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Political Views, Obama, Glenn beck, Palin, Alex jones

User Thread
 36yrs • M
A CTL of 1 means that mutnuaq is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.
Political Views, Obama, Glenn beck, Palin, Alex jones
What are your views on Obama as a whole? That's the main and most important thing to respond to.

Second to that is what do you think of Beck and Alex Jones. Please don't mention sean hanitiy. he's clearlly only repeating things hes heard from other people in fox news. Also think about Bill o rielly or any other kingpin in the news world.

thirdly what are your views on Johnstewart and stephen colbert? Other the fact that they are funny.

Feel free to respond/ attack any or all questions or people I stated in this thread. I'd like for us to have a wide range of sources for info. Also some good liberal broadcasters would be great to hear of as well. I don't know many of their neams because they are mostly on the boring news station. Foxes state of fear they bring to the table makes them about as entertaining as a hollywood shooting movie.

lll give you all a bit to tell everyone your take on them and their veiws before stating mine first so you all have the upperhand. so there will be a real back and forth instead of the thread leader dominating HIS thread lol.

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 76yrs • M •
A CTL of 1 means that kathaksung is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.
In Obama's speech of State of the Union, he talked about almost everything: health care; spending cut.... but the core: the two war in Mid-east.

Nobody dares to touch it. Law makers, government officials, even media. Nobody dares to touch it. The Internet swift boat team guide people to gossip this on Obama, that on Obama, only they too, dare not to touch the war on Iraq and war in Afghanistan. That is the core of US politics.

Obama can save more by withdrawing US army from Iraq and Afghanistan than his save plan in government budget. He can save much more by cutting the budget of Pentagon________________________________________ which occupies half of the whole world's military spending. When so many poor people, even middle class need help, the ruling class throw money in war.

That core they dare not to touch is: there is still an un-finished war - war on Iran. That's why they find every excuse to keep a big army in Mid-East.

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 39yrs • M •
A CTL of 1 means that allimar is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.
I thus far have agreed with what the Obama administration had been trying to do. Repair the economy, deal with the wars we are engaged in, as well as improve our relations with countries abroad.
As for Fox¡¯s opinion network as well as the followers, I am often amazed at how out of touch individuals are from the world at large, at least from my understanding. From believing that fascism is a phenomenon on the left, to the ¡°Trickle-down economics¡± it¡¯s hard to take anything said as fact. I figure if you took most of what they say as a blatant lie, the reverse is normally true.
John Stewart will have me rolling; I suppose that says enough about my political stance.
As for other news stations, I find it sad that they really aren¡¯t interesting or entertaining, but mostly pure information. I agree with most of what¡¯s said on CNN and BBC. Crooks and Liars is entertaining to balance out Fox.

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"The more you learn, the less you know."
 36yrs • M
A CTL of 1 means that mutnuaq is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.
Allmiar it's kinda funny you agree with what he "talks" about considering he is all talk. So let's ask these few questions first.

Do you agree this country needs to implement crippling taxes on corporations ins America mainly in the name of man made global warming which is a hoax?

It's a fact the temp has declined in the past 10 years also did you not read those leaked emails? Even the scientists admit it. So yea case closed.

2. Do you believe that they are taking the "correct" approach towards fixing health care? Please pay attention to the word choices. I don't think anyone at all thinks that health care is just fine here.

3. Did you know in his second week in office he surged troop levels in Afghanistan? He has followed littereally every step Bush had made before him in national defense the patriot act and the war on terror. Only instead of walking that path he is sprinting down it at full speed. We also have daily drone attacks in Afghanistan where unmanned drones open fire on houses with suspected terrorists in there and completely obliterates them and sometimes people close to them like their families?

4. Do you agree with him tripling the national debt in just one year?

5. Do you feel like he has left special interests out? Or does it feel like he gave special interests more money and more leverage over the American people?

6. Do you feel safe with having 30 some odd Czars some of which include racists, criminals, and literal documented communists?

7. Did you dislike Bushes policies?
If so you should be informed Obama has taken Bushes policies and put them on steroids to the point where Russians are concerned America is too much of a police state?

8.Do you feel safe with unemployment continuing to grow out of control a year later when he promised it wouldn't?

9. Remember when he said no new taxes for the middle class?
Well now the middle class is getting ALOT of new taxes.

10. Do you feel safe when the senate puts another 250 pages into a bill that is being voted on the very moment it's being voted on at MIDNIGHT without even letting anyone read it and just saying, Vote on it?

