It's better to be one rose in a bed of roses than, like, one rose in a bed of weeds - Parisite Hilton
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Tagged > Fate
11 Posts • 3720 Views
Philosophy Forum
People are stupid but an individual is clever. People and individuals are born with a blank mind at birth and the impressions they get; their eductaion is imprinted from that point onwards-nurture if...
THREAD War & TerrorismThis Nation is behind its leaders!
10 Posts • 2622 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
I too have to say I too like your dads attitude Tao. (My grandfather was in WW2 and as 5 year old boy, my head filled with the glorious notions of war I was being taught in my sandpit, I used to as...
THREAD AstronomyAstronomy Picture Of The Day
216 Posts • 78672 Views
Science & Technology Forum
28 March 2013 Unraveling NGC 3169 Image Credit & Copyright: Adam Block, Mt. Lemmon SkyCenter, University of Arizona Bright spiral galaxy NGC 3169 appears to be unraveling in this cosmic scen...
THREAD What's Worth Dying For?
54 Posts • 11936 Views
Talk Talk
Forgive me if I'm repeating my self but I don't have time to re read the whole thread. I recall the story of one church man who'd been interned in a nazi death camp. One day they senten...
THREAD God in ReligionDoes GOD Not Existed?
171 Posts • 38459 Views
Religion Forum
Its people like you that when explorers find a new land mass filled with new colored people that can't talk to you right and explain that they wonder why they exist and that they are people too,...
THREAD GodQuestioning God's Existence
98 Posts • 22279 Views
Philosophy Forum
*And from the dust of the earth he created man in his own image* i've been gone for a minute from this site....gaining insight in alot of aspects relating to God and life and all metaphysical...
THREAD Physics & CosmologyWhat does it mean there are Four Dimensions?
57 Posts • 25561 Views
Science & Technology Forum
No sir,*roll* I aplogize for an aburpt response, I believe that you mean that we use the same general form for equations, cartisian co-ordinates giving variables as dimensions? Therefore one could eas...
THREAD Ethics & MoralityWar - What The Hell Is It Good For
164 Posts • 29461 Views
Philosophy Forum
Congratulate myself? I don't understand the context. All the Sunnis did not boycott - about 20% voted. I also read a piece that many Sunnis now realized they made a huge mistake and are seekin...
THREAD Is it so bad?
12 Posts • 3266 Views
Talk Talk
I'm at a crossroads on this issue, not for a freakin second would I ever desire everyone and or everything to be the same, but that is not the opposite of our "shit-hole" world, which o...
THREAD Are you aware?
1 Posts • 2166 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
Are you aware from the moment we first met, I always knew there was something special between us. You managed to take away the pain I felt from my ex, and you gave me a whole new meaning to life. From...
THREAD LawPolitical/Current Events Convictions and Defense
8 Posts • 2390 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
Individuals should have control over the fate of the perpetrator of a criminal offense against them. This control should be reasonably approximated to equate the value of the crime. This is true an...
THREAD God in ReligionWhy would god need worship?
11 Posts • 5786 Views
Religion Forum
My phone crashed when I first created this thread and presumed it was lost so wrote it again, as it took time to write I thought I'd post my second version here and responds to your agruments tom...
35 Posts • 13240 Views
Philosophy Forum
First I will pose the theory (A theory, but not necessarily my personal belief.), followed by it's reasoning... Everything that is to occur is completely pre-determined, and (though not yet fe...
THREAD What I'll Never Be
63 Posts • 14646 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
Another distant scream... Another shattered dream. Lost another bet... Another cigarette. The world's only getting stupider... Mother nature's crying, but no one hears her. "Go...
THREAD Religion & HumanityWhat defines good or evil?
33 Posts • 9259 Views
Religion Forum
Evil is a standard. The mind does the rest. I respect Hitler's moves. It took balls for Castro to overthrow Baptiste. The people who suffered for them consider them evil. Those of us who judge(th...
THREAD Reality & MetaphysicsWhy do we exist?
83 Posts • 58325 Views
Philosophy Forum
I ask myself that alot, and haven't even come close to an answer. I also wonder why people go about there business, whatever it may be and don't seem to even be curious as to why. Most peopl...
THREAD SpiritualityThe Logical VS The Faithful
0 Posts • 10410 Views
Religion Forum
Howdy, New flava in ya ear. I believe in God, but because I'm selfish I happen to think that my God is just that--mine. I'm also a fatalist. I believe that our destinies are set. People do...
THREAD What is Traditional Thinking?
1 Posts • 1788 Views
Philosophy Forum
What is Traditional Thinking? If we added to traditional thinking the abstract idea of change our world becomes tremendously complex. The way we manage the complexity is that we create; we create b...
THREAD Anti-Bush Jokes (or related)
9 Posts • 7456 Views
Jokes & Games
:DGeorge W. Bush has a heart attack and dies. He goes to hell where the devil is waiting for him. "I don't know what to do here," says the devil. "You're on my list but I have...
THREAD God in ReligionThe Problem of Evil
202 Posts • 37870 Views
Religion Forum
Humans attempt to chain free will, thus making it not free by social context, which can have real and "evil" consequences of retribution and judgement, which are enacted by other dictations...
THREAD Human Nature & EmotionPartners In Life
27 Posts • 7175 Views
Philosophy Forum
Cats have souls. Dogs have souls. Humans have souls. If soul equals human and dogs have souls, then soul equals dog. Its a mathematical impossibility. I am vague and seemingly contradictory b...
THREAD God in ReligionGod's Will
128 Posts • 27074 Views
Religion Forum
I'm frankly rather disturbed by some of the responses to this question. On the one side is someone citing the tsunami as one of many signs of the coming End of Days, and on another side is an app...
THREAD SpiritualityThe spiritual step
4 Posts • 2208 Views
Religion Forum
You have heard that people are a product of their environment. The classic response in converse with this is to argue that people are influenced by their genes (nature vs nurture). But, those genes we...
THREAD ConspiracyExcerp: 9/11 Conspiracy Theories
214 Posts • 57727 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
Somehow I forgot to re mention about current available evidence and tower collapses is the major point of building 7, it is completely rediculous that this building fell into a pile of rubble from a 8...
THREAD Life & DeathWhat does our existence in life mean?
20 Posts • 8308 Views
Philosophy Forum
I see what you are saying. Thank you for clarifying. Emotions are simply chemical reactions to a given stimuli. I can see how this could be the case because, generally, people will be afraid of sh...
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