In reality the universe has no geometry. (The NSTP Theory as a Philosophical/Scientific Masterkey) - Kedar Joshi
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Tagged > A2 levels
THREAD GovernmentThe Federal Patriot--22 October 2004
15 Posts • 3496 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
Here you go lefty, Read this and think about it. It's long but a great read. Steve From Texas - always willing to help you out! Never Apologize, Never Explain From the November 1 / Nove...
THREAD Biology"Eugenics" Go and research it.
1 Posts • 7328 Views
Science & Technology Forum
It's a long read but damn it's interesting. The eleventh edition of The Encyclopedia Britannica defines eugenics as "the organic betterment of the race through wise application of th...
THREAD Child & Family PsychologyAwakendwraith's Pain
13 Posts • 4635 Views
Psychology Forum
This is my story. This is my pain. These are my thoughts... I don't understand them. Part of the reason I am doing this is so that others can see what I have been through and what I am. Partly...
THREAD GovernmentBush Presidency a Budding Criminal Dictatorship?
25 Posts • 5810 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
The End of America Outlines Path From Freedom To Dictatorship - Compares George Bush To Adolf Hitler Naomi Wolf - March 4, 2009 PART 1 Although many people compared President Bush and his polic...
THREAD Dawn's Greeting
9 Posts • 2934 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
CHAPTER EIGHT The time pod lit up like a camera flash when it made the jump into space, Kelly hadn't been expecting it and screamed at the shock. Sharra span around and placed a hand of comfort on...
THREAD GovernmentThank you Republicans
21 Posts • 4938 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
Dumbkid, your absolutely right. My topic didn't have any solid ground to base its self on. I wanted to see people defend or attack political parties and see where the ashes fell. Turned into b...
THREAD Physics & CosmologyReality in the melting pot
11 Posts • 9712 Views
Science & Technology Forum
Thought I may add this article. Just a bit of food for thought for anyone interested in multiverse. Scientific American on Parallel Universes By Max Tegmark (2003). Not just a staple of scien...
THREAD Mental IllnessBorderline Personality Disorder Advice
10 Posts • 2565 Views
Psychology Forum
Some Kinda Cyan, I empathize with your position, since my first manic epidode I have been to about ten plus mental hospitals, while studying psychology and philosophy. Being in hospitals allowed m...
THREAD ConspiracyJFK Assassination
8 Posts • 5940 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
(Full speech transcript) John F. Kennedy on freedom of press and secrecy [audio download here] Mr. Chairman, ladies and gentlemen: I appreciate very much your generous invitation to be h...
THREAD Society & SociologyMy American nightmare
34 Posts • 72532 Views
Psychology Forum
106. Christmas day re-union (1/6/03) My family members used to re-union on holidays. In recent years, I was estranged from them, (my parents, brother and sisters) I rarely go to San Francisco to jo...
THREAD GovernmentPolitics of Love
5 Posts • 3352 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
Politics of Love Competition in government and the economics of wealth and prosperity Notes on our Golden Era, Global Brotherhood-Unity-Peace-Unders tanding AND Absolute Individual Freedom! Wor...
THREAD AstronomyMartian saltwater announcement
10 Posts • 4539 Views
Science & Technology Forum
I dont know why, but my instincts tell me that theres a huge secret about our past hidden behind the vail of prehistory that will reveal fanstastic revelations about our past and where we came from. A...
THREAD Ethics & MoralityAnti-morality: a new, justifiable theory to live b
15 Posts • 5400 Views
Philosophy Forum
Title: Anti-Morality, Truth And Peace: Beyond Kant And Others - A New Theory. (Replacing Moral Philosophy, And Morality Or Ethics, With An Epistemic, Science-Based Theory.) Key Words: Moral, Phi...
THREAD Science vs ReligionDid Darwin Dethrone God?
29 Posts • 6592 Views
Religion Forum
How-Evolution-Flunked-the-Scie nce-Test 1. Spontaneous Generation How does the evolutionist explain the existence of that first one-celled animal from which all life forms supposedly evolved? For m...
THREAD Life & DeathLife: Is it now? Is it then? Is it to come?
7 Posts • 3215 Views
Philosophy Forum
The Word In the beginning was the word and the word was with Jah and the word was Jah. V The Bible There are two major things we need to notice here that seems to be so open but yet slip...
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