I'd like honest answers to these questions. I know I wont get answers. I'll just get told they are either lies<which they aren't it's all documented proof and you can look it up it's on 1000's of sources> or someone will call me a racist or tell me how bad Bush was. Yea I get it Bush sucked. But Obama is doing the Exact same thing Bush was trying to do....only better.

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 39yrs • M •
A CTL of 1 means that allimar is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.
I really am sorry for the long post.

1. I believe in economic management on a wide scale. Corporations and wealthy individuals seem to believe it¡¯s their money because it passed through there hands, thus pooling and stagnating the economy. I believe that¡¯s called corruption if a government official did that with the funds he received to build up his nation.
Heard of the term, ¡°too many cooks over spice the soup?¡± well that¡¯s what happens when you decentralize the economy.

The E.U. figured this out and banded to gather to compete against the states. Guess what? Its working.
Chinas figured this out, and there government market is picking up a lot of steam.

As for the two wars going on, yes get them done and over with. I¡¯ll be serving time wherever he believes I need to go to stabilize the world.

About Bush? Did you know that when Clinton was in office Terrorism was considered Democratic BS? So the moment Bush could he cut spending on many of the programs he refunded later. That¡¯s why he didn¡¯t pay mind to the terrorist briefings Clinton had set up.

4. Debt, yes debt, remember that talk about the economy? How the trickle down effect actually stagnated the economy? Well money needs to be spent NOW to repair our infrastructure, telecom and initialize programs to ensure quality of life to our people. I don¡¯t like it, but it looks as though it needs to be done.

5. I have no love for any kind of special interests and corporate ruling.

6. I want the best man for the job. Period. None of us are perfect, it takes a great deal of time, effort and friends to overcome the lies of the past, and ignorance of the present. A guy molests children but is the best doctor in the world, lets work with him to curb his problem and enhance his ability.

7. Did you dislike Clinton¡¯s policies? I¡¯ll let that speak for its self. However this was also built off the lessons and policies of previous administrations.

8. I blame republicans on this one. If I¡¯m building a car and promise it will go 60mph, but some guy comes along and changes out the engine to make me look bad, guess who¡¯s to blame. Same thing happened.

9. Obama is trying to put in place the Clinton tax system, it takes time to do that, I¡¯m in the middle class though and my taxes have gone down.

10. This is called taking the initiative. I would expect any president to do what ever it takes to do the best job he knows how.

Yes, we all know Bush was terrible, he never should have been put in office, but from my perspective the guy did the best he could. In my opinion what screwed the nation were his advisors, trickle down economics, privatization and deregulation. There are many ways to run a country. Fewer are good ways, fewer still are the best ways. A free market is not efficient, decentralization is also not the most effective.

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"The more you learn, the less you know."
 39yrs • M •
A CTL of 1 means that allimar is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.
Sorry missed the global warming thing. I don't care if its a hoax or not, we as a species need to learn how to effectively terraform planets. And we cant do it when people are greed driven.

Why? because if the honeybee dies off, sea levels rise or fall, the tectonic plates decide to be spunky or we start nukeing each other this planet will not be able to support human life.

You know what? keep complaining about high taxes, unification, globalization and working with communist. Maybe when China rises to power they wont be busy bickering about not ripping off the poor enough.

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"The more you learn, the less you know."
 34yrs • M •
A CTL of 1 means that futuresfolly is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.
No one ever said we shouldn't learn to terraform, that's literally the most important thing as a species we could ever do. Ever. Only problem is there are a few things out there that we can already do to alter our climate one way is even as silly as putting a gigantic hose in the air releasing sulfur dioxide out into the upper stratosphere.


I think the issue at hand is the use of global warming as an abusive tool to control people and not an attempting at saving or helping anything other than themselves to money. All global warming is a money skimming scheme where people have money go to place to place for thing to thing and each transaction take a little off the top for taxes and fees. We should recycle literally every thing. We shouldn't have fluoride a POISON in our drinking water, especially when fluoride does nothing when u ingest it it has to be on the teeth to work.

We should worry about starvation in africa, the oceans being over fished, the rain forests being chopped down. Those are real problems. If people "cared" they would "care" about those things. Not man made global warming which is an obvious hoax. But they don't care about those things and they do literally nothing to stop or fix any of those problems. If everyone gave just 2% of their income to fixing those problems they would all be fixed and everyone would be happy, But no one would ever go for such a thing.

