Nothing gives a fearful man more courage than another's fear. - Umberto Eco
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Tagged > Beauty
THREAD Why are aesthetics such a muddle?
2 Posts • 3163 Views
Philosophy Forum
Why are aesthetics such a muddle? Aesthetics are such a muddle because this domain of knowledge, which we call aesthetics, contains a vast kinship of human meanings, attractions, appreciations, nee...
THREAD People hate vegetarians
104 Posts • 26526 Views
Talk Talk
"vegetarians and vegans live longer more healthy lives? since when?" Since about the 70's after the discovery of lack of vitamin B12, the last good argument that omnivores had agains...
3 Posts • 2029 Views
Photos, Videos & Music Forum
I think I did a bit both. I cried at the original, because of the way it emphasises that in order for a man to spend "time and money" on a woman- she must have the best pieces of meat by...
THREAD Are we on a 'Ship of Fools'?
3 Posts • 1613 Views
Philosophy Forum
Are we on a 'Ship of Fools'? From Katherine Anne Porter's novel, Ship of Fools, which was a big prizewinning best-seller in 1962, the producer and director Stanley Kramer produced a powerful a...
THREAD Stoned in love, but not with you.
10 Posts • 2436 Views
Talk Talk
I'm faced with a difficult decision; something of a crossroads... and I don't think there is anyone in my life that is equipped to advise me on it. I pose it then, to this virtual abyss....
THREAD PoetryThoughts Unchained
40 Posts • 8575 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
Death. (Part One.) Imagine you were out in the middle of nowhere. No way to contact the world and you were not reading this, but knowing this. And it was telling you that you only had mome...
THREAD ScriptsTwisted Fairy Tale Script
3 Posts • 9556 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
this is my script now. its had alot of changes lol... A TWISTED FAIRY TALE JENN BARR, KIRSTY YEOMAN AND JAKE POTTER Set in a fairytale land, a far far away place called Twisted. Characters...
THREAD My life as I know it... or do I know it??
14 Posts • 3527 Views
Talk Talk
Hi everyone. This is a letter I reciently wrote to all of my long lost friends who have been completely lost to what had happened to me. You be the judge. All imput will be greatly appreciated. (well...
THREAD Sexual PsychologyAsexuality
26 Posts • 6137 Views
Sexuality & Intimacy Forum
Everytime I put myself infront of a blank screen to tell the story of what has been, I ask myself what is there to tell, what's there to remember? I hold back each time cause iv'e made an oath that wh...
THREAD Life & Deathwhat is your theory on life?
270 Posts • 42893 Views
Philosophy Forum
Man's life on earth is a continuous flow of events, and no event seems to be lasting. There is always a desire to grasp and hold something else, something different from and better than what is p...
THREAD Society & SociologyGOD and goofy belief systems.
210 Posts • 30680 Views
Psychology Forum
Love looks at everything. That is what is meant by unconditional love. God is supposed to love us unconditionally. That means that we could do anything at all, denounce him, ridicule him, or ignore hi...
THREAD StoriesChronicles from the Gutter.
22 Posts • 6651 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
Till my heart stops beating, I'll sing a closure song to each and single bum. You are caught in a wave taking you into a voracious hurricane deep within the blue. You never pay attention to what th...
THREAD Emotions & FeelingsSimple Human Emotions
4 Posts • 2081 Views
Psychology Forum
Before we can hope to solve this very real but by no means insoluble problem, a brief preamble on the methods of science are in order. I am aware that this a vexed question, wont to draw more heat tha...
THREAD Science vs ReligionEVOLUTION
226 Posts • 50416 Views
Religion Forum
Okay, I'm back. First off, let me clarify where I'm coming from about the whole logic and faith thing. To make it simple, I'll go by dictionary definition: faith P Pronunciation Key (f th) n....
THREAD Nuestro Mar
1 Posts • 1827 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum, English assignment...wanted to know if it's any all?*yuck* -Nuestro Mar- Dijeron las olas, 'Whoosh! “Whoosh,” said the waves. They spoke to me as they fell about...
THREAD Atheism & AgnosticismThe last leg for Atheism
185 Posts • 31198 Views
Religion Forum
Conway: your conceptually confused. Lets begin: Do you then realise that even if you accoplish you task, and you understand everything as nature, it is still then pointless. Because a moment will com...
THREAD ConsciousnessDifferents Forms of Consciousness
5 Posts • 2250 Views
Philosophy Forum
I saw this post and it stuck out to me. This is my understanding as I have learned it. A letter for HOPE (Helping other peoples experience) In the past year, I have undertook various journeys;...
THREAD ConsciousnessA change in conscious thought and understanding
1 Posts • 3198 Views
Philosophy Forum
A letter for HOPE (Helping other peoples experience) In the past year, I have undertook various journeys; thoughts, actions, and dreams. I always imagined that I had something very special for t...
THREAD Atheism & AgnosticismMy article in American Atheist Magazine
4 Posts • 1985 Views
Religion Forum
Futile Confrontations Between Theists and Atheists Futile conflicts between theists and atheists, often amounting to "we are better than you" confrontations, are common, as one can verify...
1 Posts • 1609 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
A short narrative about an antisocial, I think. Rail The evening sun hung half over the horizon, slowly sinking below the thin thread. She wondered if it was the sun sinking below the line, or w...
THREAD Science vs ReligionEVOLUTION
226 Posts • 50416 Views
Religion Forum
Firstly, I never said the message was lost. Several times even. Regardless, my point was often that the message is mired in taint. This is along the same lines as all scriptures which deviate on key...
THREAD Islammy wife
2 Posts • 1728 Views
Religion Forum
The right of the wife on her husband Brother sister husband wife .... Peace, mercy and blessings of God and After .. , Each one of you have rights and duties of the other, and these right...
THREAD ChristianityRevelation, are we in it?
12 Posts • 3418 Views
Religion Forum
Ch 18 1 After this I saw another angel coming down from heaven, having great authority, and the earth became illumined by his splendor. 2 2 He cried out in a mighty voice: "Fallen, fallen is...
THREAD Life & DeathMy Theory on Life
8 Posts • 2652 Views
Philosophy Forum
before you read, their is more that I did not put in here. A lot more. If I didn't explain some parts clearly, its mainly the wording. Play with the theories in your own mind. it r...
THREAD God in ReligionIf you cannot love an ET god
5 Posts • 2549 Views
Religion Forum read/82067/if-you-cannot-love- an-et-god.htm I can not believe you actually read the Bible and come to the conclusions that you do. First the Bible teaches neither 'U...
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