Dying is an art, like everything else. I do it exceptionally well. I do it so it feels like hell. I do it so it feels real. I guess you could say I've a call. - Sylvia Plath
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Tagged > Romance
THREAD who should i be with?
3 Posts • 1375 Views
Talk Talk
Well I'm all for monogamy. I should probably declare that from the out. But I have to wonder what's going on here. You fell 'out of love' with your husband and sought romance else...
THREAD so where's the girl stuff?
66 Posts • 9287 Views
Talk Talk
Lol. I think gynaecology's is fascinating, it's quite an amazing bit of kit girls have down there. Not as interesting as neurology or molecular biology but still fascinating. I mean if you h...
THREAD The Matrix
10 Posts • 4082 Views
Movie/TV Reviews
Okay people this thread will envolve everything about revolutions. The ending and the content so if you dont want to know what is going to happen, dont read anymore. What the fuck were the warchows...
THREAD Who needs friends when you can write bad poetry?
17 Posts • 7513 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
I feel like posting more lyrics. These two songs are from This Bike is a Pipe Bomb. They're a great anrcho/folk/bluegrass punk band from Pensacola, Florida. I've seen them three times. Very...
THREAD Religion & HumanityGeneral meaning of life
24 Posts • 9210 Views
Religion Forum
This is my opinion to what the general meaning of life is. First, let me state that I do not think this is the meaning of life for all beings on the planet. I am just saying that if we are sent here...
THREAD Song LyricsMad World
22 Posts • 8065 Views
Photos, Videos & Music Forum
The Ghost Of You I never said I'd lie and wait forever If I died, we'd be together I can't always just forget her But she could try At the end of the world Or the last thing I...
THREAD Movie ReviewAvatar
0 Posts • 662 Views
Movie/TV Reviews
I met a guy who was capable of that Vigil, and I was envious. It didn't matter how bad the acting, story or whatever he enjoyed them to a degree far beyond my own. I was envious. But as for t...
THREAD Sound Effects and Overdramatics
5 Posts • 4487 Views
Photos, Videos & Music Forum
I saw that person asking what he thought the lyrics for Vindicated could mean, what they are interpreted as. So I thought Id give it a shot. This song is called Sound Effects and Overdramatics. It is...
THREAD A big committment issue or am I going off men?
3 Posts • 2461 Views
Talk Talk
OK, I'm not sure where to begin but I can't decide whether I have some kind of weird committment issue or if I'm just losing faith that there are any men out there I want to be with. A...
10 Posts • 3470 Views
Movie/TV Reviews
okay, i went to this movie and was insanely disappointed. i never thought brad pitt was a great actor, but i now understand that he is possibly one of the worst in the world--i think this movie may ha...
THREAD Creative MusingsIt was better left in the dark.
35 Posts • 7119 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
As each day painfully breaks its way into the next slowly all the hope I had of a life without insanity commits suicide and lies in a pool of blood and vomit at my feet. I wittness extreme cruelties t...
THREAD Relationships & Lovefutility of romantic 'love'
76 Posts • 16133 Views
Psychology Forum
u r right about these being the only solutions in the realm of reality. and each one of them is so full of sadness at the outset. in the realm of fantasy, there are two more solutions tho' :...
THREAD DrugsThat Kinda Trips Me Out Man....
3 Posts • 1969 Views
Psychology Forum
Share something you've written while under the influence. An idea, a rant, a poem, or just a song you listened to. Share something that really hit you, and really got you going. The influence...
THREAD Discover Which Star Signs You Are Compatible With-Astrology
1 Posts • 2141 Views
Talk Talk
Which Star Sign are you attracted to? We are very much influenced by the Star Signs and the Planets and we are attracted to certain personalities which represent qualities we admire in the other perso...
THREAD My Friend Has A Crush on Her Co-Worker, But She Is
2 Posts • 7675 Views
Talk Talk
Hey Everybody, Well, it's me again! I figured I received so much great advice from all of you regarding me and my boyfriend I decided that maybe you could help my friend. Her name is Chantel and she...
124 Posts • 26488 Views
Talk Talk
Here's a rant for you. I'm getting older. When I raise my eye brows you can see crinkles on my forehead. When I lower them you can see faint out lines of where they were. My nose is sticks out like a...
THREAD Gender PsychologyIncursions in to girl space
22 Posts • 4962 Views
Psychology Forum
Code Warrior you are delectable! And because of this I wanted to share a bit of my own anecdotal 'girly 'point-of-view So if you will indulge me (it might shed some light on your own frust...
THREAD Relationships & Lovefutility of romantic 'love'
76 Posts • 16133 Views
Psychology Forum
my question to you Zach is what happens to you if you like more than one girl before you enter a relationship. I cannot accept that you only ever like one girl at a time (when you are unattached), so...
THREAD Just For FunCD Collection
13 Posts • 3102 Views
Talk Talk
There ya go, all In alphabetical order for ya. AC/DC Live - AC/DC Aerosmith's Greatest Hits - Aerosmith All Time Greatest Hits - Lynyrd Skynyrd ...And Justice For All - Metallica Appetit...
THREAD Music ReviewTop 8 reasons why Superman's Bryan Singer should be beaten
0 Posts • 1916 Views
Movie/TV Reviews
Just if anyone's interested this is Empires review - plese don't slate me for 'siding with the critics' I appreciate some people simply believe what the critics tell them - I'...
THREAD Gender PsychologySome insights into men and women
9 Posts • 4890 Views
Psychology Forum
I will preface this by saying I'm a very good looking man... tall, blonde hair, strong jaw, bodybuilder physique, great symmetry to boot... I've had women on many occasions ask if I was a mo...
1 Posts • 1594 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
A short narrative about an antisocial, I think. Rail The evening sun hung half over the horizon, slowly sinking below the thin thread. She wondered if it was the sun sinking below the line, or w...
THREAD Religion & HumanityThe Open Letter to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II Please stop the reprisal of the researcher of Chri
1 Posts • 1589 Views
Religion Forum
The Open Letter to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II Please stop the reprisal of the researcher of Christ's teaching Your Majesty,   The independent researcher of Christ's teaching Ravil F...
THREAD ChristianityJesus's death was faked
82 Posts • 19813 Views
Religion Forum
Jesus maintained His physical human body. He did not go back to Heaven and become spirit....He did rise from the dead His soul would have returned to His corpse and made it live again Now your contra...
THREAD StoriesPostcards from Purgatory
1 Posts • 2243 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
1st Postcard Kiss it all goodbye; remnants of childhood imaginings evaporating off crumpled pillowcases and vibrant dream worlds overshadowed by monochromatic reality. There was a boy back there;...
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