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Excerp: universe, life and advices

User Thread
 38yrs • M •
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Excerp: universe, life and advices
How did universe begin?
First, energy and mass is related. A possible scenario is that there is no space or matter. Just energy. Then when it reached a certain combination, it lead to a big bang and give rise to matter.

Anyway this is merely one possible cause.

Where does everything comes from?
Briefly, life comes from earth, earth is a planet. Stars and other galaxies come from big bang. Big bang is explained by some string theory.

Does it have a beginning? What is before the first causality?
Beginning and causality is a concept which we used to explain our history of man and universe. So far, for every event, there will still be a story or event behind it, hence our meaning of beginning of events actually is a term to let us understand things and not to mean that there is nothing happening before the beginning. So, if you traced back causality, it is not known where it will lead us to, and whether there is actually a beginning point of everything.

It could be nothing at first. There suddenly pops out something, which is the beginning point that leads to present day.

Or another possibility is that if you traced back the sequence of events, you will just find that there will be no beginning. There will always be events before events. That is entirely possible because why not? The human brain is usually illogical in this aspect as it is unable to accept this possibility.

Therefore, there could be a beginning or there could be no beginning. We do not know for now. So lets just say it remain in this state of unknown instead of jumping to conclusion. We may know this answer in the future or not. This is also not known.

What is outside the universe?
We don't know yet and so we just leave it as it is, without jumping to hypothetical conclusion which has no strong argument.

It could be anything.

Will we know this answer in the future?

Is all this relevant?
Depends. If we know answers to this things, and we are able to develop applications on them, then we can benefit from it. so it depends on the technology, and whether solutions are being found and whether you are still alive to use it.
Is there afterlife?
No. there is no evidence of afterlife despite all the claims from people.

Where does death leads to?
End of self.

What is me? What is sense of self?
Self is a mental projection, your habits, name, character, personality, intelligence, ego, memory, emotions, thoughts, actions and decisions. It exist due to physical body. It is a byproduct of the physical body. If body dies, self cease to exist too.

What proof do you have to claim all the above questions and answers?
They are not scientific or absolute proof. They are deductive proof.

Isn't it bad that there is no afterlife?
Yes. But you still have to accept it.

Why are there so many people believing in afterlife?
Because believing is free.

What benefit is there in choosing to believe that there is no afterlife?
If there is afterlife, I would not be thinking of ways to extend human life, because why waste my time, after death, I would still exist and go to another place.
However, if there is no afterlife, then it would be worthwhile to try to extend human life.

Right beliefs lead to right actions leading to efficiency and beneficial consequence in terms of effort, time and money. So regarding afterlife, you have to make a belief yourself. is there and is there not, because from this belief, you will plan your life according to this belief.

One is right and the other is wrong.

Enough of afterlife? Is there God?
Nope. No deductive evidence at all. Remember, there is either a God or no God, depending on what you belief, this choice of your belief will affect how you live your life as you need to think, analyze and decide in life based on knowledge and beliefs.

Hope your choice of belief is right.

How do you explain the existence of everything?
I thought I already said that life comes from earth, and planets comes from big bang and big bang comes from something else, which we have not learned about it yet. We may know or may not know in the future. This is the best explanation so far.

God is a imagined product of human. if there is no human on earth, the other animals will just eat their grasses, prey on other animals and just copulate with their partners. And for the universe, it will just keep evolving on and on. See? No need to involve god at all!

What are the main purpose of our life?

I have boil down the goals of every human being's life. these 4 goals are the ultimate goals of life. of course in between there are sub goals, millions of them but they are all connected and will lead to this 4 goals which are the most complete goals.

1. ensure your safety.
2. prolong your life.
3. seek pleasure.
4. avoid pain.

What advice do you have for us?
Learning and knowledge is very important. Learn everyday.

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 32yrs • M
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you are searching for the beginning... but have you ever thought that maybe 'beginning' is a relative term? Think of this life as a book, but a book with no cover or back, rather, a book with pages all around the spine. We are all thrown in at different parts of the story and the rest of the story isn't as important as where we are. Still we contemplate the beginning... but beginning is just a word for where you start and where you start in an infinity doesn't matter. We all have different beginnings, relative beginnings, but to find the beginning of life is to trace back events so far that you eventually run into the exact moment you're experiencing. The reason we can't catch on to this loop of life is because death forces you to lose all of the knowledge you might have gained throughout life. It's like we get pieces of the greater story, sentences that we analyze our whole lives and once our life is through we must let go of everything we have accomplished. We all make marks on the pages of the book of life, we just can't remember the story.

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"The truth will set you on fire"
Excerp: universe, life and advices
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