It is easy in the world to live after the world's opinions; it is easy in solitude to live after your own; but the great man is he who in the midst of the crowd keeps with perfect sweetness the independence of solitude - Ralph Waldo Emerson
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Tagged > Missing person
THREAD SocietyFor Country of for Government?
14 Posts • 2996 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
Ya, right all those who worked all their lives paying social security then find when they retire, their return isn't enough to live on? I have noted how the spin doctors have been resurrecting t...
THREAD Dressing for your age?
68 Posts • 15985 Views
Philosophy Forum
but the spirit is the same at 80 as it was at 8... I beg to differ. The core personalities of a person might never change but a person can change in many other ways in the course of a few months. I...
THREAD SpiritualityWe didn't exist before we got here
48 Posts • 10987 Views
Religion Forum
There is evidence of reincarnation - do a google search. A well known Yale University profesor has been studying this for like 20 years. I posted it here once. But here's the deal - a person b...
THREAD Mp3 help
4 Posts • 1346 Views
Talk Talk
yea it shows up as a little letter, but how should i put files on it? should i just copy and paste (the game files), because i tryed installing the game through the "official installer" and...
THREAD Society & Sociologywhy is suicide frowned on???
85 Posts • 21219 Views
Psychology Forum
That's right, the fear of doing it may stop someone, but your still missing the whole of what I was trying to say. Instead of trying to work through it, you just give that. I don't call t...
THREAD Do we really exist?
31 Posts • 16812 Views
Philosophy Forum
this is just like asking what makes the person that you are. u can physically take away limbs, organs, etc and still have that person left. yes we are made up of atoms and with those atoms we beco...
THREAD Science vs ReligionEVOLUTION
226 Posts • 51339 Views
Religion Forum
"Fuck it don't need religion to survive you only need your own spirit and will. That's what will get you to the end and nothing else. I beleive we are all connected...
THREAD ChristianityChristian Q&A
0 Posts • 3762 Views
Religion Forum
I guess I can understand your opinion. I mean it is one thing for a medical practice of appling electrical shock to restart the heart but is totally different for Jesus to summon the dead from their t...
THREAD Society & Sociologydeterioration of identity in society
12 Posts • 2057 Views
Psychology Forum
i think you're missing the point here. I share your list of societal ills wholeheartedly, but for the most part I don't let it get to me in the same way. While there is a lot I'd like t...
THREAD ChemistryHow do they know atoms exist?
18 Posts • 5825 Views
Science & Technology Forum
I agree with Decius. Atoms were originally assumed to exist. But logical conclusions based on assumptions turned out to match experimental data. I remember seeing photographs showing individual at...
THREAD What truths would a wise person pursue?
5 Posts • 1981 Views
Philosophy Forum
A person can become a self-actualizing self-learner and thus reduce the level of na´vetÚ in the world i believe that the main problem in education systems today is that it's simply a subject t...
THREAD Relationships & Loveboyfriends that lie
17 Posts • 4669 Views
Psychology Forum
I am with you. I do not understand why people cheat, if you do not want to be with someone anymore then end the relationship and move on, I do not understand why people think that it would hurt the pe...
THREAD Relationships & LoveI met my boyfriend on the what!
63 Posts • 40269 Views
Psychology Forum
weather you meet someone on line or in person they could be a complete loser or an awesome never know, but like other people have said, if your meeting someone for the first time never go...
THREAD Traped In Civilisation
13 Posts • 3055 Views
Philosophy Forum
Not making it personal, not sure I know what you are asking, if you just mean a piece of land where idependant of all governments, well, you may have to stick to the island idea, but no matter where y...
THREAD philosophy of friendship
31 Posts • 15464 Views
Philosophy Forum
*read pervious posts* It all depends on how much mentally strong you are. I think 'true'Friendz r really crucial if u aren't able to handle depressing situations. Yes, if u don'...
THREAD Emotions & FeelingsLetting Go
12 Posts • 3269 Views
Psychology Forum
Some things we can never forget, but we can overcome the intense pain. If you've just lost something so dear to you, having nothing to keep you busy will leave you free to remember the pain o...
THREAD Wish breaker
121 Posts • 23290 Views
Jokes & Games
if you were someones favorite person you would be stalked by that person studying your every action. I wish I could react faster...
THREAD Word GamesA fun game to play
584 Posts • 79686 Views
Jokes & Games
Failed to recognise that the third person currently posting did in fact notice the use of the third person however did not consider it noteworthy material. :P
THREAD The person above me
5 Posts • 4185 Views
Jokes & Games
basically you just type something that is about the person above you. it can be anything whether its insulting, funny or random. its fun when everyone picks it up. we play it on my forum.
THREAD Christianitychristians?
110 Posts • 18741 Views
Religion Forum
so, in order to truly appreciate or become fulfilled by christianity, one must accept that they use to be a bad person as well as become an even worse person before finally coming to their senses.
THREAD Intelligence, Memory & BrainWalking with eyes closed
6 Posts • 4574 Views
Psychology Forum
not so much as a person born with the ability to see. a blind person's biggest concern would be their other senses of hearing and touching.
THREAD Top 10 People you wouldn't mind seeing dead
0 Posts • 3832 Views
Talk Talk
1. My Mothers Boyfriend 2. The person who hit me with a car 3. Posers 4. The person who is reading this 5. E.T. And the other five i am gonna say Everyone that put me on this list...on this fo...
THREAD Harmful philosophy
11 Posts • 2851 Views
Philosophy Forum
I would think that a harmful philosphy would be any kind that could be twisted into the uses of one person. That would enable the one person to control a group of people with it.
THREAD Human Nature & EmotionWhat is Love?
11 Posts • 6310 Views
Philosophy Forum
Love, I believe, is the most powerful of human emotions. It can make you happy, sad, strong, weak, suicidal or happy to be alive. When a person believes they're in love, they usually want to be...
THREAD Epistemology: Truth & KnowledgeThe Price of Wisdom
36 Posts • 8229 Views
Philosophy Forum
A theist once told me that I haven't become aware of my inner Self. I responded, "Enlighten me as to what "Self" is and perhaps I shall find it. The point is: what the hell does a...
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