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Is there life out there besides us?

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Is there life out there besides us?
Is there life out there besides us out in space somewhere? Theres gotta be I think anyways. I heard somewhere that there are life forms more advanced than us by 1000 years. So if they were where we are now in life then we must be living back in the year 1005 BC or something. It's unimagineable how ahead of time they could be of us. I wouldnt wanna understand it cuz it would be mind blowing never mind that but we wouldnt be able to comprehend to it. I also heard somewhere that this planet earth could be another planets hell. Who knows maybe it is cuz if u think about it, what could be worse than what we are living now?? The world is so fucked with so many damn wars, deadly diseases, and painful things and other bad things. Who knows, u discuss this... I wanna hear what u have to say about it. I mean it is in our nature to destroy ourselves.

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"everything happens for a reason"
Is there life out there besides us?
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