Emptiness is loneliness, and loneliness is cleanliness. - tsp gatmog
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Tagged > Living longer
THREAD A Real 30 Year Old Virgin
19 Posts • 6477 Views
Talk Talk
i dont think most parents are that extreme, but i would agree with the fact that people who stay living at home for no real reason are seen as sad. those who are at a local university or who are disab...
THREAD Life & DeathYour outlook on life
9 Posts • 10414 Views
Philosophy Forum
My Outlook on life is neither positive or negative. Yes, I'm living, but I'm living to die. Is death a failure, or a successful climax to a life? Is love nothing more than a reproductive urg...
THREAD The ultimate and first beginning
28 Posts • 5893 Views
Philosophy Forum
God is not nature, nor space nor the imaginable nothing. God is the creator of nature, the creator of space. And God clearly is not the personification of some imaginable nothing since everything owes...
THREAD The Miracle of Creation in DNA
1 Posts • 2473 Views
Philosophy Forum
The progress of science makes it clear that living beings have an extremely complex structure and an order too perfect to have come into being by coincidence. This is evidence to the fact that livin...
THREAD Sexual BiologyI like sex but have trouble Orgasming
17 Posts • 15331 Views
Sexuality & Intimacy Forum
On an unconscious level you no longer want to have his baby. That's why you can't orgasm.
4 Posts • 2395 Views
Talk Talk
*Huge hugs to both of you* Thanks I should now no longer hear from him that its not here and you said this person said there ... etc etc. Thanks.
THREAD Famous PhilosophersWhy do you love/hate Deepak Chopra?
3 Posts • 5840 Views
Philosophy Forum
I want to get rid of Deepak Chopra! He act like his has power to convince people about way of living, religions and mind-body medicine. He a fraud! If people want to have a happy life, we know the roa...
THREAD God in ReligionQuestioning his Behaviour
284 Posts • 37688 Views
Religion Forum
it may not be easy, but it requires longer explination, not merely one sentence responses that won't go anywhere.
THREAD Physics & CosmologyOrigin of light
15 Posts • 6393 Views
Science & Technology Forum
Perhaps light simply dissperses to a point where it no longer visible
THREAD About You / IntroductionsHello
3 Posts • 1641 Views
Talk Talk
Thank you for correcting and letting me realise my mistake that I will no longer make... :D
THREAD Life & DeathWhat happens after death?
107 Posts • 83666 Views
Philosophy Forum
After death you survive but you no longer have a body, mind or consciousness.
THREAD About You / IntroductionsTell a random fact about yourself.
663 Posts • 126949 Views
Talk Talk
I can't read the fine print any longer without putting on glasses.
THREAD Reality & MetaphysicsIs nothing something?
51 Posts • 21710 Views
Philosophy Forum
Man you hit the nail on the head there WarriorX- But then also if nothing is now something we no longer have use for the word nothing which is something so then what is the stuff that was formerly k...
THREAD Differential Rebirth
1 Posts • 2002 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
Coming out, nine days in Agressive futility Reaching out, falling back No days in This warmth that comforts me Will no longer be my home Restlessly I'll embrace the cold Shattered my dre...
THREAD PoetrySecurity in lies
33 Posts • 7012 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
Band of regrets This isn't progress that you've made Your living the same old life Alll you need to know is that I f*cking hate you You made a hell for me and left me out to burn Cord...
THREAD Life & DeathIs there life out there besides us?
1 Posts • 2221 Views
Philosophy Forum
Is there life out there besides us out in space somewhere? Theres gotta be I think anyways. I heard somewhere that there are life forms more advanced than us by 1000 years. So if they were where we ar...
THREAD GovernmentThe Anti-Bush Thread
0 Posts • 38348 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
Your living in the past cturtle Not so much living in the past, rather trying to point out past mistakes that intelligent people may learn from their mistakes. *clown* Oops, intelligent people are th...
THREAD Human Nature & EmotionThe power of thought.
10 Posts • 3585 Views
Philosophy Forum
I have seen first hand that one can live a 'lie' or perceived free way of living when they actually have minimal input as to what they are doing. One can push to do actions that will effect...
THREAD why continue?
63 Posts • 16534 Views
Philosophy Forum
I am having trouble formulating a real conclusion as to why we keep living this life. Even if when we die, we just become one with everything, what was the point of living? Why not just die and be...
THREAD Free Speech
0 Posts • 8800 Views
Philosophy Forum
J.S. Mill's on liberty uses constructive dilema to afford free speech it right. Either the current paradigmn is right and the objections raised only strengthen it. It is wrong and the objections...
THREAD ElectionsCain and Paul
24 Posts • 4915 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
Nothin like a good scandal when ya need one. At least Mr. Cain shouldn't be an issue much longer.
THREAD Gender PsychologyIf women ruled the world...
61 Posts • 13313 Views
Psychology Forum
I think the pressure would still be there. Because they would have to compete even harder to gain approval if they were no longer in control.
THREAD God in ReligionThe Problem of Evil
202 Posts • 32571 Views
Religion Forum
A professor once told me that at some point an argument is no longer worth arguing.
THREAD Your school and why it sucks....
4 Posts • 3244 Views
Talk Talk
My school only sucks because their on strike. This means my course is going to take longer than the predicted date.
THREAD War & Terrorism900 years of the West against Islam
24 Posts • 5356 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
I'd say you're most definitely a despot once you've gone longer then your mandate and have stripped your people of some fundamental freedoms.
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