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When is enough, enough?

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 48yrs • F •
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When is enough, enough?
Most recently, it was proved 99.998% that my son is the father of a 6 month old (DNA Testing). How do you get someone to accept the fact that they are NOT the father even with the DNA results? Should I just give up, and assume that these people are just ignorant or continue to laugh at them. This is hard for all of us. He is a beautiful little (kinda big for his age) boy, and the spitting image of his father. The person that is still proclaiming to be his father, is in a prison bootcamp. Any suggestions.

Completely dumb founded as to how when it is in BLACK AND WHITE that these people are are still denying the facts.

As of today 02/23/04 enough was enough, this question has been answered.


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"Enjoy your family as they are our lives."
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When is enough, enough?
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