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My American nightmare

User Thread
 76yrs • M •
A CTL of 1 means that kathaksung is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.
My American nightmare
My American nightmare

New high tech weapons such like radiation material, microwave kill people without trace, leaving death look like heart attack, blood cancer, etc.

In 1991, because an acquaintance was arrested for drug smuggling, I was under surveillance by law enforcement agent. They used isotope money as tracer which hurt my health badly. After I complained this I found I was frequently under microwave radiation which cooked my blood, solidified them to form clog, caused severe chest pain. As pressure intensified,I could not bear the torture of EM wave, I went abroad in 1999. There I still was under surveillance of local police. On Mar. 22 2000, attempts of frame me up to a drug case forced me seeking political asylum in Thailand.

What made an U.S. citizen drift abroad and ask for political asylum? The black box practice covered criminal activities of U.S. law enforcement agency. New high tech weapons enable them to murder people without being aware of. To prevent U.S. become a fascist country, an independent organization which can check the conduct of law enforcement agency is necessary.

It was a big case ten years ago.

I was a seller in San Jose Berryessa Flea Market. I sell porcelain figuring. On Sept. 1990, a lady, named Mrs. Chen, came to my stand, saying that she was an importer of porcelain. I bought some merchandise from her because she offered a good price.

On June. 1991, Mrs. Chen was arrested for drug smuggling. The newspaper titled: " Heroin bust called U.S. record".(See San Jose Mercury, 6-21-1991). There was a lot of harassment since then. I was followed, bugged, business turned downward, etc..

1. Psychology intimidation

According to newspaper, the heroin container arrived in on May, 1991. Mrs. Chen was arrested on June 22, 1991 when they opened it. During that one month waiting period, I was stopped by police for three times.

The first time was on Monday, in downtown San Jose. A police car sirened. I stopped, officer came forward, asking me if I knew why he stopped me. I said I did not know. He said that I was speeding. He gave me a ticket after talked to microphone . I didn't argue because I had not notice my speed at that time. But I knew I could not be very fast because it was on 7th Street where the traffic light set for 30 miles. That means if you driving at 30 miles you meet green light all the way, if you past 30, you hit a red light.

Next day was Tuesday, I went to Galt Flea Market early in the morning and arrived there about 6 a.m. The town was still asleep. No people or vehicle in sight. I was stopped by a sirening police car. Same question asked and officer told me I did not stop fully at stop sign. I was very depressing. To my delight, the officer coming back after he talked to microphone, said that he would not give me a ticket.

Within a week, there was a third time. It's inside San Jose Flea Market. Everything repeated. Officer said I was speeding at 15 miles against 5 miles limit. I had worked in Flea Market for 7 years and drove in same way, never had a problem. So did other sellers. The officer smiled at me at last after talked to microphone. Let me go without a ticket. I was so impressed because if they cited me in late two stops, I would have lost my drive license.

Weeks later, Mrs Chen was arrested. Even then I didn't relate two events together. Until about two months late, an article in newspaper touched my mind. It said police sirened signal when a man violated traffic rule. The man did not stop but speeded away in panic. Police searched his car and found drugs. Three times stopped by police within a week happened in time just the heroin container arrived in Mrs. Chen's warehouse. So it was a psychology intimidation test for me. There were many of This kind of harassment late. But compare to isotope money and microwave radiation and fluorescent lamp killing, it's nothing.

2. Infra-scanner, surveillance behind wall

I sell porcelain figuring. After a while, there were quite amount of broken one accumulated. That day, I was sticking the broken part back by using a glue gun. I switched on power so glue stick melted, ready for working. While I was doing my work, my tenant came in to get some food in refrigerator.(I rented out two upstairs bedrooms and shared kitchen with my tenants.) When I worked on second lot, he came again. For the third time, he was rushing down. This rose my attention. I noticed it happened just seconds after I switched on the power. It looked like that was the heat touched off his strange behavior. So I did an experiment. I packed up everything, sitting down, switching on the power of glue gun. Within seconds, he reacted as what I expected. He was embarrassed when he found I was smiling at him and explained that he was hungry. I smiling because I had the feeling a scientist had when making a discovery. The agent found the figure in screen had lit something and thought I was smoking marijuana, order my tenant to check. My tenant, knew nothing about infra-scanner, only reported I was repairing porcelain figuring. None of them was aware of it was caused by an electricity heated glue gun.

