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Sacrifice and Love

User Thread
 34yrs • M •
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Sacrifice and Love
I've been in a couple relationships over the past few years and it struck me that the more I give my heart away the happier I feel but at the same time the I feel less attached to the relationship.

The question I have is, As we grow older do we shield are selfs more and more in order to create a healthier relationship and is it that lack of shelter that causes the feelings that everyone feels in their first love or is it just my bad choosing in woman that has led me to believe this.

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 35yrs • F •
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My sister is looking to get married, now how religious muslims do it is different to how many of you may be used to the concept. They meet people through people, call the boy over to the house, meet a few times, if they find each other attracted, are compatible in some way, and the families happy, bingo, marriage done, even if they have only known each other for less than a month, they could be engaged. Sorry for making it so brief. There is more to it, but you can research that yourself.

Now I have noticed that as she has become older, now she is 29, she is becoming amazingly fussy. It almosts shocks me, im 19 and wiling to accept this and that, because its life, and if i feel attraction its almost enough for me that i feel comfort in his presence, the issues that my sister goes through doesnt even bother me, I think it is true, that as people get older, they learn a few things, and from their mistakes. So they do shield themselves and dont pronounce themselves madly in love with a new guy every 6 months the way younger people may do. When I asked her why she was being so fussy, and objective all the time, she was like, you have to eliminate the idiots, and as you get older, you arent willing to take the risks the way you did when you were 18.
Maybe, im pretty young and inexperienced, so maybe someone older or experience could enlighten us on the issue.. ?

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 40yrs • M •
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There is a difference between a wall you build up and a skill you develop to become more effective at managing time.

For me it seems the older I have gotten, the more important I have felt it is to manage ALL of my time. As a teenager I floated along, doing whatever was easy and good feeling, but as I have grown I have taken on difficult paths doing things more efficiently and perhaps not being as easy on myself because I feel more and more how short my life really is.

The same applies to relationships/friendships, as I have grown I no longer simply take on somebody new into my life because it feels good or is convenient. This could be perceived as being snobby or fussy or some other negative but for those who truly know and care about me, they realize I am simply being the best person for myself so that I can be at my best for them.

If you are a person who manages to build up walls as a result of being hurt in previous relationships, it is very important to seek out those who will help you break down those walls.

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"A loving heart is the beginning of all knowledge. - Thomas Carlyle"
 40yrs • M •
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it struck me as odd that you are 18, you'll learn the things that you do and don't like about the opposite sex as you go from one relationship to another. it sounds to me that you are kind of like i used to be when i was about your age, you just got bored and it was time to move on, it's not that you aren't interested or even think that these girls are wrong they just aren't what you are looking for. i'll tell you this as you guys grow older it will become harder to give and gain trust.

live life you're still young and theres lots out there to explore both in and out of relationships

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Sacrifice and Love
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