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Tagged > Smart woman
THREAD I am saddened by the situation in the courts
30 Posts • 7373 Views
Talk Talk
Patrish - The woman is unaware of everything, she doesn't have the ability to have a coherent thought. Given this, I think its unlikely she can feel pain. Though admitedly, she can't tell...
 61yrs • F
Let go and Let god.
THREAD Gender PsychologySexyness and Sluttyness
0 Posts • 14704 Views
Psychology Forum
"if a man was dominating the women the whole time, the women will not feel satisfied" whats your point poprocks? Do you actually read what other people post on this site? If a man was...
THREAD Kahlil Gibran Discussion on one writing of his pro favor? (No it is not in espanol)
17 Posts • 8999 Views
Philosophy Forum
Thanks for the response. Ive figured alot more out now. Unfortunately I did not know him as I thought. He is not as smart as I once believed....he is MASK. I spoke with someone who was a good frien...
THREAD SocietyAbortion
21 Posts • 5325 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
"We need to overturn the Roe v. Wade decision and get back to cherishing life in this country." Actually having an abortion is proof that a woman cherishes life. If the woman didn't...
THREAD Society & SociologyYour political symbol- my fashion style
4 Posts • 2122 Views
Psychology Forum
did it still have the meaning before they made it fashion? i would say not really, the whole 60's business suit bit says it all. women still wear them when they want to, and the original stricter...
THREAD Random Picturescolour illusion
48 Posts • 21878 Views
Photos, Videos & Music Forum
young woman or old woman?
18 Posts • 5392 Views
Talk Talk
If you think about it. Maybe it's your expectations towards one woman after the other. When you had a relationship with one woman and she did something bad to you, when you moved onto a new relat...
THREAD JokesCouple of dirty jokes
179 Posts • 60160 Views
Jokes & Games
Teddy Bears A man meets a gorgeous woman in a bar. They talk, they connect, they end up leaving together. They get back to her place, and as she shows him around her apartment, he notices that...
THREAD Gender PsychologyThe right to dress provocatively?
80 Posts • 36780 Views
Psychology Forum
There are two issues here. First: A rape is a hate crime. It has nothing to do with what the woman is wearing. Nothing. Second: For what reason does a woman dress provocatively. To attract men? To...
THREAD Relationships & LoveYour dream girl (or guy)
109 Posts • 30663 Views
Psychology Forum
a womans beauty for me is so hard to judge because it seems so much more complicated...there are think women that i think are beutiful and bigger women that i think are breath taking....i think that a...
THREAD Gender PsychologyChicks and Fake Phone numbers
64 Posts • 44206 Views
Psychology Forum
lynnie- "Okay dingle, Cruel Women? Can't men figure out if a girl is interested in them or not. Seems as though it might be obvious in some ways. On the other hand, what about men that p...
THREAD Relationships & Lovefutility of romantic 'love'
76 Posts • 19634 Views
Psychology Forum
why is it that men, no matter how deeply they love their woman, can never stop lusting after a playboy bunny ? why is it explained away as a genetic hardwiring - that is condoned and well accpeted...
THREAD Women Empathize better with Women
5 Posts • 1960 Views
Talk Talk
Zyphon says, it would help if when you ask a girl if somethings wrong they wouldnt say 'No im fine.' Then run off to their friends and complain about guys bein unsesitive, and uncaring. T...
THREAD More guys than girls on these forums...why?
39 Posts • 10722 Views
Talk Talk
I have very few female friends. There is a reason for this. I do not get along with most of them well. Why? Because the majority of them come off as shallow and unintelligent, lacking the ability to q...
THREAD Police Taser Use Increase
16 Posts • 8032 Views
Talk Talk
I have heard quite a few news stories myself regards this. The more I read the more it seems to me that the problem is with the way they are training the police to use them. Instead of trying to find...
THREAD Habits & BehaviorShort Men
59 Posts • 30948 Views
Psychology Forum
Being a short male in society gives an almost sure rejection to any woman that is taller. I would give it about a 90% rejection chance. Having to live with such ridiculue causes one to believe that th...
THREAD JokesShort Jokes that Make You Smile.
5 Posts • 10296 Views
Jokes & Games
After tthe hurricane katreina hit, a white man goes up to a black woman and asks "how many churches were distroyd in the storm?" and the black woman gos " shitt, idk. i eat at popeyes!&...
THREAD Word GamesA fun game to play
584 Posts • 97600 Views
Jokes & Games
smart... i think that's already been said though lol *lol*
THREAD Word GamesA fun game to play
584 Posts • 97600 Views
Jokes & Games
THREAD Personal Thoughts
22 Posts • 6987 Views
Talk Talk
If you were to ask me this question 22 years ago, my response would be 'age is just a number'. My views have changed dramatically. I remember being 20 and being head over heels for a man that was 3...
THREAD Gender PsychologyFemale Superiority?
7 Posts • 3548 Views
Psychology Forum
Through outtime females have been scrutinized with their "inferioriotiness" vs men. Vs men in physical attributes females are on the low side and with the side of the brain that has to do wi...
THREAD Gender PsychologyWhy I hate women
32 Posts • 81855 Views
Psychology Forum
I think one of the reasons men are on average paid more than women is because subconsciously employers know that in general you can be more cruel and load more shit onto a male's plate than you w...
THREAD Intelligence, Memory & BrainA sexist view?
2 Posts • 4068 Views
Psychology Forum
Maybe it depends on how someone looks at it.. How I look at it is from the perspective of the person that loves the woman. I love the woman (and with love comes, admire, respect, friendship, etc a...
THREAD MMMmmmm...Position.
19 Posts • 9354 Views
Talk Talk
That is old fashioned indeed- but whatever works for you is great. I geuss any position is fine really as long as there is a woman involved - as far as I am concerned. Indeed doggie style is good to-...
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