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Tagged > Living longer
THREAD How should we live our lives?
7 Posts • 2450 Views
Philosophy Forum
Im going to have a bit of ramble, but this subject deserves rambling over. Ive found as ive got older there is a strong encouragement to fall in line. People talk about living their lives, but how can...
14 Posts • 4772 Views
Photos, Videos & Music Forum
I saw a ufo with my freind couple years ago.. what else would movem in one direction then quickly speed off in another direction??? if you know of something that does tell me, but it wouildnt be too h...
THREAD A Real 30 Year Old Virgin
19 Posts • 6452 Views
Talk Talk
Having never seen the movie but knowing a twenty-eight year old virgin, I'd have to say if he's still living with his parents, it's kind of scary. My friend has an apartement of his own...
THREAD Physics & CosmologyThe Big Bang
6 Posts • 2067 Views
Science & Technology Forum
Could a big bang exist at the stroke of a piano key? Could the impact from the hammer hitting the string create a universe for life just like us? The longer you allow the string to resonate, the longe...
THREAD What more do you want from me?
3 Posts • 2448 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
You don't love me, so don't lie. Stop trying to heal my wounds, when I want to die. Pull the fish-hook out of my back, that you constantly reel. Let my heart fade to black, so I can no lo...
THREAD Life & DeathDid Einstein unknowingly prove life beyond death?!?! This is a theory of everything
25 Posts • 60257 Views
Philosophy Forum
I'm just wondering soul prophet why it is that people assume animals aren't going to have a soul or experience an afterlife just because they can't talk like us? Who on Earth knows w...
THREAD God in Religionproofs for God's existence
23 Posts • 6009 Views
Religion Forum
Hmm.. you're right I got it wrong. Ah well, nonsense it is then. Gotta love English. The Anthropic principle simply states a universe to be observed must be compatible with the existence of an...
THREAD StoriesAmadore
2 Posts • 2340 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
Being a prostitute, I had never been loved by a man, never been touched that gentle touch of tenderness that I imagined came with care filled exchanges. I remember the delusions I used to experienc...
THREAD What I'll Never Be
63 Posts • 12280 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
Transformed I stand before you Stronger than before The weakling that had loved you Is standing here no more The love you did not want Is no longer in it's place But now is a deep resent...
THREAD TV Show ReviewsNew HBO series, The Newsroom .. America's no longer the greatest country in the world
1 Posts • 2714 Views
Movie/TV Reviews
There's a new show on HBO called The Newsroom. I wondered if anyone has seen it and what your thoughts are on it. I found the first episode to be very good. It opened with a news anchor going...
THREAD Need to rid myself of nail-biting habit
7 Posts • 1861 Views
Talk Talk
Maybe you could try rewarding yourself with something you really enjoy or first in small intervals...say after one morning of not biting you get to have reward (i. e small chocolate at lunch...
THREAD Cesspool of our youth
14 Posts • 3936 Views
Philosophy Forum
What are zooms? I was talking with a friend the other day, she had resently gotten out of jail. {Got drunk at the local tevern and drove someoneelses vehichle home, busted!} So she is staying wit...
THREAD Nature & GeographyAre natural disasters more frequently nowadays?
28 Posts • 11801 Views
Science & Technology Forum
However if we are dealing with a living planet exactly my point, but the living planet will continue it's natural lifecycle, which this is. Humans are worried about the planet insomuch as it i...
THREAD Science vs ReligionEVOLUTION
226 Posts • 50158 Views
Religion Forum
To even sugest that evolution isn't real is ridiculace! A singal celled virus finds it very easy to evolve to become immune to vaccinations or treatments it just takes alot longer for the intrica...
THREAD Science vs ReligionScience is prooving the Bible
142 Posts • 28923 Views
Religion Forum
Actually if you think about it driving is like living life. Since when we first start out we are in experenced. As we grow we learn to do better follow rules and so forth. We get better at driving and...
THREAD God in ReligionGod in physical form in Africa(Bulawayo Zim)
15 Posts • 2688 Views
Religion Forum
First of all I would have to look up the word "cogitate" to see what it means, but I'm not going to, because I'm too lazy. Anything is possible. The more I learn the less I know...
THREAD LSD- exprierences, opinions, questions.
6 Posts • 1774 Views
Talk Talk
i do not remember my birth, but i do remember my early childhood vividly. Generally people don't remember their birth. Usually, vivid memories start around the age of 4-5, well, at least for...
THREAD Human's Inevitable Downfall
89 Posts • 19219 Views
Philosophy Forum
"Living off the land is not so bad, actually its a wonderful thing if as a community we could all do that once again." Well yes and no, for various reasons. Living off the land means stabil...
THREAD RelationshipsPysical Attraction
20 Posts • 8445 Views
Sexuality & Intimacy Forum
I'm probably immediately attracted by longer dark hair, soft eyes, and a nice smile. Breasts can matter but aren't usually a big deciding factor. Still, I find plenty of girls irrestible who...
THREAD PerceptionWhat constitutes as alive?
19 Posts • 4669 Views
Psychology Forum
"What about fish? Fish don't need air." ^^^What is in the water that makes fish breathe?...isn't it air, oxygen particles that make up the water...Air......if fish didn't i...
21 Posts • 5298 Views
Talk Talk
Death...frankly, Im not scared of it. If its my time its my time, nothing I can do about it. But what Im looking for here is your thoughts on if the search for God is the movie line...
THREAD Poetry*Smiles with in Solitude*
202 Posts • 39170 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
A puddle left before me contaning all the questions of the past and all the memories of time itself. I stand before it a reflection lost in the memories, blinded by mistakes. I look into the eyes...
THREAD GovernmentDoes the goverment have rights to penalis those it
67 Posts • 13916 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
The goverment assumes responsibilitie for individual with it being a welfare state ( Britian). It apparantly "tries" to keep its people in an almost resonable standard of living right? In re...
4 Posts • 1535 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
To me politics is just a dance floor, few people dare to be the first dancing but the more that do it the less fear others have of joining in. The venus project is just the use of our knowledge to cr...
THREAD Epistemology: Truth & KnowledgeThe Price of Wisdom
36 Posts • 8019 Views
Philosophy Forum
i completely agree with leftwood, but if you are going to make me "choose" what makes me a philosopher... ill go with definition 1a. each definition covers some base that reflects myself, bu...
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