I didn't mess up 1000 times, the lightbulb just had 1001 steps. - Thomas Edison
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Tagged > Smart woman
THREAD War & TerrorismFear of deployment
12 Posts • 3814 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
I had the same fears about if I went to Nam, a friend who had been there said, you'd be surprised what you can do. But I hear that the worst part is the living conditions. Mostly you check...
THREAD game/program cracks
1 Posts • 2566 Views
Talk Talk
Anybody know where to find cracks (good ones that don't give you trojans and stuff)? Right now I'm looking for codes to: Record Smart 1.0 Fiber Twig 2
THREAD Reality & MetaphysicsThe Matrix Is Real
123 Posts • 36070 Views
Philosophy Forum
thats the best point i think you could make. idiots believe it... and sorry to call them idiots but if they were smart they would have thought of it themselves, instead of jumping on someonelse...
THREAD Christianitywhat's the logic in x dying for our sins?
128 Posts • 25967 Views
Religion Forum
fine. i'll do it. you guys apperently are not smart enough. any thing is possible. that means it is all possible that the reasons the bible give for jesus dying are real. that also means they...
THREAD Gender PsychologyIf women ruled the world...
61 Posts • 16404 Views
Psychology Forum
To Photar:....Maam I understand all of that....i'm saying it's about a balance...man is wrong for putting hisself above women, and women are in the same wrong because they are putting themse...
THREAD Epistemology: Truth & KnowledgeThe Hard Working Paradox
10 Posts • 4127 Views
Philosophy Forum
Consider this in regards to the best way to advance. Some people work harder than others. Some people work harder at certain things than others. Some societies work harder at certain things than...
THREAD new boobs
10 Posts • 3606 Views
Talk Talk
i like the way they feel, confidence is the most sexy thing ever, next to a smart musicly talented girl that likes videogames, and it 6 and a half inches long, 5 inches girth.
THREAD Perfect Mate
17 Posts • 8948 Views
Talk Talk
My perfect mate IS my wife. She is beautiful, smart, sexy, and I can talk to her about absolutely anything. She is my best friend. I cannot live without her, and CAN live with her. We have so many s...
THREAD The Definition of Smart
17 Posts • 6435 Views
Talk Talk
i find that intelligence involves knowing things like advanced math c or somethin, smart i find is good on the street and real life, having the gift of the gab maybe
THREAD War & Terrorism[i]Why Desert Storm II is Wrong[/i]
14 Posts • 4525 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
I'm sorry - I didn't read it all. But I'll get back to it. Desert Storm II should not have happened. We were lucky - it could have been worse. And yet - it's not over. If we'r...
THREAD SocietyWhat one quality would make the world better?
51 Posts • 20702 Views
Philosophy Forum
TXH .. You are making me nervous with talk like that. maybe I need to give you my phone number in case you getting a little close to the edge or something. You way to smart to be talking like that. Re...
THREAD Gender PsychologyI Hate Women
84 Posts • 34022 Views
Psychology Forum
Doesn't all the pain and conflict between men and women have something to do with each's desire to CONTROL the other, and the experience of the other? Wrestling with dominance and vulnerabil...
THREAD ChristianityGenesis
10 Posts • 3335 Views
Religion Forum
Who is to say that "perfection" means all good? Maybe we as humans have idealized the very ideal of perfection. It could very well be that the idea of perfection is actually a delicate balan...
THREAD A Thing Called Shame
19 Posts • 5727 Views
Philosophy Forum
So it seems to me that we've reached the conclusion that societal intervention is ok to an extent. My question (referring back to my first post) is has societal shaming been decreasing? Is societ...
THREAD Religion & HumanityAbortion
76 Posts • 19819 Views
Religion Forum
Every women I have ever known who has had an abortion felt guilty about it. Not maybe because it was wrong, but because it is natural for a woman to want to be a mother, so such things go against thei...
THREAD Child & Family PsychologyHave you ever wanted to kill your mom?
136 Posts • 166655 Views
Psychology Forum
At one point I seriously despised my mother. I remember writing the words, "why cant she die" repeatedly in my diary during a really horrible fight. I looked back at the other day in complet...
THREAD God in ReligionGod in physical form in Africa(Bulawayo Zim)
15 Posts • 3436 Views
Religion Forum
How, if I may ask, can people put faith into something that will only be answered when they die, and yet question scientific evidence so much? I would like to see you tell that to Einstein who very...
THREAD Wish breaker
121 Posts • 29086 Views
Jokes & Games
There is of course the problem of cameras becoming too smart, mayb even smarter than us (if they haven't already beaten a few individuals *coughs*Bush*coughs*) and start thinking they know better...
THREAD Cheater or not
14 Posts • 4117 Views
Talk Talk
From the earlier question I would have to disagree with wes. I beleive there is a corolation If a man checks out other women when on a date he obviously lacks discretion and any respect for their part...
THREAD GovernmentThe Anti-Bush Thread
0 Posts • 38348 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
DumbTeen heres an idea.. Why don't you get a spoon, and eat my asshole? How bout it? The Arab countries can do as they please... If they REALLLLLY wanted to they could bring their asses over here...
THREAD Monogomy
5 Posts • 15223 Views
Talk Talk
I'm just curious what everyone's thoughts are on monogomous relationships. And I have a few questions/scenarios around the subject. 1. Does monogomy coincide with our natural tendencies?...
THREAD BiologyBreed Humans?
26 Posts • 15038 Views
Science & Technology Forum
Already - by accident. They have discovered that if one smart person marries another smart person, they're child might have a good chance of having autism. I've heard that we could cure the...
THREAD Relationships & LoveClosed off
2 Posts • 2891 Views
Psychology Forum
I am a closed off woman. I have had relationships with good men, but they all ended and I now no longer choose to try to get into any serious, committed or loving relationship. The reason being that I...
THREAD SocietyThe Meaning of Equality
7 Posts • 8424 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
This is a touchy subject. I was discussing (more like hollering back and forth) with this girl who sits at my lunch table. She was all complaining how women have been oppressed throughout the years an...
THREAD Society & SociologyIt's funny how people are...
10 Posts • 6331 Views
Psychology Forum
Hey beachboy, welcome... although I'm new here too. It doesn't take long to feel welcome in a forum so brilliant. You won't find a discussion less than "astute" It' s i...
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