Life isn't easy for the people who are not cared for. Seek them out in the biggest of crowds and care for them yourself. No one else will. - last_song
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Tagged > Beauty
THREAD Poetry*Smiles with in Solitude*
202 Posts • 39179 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
The chalice, the cup that we filled together I sit upon the floor and mourn o'er the pieces, shards that once glistened, but now in the darkenss only exist. The cup, forged of purist crystal,...
THREAD God in ReligionIf god exist why doesn't he show himself to the world?
145 Posts • 25663 Views
Religion Forum
"A human being is a part of a whole, called by us _universe_, a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings as something separated from the rest... a kind of...
THREAD Aesthetics & BeautyAesthetics
1 Posts • 1750 Views
Philosophy Forum
I don't know about other people, but I'm a person who is very much emotionally influenced by the aesthetic appearance of their surroundings. For instance, travelling from the countryside to...
THREAD why continue?
63 Posts • 16455 Views
Philosophy Forum
Dear Bantam.. i wrote that post at a very sensitive moment of my life... ive given it much thought and im not feeling as hopeless anymore. what my new goal in life is.. is still a mystery to me... im...
THREAD Poetry*Smiles with in Solitude*
202 Posts • 39179 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
The floorboards creek beneath my padded feet; stealth is worth nothing now; if I can hear me coming, all is lost; I'm found again, the door is flung open and I am blasted back by white light p...
THREAD Emotions & FeelingsEmotional Spreading
98 Posts • 15772 Views
Psychology Forum
Evil is from the Devil ! But the Bible also says that it is man's inherent nature --but if you want to break it down - God created the Heaven and the Angels - and Satan was the leader of praise...
THREAD Serenity of a New World
6 Posts • 1704 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
The Serenity of a New World Beyond the seas of purple, And past a field of red, Around a mountain of cerulean, Is where I'll rest my head. A valley of green awaits me, Far from whe...
THREAD God in ReligionIntimations
2 Posts • 1512 Views
Religion Forum
Could it be? That I have an intimation... of God's existence? That it is only an intimation suggests that it will necessarily be inchoate and half-formed. But all theories, even mathematical ones,...
THREAD Random QuestionsYoung love
25 Posts • 5029 Views
Talk Talk
Right getting back on topic. The question can you be in love at age x is only meaningful when you define what you mean by love. I think adults and teenagers often mean different things when they say &...
THREAD God in ReligionProving God Existence
30 Posts • 5154 Views
Religion Forum
I just read the scientific evidence of the existence of god..interesting. I feel like it is just proving how the things written in religious doctrine could be true. "Science and Religion today...
THREAD why continue?
63 Posts • 16455 Views
Philosophy Forum
Discussions like these always seem so hopeless to me sometimes. Human thought is so diverse and opinions so varied. I do believe there is an absolute truth as opposed to a relative one, but believing...
THREAD Human Nature & EmotionWhere did love come from?
5 Posts • 2797 Views
Philosophy Forum
love as in the conception of unexplained "feelings". Things we feel without understanding towards anything, as in objects or people. if we think of ourselves as divine, then love is our d...
THREAD God in ReligionIf there's a god, why is there evil?
222 Posts • 46071 Views
Religion Forum
"Somethings aren't meant to be complicated. The big bang isn't likely; it is possible. It's pretty ridiculous to believe something magically appeared out of nothing." SOMETHI...
THREAD PerceptionSymbols
9 Posts • 2838 Views
Psychology Forum
"Can you perhaps tell us a little about it, maybe how it relates to this thread in particular?" The Mind Portal is ALL about symbols. We're using symbols now to communicate thoughts...
THREAD IslamDo you know what Islam means?
67 Posts • 13051 Views
Religion Forum
The Five Pillars aren't that simple. Just because "Muhammad is His prophet" doesn't mean he's the only one, as someone else mentioned earlier, nor does prophecy make him simi...
THREAD God in ReligionDoes GOD Not Existed?
171 Posts • 33257 Views
Religion Forum
Why do Atheists Protest So? "The fool has said in his heart, there is no God." Galatians 5: 22. But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering (patience), gentleness,...
THREAD Life & DeathWhat is the soul?
194 Posts • 32513 Views
Philosophy Forum
Exactly TM. This form of existance is neccesary for Reality(I d rather not say God because of the pre concieved notions) to experiance itself. If the entire world were blue, would there be such a t...
THREAD God in ReligionGod's Will
128 Posts • 23013 Views
Religion Forum
God made sin, god made war, god even instructed people to kill, god made lies, god made envy and jealousy. Anger envy and jealousy, are emotions, emotions are not actions, if emotions and thoughts...
THREAD PoetryEchoes
258 Posts • 53231 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
Yvonne Start this off with something sweet God did right with your beauty All these things that we have done All the pain, the want, and thoughts. Lying in the hole you dug. With a smile i...
THREAD Gender PsychologyIf women ruled the world...
61 Posts • 13247 Views
Psychology Forum
As much as I would like to say that women would make the world a better place, given the opportunity, I honestly don't think that's true. I would have to agree with many of the people who ha...
THREAD I'm kind of sad
19 Posts • 4306 Views
Talk Talk
Well scoff at me if you like, but this site has changed my own lifestyle a good deal. And yeah, maybe I'm just scratching the surface of things at this point, but I have no doubt that change has begun...
17 Posts • 5741 Views
Talk Talk
To be completely honest on this topic, I do not enjoy porn as in the kind of people having dirty mindless loveless sex, that stuff makes me laugh/weirds me out, but I do enjoy "porn" in the...
THREAD Appreciation for Human Error
2 Posts • 1523 Views
Philosophy Forum
The problem I see humans doing, is giving a machine artificial intelligence coupled with its vast potential to store and recall information. We're essentially playing the role of God by giving ou...
THREAD About You / IntroductionsHonest Unbridled Passion
2 Posts • 1842 Views
Talk Talk
I am so content right now. I am so happy with choices I've made, paths I've braved, experiences and results that have come. I had my first fully lucid dream experience, though brief, last...
THREAD Child & Family PsychologyGod's child...
4 Posts • 3084 Views
Psychology Forum
At times I feel like a child sent to school on this earth, away from my parents who created me, missing them, wanting to go home, knowing that eventually I will be taken there, though for now, I have...
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