Several months later, when I repairing another pile of porcelain, same thing happened again. My tenant felt uneasy as I watching him going up and down. That in last rush down he held an underwear high and explained he was going to wash it.

Later in a newspaper article, a lawyer said it was fascist to use infra-scanner in surveillance. So I know the instrument name. And it is so sensitive that they can use it to discover corpse buried under ground from helicopter. (For the corpse which is just died with residual body temperature)

Infra-scanner can be used to watch people behind wall. If it turns on people, then clothes mean nothing. People become nude. The strange thing is,in a country which is so emphasized on privacy, almost nobody mention it. Media rarely talk about it. Most people even don't know it. In San Jose Mercury News,(Feb 21,2001. pg.18A) there's an article: "Lawyer says police use of Thermal Imagine violates reasonable expectation of privacy" As a matter of fact, they use it 10 years ago already according to my experience. Outwardly, U.S. is a democratic country. Inside, it is tightly controlled by secret police. Although you can easily ridicule President, you rarely hear a voice criticize federal law enforcement agency. Waco is a controversial issue. Many people think FBI's action is murder. What's the result? Nobody takes responsibility. People are intimidated.

3. ISOTOPE MONEY (How agent find cash savings at your home)

I talked about these harassment to people I knew.
A man whom I thought was delivering the word for FBI, said that I should cooperate and suggested me to write check instead of paying cash in trading. I followed his advice. As I didn't go often to the bank, I started to put big notes (100's and 50's) in my left rear pocket of my jeans. Several months later, I couldn't move my left leg. Found the source of pain was at my left hip right beneath the pocket where money kept, I moved the money away and recovered. Suspecting it was radioactive money, I stopped to pocket big notes. About 5 months later, my wife planed to visit her parents in China. I started to save money for her trip on my left rear pocket, thinking it wouldn't hurt if just for a short while. But this time, only a few weeks, same thing happened again. I only recovered after taking the money away. Realizing law enforcement agent using radiation material as tracer, which hurt my health badly, I complained but only saw something more serious happened. Microwave radiation is one of them.

By the way, because I am an naturalized U.S. citizen with limit vocabularies, I used word radiation money all the time, until last Sept. I went to Santa Clara D.A.'s office to tell them I worried about a frame up against me. Investigator Tom Johnson used the word 'isotope money'. Then I knew this word. So government knows it. They just deny they use it because it is criminal.

Tracking and wiretapping

At first, I wondered if they would follow me like in movie. Really they did. Different vehicles cross tracking me insistently. And I also noticed that when the original vehicle turned away, the drivers always talked something to a microphone. Then another replacing vehicle soon appeared. After I told this story to other people, I have not seen this scene any more. They bugged my talking and improved their communication. Though I still could identify some vehicles with characters.

4. Burglary and flooding

In San Jose flea market, there were three other people selling same porcelain figuring as me. They are brothers from Viet Nam, named Qian. We bought same merchandise from importer Mao(not Mrs. Chen whom was arrested in drug case).

After drug case happened, the youngest one's house was burglarized. Several thousand dollars cash was stolen. Sometime later, the old brother's house suffered a flooding. The old brother couple was taking a tour in Europe then. The water pipe inside the house broken, and walls soaking in water for days and at last collapsed. Insurance company paid the damage. 'What a curious coincidence.' I thought.'The water pipe broke when people are in vacation.' At this time, I found law enforcement agent use isotope money. So I thought Qian brothers, too, are the victims of law enforcement agent. If so, there should be a third time for young brother.

As I expected, he was hit twice. First, his merchandise was stolen. Then, he had a flood in his house too. He seemed knew it was not a coincidence. Said:'It's all right, anyway, I got a new carpet from Insurance company.'

From my opinion then, government commit more crime than anyone else. And people have to pay the cost. At least they have to pay more insurance fee.

