you see...even though you feel comfortable talking to girls..girls like to just talk to other girls because they feel the same things...its not like a guy has a bloody period *dead...
THREAD Turning a Girl Gay
5 Posts • 1557 Views
Talk Talk
ScorcherTheMe cunt is a deragotive way to speak to a girl. like saying pussie slit chink. or in some areas its like saying bitch. it just refers to the main deference between guys and gals. guys have...
THREAD Relationships & LoveI'm 14 and in love, so what?
26 Posts • 7598 Views
Psychology Forum
Ummm yea... Ok I really don't appreciate the way you talk about men. Didn't you hear what wesdawgy said? It's not only the guys who break hearts, it's the girls too. Girls use guys...
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