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Tagged > Smart woman
THREAD Society & Sociologyeducation system
5 Posts • 3843 Views
Psychology Forum
if a person is truly smart, they dont need a piece of paper telling themsevles or others this fact. people still "make it" without even finishing high school when they are truly smart and ha...
 83yrs • M
what goes around , comes around
THREAD Would Anarchy mean chaos?
8 Posts • 2683 Views
Philosophy Forum
I kind of agree with XFreeGlowStickx... The human race is not yet smart enough to handle anarchy, although given time it may become smart enough yet... Also, one thought on anarchy... If we agreed...
THREAD What Is The Perfect Person?
20 Posts • 6794 Views
Talk Talk
I concider myself close to perfect. Lol. I am really easy to get along with. Im good looking, good in bed, a good Mother, gifted, smart (not THAT smart, but smart enough) I can hang with the guys, dri...
THREAD Rate Your Cynical Freind
3 Posts • 2871 Views
Talk Talk
rate who you think are the best posters. whther it be becaause they are smart, or they type well, or they progess and ask good qeustions. 1. Decius- he annoys the shit out of me sometime, but i hav...
THREAD LawWhy is Prostitution Illegal?
96 Posts • 51060 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
Prostitution should be leaglized for various reason such as the comments made here on this thread. Rape is subdued, STDs are limited not because of constent checkups and use protection but because of...
THREAD Habits & BehaviorHelp with being funny...but smart funny
8 Posts • 3631 Views
Psychology Forum
Okay so worst case scenario: I have a horrible sense of humor, and if I try to be funny it usually involves making fart jokes, or a penis. If that was me, what are some good ways to develope a...
THREAD IslamMuslim women who cover their hair
27 Posts • 59002 Views
Religion Forum
There was a woman who worked for our company once who wore the whole black garmet thing. I don't know, it was obviouse to me that she was religious (like a nun) so I would always smile at her and...
THREAD Chaos theory
70 Posts • 16643 Views
Philosophy Forum
sleepingwrath i beg you to understand quantum physics is completely bs and einstein was not that smart of a man, he was unique and thought outside the box yes... he was mathmatically smart yes... but...
THREAD Religion & HumanityThe True Religion?
96 Posts • 28575 Views
Religion Forum
"You can look at nature and see just how complicated is its creation and know that none of us is that smart." Nature isn't smart. Nature can sometimes be beautiful, wondrous and border...
THREAD Intimacyoral sex
60 Posts • 84282 Views
Sexuality & Intimacy Forum
ok that is just excuse me for saying this SHITTY talk guys this is ur thang somexs or all the xs going into the girls mouth and hmmmm let me see oOo yes where do u pee from......that dingdong of...
THREAD Could there be a pill for that?...
17 Posts • 5888 Views
Philosophy Forum
To me, a man is a man. A woman is a woman. Those who say they're "a man trapped in a woman's body." or vice versa, I believe, are self-consious. They don't like who they a...
 44yrs • F
"A woman is like a bag of tea. You never know how strong she is until she gets into hot water." -Eleanor Roosevelt
 40yrs • M
brooke burke is the most beutiful woman in the wor
THREAD Kids complete women
12 Posts • 2715 Views
Talk Talk
i dont think that it completes every woman ...some women have better lives without children... depends on the woman and her lifestyle :)
THREAD Intimacyoral sex
60 Posts • 84282 Views
Sexuality & Intimacy Forum
guys,whats your opinion on a woman who likes to swallow cum? woman do you do it for yourself or your partner?
 60yrs • M
I make good music with any good woman
 39yrs • F
The power of a woman is equal to the power of a panther.
 43yrs • F
" Nothing's worse than a woman scorned"
 36yrs • F
"Take off your sandals, for where you stand is holy ground." I AM
 74yrs • M
\\\"A woman truly loved is a religion\\\"
THREAD Michael Jackson the woman
1 Posts • 3452 Views
Sexuality & Intimacy Forum
Mickey looks better as a moon walking woman! Who would ever think this freak is a pedophile? Eldred
THREAD People hate vegetarians
104 Posts • 31271 Views
Talk Talk
Metal Giant, unfortunatly, by raping and murdering a woman (I know Im late on this, but forgive me), you are crossing a line. A law. That is very real. As smart as you may be, or think you are, I see...
THREAD Waiting for the world to change.
6 Posts • 3985 Views
Talk Talk
lol, I guess guy. I mean you really frot me with logic there. I mean ouch. I bet you tried to make a difference in the world somehow but failed because you were just to smart. I bet you were just WaY...
 41yrs • M
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