5. Microwave killing

At that time, each Tuesday I went to Galt flea Market which took two hours' driving to get there. I was very sick after driving. I felt dizziness, hot and thirsty. Sometimes there was a chest pain. At first I didn't relate it to driving because chest pain always happened hours later after driving. I worried the new symptoms, but knew nothing what caused it. I noticed an article in newspaper said FBI Lab developed new technique of using microwave as a weapon.

Then in a Tuesday, I was very sick on my way home that I stopped driving for a while. That night, when I was watching TV, my neighbor, an old Taiwaness lady, visited us with a woman. When I turned my sight from TV to them, I found the woman was watching me too. Just at that moment, a severe chest pain attacked me. With eye to eye, I was suddenly aware of it was microwave that sickened me so much. There was no side window on my cargo van, and thus it acted as a microwave oven. After two hours slow radiation, I felt hot and thirsty. The dead blood cell would solidify to form clot. When the clot moved to the heart and blocked the artery, heart attack happened. The procedure took a few hours. It solved another question in my mind. I used to arrive home at 5 pm. At night, I watched eight o'clock's TV. My neighbor always visited us at this time. Puzzled me that "Why she always harasses us at this golden time? She should be more interested in Chinese series than me." Now I knew she was sent to see the result of microwave experiment, to see a heart attack. Next day I went to a metal shop and bought metal sheet to shield the engine cover and instrument panel. It worked. I didn't feel hot and dizziness any more. So when I felt headache at night, I used metal sheet to cover me while I slept.

The condition lasted until 1999 when it became worse. During daytime when I was home alone, I had severe headache and toothache which at last forced me left U.S. on March, 1999.

See whole story at:

If there is harassment (blank page, slow entering, server busy....) try

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 46yrs • M
A CTL of 1 means that Ironwood is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.
I personally cannot attest to this persons story, what I can say is I've heard near identical accounts.

But an important point is that the isotope money is the only thing I hadn't heard of yet.

But these other technologies, if anyone is laughing at them or thinking they don't exist they are wrong.

Various law enforcement agencies and our military also have more blatant versions of the microwave emiiters and sound wave devices for croud control etc. They have already been deployed were even at the Republican National Convention.

And the technology for seeing through objects and clothing, not as an xray or infra red, which of course already existed, are now being put in some airports, they see the naked body through clothing which invades our most basic right to privacy, not to mention our children and loved ones.

But there have been news and magazine articles on this and its not crazy talk. Just so you know.

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"The Greatest Enemy of Knowledge is Not Ignorance, It is the ILLUSION of Knowledge. Stephen Hawking"
 76yrs • M •
A CTL of 1 means that kathaksung is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.
6. Looter and scapegoat

After I suffered from two hits from isotopic money, I asked myself:" Why they used that kind of money on me, an innocent man?"

In 1993(or 1992), my family had a reunion. I told them how my health was hurt by isotopic money. Within a week, my youngest sister's house was burglarized for three times. First time, some Asians broke into the house, stole a safe box. After my sister reported police, they came again, this time brought with a black man. On third time, that black man came alone. And this time, someone reporting police, black man was arrested and finally convicted. Obviously, my talking of isotope money touched off the burglary. I have three sisters and one brother along with their spouses. Most of them are employees of some company or government except my youngest brother-in-law. He is a successful businessman who is a distributor of brand name electronics such as Sony and Panasonic. He was the one possible having cash at home and he was the one to be burglarized. And the case is a typical FBI's. The real thieves never caught. Thus , the safe box would never recovered. But the case is over. Because there was a scapegoat, a black man. There should be a record in San Francisco P.D..

I never touch drug. So isotope money must be paid by undercover agents in normal business. What is their purpose? I puzzled for a long time, could not believe that government was a looter.

7. Alleged murder of Ernie

I thought a man selling frame paintings was an undercover agent because he always set his booth at street cross next to my house and next to my selling space in Flea Market on week days. I found law enforcement agent used to set their surveillance next to suspect and spot where they can monitor all people. So when people said the painting seller paid $6,000 to bid for entrance space(for only 3 months' week-ends), I thought Ernie would have trouble because he made undercover to pay a high cost. Ernie was a supervisor of Flea Market. He held selling space. Sellers had to pay undertable money beyond normal rent to get them. It was said some hot spaces cost $10,000. Several months later, people said Erney died of a stroke. He was about in his 40's. Though I don't like him and thought he would have trouble, I didn't expect he would die.

