Sometimes I lie awake at night, and I ask, 'Where have I gone wrong?' Then a voice says to me, 'This is going to take more than one night.' - Attolia
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Tagged > A2 levels
THREAD ChristianityGay Bishop = Gay Jesus?
48 Posts • 12768 Views
Religion Forum
According to some, Mary Magdalene was Jesus' wife, but as He needed to be more than human, that was downplayed and edited out of existence. Concerning Jesus' 'close' relationship with an apostle, ther...
THREAD Reality & MetaphysicsQuestioning Reality: Are we for "Real"?
118 Posts • 32376 Views
Philosophy Forum
Technically, everything is real, whether it be dreams, thoughts, or your turkey sandwich, just on different levels. I mean, you are having the thought/dream/sandwich, it is really happening. The dream...
THREAD Random QuestionsMyspace or Facebook?
16 Posts • 5082 Views
Talk Talk
Both are good, Myspace is more like a piece of ruled paper with various pens, pencils and markers. Facebook is for people who cant figure out how to use Myspace or just want something clean and simple...
THREAD That time of the month!
19 Posts • 4660 Views
Talk Talk
Atollia I won't recommend allopathic medicine because it looks to the symptoms rather than the cause, which means a temporary relief only. Studies show that women who suffer from menstrual cramps h...
THREAD Drugsthe cannabis connoisseur
13 Posts • 3969 Views
Psychology Forum
with all this philosophical discussion i've been engaging myself in lately, i would like to takea moment and talk about the finer things in life. who here likes it... why do you, (what do you)...
THREAD Physics & CosmologyWhat does it mean there are Four Dimensions?
57 Posts • 24267 Views
Science & Technology Forum
Where are We again . . let us see we 'carbon-based life-form' which is a couple of levels up in that we are composed of atoms, actually 'molecules' => 'macromolecules'...
THREAD After effects of Grieving
4 Posts • 2525 Views
Talk Talk
THREAD Conscious and Sub-ConsciousUnconscious, Subconscious, Preconscious and Conscious
13 Posts • 10016 Views
Psychology Forum PsychologyOfConsciousness.htm heres another that might be useful to your research I would highly recommend reading this link through carefully it is quite a thoroug...
THREAD God in ReligionThe God Thread
158 Posts • 36208 Views
Religion Forum
Nice reply dumbteen! Animals communicate with each other, alot of their communication may be at levels which we may not realize; pack animals (wolfs, lions, etc) have social structure and pecking orde...
THREAD AliensWhy do people assume Alien lifeforms are smarter than us?
24 Posts • 15611 Views
Science & Technology Forum
thus brings to the main point of smartness is a man's ideal of civilness and superiority. If you think about it, smartness is judgemental and to judge is to materially think and thus can be alway...
THREAD Religion & HumanityReligion fear tactics
30 Posts • 5871 Views
Religion Forum
I just spent this last week educating children in an underprivileged school on the spread of disease and the prevention spreading such germs and such. I thought about this on a car ride home, I wou...
THREAD Understanding and Doing
1 Posts • 1369 Views
Philosophy Forum
Sometimes I understand things but don't live my life in accordance with my thoughts. I've developed a theory of sorts and i know its flawed but here it is. I think that there are 3 levels...
THREAD Science vs ReligionScience is prooving the Bible
142 Posts • 30948 Views
Religion Forum
defends your book. That's nice. As tradition teaches the ghost road (Milky Way) as an extension of life (soul) & therefore the use of star children is commonly given as native names to other...
THREAD Syphon filter the omega strain
1 Posts • 1218 Views
Talk Talk
hey everyone, I was hoping this thread would give people something to talk about syphon filter the omega strain for PS2. on this thread you can talk about rankings, levels.etc:) by the way, does an...
THREAD Video Games
76 Posts • 22209 Views
Talk Talk
Destroy All Humans - i love this game. its sort of like GTA in some ways, but totally different in others. its got a cheesey look to it on purpose but the gameplay is great. the game is massive too...
THREAD General HealthHealth Tips
12 Posts • 5389 Views
Health & Wellness Forum
The basic meditation that we all (well, most aware individuals) do, is very beneficial. But I read somewhere or saw a documentary where those who have done it all their life and reached the hardcore l...
THREAD how good is the average person in bed?
25 Posts • 5286 Views
Talk Talk
Honestly I think the advantage of teenager's sex is for a lot of them it takes less work to get them aroused and get them off. That's consistent with the higher levels of sex hormones they h...
THREAD SpiritualityWhat if.....
36 Posts • 8861 Views
Religion Forum
oh yes, and about things being relative. especially concerning science... also in relation to the bible, in that WE-the interpreters take the template of our earth and all its fullness (as w...
THREAD Scrap the Arctic
2 Posts • 1617 Views
Talk Talk
I read somewhere that if the arctic melted sea levels would go up 30 m. Result; islands dissapper. I had a thought; if we could transport the icebergs over to America could these supply the water f...
THREAD I hurt the person i love most
11 Posts • 3089 Views
Talk Talk
I was with my ex for about 4 years we broke up about a year ago. Hes one of the nicest ppl i know. i broke up with him because we are different on certain levels. ne way i got a new boyfriend and neve...
THREAD GovernmentPolitical Views, Obama, Glenn beck, Palin, Alex jones
10 Posts • 3496 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
Sorry missed the global warming thing. I don't care if its a hoax or not, we as a species need to learn how to effectively terraform planets. And we cant do it when people are greed driven. W...
THREAD Freinds With Benefits, I Think Not
16 Posts • 5603 Views
Talk Talk
Friends with benefits: two persons who have a sexual relationship without monogamy, commitment or emotional involvement. For example two good friends who have casual sex between more serious relations...
THREAD Creative MusingsDeja-Vu you never knew?
5 Posts • 1952 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum, just let me know if I ever go overboard with your kind invitation. An hm, how does Anthrax put it? "Apologies if you relate," and mine as well for knowing too well what levels of s...
THREAD Are all Philisophical minds elitists?
37 Posts • 8109 Views
Philosophy Forum
No you just seem to have a misunderstanding on what "enlightend" means. It is not a levelized function. To be enlightend means that "levels" such as elitist and non-elitist are irr...
THREAD Physics & CosmologyLunacy & Science
17 Posts • 6275 Views
Science & Technology Forum
*confused* Therefore what causes the pulse is as these upper orbitals formations (inclusive of it's proton_ic & inertial {nucleus} formations) must descend to lower levels; formation of vario...
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