The two most common elements in the universe are Hydrogen and stupidity - SirKohl
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Tagged > Relationship question
 37yrs • F
To Question is to learn, so I shall always Question.
 63yrs • M
the answer to the question lies in the question
 60yrs • M
Question authority- and authority will question you.
 63yrs • F
Be yourself
 38yrs • F
looking for a long term relationship
18 Posts • 5398 Views
Talk Talk
If you think about it. Maybe it's your expectations towards one woman after the other. When you had a relationship with one woman and she did something bad to you, when you moved onto a new relat...
 44yrs • M
I'm very friendly
THREAD Sexual Psychologypremarital sex
6 Posts • 3532 Views
Sexuality & Intimacy Forum
My vote really depends on when you ask me. Such a question has the ability to be completely situational, depending on things such as how old the participants are, how long they've been dating,...
THREAD Sexually Transmitted DiseasesBumps: Would you rather...
10 Posts • 5349 Views
Sexuality & Intimacy Forum
I came across this question perusing yahoo answers and it's a pretty yucky question but I wanted to know what your responses would be: Would you rather: 1) Marry someone who has bumps on thei...
 43yrs • M
time is just a word to help us understand the relationship between events, words are definitions given to things we cant explain for the sake of communication......
 30yrs • M
i am a coconut short of a banana tree
 63yrs • M
love one another for love is the foundation of a true relationship
 35yrs • M
question everything, especially yourself
 23yrs • F
THREAD Sexual PsychologyFemale Sexuality
0 Posts • 1077 Views
Sexuality & Intimacy Forum
you're telling me! but, and this is the question - what role does porn serve in this relationship both before and after the event of being engaged in a sexual relationship? and what is more is...
 47yrs • M
question all
 33yrs • M
The answer is in the question
THREAD Human Nature & EmotionSacrifice and Love
4 Posts • 2687 Views
Philosophy Forum
I've been in a couple relationships over the past few years and it struck me that the more I give my heart away the happier I feel but at the same time the I feel less attached to the relationshi...
 53yrs • M
I am,therefore...what was the question?
 38yrs • F
"I do what I say I'll do, don't question that
 61yrs • M
question authority
 76yrs • M
discount nothing question everything
 37yrs • M
question all, answer little
 33yrs • F
question everything
THREAD Human relationship with the 'Higher Power'
19 Posts • 5552 Views
Philosophy Forum
Hey at my school I'm revered for my wisdom and infinite powers, not my words, theirs, and I have to bow to you two. Reading your posts got me thinking to a level to which I've never gone, an...
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