It was until I have the experiences of isotope money and microwave radiation, I realized it was money which leading to his death. No doubt he had a lot of cash, which was the target of looter. Microwave ray shooting could make the death look like a stroke. (blood in brain).

8. FBI's profit

Everything shows that law enforcement agent use isotope money tracing if you have cash savings at home. But how could they steal from innocent people?

Later I learned from 'National Geography' (1961, June) In article " FBI: public friend number one ". ' Mr. Hoover prides upon the "profit" it shows annually. During fiscal 1960 the FBI received $113,600,000 in operating funds. Fines, savings, and recoveries of stolen property and contraband in cases investigated by the FBI amounted to $142,822,244, or $1.25 returned for every dollar invested by the taxpayer.' It's that 'profit' chase makes FBI a looter. It's that black box practise makes FBI closed and untouchable and new high tech weapons killing without trace makes them ruthless. How do you expect them be in justice while their purpose is pursuing 'profit'?

We need an independent commission to check the conduct of law enforcement agency, or otherwise America is ruled by a government mafia.

9. Estranged friends and customers

Like ordinary people, I have friends. Some of them are in China. We kept communication by letters, At least an X'mas card a year. Usually they mailed me the card first. Because it was busy for me before X'mas. After X'mas I began to return the late greeting cards. The turning point was the year's end of 1991 when drug case happened. For the first time I found I didn't receive card from friends. So I wrote them first.

Then I found my retailer customer(I did wholesale business in Galt flea market) were intimidated. Someone didn't show ever. The others came to buy just like to fulfill a mission. They hurried away instead of having a friendly chat like before. Bit by bit, I realized people were intimidated. What's your reaction if law enforcement agent came to investigate your friend in drug case. I began to understand why my friends were reluctant to respondent and stopped to writing to them. My wife's was influenced too. We used to have a bunch of X'mas card before 1991. Now it's only two or three pieces. One of them is even a routine business card from insurance agent. You can see how law enforcement agent destroyed normal relationship of people.

10. The death of old people

My daughter had three playmates at that time. They knew each other in the park next to us. They lived in same street. After the drug case, (about in 1992)the girls' parents moved away with them, Leaving three old people in their houses. The three old people are: grandma Lin, grandma Huang and grandpa Huang. It's unusual because in Asian' tradition, working parents used to let grandparents foster children. The girls age were 3-5 years old then.

Then on March 1999, I left for South-east Asia because I could not bear the torture of EM wave. (Although I don't know exactly what kind of wave they are using, electric-magnet wave is the best word for it. Microwave is one kind of it.) Within months after my leaving, all three old people died. It seems that they will eliminate those who know my story. I worry about those young people's lives if their death could not been explained as old. I'm afraid law enforcement agent will frame them in some case,(drug case is the easiest one) and then kill them in custody by the hands of gang members in jail.

11. Helicopter Surveillance

At that time, every Tuesday I went to Galt flea market. I got up at The way I took were highway 680, 580, 205, 120 and 99. Highway 205 is a straight road. You almost can drive with eyes closed . And it used to be 5 am when I was on it. It was still dark and there was rarely other vehicle. To break monotonous I sometimes study the star in the sky. I noticed the brightest star in sky was the one I faced to. I thought it might be Venus.

One day on highway 205, I picked up a broken piece of porcelain, threw it out from my right side window. Since the window was half opened, I stretched out a little bit to the right. Just for seconds, a van caught up and drove parallel with me. The driver watched me for a minute or so, then drop back behind about hundred feet away. Maybe he wanted to see if he knew me, I thought. But when I threw another piece of porcelain out. He caught up with me again. Strange, I decided to have a test. I made a throwing movement, for the third time, the van rushed forward rapidly and driving parallel with me for sometime. Obviously, my action touched off the van's unusually movement. But how could he see me? It was dark and he was always behind me. The van was full of cargo and people could not see through from behind.

