Religion is excellent stuff for keeping common people quiet. - Napoleon Bonaparte
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Tagged > Cognitive psychology
THREAD Psychology Page
1 Posts • 2632 Views
Promotional contains many articles focused on various psychological topics: The aim of Psychology Page is to provide a concise introduction in a broad range of psychological topics. From Alzhei...
THREAD All About Psychology
1 Posts • 2612 Views
http://www.all-about-psycholog All About Psychology is a comprehensive guide to the world of psychology. Great for students or anyone interested in discovering psychology. Learn information...
THREAD Mental IllnessMental Disorders and Psychology
14 Posts • 7278 Views
Psychology Forum
Psychology and psychiatry are legitimate fields, it is the pharmaceutical companies that have corrupted it and try to put as many people on drugs as possible. Clinical depression and mental disorders...
32 Posts • 7218 Views
Philosophy Forum
There is no point in furthering this discussion Jackerjones if you aren't prepared to perhaps read into the psychology of emotion to help you understand cognition a little bit better. Boredom is...
THREAD All About Forensic Psychology
1 Posts • 2629 Views
If you are interested in learning about forensic psychology then you will appreciate the detail and thoroughness of this site: http://www.all-about- html Learn about...
THREAD Cool Psychology Stuff!
1 Posts • 3695 Views
This store is a treasure chest - if you're at all interested in psychology you will be delighted by the contents of this site: http://www.coolpsycho Cool Psychology Stuff se...
THREAD Intelligence, Memory & BrainKnowledge…
2 Posts • 1438 Views
Psychology Forum
Have you studied any formal cognitive or biological psychology? I only ask because if you have you should research some papers on memory which may help you to understand more clearly the areas you are...
THREAD Can we compare physics and psychology?
3 Posts • 1761 Views
Philosophy Forum
The purpose of my post was to illuminate how my past experiences provide the background for comprehending my new experiences. I have for many months been studying the new theories of cognitive scie...
THREAD Psychology Forum Introduction
1 Posts • 6495 Views
Psychology Forum
Welcome to CC's Psychology Forum. Please ensure that you have read the General Forum Rules before you begin posting. Use the psychology forum to discuss all things related to psychology, mental...
THREAD Does anyone conduct research in psychology?
3 Posts • 2710 Views
Psychology Forum
Hi Rich - are you looking for professionals who are local to you? If not, you could coutact this guy - David Webb - I don't know him personally, only via email but he has done quite a bit of work...
THREAD Intelligence, Memory & BrainInner Voice
20 Posts • 7606 Views
Psychology Forum
The origin of thoughts is known already. Thoughts come from neuromagnetic signals which arise from structures that mediate our various sensory and cognitive mechanisms within the limbic system of the...
THREAD BiologyPreliminaries to Social Advancement and Intelligence?
12 Posts • 2553 Views
Science & Technology Forum
What at first seemed a dour thread has turned interesting. Wyote, could you be a little clearer? Are you suggesting that the development of the larynx is prior to the cognitive abilitites which make u...
THREAD DepressionThe word depression is a emotion and much more.
6 Posts • 2048 Views
Psychology Forum
Being depressed is no joke. If it gets in the way of your life, I am not against cognitive therapy. And that is from someone who thinks psychology is a pseudo science. I am not a psychiatrist. But...
THREAD Habits & BehaviorStimulus and Response...
3 Posts • 1957 Views
Psychology Forum
This post was inspired by a subject I am studying where they introduced us to Cognitive Psychology saying that it improved on the previous idea of Associationism (which was a bit cause and effect)......
THREAD Writing AdviceTricks of the trade: things to consider when writing
10 Posts • 2529 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
Does anyone recall Frost's idea of the "Sound of Sense?" It was more than just than poetic rhythm expressing the rhythm of human thought, I think. I've notice that in the works of...
THREAD ChristianityRevelation finished?
21 Posts • 4719 Views
Religion Forum
Theology is psychology, i keep wondering what you mean by that, is it that peoples constant claim on the existance of god, and their many different versions of it, are all proofs of humankinds need to...
THREAD If you can't remember something, is it invisible?
5 Posts • 2600 Views
Philosophy Forum
There is a difference between not being able to remember something and forgetting or being unaware of something. If you can't remember something it appears invisible. However if we aren't aw...
THREAD Gender PsychologyI Hate Women
84 Posts • 29119 Views
Psychology Forum
You asumptious fool!! You are on a psychology forum, and ranting about something that can be explained by psychology - the reason you come across these women are because at a subconcious level it brin...
THREAD Why is Philosophy like General Motors?
4 Posts • 1818 Views
Philosophy Forum
Why is Philosophy like General Motors? With the aid of new brain scan technology the amalgamation of scientific disciplines that make up what is commonly known as SGCS (Second Generation Cognitive...
THREAD Human Nature & EmotionPhilosophies dark side.
5 Posts • 2800 Views
Philosophy Forum
I am considering changing my discipline philosophy to psychology. It seems philosophy draws me to arguing instead of debating. Where psychology draws me to why do I argue in the first place. I am...
 55yrs • M
Vulgare amici nomen, sed rara est fides.
THREAD How do we know?
60 Posts • 13626 Views
Philosophy Forum
If we don't know, who does? How are we cognitive of the fact that we know that we don't know yet know we don't know?
THREAD Habits & BehaviorCodependency Rocks...
2 Posts • 2243 Views
Psychology Forum
*clown* The thing about psychology is that it is the best study of humanity. Unlike archeology or history or evolution,etc., the study of psychology is studying the one thing that makes us human an...
THREAD Career choices?
8 Posts • 1996 Views
Talk Talk
Soo Next year I'm going to be a senior in high school And I really wanted to strap down on what I want to do with my life and where I want to go. Been thinking a lot lately and the more I do thin...
 34yrs • M
Life is not a zero sum game
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