The time has come when we have to pay for having been Christians for two thousand years. (Nietzsche) - rschulz
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Tagged > Assume
THREAD ChristianityMisrepresentation
81 Posts • 17038 Views
Religion Forum
okcitykid said:God looks at our heart not our mind. Didn't Jesus say...?"Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind." Matthew 22:37...
THREAD SocietyIs America playing with fire ?
141 Posts • 25877 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
Though I feel it presumptuous to assume revelations or whatever to be referring directly to now or very soon, because that has been said for over a thousand years, however, we are still marching ever...
THREAD GovernmentThank you Republicans
21 Posts • 4431 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
wait a second... Are you saying that Bush being elected, supported, glorified and even justified has nothing to do with Republicans? No, the point you keep missing that he and indeed we have said i...
THREAD Religion & HumanityAbortion
76 Posts • 15111 Views
Religion Forum
"It is not independent of the mother and therefore is a part of that mother." This is another argument I don't fully understand. A baby is not independent after birth. Leave it be an...
THREAD ChristianityJesus's death was faked
82 Posts • 19541 Views
Religion Forum
If you had read my previous post, and I mean read the whole account then I will assume you can further this discussion. It should be in your very interest to thoroughly read into that account. To igno...
THREAD BiologyCloning
93 Posts • 19867 Views
Science & Technology Forum
Why is it that when everybody begins to develop some fabrications of intelligence they suddenly deny their God? Now, I don't know how many people believed in God to begin with but I would assume...
THREAD Reality & MetaphysicsWhy do we exist?
83 Posts • 53871 Views
Philosophy Forum
You assume we do not ever know our purpose. I take it you are struggling with this question of what your purpose is? Yet it is the question that drives you... interesting. You have not killed yours...
THREAD your purpose
48 Posts • 10590 Views
Philosophy Forum
when you ask: "what is your purpose" i assume you're asking what do we believe our reason for being is, thus you are asking for each individual's theory of 'the meaning of lif...
THREAD SpiritualityI'm think I'm losing faith in God.
48 Posts • 13564 Views
Religion Forum
If i follow your logic i would come to the same statement ; "the statement of admission of not knowing or unknowing." this logic implies a transcendental God Really? Do you people not...
THREAD SocietyAtlas Shrugged a Cynical Review
28 Posts • 7103 Views
Philosophy Forum
I assume you mean inciting genocide. A Jew ought to know better one thinks? Rand is a disgraceful blot on the landscape. An over privileged women from a Russia Feudalist background who never did a...
THREAD Human Nature & EmotionPartners In Life
27 Posts • 5954 Views
Philosophy Forum
I am enjoying this conversation. Firstly I would really like to clear up a misunderstanding. That was not my tone saying "hoping." You assumed negatively of me instead of assuming that I...
THREAD Reality & MetaphysicsThe Matrix Is Real
123 Posts • 29874 Views
Philosophy Forum
'Wow, pagans not very nice. I see he believes in nothing. I think he's the kind of person who would i say, "i dont believe in anything, theres only what i know...and what i dont know."'...
THREAD When is enough, enough?
1 Posts • 2361 Views
Talk Talk
Most recently, it was proved 99.998% that my son is the father of a 6 month old (DNA Testing). How do you get someone to accept the fact that they are NOT the father even with the DNA results? Should...
THREAD Truth paradox
9 Posts • 3054 Views
Talk Talk
Is it possible that by recognising reality an individual, or a collective, changes the truth by recognising the past truth? Thereby making truth time variable. My example is this: Let us assume...
THREAD ChristianityHappy in heaven... alone?
20 Posts • 6167 Views
Religion Forum
My take on the matter is this. If you believe in Heaven, you must assume there is a god, a creator if Heaven. And why would God let you into Heaven? Where do you get your idea of Heaven from? And, is...
THREAD God in ReligionWake up and discover that God never existed
48 Posts • 10071 Views
Religion Forum
you are operating, summitsolo, on the preconcieved notion that God doesnt exist. if He's made up then it makes perfect sense that realizing that fact would be the recognision of a lie, and thus e...
THREAD AliensWhy do people assume Alien lifeforms are smarter than us?
24 Posts • 14816 Views
Science & Technology Forum
Maybe because we assume they can travel in spacecraft capable of crossing the incredibly vast void of outer space from a planet in a galaxy light years away, when we cannot even travel to another plan...
THREAD SocietyArguments for the prohibition of drugs
22 Posts • 6737 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
To Inmate0001, You say; "I think that drugs should be legalized. For me, it mostly boils down to having autonomy over one's body." When you buy an aspirin, I assume that you expec...
THREAD Epistemology: Truth & KnowledgeNature of Knowledge
8 Posts • 3116 Views
Philosophy Forum
Well, I would not consider that as not knowing tennis, you simply didn't know that the paint was wearing away, so you didn't know the conditions in the context of playing tennis... Another q...
THREAD Eastern Philosophy is comfortable
1 Posts • 1342 Views
Philosophy Forum
Pythagoras invented pythagoras' theorom. He found that by rearranging triangles into different shapes we essentially could rearrange them into a kind of square with a gap representing a square in...
64 Posts • 14988 Views
Philosophy Forum
"...leftwood- it you assume he exists as a being for you to apply,critique, en you need not evidence of his existence." No shit, I said that. Anyone can scrutinize even a co...
THREAD IslamDo you know what Islam means?
67 Posts • 12833 Views
Religion Forum
" In fact I am sure you understood this point. The USSR and Saddam's Iraq claimed to be democratic Republics - but were they? Uh huh!" But these regimes are universally considered desp...
THREAD PedophiliaPedophilia
27 Posts • 13892 Views
Sexuality & Intimacy Forum
Perhaps. Even in a society where it is completely accepted I believe a child will be severely handicapped emotionally if they engage in intercourse prematurely. I do actually agree with most o...
THREAD AliensWhy do people assume Alien lifeforms are smarter than us?
24 Posts • 14816 Views
Science & Technology Forum
People assume alien life form is smarter than us because people believe--and there is substantial proof--that UFOs exist thereby proving that a more intelligent life form built the UFOs. Personally...
THREAD God in ReligionIf there's a god, why is there evil?
222 Posts • 45454 Views
Religion Forum
Like I said, I'm going to try and state my claims for the reliability of Christianity. I must show that the Bible is trustworthy to do this since every one thinks it's just an outdated book....
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