The two most common elements in the universe are Hydrogen and stupidity - SirKohl
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Tagged > College
THREAD Do chicks like guys with huge muscles?
41 Posts • 36357 Views
Talk Talk
I've been pretty skinny my whole life, I eat like a horse, but I play a LOT of soccer, so I pretty much burn off more than I eat, which doesnt really allow me to gain weight, to build into muscle...
THREAD 3 year relationship broken and I am in need of advice towards coping.
3 Posts • 1918 Views
Talk Talk
Thank your very much for the reply. Honestly, I don't know how much longer I can keep up the act. I could even say that I'm starting to miss her. It really is kinda screwed up, I know. I...
THREAD God in ReligionIf there's a god, why is there evil?
222 Posts • 48800 Views
Religion Forum
I would like to just make a quick post asking a few questions and stating a little bit about myself. I don't know if this has already been done or not, since I haven't read all of the posts...
THREAD Emotions & FeelingsHow To Stop Blushing??
1 Posts • 3086 Views
Psychology Forum
Hi, I'm new here, so this is a little difficult but I really need some help and advice about this. I have a huge blushing problem and I need it to go away! How do I stop blushing at anything and every...
THREAD War & TerrorismAbout the war......
56 Posts • 15610 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
Apparently my reply fell through so I'll try again. DO NOT bad mouth the Armed Forces or those in them. I, and others like me, will and have served our country so that you don't have to if y...
THREAD Emotions & FeelingsYour Own Insecurities
22 Posts • 7173 Views
Psychology Forum
Disenchanted, it's possible that you're in settings that don't appeal to you for now. Maybe they talk about things you could care less about. You can either try to find ways to get the...
THREAD Reality & MetaphysicsDoes Time Even Exist?
85 Posts • 26487 Views
Philosophy Forum
In response to the first question: Yes, I had the same thoughts myself. A few other things you might like to know: -This theory is taught in philosophy class in college as one of the accepted theor...
THREAD What's wrong with the world? How do we change
93 Posts • 40308 Views
Philosophy Forum
You specialize in masters degrees to get yourself qualified and in the meantime you keep yourself in the fields that count. You want to fix the world, it's going to kick your ass while you build...
THREAD As soon as I think I'm out th pull me back in
5 Posts • 3423 Views
Philosophy Forum
How come every time you think that your over something, done wasting time on it, it comes back.. When I "let it go" so to say.. it's gone.. poof.. not bothering me.. (for the time be...
THREAD Mice eat cheese
3 Posts • 2150 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
I fucking love it. Jesus type the whole thing, ill give u my email add and just give it to me. XD. Nah... seriously i like this bit: I looked at the people in front of me, and I was disgusted. I...
THREAD God in Religionwhy is there no God
4 Posts • 2007 Views
Religion Forum
oh well let play devils advocate. Literally. 1 they believe science has explained away god. some 'expert' has said this and so they believe it. (surprising conclusion given the number of...
THREAD About You / IntroductionsIntroductions
0 Posts • 25084 Views
Talk Talk
Hey. I build stuff. Houses and such on the beach. Good exercise, great view, nice tan. No future though, probably be giving my whole life savings to the chiropractor in 10 years, never have enough mon...
THREAD University Education
6 Posts • 2035 Views
Talk Talk
I am a high school drop out. thats enough about me. A tree must always be judged by its fruit. I am not certain that University is in some ways a double edge sword. It seems as though quite alot of pe...
THREAD SocietyPolitics in Books
17 Posts • 4987 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
This is getting difficult for me, because a couple days ago I got an email from a friend asking to help keep Intellegent Design out of schools, but I disagree and deleted the email and won't help...
124 Posts • 28238 Views
Talk Talk
Okay, its bloody freezing in london, its 8:42 and im disguisted with my lack of self discipline. i know i have three essays to do, i know i shouldnt be talking too much on the internet, i know i shoul...
124 Posts • 28238 Views
Talk Talk
Well i have offically discovered that MICROSOFT=STUPID becouse IE is a pain in the ass to use, i mean i try to load one page and it takes five minutes i use firefox and bam there in an instant. I mean...
THREAD Cliqueless
0 Posts • 5643 Views
Philosophy Forum
I will be honest - I am not a scholarly person. I read very slow, I did very poorly in school and I doubt I could survive college. So when people start talking about stupid people, I do tend to become...
THREAD Society & SociologyLeft out and confused
3 Posts • 1895 Views
Psychology Forum
Don't think of it so much as where you went wrong. Even if you did something wrong that would be very hard for us to discern from your point of view here on these forums. All I can really sugg...
THREAD Society & SociologyThe mentality of a soldier
0 Posts • 7803 Views
Psychology Forum
Well my reason for joining the military, (Army) was at the time because my life seemed to have hit a dead end. To me it was a fast way to get out of where I was at the time. I wanted to leave my shit...
THREAD Random QuestionsShould I take this job?
1 Posts • 3588 Views
Talk Talk
I know people on here love a good debate, so here it goes. I am looking at another source of income. I need to pay bills, rent, save and student loans (plus do fun things every now and then would...
THREAD Is this relative? HELP!
17 Posts • 6225 Views
Philosophy Forum
Perhaps I didn't make it clear but I separated the events to try to clarify them by separating them. No, I am not a profeeor or anything, I never finished college (couldn't get past the Engl...
THREAD so where's the girl stuff?
66 Posts • 10140 Views
Talk Talk
Western culture looks up to the underdog as the suffering innocent (christ?). What's annoying about all this sensitivity is that it keeps those boundaries between people of different color, sex,...
THREAD The Blair Witch
4 Posts • 2902 Views
Movie/TV Reviews
i just saw the movie yesterday and i thought it was an pretty good was pretty boring in the beggining but it finaly started to get good when the kids started to completely lose it.when they f...
THREAD unfair
1 Posts • 1481 Views
Talk Talk
i felt very angry as my headteacher treat me unfairly.As a poverty-stricken college students,i deserved to get the study grant given by Ministry of Education .But my headteacher didnot give it to me ....
THREAD About You / IntroductionsIntroductions
0 Posts • 25084 Views
Talk Talk
I found this site a month ago when searching for sarcastic quotes on Yahoo. I'm a 17-year-old high school senior, but I'm also working towards an associates degree at the same time. I ta...
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