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Tagged > Crime
THREAD God in ReligionGod?
88 Posts • 15903 Views
Religion Forum
You cant have a valid reason for murdering a 6 month old baby and depositing the body in a drain. You may be able to explain someones disposition through traumatic childhood experiences but this does...
THREAD GovernmentThe meaning of democracy
65 Posts • 30185 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
But is it morally correct to impose an idea on another country? What we might find unacceptable in our culture might be there normal in there's. Il give you an example of what I mean, there is a tr...
THREAD Rehab & AddictionAlcohol vs. Marijuana
72 Posts • 102345 Views
Health & Wellness Forum
I have to disagree Tobacco........... .........................340,0 00-395,000 Alcohol (excluding crime/accidents).............1 25,000 + Drug overdose (prescription)................ ........14,00...
THREAD ChristianityThe time is NOW! IT is your choice.
50 Posts • 9654 Views
Religion Forum
Firstly, it was not his 'hands and feet'. This is physiologically impossible, these areas simply cannot support the weight of the human body. The nails were driven through his wrists and ankles, as is...
THREAD God in ReligionOkay...Why should I Fear God?
53 Posts • 8280 Views
Religion Forum
people fear god because it has been told you should for so many years... if you commit a crime or have many 'sins', god will banish you to a burning firey hell. the church explained th...
THREAD Gender PsychologyThe right to dress provocatively?
80 Posts • 32878 Views
Psychology Forum
Sorry Decius, but I am sticking with my statements. Rape is considered a sexual crime but I disagree with your statement: "Sure, it's the power, sure it's the control, but it is also D...
THREAD God in ReligionThe Problem of Evil
202 Posts • 32092 Views
Religion Forum
This does not address the accountings of Pontius Pilate's claimed dispute of reasoning for killing Jesus, and even offering, as tradition on a holiday, to allow Jesus' life to be spared, but...
THREAD GovernmentLeftwing Fascism...
28 Posts • 5758 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
Leftwood, if you believe Bush is all about big government then we simply do not agree. Yes more should be done to limit government however after 70 years of democratic congressional rule transforming...
THREAD ConspiracyExcerp: 9/11 Conspiracy Theories
214 Posts • 49292 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
In any other situation of legal enquiry anywhere in the world, such evidence of insider-type trading money deals, insurance scamming, and the destruction of evidence that would serve as evidence for a...
THREAD Religion & HumanityAbortion
76 Posts • 15226 Views
Religion Forum
Morality changes with understanding. I remember the exxon valdez oil spill where pertol was poured onto the coast of France. People felt sorry for the animals dying there and tried to clean it up...
THREAD PedophiliaPaedophilia
189 Posts • 55405 Views
Sexuality & Intimacy Forum
I wonder what is worse - to rape a child or to rape a thirty year old. I suppose childhood being such a formative time in a persons development means that their defences are less in place. You supp...
THREAD GovernmentInterventionism: Suicide for the American Republic
5 Posts • 2947 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
What religious freedoms or laws do you live with and by, and what role does government play in religion and vice versa? This is a small thought in terms of international complexities but, I can...
THREAD Rehab & AddictionNeed to help friend with downward spiral
7 Posts • 3200 Views
Health & Wellness Forum
My advice is going to seem odd. Every minute spent in the crime world is one of pure enjoyment and excitement. That's not saying that one spent living in the legitimate world can't be one ei...
THREAD Polyester Books
1 Posts • 47641 Views
Polyester Books is an alternative book store with an interesting mission: "To provide the freakiest underground books, magazines, films and comix" Find alternative books from ranging gen...
16 Posts • 4931 Views
Talk Talk
Because cars are vital to our society. To stop car trafic would cause huge problems and would force many people's jobs impossible. The cost of overhauling the transport we have now, with say publ...
THREAD Society & SociologyI just can't tolerate STUPID people!
184 Posts • 66268 Views
Psychology Forum
wyote you're the idiot. since when do 'tax dollars' need to be used this way by some "attention whore" drama queen who decides to 'flake' on her own wedding...? she...
THREAD Conservative Today VS Liberal Today
31 Posts • 5784 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
Why don't we get a better Politian from another country like Canada or the E.U.? Maybe then we can get one that actually cares about the people of the world. I know the things Americans worry about...
THREAD PedophiliaChild Predators
46 Posts • 15020 Views
Sexuality & Intimacy Forum
My husband (walts) is on another forum site. He brought to my attention the other day, that they have a gentleman on that site whom is a Registered Sex Offender. They (administrators) have blocked him...
THREAD Atheism & AgnosticismThe last leg for Atheism
185 Posts • 30755 Views
Religion Forum
Some view life as pain and suffering and wish nothing more but to end it. They would intentionally kill all life for its own well being. To them killing is a beautiful and very right thing. I t...
THREAD SocietyFight for Women's Equality!
3 Posts • 1640 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
Yeah, it's all a MANS fault. A women isn't choosing to have unprotected sex and get pregnant, let's make not just one man, but ALL men pay for the mans crime of her asking for sex. An...
THREAD Religion & HumanityThe Disease of Religious Fundamentalism
19 Posts • 5043 Views
Religion Forum
I think you are wrong blaming this all on religion, as if it were a belief in God that caused all this myham. It was lust for power and money, and if you can get rid of that, you can save the world, e...
THREAD SocietyIs America playing with fire ?
141 Posts • 26053 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
Jury anger over threat of torture Guardian told plan to deport ricin plot accused ignores court verdict "If anyone has grounds for asylum in this country, it is these men," said on...
THREAD Religion & HumanityAll Religions are paths to god
99 Posts • 16491 Views
Religion Forum
you cant say that regardless of religion its all relative. some religions glorify death, and crime while others glorify peace and life. isolimir i think you arent seeing what i am trying to say God...
THREAD Ethics & MoralityEthics: DARE YOU IGNORE IT?
17 Posts • 4473 Views
Philosophy Forum
Our need of ethics is a truth. It's postulation and use varies from one culture to another, from one era to another . Incest was banned by the church in the middle ages. it is an artificial law a...
THREAD PedophiliaChild Predators
46 Posts • 15020 Views
Sexuality & Intimacy Forum
Today I am reading our local paper and this is the front page news: Local Man is facing charges of Child Abuse with a Minor: A 29 year old man is charged with having sexual intercourse with a 13 ye...
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