Contempt, prior to complete investigation, enslaves men to ignorance. - Dr. John Whitman Ray
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Tagged > Beauty
THREAD Shattered Views...
8 Posts • 4045 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
I've fallen and cast myself into broken arms For the depths of my mind frighten me. The past has given no hope, only harm Fear will always avail thee. Tear streaked face and blood stained m...
THREAD Aesthetics & BeautyBeauty
34 Posts • 13818 Views
Philosophy Forum
according to *plato*(paraphrase to lazy to get quote) those who are looking for beauty, are looking for something they lack. For example, someone with a celestial complextion is envied by all who lack...
THREAD Favroite movie quotes
78 Posts • 17999 Views
Talk Talk
My job consists of basically masking my contempt for the assholes in charge, and, at least once a day, retiring to the men's room so I can jerk off while I fantasize about a life that doesn'...
THREAD Gender Psychology15 Year old girl hangs herself... for being a girl.
0 Posts • 4971 Views
Psychology Forum
Without a doubt girls get ridiculed more for having sex because of stereotypes. A girl who sleeps with a lot of guys is a slut or someone who gets around. Where as a guy who sleeps with a lot of women...
THREAD IslamMuslim women who cover their hair
27 Posts • 36022 Views
Religion Forum
Do you think that there's a lesser degree of rape in Muslim countries because of this? I'm trying to think of reasons how their style of dress would benefit them. They look like nuns, lik...
THREAD PerceptionInsecurity
15 Posts • 3890 Views
Psychology Forum
Thank you, Decius. You know something? I am really goddamn proud of myself right now. I feel that I like mysef more. I did something that I didn't want to do, that I found intimidating. Th...
THREAD Famous PhilosophersNeo-Socraticism
2 Posts • 2080 Views
Philosophy Forum
“lazy observer” To make statements, to make conclusions is not be a true open philosopher. You can say my statement is quite contradictary. As i said before, what if we're all wrong?? Sim...
THREAD SpiritualityThe Logical VS The Faithful
0 Posts • 10410 Views
Religion Forum
By the child's need to be immersed in the Spirit of Love.*cool* Ever see the movie about Wiiiam Wallce set in highlands of bygone days? Yes people do look upon those who talk to GOD as if they w...
THREAD Emotions & FeelingsEuphoria
17 Posts • 6464 Views
Psychology Forum
It happens anytime anywhere. I would be sitting in math class and I stop thinking and feeling and just look. It amazes me at how different everyone is, but how beautiful every person is. But it's m...
THREAD Women are scared sexy...
24 Posts • 13571 Views
Philosophy Forum
Why is it that women are so intimidated to admit that they are attracted to other women?? There are many beautiful women on the website, however the top sites are like big boobed porn star looking...
THREAD Cheater or not
14 Posts • 3537 Views
Talk Talk
I agree with Wes and I R Me somewhat, but if a guy does stare/gawk at girls when theyre with you or on a date with you thats crude and I know from my on experiance and from my friends. It makes you fe...
THREAD What I'll Never Be
63 Posts • 12355 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
Echoic Your core is refracted and deflected from the straight path which continues to lead you here. Your transcendence, although well documented, lacked any sub-stantial evidence or clue...
THREAD Creative MusingsDeja-Vu you never knew?
5 Posts • 1756 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum, just let me know if I ever go overboard with your kind invitation. An hm, how does Anthrax put it? "Apologies if you relate," and mine as well for knowing too well what levels of s...
16 Posts • 5056 Views
Photos, Videos & Music Forum
Sorceress, are you saying you believe in heaven (As above, so below) - as the fictional abode in the sky for the faithful, as portrayed by religions? And which are the signs you refer to? ..the natura...
THREAD Which sense?
6 Posts • 2972 Views
Talk Talk
Those of you who are blessed with all five senses (sight, hearing, touch, sound, taste), if you were to lose one of your five senses, which one would you hate to lose the most? If any of you are wi...
THREAD Society & Sociologywhy is suicide frowned on???
85 Posts • 20947 Views
Psychology Forum
I have to admit, I have thought about suicide as well, but like Hamlet, I worry that being dead might be worse than being alive...Besides, everything about the nature of life strives and struggles to...
THREAD PerceptionInsecurity
15 Posts • 3890 Views
Psychology Forum
I just feel like I need to get some things off of my chest and vent my frustration and anger. So here it goes. When I was as young as 6 years old, I cared a lot about my body and had developed feel...
THREAD Relationships & LoveMen and Women don't want the same things, so why bother?
14 Posts • 5178 Views
Psychology Forum
In one context, it's a trick that evolution plays on us that has been successful in keeping the species from becoming extinct. In another context, we experience massive amounts of meaning and bea...
THREAD Random QuestionsWhat's your favorite word?
54 Posts • 21974 Views
Talk Talk
Tristan posted: "ethereal ,because it's the word that comes to mind when i see any thing that personifys beauty to me." I have to agree with Tristan but I would lean more toward aether....
THREAD Life & DeathWhat is the soul?
194 Posts • 32682 Views
Philosophy Forum
"I feel that I have illustrated to you that my beliefs are based on personal experience and research and that the last 16 years of my life (if not my entire life) has been dedicated to solidifyin...
THREAD LawSame Sex Marriage Should Be Legalized Worldwide!
59 Posts • 18913 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
I saw some homosexuals on tv news complaining about G W Bush's views on same sex marriage and I thought: am I going mad? Of course you can't have same-sex marriages. It undermines the who...
THREAD PoetryEchoes
258 Posts • 53462 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
Stolen Sweetness 2, Sometimes It's Good To Reiterate killing all your lies and one by one they fight knock out every flight and they can't stand that i'm right catching all you...
THREAD God in ReligionGod?
88 Posts • 16106 Views
Religion Forum
Look at our bodies they are far from perfect, we need glasses to see, we catch dieseases, we are born with incureable conditions You just have to look. How can you not be filled in awe when you try...
THREAD Gender PsychologyJeans and heels are painful
39 Posts • 13041 Views
Psychology Forum
Lol..Fashion how absurd it is. However, and this is a real tip, if you wish to get somehwere in life, sometimes its necessary to give sway to trends because people are so shallow they will negate to o...
THREAD Gender PsychologyFat girl, tight clothes.
66 Posts • 66157 Views
Psychology Forum
Being a larger girl myself i kinda see all your points,im a size 18 and dont wear clothes that let my bad bits show but dam do i look good as i wear clothes that suit my size,and my mum is really big...
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