So let me get this straight.......Your Honda has 1.6 liters and my bottle of Mountain Dew has 2? - 68 firebird
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Tagged > Chocolate chips
THREAD Pictures of Ourselves
281 Posts • 57888 Views
Photos, Videos & Music Forum
THREAD About You / IntroductionsIntroductions
0 Posts • 25084 Views
Talk Talk
welcome to UGN! you seem like a very well read woman. that will help you a lot later in life. i love your taste in music. you and i share the same mentallity when it comes to food, ill try anything on...
THREAD What's Your Favourite Food?
22 Posts • 6673 Views
Talk Talk
mocha latte i wouldn't drink that for less than a 50$ :) some nasty shit and some folks come in asking for frappicinnos and we don't make them and i don't even know what they are,...
THREAD The most important thing we've learned...
3 Posts • 6534 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, right after Mike Teevee shrinks. I adore Roald Dahl. He wrote some other great non-children's fiction too.
THREAD FuturologyThe next stage of Evolution?
36 Posts • 10651 Views
Philosophy Forum
The next stage of evolution is fusing the brain with silicon computer chips that would provide us with ALL the knowledge that is available to the world today. Just think of it, no more school. In one...
THREAD RecipesFudge
6 Posts • 2099 Views
Health & Wellness Forum
You guys all know how to rub salt in someone's wound. And that last damn picture, I don't know if this place still exists, but there's a stall in Darling Harbour Sydney where they m...
THREAD Halle Berry
2 Posts • 3340 Views
Movie/TV Reviews
She wanted a little "Chocolate Covered Starfish, in Some Hot Dog Flavored Water"...he he he.*lol*
THREAD friday 13th
3 Posts • 2300 Views
Talk Talk
i was just watchin friday thirteenth n got this idea if you were a flavor of ice cream what would it be i would be mint chocolate chip
THREAD What Flavour are you?
9 Posts • 2797 Views
Jokes & Games
If you were a flavour what would it be? Chocolate, tangy, French Vanilla etc... As for me I would be EXTRA CRISPY TASTY or LEMON PEPPER!
THREAD Wish breaker
121 Posts • 22559 Views
Jokes & Games
but then you'd be plagued by girls drawn like bees to honey, and this would cause ructions with your gf..., and would only aggravate the stressful symptoms of growing hyperglycemia as you turn mo...
THREAD Whats your obssesion?
36 Posts • 7073 Views
Talk Talk
I'm also obsessed with peanut butter (with either jelly or bananas). I'm also really into Cheeze Whiz. It tastes good when you melt it over turkey, stuffing, veggies, then you crush chips...
THREAD Electric Thoughts...
1 Posts • 1252 Views
Philosophy Forum
This is something I'm sure most of us have thought about... That the brain works much like an electric circuit, with magnetic effects and so on... Some of us, I'm sure, have taken this id...
THREAD SocietyChips controlled brains
1 Posts • 1265 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum =KhnKHtfCeRo This is just the "old news" been done and is basically routine childs play for these scientists. So we can assume they have at least advance...
THREAD Females Inferior?
31 Posts • 10928 Views
Philosophy Forum
equal but different. My wife is a school teacher. I have to say she's smarter than me. I ask her questions all the time. But that's her. I do the dishes. I grew up through the male bashin...
THREAD Society & Sociologyyour own country
4 Posts • 1779 Views
Psychology Forum
Why stop at a country, why not the planet, or the galaxy, no dare I say universe, no not enough why not be GOD and rule over all realities and creations!!!!.... HAHAHAHAHA *sips chocolate milk* HAHAHA...
THREAD ElectionsSchwarzenegger for president?
19 Posts • 5539 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
I think the founding fathers maybe had a prescience about foreigners becoming president and that's why they made the article against it. I'm not a bible-thumper but do find some truth there....
 31yrs • F
In this life we have two ages. The ages we are, and the ages that we’ve earned
THREAD JokesYo' Mama Jokes?
163 Posts • 93565 Views
Jokes & Games
yo mammas so fat and black i walked into her house and thought it was willie wonkas chocolate factory.*grin**grin**grin**gri n**lol**lol**lol**lol**lol*
THREAD Random QuestionsFavorite Donuts or Pastries
12 Posts • 6478 Views
Talk Talk
Cookies and cream- sounds fair It is good indeed- My favorite is either mint chocolate chip or Turtles ( an ice cream based on the chocolates) yum yum! One day I cut myself shaving and caramel came ou...
THREAD Intimacyoral sex
60 Posts • 78350 Views
Sexuality & Intimacy Forum
More Flavours! Chery Blast Creamy Cream Marzipan Fountain White chocolate spasm I am still short a few taste testers so if anyone knows anyone in our target sales group young women 18- 40 who...
THREAD Creative MusingsContinuous story 2
5 Posts • 1792 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
"Im starving", Tim thought. "I'll just grab a soda and some chips". As he walked out 5 minutes later, he saw the bullies casually strolling towards him. "What are they do...
THREAD Weird ThingsFood Porn
6 Posts • 16019 Views
Talk Talk
So Food Porn really exists, then I believe the 'Food Orgasm' from the Smosh are real then. Hahahs, I just baked a chocolate chip cookie, so I just made a porn of Food. ^.-
THREAD Chocie Chocie!
5 Posts • 3248 Views
Talk Talk
Well its that time of year again, and I definately wont be eating MUCH chocolate, what about you guys? Does anyone get long weekends like I do in Australia, we get FRI, SUN,MON off which is choice! I...
THREAD Lets learn a little #1
12 Posts • 3448 Views
Talk Talk
1. My biggest peeve has to be...when people interupt when your talking to someone. 2. dipping cheesy puffs into chocolate yogart lol hahah 3. uh...if you see my room you would know the answer *l...
THREAD That time of the month!
19 Posts • 4204 Views
Talk Talk
I thought women always blamed whatever we said on testosterone levels usually with something along the lines of "it's because he's a guy". My girlfriend always seems to find the...
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