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Tagged > Romance
THREAD Love QuotesLove quotes for HIM
4 Posts • 3025 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
Hey hey... it's my bf and my 1 year anniversary coming up next month and I started making this DIY photo album for him with all the pics of us together. I want to paste lots of love quotes for hi...
THREAD Creative MusingsIt made a beautiful mess of our customary ways
4 Posts • 1601 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
You get up too early, are you aware of this? Happy to red-face you. I actually googled you last night, found your blog .. and found some other site where you ranted a bit at other people. So I'...
THREAD Relationships & LoveMen and Women don't want the same things, so why bother?
14 Posts • 5164 Views
Psychology Forum
It's interesting to me that you use the word 'character.' I think that's how I see women. Or, rather, how I wish to see women now. Sex; passion; romance as set, setting and char...
THREAD Random QuestionsRandom Questions
32 Posts • 12918 Views
Talk Talk
in my cd chemical romance under my bed....nothing,it's on the floor what/who inspires me.....strong willed and minded people,art of any kind including music,love,sexuality,a...
THREAD RelationshipsMeeting My Boyfriend for the First Time
1 Posts • 2450 Views
Sexuality & Intimacy Forum
My best friend of six years, now my boyfriend of three months, finally decided to move to the U.S. so we can take our relationship to the next step. If all goes well, I fully plan to move to England....
THREAD Fluid Karma
3 Posts • 1736 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
I believe that there are many things to discuss as to the topic and reason of your poem. It seems creative, and looking at your picture, it pertains and sticks true to your heart. But, I do also b...
THREAD Movie ReviewZombieland
1 Posts • 2377 Views
Movie/TV Reviews
Absolutely amazing. The whiny, pathetic narrator can be a bit overwhelming at times, however, he is sadly lovable and it's very easy to empathize with him. Simply said, in one of the greatest rol...
THREAD Society & SociologyMusic
77 Posts • 17970 Views
Psychology Forum
New music today huh....well Im gunna have to say, that it is VERY predictable, and at times, it all does sound the same. But at the same time...I cant stop myself from liking some of it ^_^. Bands lik...
THREAD Favroite movie quotes
78 Posts • 17927 Views
Talk Talk
Mr. Keating: We don't read and write poetry because its cute. We read and write poetry because we are members of the human race. And the human race is full of passion. Medicine, law, business, en...
124 Posts • 26487 Views
Talk Talk
I used to think it was a bad thing. That stupid feeling i get when I feel like I want to be a "Hero" or a "Knight in Shining Armor." I don't think that its good, i just think...
THREAD Nightlife?
4 Posts • 1604 Views
Talk Talk
I was sitting on the couch in my house last night and I watched another re-run of "Married With Children" that I had seen about 9000 times, when I thought "Wtf am I doing?" I reali...
7 Posts • 1779 Views
Talk Talk
I think Wyote gives you excellent advice. But as far as as taking a deep breath and giving an honest NO, I would suggest that this might be better practiced at home or among your mates first until you...
43 Posts • 6777 Views
Talk Talk
The genre of "emo" is not "screamo" that is an entirely different genre.My chemical romance is indeed a band in the emo genre.Emo is a new stereotype group that involves wearing ti...
THREAD Love QuotesLove Quotes
3 Posts • 2461 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
I've been collecting love quotes since I was ten years old. I actually had a little notebook back then and any time I heard a quote about love on tv, or read one in a book, I would write it down. I di...
THREAD Creative MusingsPossibly predictable, but far from absent of new wonder
7 Posts • 1686 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
...I'd like that, in whatever time we have left to us to do with as we will. It's hard, isn't it?....from putting it all out there fro the world to see to trying to make relevant sense...
THREAD TechnologyThe iPad
2 Posts • 1775 Views
Science & Technology Forum
I came home from classes this morning and my roommates were gnawing over this new piece of Apple ware. So I read a review and viewed a couple video's of the iPad. The iPad seemed to me like it...
THREAD Movie Trailers & ClipsMovie Trailers II (YouTube)
110 Posts • 17946 Views
Photos, Videos & Music Forum
Re, The Forbidden Kingdom. Did anyone ever watch the Japanese TV series from the 80s called Monkey? It was one of my favourite shows as a child and the character Monkey was one of my first role...
THREAD PoetryEchoes
258 Posts • 53233 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
this night, walk the dead in a solitary style and crash the cemetery gates. in the dress your husband hates way down, mark the grave where the search lights find us drinking by the mausoleum d...
THREAD RelationshipsWhy do women give guys a hard time.
3 Posts • 5779 Views
Sexuality & Intimacy Forum
It doesn't make sense why they do this, considering the men that most women end up choosing are problematic down the road. "Most" women's sense of who to date and who not to date i...
THREAD Society & SociologyHumility in Youth
0 Posts • 1300 Views
Psychology Forum
Decius i'm afraid that i see "no" difference in the younger population and the older. Look at the typical american family. Better looking than husband and very unappreciated mom who sit...
THREAD Gender PsychologyNaivety in men
6 Posts • 3789 Views
Psychology Forum
The lyrics of this song,"Going Under" by "Evanescence" remind me of my naivety when i gave my heart and soul to a man, who jsut abused it. I was a lass with a fairytale romance pla...
THREAD BooksBattlefield Earth
5 Posts • 2028 Views
Talk Talk
Haha, well you'll never be satisfied if you choose L Ron for your books. :P Even if he was a good writer, Id never read his stuff purely on principle. If you like sci fi, try Phillip K. Dick w...
43 Posts • 6777 Views
Talk Talk
My definition bah emos are fucking annoying little shits. they take the fashion of punks and goths and turn it into what they say is "emo" the word emo means emotional. emo is also...
THREAD Human Nature & Emotionemotional voids.
9 Posts • 4325 Views
Philosophy Forum
Ceejay, understanding what you are saying, I still have to interject that there is no such thing as an emotional void. You obviously feel loss, or perhaps even pain, but this is anything but a void. Y...
THREAD Gender PsychologyI Hate Women
84 Posts • 28257 Views
Psychology Forum
'Shazam! Shazam! Shazam!' (Pvt. Gomer Pyle) I'm amazed by the quantity of analysis regarding 'ihatewomen' situation(s) with women. I'm sure he appreciates it. As for me, I'm content and happy...
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