Well i was as helpless as a chess piece when I was lifted up by someone's hand, and delivered from the corner my enemies had got me in. (Brighteyes) - iSOUGHT|THOUGHT
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Tagged > Life forms beyond earth
THREAD Life & DeathVoluntary Human Extinction Movement
233 Posts • 122864 Views
Philosophy Forum
TO: MugenNoKarayami It's obvious that you're spoofing (tomfoolery) us. *grin* BUT, after reading some of your posts at Captain Cynic..... The following is my evaluation of your...
THREAD More to the world than we can see
21 Posts • 5022 Views
Philosophy Forum
If you're not what you think. than how can you be anything you want to be. How can I be a christian if i don't think i'm a christian, what others think of you do not determine your bein...
THREAD ChristianityAdam...?
43 Posts • 9901 Views
Religion Forum
well if you would have followed some other line of argument it would have been plausible, but what do you mean by deffective testing methods? I mean hey, those methods are used for a lot more than det...
THREAD Reality & MetaphysicsQuestioning Reality: Are we for "Real"?
118 Posts • 33518 Views
Philosophy Forum
" Why go through life questioning EVERYTHING? Defining everything to the very roots of nothingness. Your seek for truth & knowledge about such a question ...is impossible" Arg! Becaus...
THREAD AstronomyExcerp: Comets, Meteors and Asteroids
1 Posts • 2116 Views
Science & Technology Forum
The solar system and everything in it is 4.6 billion years old. This includes the sun, planets and their moons, comets, meteors and asteroids. Comets are scraps left over from the formation of the...
THREAD Would You Tell?
21 Posts • 5899 Views
Philosophy Forum
ok, this is a bit spiritual, butI believe that life allows God to view Himself, allows existance to percive itself. Wihtought conciousness it(God,umanifestated,soul etc) cannot percive itself. The sou...
THREAD Mental IllnessApparentley I'm psychotic, but I feel normal?
19 Posts • 11639 Views
Psychology Forum
If my mother is at fault for who I am. Who is at fault for who my mother is? Wouldn't that person also be at fault for who I am? Where does it all end? At some point in a persons life responsibil...
THREAD Society & Sociologywhy is suicide frowned on???
85 Posts • 22902 Views
Psychology Forum
I think suicide can be justified. If someone is in pain for long periods of their life and medical science cannot help then why shouldn't they be aloud to terminate their life? I think that Free will...
THREAD What IS existance?
59 Posts • 13886 Views
Philosophy Forum
In response to Crimson, I don't think that a person is supposed to clean up his act by fearing time in hell. I think that a person will naturally beecome a better person if all of their intention...
124 Posts • 29895 Views
Talk Talk
I just turn of legal drinking age and for some reason people think that I should experience more. Examples: A month before the big day my sister tells me "You want to talk to this guy? His your a...
THREAD ChristianityGo and Evangelise
1 Posts • 2101 Views
Religion Forum
Go and Evangelise, so the world may know more about Christ. This is every person responsibility, to bring Jesus in the life of our neighbours. We are to have courage, be witnesses and preach the...
THREAD Reality & MetaphysicsTwo Universes? Huh? & One Particle Theory…
9 Posts • 4097 Views
Philosophy Forum
an arithematic progression is externally bound & therefore N + 1 = patitions & N = the # of cells? {After all your hard drive is cell, you partition it & you have two ; add another partiti...
THREAD uplifting adventures
10 Posts • 2161 Views
Talk Talk
I've tried most drugs, and I've found that they all give you different perspectives on life, and I think they've all changed my way of thinking. But one day, I took some mexican shrooms...
THREAD Religion & HumanityMorals for sale
14 Posts • 4560 Views
Religion Forum
Non human? How so? DO animals like our morals? If they are maintained..then they appreciate us loving all of the creatures we are to tend to. BUT from an objective point of view... Let's...
THREAD PerceptionWhat is life in general?
6 Posts • 8257 Views
Psychology Forum
I think being ourselves and feeling free to do so is an ideal that we all ache for. But the world is very different to the ideal that should be - children are abused and conditioned badly by their par...
THREAD Children Ruin Lives
25 Posts • 7623 Views
Talk Talk
I just want to say that I understand what a mind-blowing decision it is to bring another life into this world. My husband and I tried for five years before we had our first child and it wasn't a...
THREAD suicide with heartbreak?
16 Posts • 11225 Views
Talk Talk
Well it pretty much shows we have ALL been there at one time in our lives, whether we're 17 or in my case 35. Pain SUCKS. Rejection sucks even worse. If for some reason we are rejected, we look a...
THREAD Conscious and Sub-ConsciousSubconscious
43 Posts • 9757 Views
Psychology Forum
oh yes, look at this link. I think the footnote about the "genetic pool" bears a striking resemblance to the image Genesis 1:2 gives of an formless and void earth containing waters (i'm...
THREAD How should we live our lives?
7 Posts • 2814 Views
Philosophy Forum
I think if a person can truly find a way of living their life just as they want to and be happy and fulfilled then that is a rare and wonderful thing. Unfortunately money drives our lives. Bills have...
THREAD GodGod Life and Mind
41 Posts • 8699 Views
Philosophy Forum
im not sure where that is going? as far as thinking everything touches everything and works together in a rhythmatic matter, yes definately. im stuck on the fact that every action has a reaction and t...
THREAD Religion & HumanityReality is NOW!!
13 Posts • 3314 Views
Religion Forum
we're living in the now....why do so many live to remember the past, or percieve the future...or seek to know so many things, the source of life the intricate details that entail creation.....? W...
6 Posts • 3090 Views
Talk Talk
I'm sorry you feel so down!!! Even though your life may seem rough now, it will get better. You just have to keep holding your head up!!! And one thing i know, despite all the the other bad attri...
THREAD ChristianityGive up sin?
22 Posts • 5029 Views
Religion Forum
I think the idea is that upon entering the "next life" you will no longer be as you are now. In fact, your being will be so wholly different from what you are right now that you may not even...
THREAD Life & DeathWhere did 'mid-life crisis' come from?
7 Posts • 3606 Views
Philosophy Forum
Too subtle. Too abstract. Too nuanced. It doesn't appear to me that most folks have any interest at all in "technology as an extension of self". They work, they sleep, they eat, they...
THREAD ChristianityCatholics vs Christians
158 Posts • 54958 Views
Religion Forum
cturtle - It is the Christian belief that Jesus was God on earth, though he did not actually come out and say it. It was implied and one could believe such a thing. Islam hates this teaching. I don�...
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