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Why do you love/hate Deepak Chopra?

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 34yrs • M
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Why do you love/hate Deepak Chopra?
From my experience people either love or hate this guy. I've seen a couple of interviews with him on youtube and he seems like a pretty cool guy with a good sense of humor. His philosophies are in line with Buddhism and new age stuff.

So what are your reasons for loving him (if you love him) or hating him (if you hate him)?

p.s. To Decius - I made a poll for this. Is there any way I can link to it or have it displayed at the top of this thread? Thanks.

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 29yrs • M •
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I want to get rid of Deepak Chopra! He act like his has power to convince people about way of living, religions and mind-body medicine. He a fraud! If people want to have a happy life, we know the road to our happiness by learning from our mistakes, from knowing what best for our well-being (Body, Feelings, Mind, etc.) not by other people; like Deepak leading us to a better way of living for money. Trust me I wouldn't pay for happiness or for well-being of my dysfunctionality when I truly know what kind of help I need to function right. For his mind-body medicine work he created; I think its not 100% accurate and safe when someone is physically sick.

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 37yrs • M
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I like what Deepak says about the ego in this video at 1:16.

He's not my favorite guru but he has some interesting things to say for the general public.
This video appears to have been removed

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Why do you love/hate Deepak Chopra?
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