Than another Tuesday on highway 205. I still had that puzzle. An article came into my mind. In "Readers' digest", a girl talked about her experience of night flight. She said a friend gave her a night vision goggle, "the whole world became green" and she could see clearly from the sky. I watched the bright star in dark sky, found it was the only star shinning that night. It was a cloudy day, no other star in vision. I was suddenly aware of this was not a star. It was night flight light of helicopter. I stared at it for a long time. Thinking of someone was watching me there with night vision goggle, I smiled. The star suddenly jumping out off my vision. It reacted at my smile. After a while, I stretched forward, throw tinted glass, I could see the star hang there. In a position where they still could see my hands on steer wheel.

When I got to Galt. It was six o'clock. The sky turned into grey white. I looked up, saw a helicopter rising higher and higher, than disappeared in vision. I then knew I was under 24 hours surveillance and they even could see my smile face at night.

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 72yrs • M •
A CTL of 1 means that cturtle is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.
Interesting story, I to wonder if the boogy man has his eyes & ears tuned[because I have openly stated my views/anti-war] my way But really didn't care,because I not given to doing such things which would make me worthy of such expence. Although my paranoiia is geared to the net usage?
Thanks for the tip hadn't considered less than beneign covert devices being used.

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"Terrorist or tyrant, few may come to the Truth that both are poor choice."
 76yrs • M •
A CTL of 1 means that kathaksung is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.
12. Mind control EM sleep wave (1)

When I talked about microwave killing, some readers asked if that is a mind control pulse wave. I went to the web site they gave me. The neuro-electrical magnet wave which imitate brain wave could produce Microwave hearing,forced speech, etc. I don't have that kind of experience, or maybe they have applied it on me but I didn't know. Because it is hard to tell which is natural or caused by remote control frequency weapon. But I do know there is an EM sleep wave which is vastly in use by law enforcement agent.

It was in 1992. One Tuesday morning on my way to Galt. On highway 205, a strong sleep desire fell on me. It was a straight highway, so I tried to drive with eyes closed a little while. But once eye closed, it's hard to open my lids again. I had to fight against drowsiness with extraordinary effort. Then I turned on to highway 120. It was a narrow road with only one lane each way. In dim, I suddenly found there was a dark shadow before me. it was a big truck with a trailer. It stopped on road and started to move when I approached. The sudden lit of tail lamp was so bright red, like in my hands' reach. I made an emergency brake. The cargo in my van rushed forward with inertia, bang hit the front window glass . I could hear the crack sound of porcelain. Luckily I didn't hit the trailer. It was only inches away. My body was wet all over by sweat. Strange for me, such a big scare didn't drove sleepy away. I fell into drowse again until there was another emergency brake. I found the truck driving at only 30 miles per hour. Sometime later, when I opened my lid, I found the truck sped away. It's the end of 120 and we would turned into 99, a busy highway where he could not drive at 30 miles any more.

Later when I had the experience of microwave radiation and other related suffering, I gradually realized there was a sleep wave. But at that time, though it was unusual, I only attributed this to sleepy. Who knew there was a mind control EM sleep wave?

13. Microwave ray shooting and EM sleep wave(2)

I was able to be aware of microwave killing due to a newspaper article. It said FBI's lab developed a tech

that they could shoot and penetrate iron plate in distance by microwave ray. By then I knew they could watch people behind wall by Infra-scanner already. And if they shoot microwave ray behind wall, it's really dangerous for innocent people. Unfortunately, this fell on me soon.

One midnight, I awoke with bitter headache. "They are shooting with microwave ray. I must find something to cover me." I alarmed myself. But before I could do something, an irresistible sleepiness overcame me. I fell in sleep again. This scene repeated several times that night. I always fell in sleep after awakening by headache.

Next day, the headache was so severe that a slight movement would cause suffering. It lasted several days. I thought there was an internal hemorrhage or swell in my head. With great fear, I gathered a lot of metal plates, iron cabinet in my bedroom and slept behind them at night.
Though I was once puzzled how could I go sleep while having heavy headache, I was still didn't aware of there was a sleep wave then.

