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Tagged > Chocolate chips
THREAD What's Your Favourite Food?
22 Posts • 6673 Views
Talk Talk
hmmm non-alcoholic huh ? i like hot drinks - tea and coffee, sometimes hot chocolate and out of cold drinks - blue jolt, iced tea ( snapple ) and iced coffee ... oh and juice, the tropical blend...
THREAD how do women like to be appraoached
6 Posts • 1777 Views
Talk Talk
Well this is easy If she's out of your league as suggested above just rape her. (trust me she's only out of your league cause she wants you) If she isn't out of your league but do...
THREAD GovernmentThe Anti-Bush Thread
0 Posts • 38348 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
Its nice to believe that Bush is a nice guy and our government is good, we just don't know all the details but have to believe. That way we can feel good sitting in our recliner in a nice warm...
THREAD JokesClean fun...
24 Posts • 7260 Views
Jokes & Games
A WOMAN'S (REAL) PRAYER: Now I lay me Down to sleep. I pray the Lord My shape to keep. Please no wrinkles Please no bags And please lift my butt Before it sags. Please no age spots Plea...
THREAD Weird ThingsHistorical curiosities
33 Posts • 11113 Views
Talk Talk
>Clouds fly higher during the say than at night. >1.5 billion kilograms of chocolate are consumed worldwide each year. > The king of Hearts is the only king without a moustache (referri...
THREAD Which sense?
6 Posts • 2931 Views
Talk Talk
I don't know. That's a hard question. I would hate it if I lost my sight, because when your deaf you can still sign and get around. Losing touch, I guess that wouldn't be that bad, but...
THREAD interratial relationship... but wait, there's
9 Posts • 4282 Views
Talk Talk
ok, so i met this great guy, and he's warm, friendly, loving, just the best (all that, an a bag of chips;)... we both share the same beleifs/interests, and i was thinking of telling him how i fee...
1 Posts • 1383 Views
Talk Talk
Have you guyz had to live with obnoxious preps? In my school every popular person is a prep and I hate it sooooo much, why can't the world just be equal! Definition of prep- *stuck up person *t...
THREAD Hackers 1, Bill Gates 0
7 Posts • 3344 Views
Talk Talk
"Hackers have managed to get Microsoft's Windows XP operating system running on an Apple Mac computer. The success ends a competition started to see if the feat was even possible when App...
THREAD God in ReligionShow me there is no God
7 Posts • 1953 Views
Religion Forum
agnostic and many others Whoa... Don't try to drag Agnostics into the same pool as the Athiests. Agnostics believe you can't possibly know for certain whether or not there is a God or any...
THREAD ConspiracyExcerp: 9/11 Conspiracy Theories
214 Posts • 49316 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
Very sad indeed. To see the Crucifixion of individuals doing no more than expressing their right to freedom of speech, actually. And still not one word in explanation of HOW a massive steel structu...
THREAD Life & DeathSoul Mates
58 Posts • 14521 Views
Philosophy Forum
Look, I just think that all this is stuipid, plain and simple. The thing is, that evry single human being can be your soul mate! I mean did you choose your parents? No matter what kind of people they...
THREAD PoetryEchoes
258 Posts • 52813 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
Childhood Friend- The First I Ever Had counter the action with a smart remark of your own spit out an absurdity and fight off the cold remnents of a space-ship underneath the fort carto...
THREAD Random QuestionsStupid things we've done as kids
49 Posts • 12072 Views
Talk Talk
okay um lol i sprayed pepper spray in my eyes, fell down the stairs head 1st, broke my sisters pinky and ALMOST broke my chin, cut off my cats wiskers broke a park fence threw a gameboy on my house ro...
124 Posts • 26277 Views
Talk Talk
the thing that is bothering me more and more is that there are so many remakes/rehashes that there is virtually no new creativity going in to movies these days. analysts sit around and scratch their h...
THREAD BiologyBreed Humans?
26 Posts • 13287 Views
Science & Technology Forum
In breeding in the Royal familieswas common place which was theorized to produce regressive traits. Although other environmental aspects may have been the greater contributor. Such as the plumbers com...
2 Posts • 1742 Views
Photos, Videos & Music Forum
This is a visual representation of a peak experience, just like the first photo was. I got up the other morning after hearing a lecture on "oneness" and just happened to have a white shirt i...
THREAD Poetry*Smiles with in Solitude*
202 Posts • 38910 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
Liberate the frozen rose with your breath; part the clouds with the point of your finger; shatter the lock of this heart with a smile- This is what she does to me. Through song and story she light...
THREAD Toxic Foods For Dogs?
1 Posts • 1459 Views
Science & Technology Forum
Hi, does anyone here own a dog and know about toxic foods that dog's should not eat? We got a new puppy a month ago and my little sister who is only 5 gave our puppy some of her raisins, we didn&...
THREAD JokesYo' Mama Jokes?
163 Posts • 93565 Views
Jokes & Games
Your mama so dumb, she thought her neighbor's dog poo was chocolate and ate it. Your mama so dumb, she thought "Throw-Up" meant to throw a ball up into the air. Your mama so dumb...
THREAD Men are like.....
10 Posts • 3800 Views
Jokes & Games
Men are like .......Laxatives ...... They irritate the shit out of you. Men are like ....... Bananas ...... The older they get, the less firm they are. Men are like ...... Vacations ..... They...
THREAD SpiritualityWhat if.....
36 Posts • 8207 Views
Religion Forum
What if you were God? What would you have done, or do? And how? I will ask some questions first..for you to answer. Ok; you make humans. Would you just accept that they take everything for...
THREAD Famous PhilosophersWhat would Socrates do?
6 Posts • 8104 Views
Philosophy Forum
There is no self in society , it depends on others. By turning the mirror onto society it dissolves. It would be better to say Socrates sought to save the individuals from the society. Any attemp...
11 Posts • 4633 Views
Talk Talk
Stress used to be a large part of my life. However, in time I have figured out that I can either let it control my life, or I can control my life. I decided as usual that I control the things around m...
THREAD Could there be a pill for that?...
17 Posts • 4411 Views
Philosophy Forum
The sex of a baby is determined by the sperm so yeah ... would have nothing to do with the mother (off topic). I'm sure someone told you that or you read it and you just believed it. Where...
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