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Tagged > Living longer
THREAD FuturologyWhat do you think the Future will be like?
43 Posts • 13577 Views
Science & Technology Forum
i think that in 1000 years, humans will no longer be here. it will just be the roaches.. i think that humans just keep losing intelligence each year and eventually by 3005, we will be long gone ( kill...
THREAD Happy B-Day Decius!!!!
8 Posts • 2373 Views
Talk Talk
happy bday, even though it no longer is your bday, cos ive replied to l8
THREAD Life & Deathare u ready to step outside the box? part II
10 Posts • 3255 Views
Philosophy Forum
A billion years ago a life existed very similar to ours now. Not so perfect, but still with a strong sense of survival. A willingness to live and conquer their imperfections. Almost a billion years...
THREAD ScriptsSunday: a one act
8 Posts • 2378 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
Since a couple people have asked... I do have a few other pieces on here. I have a story entitled Anatomy of Death and a longer one act (24 pages) in five scenes called the Game of Ethics posted un...
THREAD Kahlil Gibran Discussion on one writing of his pro favor? (No it is not in espanol)
17 Posts • 7773 Views
Philosophy Forum
I agree with your interpretation for the most part, however I do not believe he intends to convey a message of parting against his will. It seems to me more as though new realizations have caused them...
THREAD Science vs ReligionCreation or Evolution?
67 Posts • 15016 Views
Religion Forum
The evidence just isn't there it is all fiction and poor Darwin must have rolled over in his grave when the platypus turned out to be a living creature.
THREAD An intresting Question handed to me
12 Posts • 2731 Views
Philosophy Forum
well there mugen, i beleive i hav found my porpuse in living. and that is to be happy. and no, id didnt kill my will. it made it stronger.
THREAD Emotions & FeelingsEuphoria
17 Posts • 6464 Views
Psychology Forum
Well said Attolia. Ive always thought of it as being in complete peace with one's self and everything around you. When for that moment, life is truly worth living and experiencing all its beauty.
THREAD Life & DeathHuman Life?
24 Posts • 5913 Views
Philosophy Forum
Yes, sperms and embryos are living things, but they are not humans. However, how do you define a human being anyway?!Someone who has conciousness of what it is? But then, a newborn doesn't know w...
THREAD Life & DeathVoluntary Human Extinction Movement
233 Posts • 114519 Views
Philosophy Forum
It's interesting that someone would go so far as to make a "movement" out of the notion of voluntary human extinction. Seems that the only people who would be attracted to this are thos...
THREAD Life & DeathDealing with death
9 Posts • 2420 Views
Philosophy Forum
Forcing yourself to not be sad is a terrible way to cope. You have to fully embrace each feeling (or lack thereof) in order to understand your relation to that person and yourself to a greater degree....
THREAD SocietyWould society be better without money?
92 Posts • 61761 Views
Philosophy Forum
No, it wouldn't and here's why: Money is not the problem. Getting rid of money would not make everyone good and altruistic. This question is akin to asking whether the world would be a bett...
THREAD Gender PsychologyIncursions in to girl space
22 Posts • 4993 Views
Psychology Forum
I did ask one. she said all she could think of (as the sort of things girls do) was a lingerie party. As I said, not really a girly girl her self. The other is out of town, could ring her though. A...
THREAD Random PicturesRandom picture thread.
1169 Posts • 240196 Views
Photos, Videos & Music Forum
Firebird, the performers are Dave Matthews and Tori Amos. Wes, Dacius, and firebird, you're all handsome too. I'll have to scan a picture of our wedding. Ya know, I've been married l...
THREAD evolutřon????
83 Posts • 15939 Views
Philosophy Forum
because the changes are small. evolution takes a long time, longer than people have been watching species. most animals were different 2000 years ago, but people just didn't documant, and descriv...
THREAD BiologyScientists Turn Dead Cells Into Live Tissue
1 Posts • 1634 Views
Science & Technology Forum
Antony Barnett and Robin McKie / London Observer | September 24 2006 Scientists working at a British laboratory have achieved one of the most controversial breakthroughs ever made in the field of s...
THREAD Online Gaming.....
18 Posts • 6149 Views
Talk Talk
I no longer play On-line games because my two bros, my dad, and me(and sometimes my neighbor) have our own comps. and we are networked so we play LAN. Though, I used to play Everquest, and my bro i...
THREAD LawRight to choose Right to kill.
5 Posts • 2407 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
Well you guys avoided the main question. Would it be murder if you killed a fully grown adult in a tank? And actually men do have to support babies it's called child support. So yeah men can&#...
THREAD ChemistryClean Energy Source
18 Posts • 6916 Views
Science & Technology Forum
Further reading on this subject has led me to believe that Black Light Power is basically a fraud. What they claim challenges the known laws of physics, and appears to be a scam to sucker in investors...
16 Posts • 17449 Views
Talk Talk
you should maybe wait a bit longer till you really know as i got mine when i was real younge and i kinda regret it its a tazmanian devil its cute but now im older i wish it was more mature and cool.Iv...
THREAD Conscious and Sub-ConsciousUnconscious, Subconscious, Preconscious and Conscious
13 Posts • 9777 Views
Psychology Forum
Actually to a certain degree I do actually agree with you. I personally think that our soul and spirit are separate from our physical bodies and that our consciousness is a part of that part of our se...
THREAD Random QuestionsRandom Questions
32 Posts • 12952 Views
Talk Talk
If you could have lunch with anyone living who would it be? hmm can i cheat and put females too? well im gonna :D Alive - Alicia Witt Dead - Queen Victoria
THREAD SocietyRed Vs. Blue: Who Picks Who?
8 Posts • 1736 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
Your communication skills are severely lacking. I live in the biggest city in my county and would hate living in the woods.
THREAD Habits & BehaviorMy son and his odd imagination habit
6 Posts • 13290 Views
Psychology Forum
it seems from whast you've told us that he has no trouble with living in the 'real' world as well. in my opinion if he's content and functioning normally in his every day life ther...
THREAD Relationships & LoveYour dream girl (or guy)
109 Posts • 26365 Views
Psychology Forum
My dream man--well, I honestly don't care what he looks like, as long as he is faithful. No matter how superb his body or face may be--if he cheats, this no longer makes a difference to me. An ug...
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