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Tagged > Relationship question
THREAD Human Nature & EmotionHappiness
58 Posts • 13468 Views
Philosophy Forum
It all depends on what makes you happy, most of the time if you have enough money, you can buy yourself happiness. If it being drugs, alcohol, video games, sports, learning, teaching, relationship...
THREAD Rant OnMy letter to YOU.....(my little vent/rant)
9 Posts • 3060 Views
Talk Talk
Ok but you clearly contradict yourself. First you are like claim me, meaning to bring the relationship into a further stage and then you say the relationship is only seeing and not dating meaning you...
THREAD why continue?
63 Posts • 19980 Views
Philosophy Forum
Interesting. However, I'm more inclined to believe that the fact that the question exists, and that such a question seems to be deeply rooted in the human psyche that cries out for an answer, tha...
THREAD Christianityjesus finishing our sins
43 Posts • 10177 Views
Religion Forum
Sin exists we all sin and we always will as long as we're on this earth. But sinning does not keep you out of Heaven. If that were the case no one would ever get in. Christians are still sinners...
THREAD Child & Family PsychologyAwakendwraith's Pain
13 Posts • 5073 Views
Psychology Forum
It is true that your relationship with your parents can form a basis for every relationship for the rest of your life, but that doesn't mean that that basis cannot be broken. Knowing awakenedwrai...
THREAD What's wrong with the world? How do we change
93 Posts • 43145 Views
Philosophy Forum
Well, Believing in Jesus is not "blind faith". Faith in a biblical context is putting your trust in something that is true and real. Christianity is not a "religion", it is a rela...
THREAD Relationships & LoveIs there solace in being alone?
8 Posts • 3201 Views
Psychology Forum
Chained that was put beautifully! I can't say that I've ever been in a 5 year relationship but I managed two relationships that snagged up all my time over the course of two years, and I mus...
THREAD Life & Deathwhat is your theory on life?
270 Posts • 53041 Views
Philosophy Forum
..your correct somewhat. but as i stated.. "there are better ways to "utilize" time" so if you wish to learn not dismiss me in light of your new found truth....
THREAD Religion
2 Posts • 2624 Views
Talk Talk
Hey ppl. Well, I need some help here. Look, u c, I m not sure if I should keep praying and following the holy book, (i.e Quran), I mean, the basic purpose of praying is to esatblish a close relations...
THREAD Its 6:51am
7 Posts • 3520 Views
Talk Talk
Been there, done that, three times over. Time does not heal all wounds, but it does blunt them nicely. Words of wisdom? Don't have any. Advice? Probrably none you havnt gotten already. I wi...
THREAD Relationships & LoveRelationship Problems
9 Posts • 2554 Views
Psychology Forum
Well... me to, just got dumped by my girlfriend and I must say it hurts like hell, but am on a quick recovery. We are 16 and I know some of you might think that there was never gonna be something betw...
THREAD Relationships & Loveboyfriends that lie
17 Posts • 5694 Views
Psychology Forum
I am with you. I do not understand why people cheat, if you do not want to be with someone anymore then end the relationship and move on, I do not understand why people think that it would hurt the pe...
THREAD advice please!!!!!!!!
3 Posts • 2655 Views
Talk Talk
hey...i had a really messed up mother did a lot of seriously messed up stuff.....i wont go into detail, but, i used to move out of her house and stay with family or friends and eventua...
THREAD Gender PsychologyWhat Is Wrong With Being A Slut
37 Posts • 14595 Views
Psychology Forum
There is nothing wrong on being a "slut" in some cases. Personally I like these so called "sluts", there are very easy and agree to the terms on what men seek, sex. The only downfa...
THREAD Religion & HumanityMarriage
11 Posts • 3609 Views
Religion Forum
"And if anyone waste their youth and productive years in a "Gay" / homosexual relationship then they will simply miss the mark." As if it would automatically be a waste because...
THREAD Relationships & Lovefutility of romantic 'love'
76 Posts • 19833 Views
Psychology Forum
the minority always suffers. there is a distinction between the relationship and the feeling of love. the love can continue even after the relationship has ended. and similarly there is a diffe...
THREAD Two girls, one choice.
6 Posts • 2136 Views
Talk Talk
Okay I am going out with this one chick Adreanne and we are in an okay relationship but it isn't really good. We havn't kissed or anything yet we've gone out for 4 months. Also she'...
THREAD Relationships & Lovedealing?
3 Posts • 2110 Views
Psychology Forum
Does anyone else have problems dealing with simple emotional or psychological situations because you deconstruct every single little thing to understand the true meaning behind it. Example go from...
THREAD Relationships & LoveIt is amazing how one day things are well and the next they spirl out of control.
5 Posts • 2402 Views
Psychology Forum
What does she mean by "shes afraid she will hurt me?" if you like someone how can you hurt them? All i can say is that the i'm afraid i'll hurt you bit is just an expression of...
THREAD ChristianityMisrepresentation
81 Posts • 20858 Views
Religion Forum
:) Okay. I will answer your question in hopes that you will anwer mine. I will agree that it mentions nowhere in the New Testament that Jesus simply said that he was God (there are no passages that...
THREAD ChristianityA question for a devoted Christian.
235 Posts • 40770 Views
Religion Forum
Jesus died on the cross because of our sins or to cover over our sins for a time? Although I have heard that some churches have accepted homosexuals but I have never heard any scripture given to justi...
THREAD ChristianityWhat is faith: Why Christianity?
23 Posts • 7690 Views
Religion Forum
Christianity is a socially engineered mechanism that prevents those who follow its rules to question it. Excuse my ignorance but what does this mean? Can you explain why you feel I cant question my fa...
THREAD Reality & MetaphysicsWhat is existence?
29 Posts • 15054 Views
Philosophy Forum
if YOU can ask the Question "do we exist?" your question presupposes existence. otherwise there would be nothing to question , and no one to ask the question.
THREAD Human Nature & EmotionPartners In Life
27 Posts • 7624 Views
Philosophy Forum
At times, I do feel that being in a relationship does make me less free. I feel like with someone I have much more responsibility. Because I am so in love, my emotions often times pull me in a directi...
THREAD PhotographyPhotoArt Appreciation
48 Posts • 12759 Views
Art Forum
http://www.largeformatphotogra p=361677#post361677 Large Format Photography Forum > LF Forums > Darkroom: Equipment Question on enlargers in relationship to norm...
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