However we are expected to pay BILLIONS a year to stop a hoax of man made global warming? Our energy bills should be doubled? Remember..."The energy costs would, necessarily skyrocket.". In the name of a fraud and a hoax. We have to pay for ALL THAT which amounts to way more than 2% of our income and it does nothing but line the pockets of special interests.

Now we would all say "That's crazy to make EVERYONE give up 2% of their income to help people on the other side of the planet" but it's not crazy to spend billions and allow your energy costs to "necessarily" skyrocket?

You guys are looking out at the horizon by standing on your heads. Everything is inverted and upside down. Giving your tax dollars YOUR money to actual starving people and regrowing our rain forests and maintaining an abundant count of fish in our seas would never ever happen. But you would cripple our corporations for putting out C02? I'm sorry but taxing the substance that plants breathe is just a little on the crazy side to me.

So you're supporting a system that doesn't deal with any real problems and spends record amounts on an obvious and basically self admitted hoax. Billions and billions. You let that slide. But you wouldn't willingly feed the starving cure the wound we have caused to the earth by cutting down and burning huge portions of it's life in the rain forests and seas? But you'll bend over take it in the ass and then PAY THEM and mr. gore to do it? Shouldn't they at least pay you to commit figurative sodomy to you?

All you are doing is combating each other so even less is accomplished.

One says global wamring is a hoax screw all them screw everything, while the other says well we better go along with what they say cause their theories sound good. However we will just nod in agreement with them and not really do anything about it.

How about everyone just stand up and say this is Bullshit. Stop spending money on fake problems that only produces revenue for certain special people and help heal the planet and our fellow human beings?

But we won't. Cause none of you give a fuck or you would already be plantin' trees and feeding the hungry first hand. Which one of you feeds hungry people or joined the peace core? Who traveled to Africa to teach kids to read and other basic things every living person has a right to know?

You people just talk about these things so you validate yourselves and fulfill your own selfish need of feeling good about yourselves and your lives.

Out of sight out of mind, It;s a hell of a way of life for you people and you just love every minute of it. Because your awareness begins and ends on the surface of a illuminated screen that streams information to you weather through the airwaves a cable or an Ethernet cord.

You care about global warming for one reason and one reason only.
You were fucking told to.

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"2 323 3d"
 76yrs • M •
A CTL of 1 means that kathaksung is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.
Obama, a lame duck president, even can't pick up a Secretary of his own, obviously is a puppet.

621. Big plot in later January (1/16/2010)

Defense Secretary Robert Gates, the lone holdover from the Bush administration, will stay on his job for at least another year.

One year ago, I've said that Robert Gates' career prolonged for Iran war, (see #582) and a financial crisis had been created to save the dollar. In that year- 2009, there were two attempts to war on Iran. The first attempt was between April and July, when N.Korea tested the ballistic rockets and nuclear explosion. The second one was in the end of 2009 when Iran was revealed to have a secret nuclear facility in Qum and was given a three months ultimatum. The plan went soured, so the situation goes back to the similarity of early 2009. I would say what I said in #582 is very correct. Robert Gates has to stay for the planed Iran war. The only difference is, in the end of 2008, dollar was strengthened because of the break out of financial crisis. Panicked dollar were driven to the US bond, so the oil price was eased to below $40/barrel. Now it is pushed to $80/barrel to balance the dollar.

To solve the problem, the war on Iran is still inevitable. And you see Gates prolongs his post of Defense Secretary for another time.

The Iran war may break out as early as later January.

I said so based on the following news.

1. Media on January 13, reported that "Responding to a highly sophisticated cyber attack alleged done by Chinese government, Google threatens to exit China."

2. Iranian Cyber Army hit Baidu, China's Internet search engine, Monday.
New York, January 13 --

Users who visited Baidu's Web site were confronted with a picture of an Iranian flag and a message, 'This site has been hacked by the Iranian Cyber Army."

Big Internet company such like AOL, MSN., all collaborate with the Feds. In order to censor my journal style article "The dark side of USA", they both shut down their important sites of Hometown and community web sites.(see "573. Big operation to censor my message (10/17/08)" Google did same thing.(I'll talk about it later) It's funny when they pretend to be critical on China. US did same thing in covert way.

