Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up. - Thomas Edison
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Tagged > Emotions
THREAD Emotions & FeelingsEmotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
0 Posts • 570 Views
Psychology Forum
This definitely works. Something he doesn't stress in the video is the importance of saying things out loud. Pronounce the words clearly. My body seemed to resist heavily the first go around...
THREAD Relationships & LoveIs there solace in being alone?
8 Posts • 2658 Views
Psychology Forum
Sometimes loneliness can be good after you've been together for so long its like a breathe of fresh air, well sometimes anyway. It takes time to get used to it after its been what? 5 years wit...
THREAD SpiritualityBlind Faith
42 Posts • 9140 Views
Religion Forum
Im not talking about hyroglyphics. Im am talking about before their time. I am talking about BEFORE religion... I am talking about the oldest wriiten records found. They are cargo reports. And I�...
THREAD Intelligence, Memory & BrainEmotions vs Logic
30 Posts • 12795 Views
Psychology Forum
Not much elaboration needed, your link explains it well. For me personally, I certainly did not always feel this way. I used to think emotions were a burden and an outdated function meant to be...
THREAD Life & DeathLife, Death, Choice
19 Posts • 5643 Views
Philosophy Forum
Well, man may be corrupt, but God made him corrupt, man is made by his genes. I am going on the assumption that most of man's behaviour is based on his genes. Man is horny, man is hungry, man...
THREAD continuing the telekinesis thread
4 Posts • 1663 Views
Photos, Videos & Music Forum
Don't even get me started on Uri Geller and Global consciousness because I'll be here all day! I've met Uri Geller and I have had a conversation with him on the telephone and via ema...
THREAD Human Nature & EmotionThe law of attraction
1 Posts • 1917 Views
Philosophy Forum
The law of attraction The Law of Attraction takes the principal "Like Attracts Like" and applies it to conscious desire. That is, a person's thoughts (conscious and subconscious)...
THREAD My Chemical Romance
3 Posts • 1287 Views
Photos, Videos & Music Forum
All 14 year olds are obsessed with rock stars. I went back and looked and it turns out I had heard almost all of their songs. Strange since I'm not a big fan or anything. Anywho, I listened...
43 Posts • 6777 Views
Talk Talk
A thought just struck me, okay goth stemmed from punk, basically the goth were less violent more artistic and articulate individuals lets say more in touch with emotion, now the emo's are even more em...
THREAD Intelligence, Memory & BrainBlocking Out Incomplete Thoughts...
2 Posts • 4355 Views
Psychology Forum
You should read Ouspenky's The Fourth Way...Very interesting theory of the human mind...According to Ouspensky, the human mind is composed of thousands upon thousands of little "I"s, ea...
THREAD Life & DeathScariest Thing About DEATH
72 Posts • 16244 Views
Philosophy Forum
At the start of this thread .. in 2005 i wrote hell... how things change.. at this rate i will be a nun by fifty.. Now.. in 2008.. i will say. .. that death means its over.. no more life.. no mo...
THREAD About You / IntroductionsRE: Zachfrenzel
2 Posts • 1219 Views
Talk Talk
"People like you are the reason I have to get up in the morning and try so hard to convince myself that humans are truly good and not a race of monkeys bent on desire. Today I was doing good, unt...
THREAD Human Nature & EmotionEmotions
17 Posts • 5479 Views
Philosophy Forum
and I realized that anger was an extension of sadness, when I thought about it, of course I was mad, but I was more upset and hurt then I was mad. I dont know, way to strong of emotions that I have ev...
THREAD Emotions & FeelingsI cry when forced to express something in words that has emotional connection
11 Posts • 4774 Views
Psychology Forum
I think it might be helpful if you didn't look at this as a problem to be solved. It sounds to me like you're a really sensitive person... anything emotional brings you to tears. I would sug...
THREAD Disturbing mirrors
28 Posts • 6157 Views
Philosophy Forum
But these feelings that one has, through mediatation you can 'look into yourself' withought a mirrior. can u do that summit? and presuming you practice meditation, how far have you reached i...
THREAD Religion & HumanityAbortion
76 Posts • 15364 Views
Religion Forum
Chris D have you ever seen a picture of an unborn baby at 8 weeks (yes that's 2 months). How can you say that after looking at the image of this tiny life, with the obvious form of a human being...
THREAD Intelligence, Memory & BrainThe Face Tells the Story (of the Mind)
6 Posts • 1704 Views
Psychology Forum
Chiron, I am quite interested in ths subject for I believe that as we grow older we show only what we want to show, either physically or visually. In other words. There is an American saying 'Hav...
THREAD The Big Bang Tango
1 Posts • 2905 Views
Jokes & Games The Big Bang Tango Media Lab's first step is an animation that tells the tale of the cosmos' history from the first instant of the big bang to the emotions in...
THREAD Gender PsychologyWomen Hate Me
16 Posts • 20299 Views
Psychology Forum
it sounds funny, but its true. ive spent my life in the wake of other more "impressive" males. ive tried just about everything ...mostly ive just tried to be myself though. ive never tried t...
THREAD DepressionFed Up
13 Posts • 9410 Views
Psychology Forum
What I do is try to dwell in the intense emotional periods. If I'm feeling particularly down then I'll jam some sad depressing music. It makes the rollercoaster ride more enjoyable for me. W...
THREAD Title-less
8 Posts • 2594 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
Another school sonate, it took to my inner emotions... What I have written death cannot take Nor fade that special sparkle in your eyes From God, hath her pen, the stars she did make I take tha...
THREAD Psycadelic Ether Trip
17 Posts • 25237 Views
Philosophy Forum
Just SAY NO to ETHER Well, let me tell you fools, if any of you are still reading this thread. I did way too much of that shit, and I can still type 60 words per minute, and read, and write. and thin...
THREAD The waters of life
3 Posts • 1705 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
THE SANDS OF TIME I sit on the beach and meditate, the sand between my toes. I scoop some up and contemplate the direction my life flows. Why do my emotions ebb and flow just like the tides?...
THREAD Spiritualitysoul Ties
13 Posts • 4456 Views
Religion Forum
hey can you not believe in your soul...or anyone elses?.... You are a soul...if you say you don't believe in the spirit, then that's different....A soul is the joining of bod...
THREAD Religion & HumanityAn answer
31 Posts • 7641 Views
Religion Forum
very very good question. Thank you heyjme1, you have striked a nerve in me, because I was thinking exactly the same thing last night. To me yes, thought is a form of matter. All matter is physical....
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