Insanity -- a perfectly rational adjustment to an insane world. - rollergirl
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Tagged > Emotions
THREAD God in Religionlife, Gods doing?
8 Posts • 2084 Views
Religion Forum seems most probable that instead of God making us in His image- we made Him in our image so we could relate to Him. I agree with this in a sense of "thinking in your shoes", because...
THREAD God in ReligionIf there's a god, why is there evil?
222 Posts • 46307 Views
Religion Forum
Lost another post grrrr.. *angry* Oh well .. here it goes again. "The way in which you worded your argument concerning priests and scientists led me to think that you were less inclined to...
THREAD ChristianityCellphone VS Bible
41 Posts • 10655 Views
Religion Forum
No worries Sorc, be you and be you with gusto, I say. Those of us who understand where you are coming from, sometimes better than yourself in those moments of heated confusion, are by no means atta...
64 Posts • 15303 Views
Philosophy Forum
"This depends on how much credibility you attribute to it. What legitimacy I accredit it does not affect your beliefs." i credit it as symbolism- and the fact that it exists with no label...
THREAD God in ReligionGod's Will
128 Posts • 23167 Views
Religion Forum
"Church simply means gathering. When Gods people gathered together they are in church - they are amongst the Spirit in a special way." ^^Amongst the spirit in a special way??...hahahaha.....
THREAD Intelligence, Memory & BrainWhat is effective communication?
18 Posts • 6650 Views
Psychology Forum
I agree with what you are saying here. Maybe I haven't been clear about that but what you have said makes allot of sense and I can now see what you were trying to say from the start. I have a...
THREAD Reality & MetaphysicsWhy do we exist?
83 Posts • 54378 Views
Philosophy Forum
TO: zakary6 Last Login: 10:50 am - April 6, 2005 DATE OF POST (Topic Thread): Why Do We Exist? 10:42 am - April 6, 2005 Well, after all these years zakary6, your topic thread 'Why Do We Exi...
THREAD Is there anything you shouldn't educate children?
28 Posts • 4524 Views
Philosophy Forum
The thing i fear is a world full of children who are taught things to early. How would you possibly know what is too early, I see a world where people try so hard to hide things from kids that the...
THREAD Philosophy Needs a Visceral Connection
1 Posts • 1738 Views
Philosophy Forum
Philosophy Needs a Visceral Connection The visceral (instinctive, unreasoning, and 'earthy') domain of human reality is not exclusively the domain of intellection but is a partnership with the crud...
THREAD ConsciousnessThe prince
7 Posts • 4198 Views
Philosophy Forum
factor in warfare against fourth horseman myself, but it is self-trained and utilized at moments of gain or win. What does it mean to utilized virtue? It means to choose virtue and work it into the c...
3 Posts • 1760 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
I wrote this about three years ago after the first time I ever tripped on LSD. Prose is the first style of poetry I've tried to perfect. My skill has developed past this, but it's kind of ni...
THREAD Life & DeathExcerp: universe, life and advices
2 Posts • 1450 Views
Philosophy Forum
How did universe begin? First, energy and mass is related. A possible scenario is that there is no space or matter. Just energy. Then when it reached a certain combination, it lead to a big bang and...
THREAD SocietyA New Discovery
27 Posts • 8365 Views
Philosophy Forum
"Knowing in advance that you will never be blamed for what you are about to do (ex. killing for inheritance) prevents your desire to do it." It might lower the satisfaction in some cases, b...
THREAD Venting!!!!
28 Posts • 5814 Views
Philosophy Forum
what the hell is up with peron on this damn block of sand??? You say you're righteous, you say you follow the almighty... when everybody on this damn planet is l...
THREAD Human Nature & EmotionCan you choose to be happy?
12 Posts • 14916 Views
Philosophy Forum
Vigil is right about it being due to your perception. If you break people's perceptions down into the fundamentals, there is pessimism on one side and optimism on the other, with realism someplac...
THREAD HomosexualityWhy Condone Fruitless Deviant Behavior?
94 Posts • 21673 Views
Sexuality & Intimacy Forum
did you show me how, "homosexuality" is beneficial to even those who prefer it..over heterosexuality? If they are born or even abused into existance and it turns out that they cannot live...
THREAD SocietyReform or Revolution?
10 Posts • 2962 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
I had the opportunity the other day to watch a most enlightening program broadcast by UCTV. The one-hour program was called "How Unequal Can America Get Before We Snap?" presented by Preside...
THREAD Conscious and Sub-ConsciousFighting for the Weak man
0 Posts • 686 Views
Psychology Forum
These are NOT well organized thoughts. I apologize in advance. I edited this like 10 times... Everything thats been said is very interesting. This is helping me clear some stuff up in my head. Abuse...
THREAD Human Nature & EmotionOptimism VS happiness
13 Posts • 9197 Views
Philosophy Forum
You have some control over some of the conditions in which happiness is likely to occur, but setting the conditions you have control over doesn't guarantee happiness, but just increases the proba...
THREAD There is No God and You Know It
17 Posts • 4438 Views
Photos, Videos & Music Forum
you don't believe in God and that belief in God you believe is stupid You and your friend are wrong. I don't have to admit that I know that there is no God, because I don't know any su...
THREAD HomosexualityWhy Condone Fruitless Deviant Behavior?
94 Posts • 21673 Views
Sexuality & Intimacy Forum
Dear Leftwood: Love is no more a product of homosexuality than it is of heterosexuality. I could never deny that deep sincere Loving relationships exist on both sides of the equation. Of course...
THREAD God in ReligionIf you cannot love an ET god
5 Posts • 2552 Views
Religion Forum read/82067/if-you-cannot-love- an-et-god.htm I can not believe you actually read the Bible and come to the conclusions that you do. First the Bible teaches neither 'U...
THREAD Emotions & FeelingsPositive change vs negative change
1 Posts • 26033 Views
Psychology Forum
Positive and Negative It's hard some days to stay positive, especially when having a 'bad' day. It is hard to stay positive when things seem tough, whether financially, emotionally or physically....
THREAD Inspiration for change!
4 Posts • 1702 Views
Philosophy Forum
Positive and Negative It's hard some days to stay positive, especially when having a 'bad' day. It is hard to stay positive when things seem tough, whether financially, emotionally or physically....
THREAD Remembering The Moon
27 Posts • 5445 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
:DCHAPTER FOUR Revelations and raison d'etre She smiled at me as she yawned and stretched out the tenseness of the night before and then she inclined her head and frowned at my question. I moved...
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