So when Google and China play a show like this, it may indicate there will be a big cyber attack in the Internet. China may play the role of "alleged hacker". The sites which have my postings will be hacked and my revelation will be lost. Of course, the prerequisite is there would be a framed drug case and I was eliminated.

As for the second news, it was apparently a provocateur case, an effort to suppress China to support Iran in coming Iran war. The two news appear in same day is not a coincidence.

I call it a big plot because besides the war, there may come with a big earthquake. Feds create big events to distract.

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 76yrs • M •
A CTL of 1 means that kathaksung is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.
The article I wrote one year ago.

582. Robert Gates' career prolonged for Iran war (1/15/09)

Petro dollar benefits US economy a lot. When Iran abandons dollar as oil trading currency, it shakes dollar foundation significantly. To stabilize the dollar position, the war on Iran is inevitable. The latest attempt to war on Iran was failed in August 2008. Next month, in September, a financial crisis is created to save the dollar. The financial crisis push people to change the investment into cash - the dollar, and drives the dollar into a balloon - US bond. The Inside Group will keep that balloon for months, no longer than a year. They will keep that balloon until the Iran war break out.

The reason I said so is out of a decision made by the President elect - Obama. He decides to let Bush's Defense Secretary - Robert Gates to stay in chair for one more year. It means the Inside group still wants to finish Iran war within a year. They maintain that dollar balloon from popping until the war comes.

Robert Gates is a well selected neo-con follower. He is no other than Rumsfeld, Bush and Ashcroft. He has been chosen to command the soured Iran war of 2008 August. No one is more familiar with that war project then him. No one will work better than him with that military official group inside Pentagon which developed the Iran war project. It was an urgent war. If Bush can't stay in President seat, Gates will be the right person to stay for the war.

Barak Obama won the president election by his slogan "change". One important reason he won the campaign is because he said he opposes Iraq war. But when it touches the interest of the Inside Group, he has to obey. In an area where needs an utter "change", he reacts with "un change". He says he opposes Iraq war, because the bird is held in hand already. It doesn't cost anything but a lip service. But when his master gave an order, he will hug another war.

Politicians are picked up from the followers of the Inside Group. High ranking politicians have been all screened tier upon tier. They are all the same even though they pretend to be different by sticking a different sign of donkey or elephant. When people are tired of a white wolf, they gave you a black one. But on the core it's the same. Wolf won't change its habit to eat lamb.

There is a Chinese fable: Three for breakfast and four for super. It says a monkey keeper gave his monkey four nuts in breakfast and three for supper. Monkey felt hungry and protested. The keeper thought for a while than pretended compromise. He said, "OK, you win, I will give you three nuts in morning and four in the evening." Monkey thought it won because the keeper changed three into four for supper. So when Obama gives you four nuts for supper but three in the morning, do you think there is a change?

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 76yrs • M •
A CTL of 1 means that kathaksung is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.
Politicians are controlled by intelligence

Quote, 'Case Study 14 : "9/11 Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura," TruTV, Premiere December 9, 2009

TruTV is an American cable television network owned by Time Warner through its subsidiary, Turner Broadcasting. Historically, its has given live homicide trial coverage and other criminal justice programming, though it has recently expanded into more caught-on-video reality, which it calls "actuality" television.

"Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura" premiered December 2, 2009, to an audience of 1.6 million television viewers.

The former Governor of Minnesota has good cause to look into conspiracies, as seen in his December 29 episode, which shows personal experience that the "secret state" holds more power than the senior elected representatives of the people:
"About a month after I was elected governor, I was requested into the basement of the capitol to be interviewed by 23 members of the Central Intelligence Agency, the CIA...And I said to them, "look before I answer any of your questions, I want to know what you're doing here." Because in the CIA mission statement it says that they're not to be operational inside the United States of America. Well, they wouldn't really give me an answer on that. And then I said, "I want to go around the room, and I want each one of you to tell me your name and what you do." Half of them wouldn't. Now isn't that bizarre? I'm the governor, and these guys won't even answer questions from me."49

The Media Response to the Growing Influence of the 9/11 Truth Movement.
Part II: A Survey of Attitude Change in 2009-2010

by Elizabeth Woodworth
Global Research, February 15, 2010


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Political Views, Obama, Glenn beck, Palin, Alex jones
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