Problems cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them. - Einstein
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Tagged > Assume
THREAD Life & DeathTips and Tricks of Life?
7 Posts • 3795 Views
Philosophy Forum
Be careful of reading people like a book they are not written in any language known, you might be writing the page yourself, on remembering things learn not to forget, or write it down, or do it befor...
99 Posts • 16661 Views
Philosophy Forum
I wish I could debate economics with you, but I don't know everything. I only know what I've experienced. I have thrown away tons of outdated milk, cheese, etc. that many would debate could...
THREAD Religion & HumanityReligion has history
55 Posts • 10713 Views
Religion Forum
OK, you're starting to disappoint me. Haven't you read anything I've written before? Polytheism, or paganism, is the belief in many gods. Monotheism is the belief in one god. Hinduis...
THREAD Society & SociologyYour political symbol- my fashion style
4 Posts • 1630 Views
Psychology Forum
I like flirty girls. They just seem like they want to have fun all the time I don't see anything wrong with that. The world will always have woman man roles because come on lets face it there are...
THREAD Atheism & AgnosticismA case for atheism
34 Posts • 8113 Views
Religion Forum
I think the reasons you describe are correct. But also, atheists dont believe in God for the same reason one doesn't believe in any other thing. Lack of belief, is the by default choice. If th...
THREAD God in Religionproofs for God's existence
23 Posts • 5922 Views
Religion Forum
"so because we exist, we have to have existed? the argument makes little sense. by that reasoning, if i flip a coin and get a head, looking back, i would have to have gotten a head, because i got...
THREAD God in ReligionGod?
88 Posts • 15801 Views
Religion Forum
citykid do you follow any religion? i assume not because religions that worship God also talk of a devil and evil and the balance betweem good and evil. so to say you believe in God but not a devil is...
THREAD IslamDo you know what Islam means?
67 Posts • 12812 Views
Religion Forum
Re: the Reformation I don't think you realize the impact it had in destroying the authority of the Roman church to control and supress ideas. "He was a secularist from what I understand&q...
4 Posts • 2524 Views
Talk Talk
Don't you mean WE are designed perfectly to exist in this universe. To assume that the whole universe was created so that you can exist in it, is prideful at best! For all you know, we are sim...
THREAD Relationships & LoveI met my boyfriend on the what!
63 Posts • 39671 Views
Psychology Forum
i know exactly what you mean when you say that people are judgemental . the second you say you met online they automatically assume they are a pedphile and are going to traffic you through mexico or s...
THREAD Conditon of the average American
36 Posts • 6909 Views
Philosophy Forum
Really liked the opening statement I venture to ask ,have any of you (my fellow philosophers), ever "fit in", in school work or anywhere else. I assume that, like me, none of you ever has. S...
THREAD Gender PsychologyI Hate Women
84 Posts • 27905 Views
Psychology Forum
You're all communist morons who assume way too much. I asked him a qeustion and he responded, I gave him my assesment, which was, he is child who thinks childish things and has no respect for...
THREAD Relationships & LoveThe Loss Of Loved Ones
2 Posts • 1170 Views
Psychology Forum
Has anyone here experienced this problem? Yeah, its what makes you Human! And don't assume everyone has this quality - they don't. They may once have had it (before they sold there soul...
THREAD GovernmentBush and God's will...
28 Posts • 6233 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
"War can be noble. War can be just." Absolutely! &q uot;America's role in the war in Iraq is clearly justified. Whether it was the right war at the right time and place only history...
48 Posts • 9745 Views
Talk Talk
Okay Left, I understand a little more now. It's exceptionally wounding, when lied to from a loved one. If you can't trust someone that you love, whom can you trust? I'm going to assume you were...
THREAD Religion & HumanityThe True Religion?
96 Posts • 22719 Views
Religion Forum
OKcitykid, if you were walking by an active volcano which suddenly erupts, I would assume you'd be considered to be the chosen one. Whether you're a polytheist or a monotheist, a god was loo...
THREAD God in ReligionThe Problem of Evil
202 Posts • 31820 Views
Religion Forum
Assume I have moral choice. That moral choice is restricted by certain variables like my ability to understand language and concepts. How developed is my brain, my awareness, my social structure, my e...
THREAD Epistemology: Truth & KnowledgeConstant Truth
7 Posts • 2707 Views
Philosophy Forum
In my mind the power is irrelevant. That isn't to say that I certaintly wonder if I can handle the power that does come with it. But I should have to assume that one can not acheive such power if...
THREAD why dont we like reading threads that go off topic
8 Posts • 2630 Views
Philosophy Forum
Becasue i find (and i assume can be asimlar in everyone else perhaps).. that when i think of something/subject my train of thought can link to cool ideas or whatever more (or at least eventually by li...
31 Posts • 7783 Views
Science & Technology Forum
I think one question I have from this is: Lets assume exceeding the speed of light is possible. Wjat would you see when you exceed the speed of light? When we exceed the speed of sound we hear a...
THREAD There is No God and You Know It
17 Posts • 4299 Views
Photos, Videos & Music Forum
Just because it is highly unlikely an anthromorphic God, does not mean that God does not exist Possibility requires logic. The ideology of god contains no logical basis, evidential reasoning nor ju...
THREAD Religion & HumanityThe True Religion?
96 Posts • 22719 Views
Religion Forum
Dreamer, check out Deut 2:34. God commands Moses to commit mass murder. This is graphically depicted, and Moses is quite thorough by killing "the little ones" also. Now thats a god we should...
THREAD Conscious and Sub-ConsciousThe Power of Illusion
0 Posts • 824 Views
Psychology Forum
it would be helpful to know what illusion you are contemplating decius? i assume, as many others may well doubt, that you are considering the ability to love as you would wish? no? well, the only...
THREAD Habits & BehaviorMonarch Conditioning
0 Posts • 715 Views
Psychology Forum
Are you referring to trauma based conditioning, such as the production of a Manchurian Candidate or conditioning which promotes a monarchy? I'm going to assume you mean the first one. In which ca...
THREAD AliensWhy do people assume Alien lifeforms are smarter than us?
24 Posts • 14811 Views
Science & Technology Forum
I think if there are alien life forms out there, there will be some that are more intelligent than we are, and some that are less so. Humans are a relatively young race (about 200,000 years) in the...
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