14. EM sleep wave (3)

I used to sit on a sofa where I could watch TV as well as reading. That day about 5 p.m, when I was reading newspaper, a sudden drowsiness fell on me. It was so strong that I went to my bedroom right away. Once laying on bed, there was no sleepiness at all, not a little bit. That really puzzled me. I went back to sitting room and sitting on sofa, immediately, sleepiness grasped me again. This time I recalled two events happened before. The drowsiness feeling were so similar. They were all deep and irresistible.

I was in panic. What was that? I knew they were using radioactive material and microwave. It seemed that it was a ray with limit field, because my bedroom is just a few feet away and I could not feel it there. I guessed it was a kind of microwave with different frequency and worried it might hurt my brain because it restrained my mind so deeply that I couldn't help to go sleep. On the otherhand, it was a pure feeling of drowsiness, no pain, no dizziness, only extraordinary strong desire to sleep. If I hadn't have above experiences, I would never know its existence. How could you tell it from a nature one.

15. EM sleep wave in China (4)

In 1993, I abandoned my job in flea market. In July 1994, I went to China. I was tired to sleep under the cover of metal plates in U.S. My friends in China stopped communication with me so I knew Chinese police were cooperative with U.S.A.'s, but I thought they would not use high tech. weapon against an innocent man.

I lived in my uncle's home. It was an apartment on third floor (toppest floor) in the building. In August, I heard a noise on roof. People said someone was installing a commercial billboard there. I saw workers erect power transmission lines on roof. A few days later, about 7 o'clock in the morning, I was chatting with relatives when I felt a sudden feeling of sleepiness. I saw my aunt quickly fall in sleep. Other relatives said they were going to bed and back to their bedroom. I was very familiar with this - a sudden, irresistible sleepiness. Later that day I told them about the sleep wave. They didn't believe me. I understood because it was so natural that even I myself would not believe if I hadn't the experience.

This was the only time I felt they use it in China. I think they didn't expect I know sleep wave. When they found I know the secret, they gave it up. The work on roof was postponed. The billboard was never installed. Next year on May, when I left China, the metal shelf installed on August was still there, rusted.
Since then I knew the sleep wave can be a field which influence many people.

16. EM Sleep wave (5)

In 1996, I learned what is sleep wave from a book named 'CIA' (Chinese edition).

It said in July 1987, former Soviet leader Gorbachef flied to Thamalhan, a KGB base, to see an experiment. It was a tiger in the cage. The tiger was irritable. Dr. Chernianko pushed down a button. Within seconds, the furious tiger laid down as gentle as a cat.

Doctor told Gorbachef they successfully handled animal's sentiment by controlling it's brain nerve with remote control electrical wave.

CIA got the information and found Pentagon had first developed such technique. Military Intelligence Chief, general Ackerman was alleged delivering the secret to Soviets. Ackerman was shoot to death several days later. Pentagon announced he died of heart attack.

I immediately realized this was EM sleep wave.
The wave imitates human's sleep wave in brain. It's so natural that you can't tell if it is artificial. Nine years ago I could tell it because it was a sudden, strong feeling. Now they improved their technique. In same sofa I recently often gradually fell into drowse when I wrote article (for post in internet) in daytime. Only at the movement I would get into sleep, I'd realize same thing happened again and moved away. In other place, I never feel sleepy. I think I would never have known there's a sleep wave if they had used that improved technique(gradually go in sleep) nine years ago.

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 76yrs • M •
A CTL of 1 means that kathaksung is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.
17. They killed President Kennedy

After I found I became the murder target of law enforcement agency, I visited D.A.'s office, DEA, FBI, Federal attorney's office.... .But they denied any involvement. Some government department suggested me to ask for help from local police department. Local police department said they need solid evidence such as gun, bullet. But how could I hold microwave in the air if they shoot it next door. I could only complain this to people I knew.

I had a customer whom came every half year or so. One Saturday, she came to buy something. I talked about events happened recently and expressed disappointment about system. She didn't say anything and left.

Next day, I was surprised to see her coming again. She didn't buy anything. She simply talked about the murdering issue I told her yesterday and left right away after leaving a word:" So what, they even killed President Kennedy."

I was shocked. Obviously she was coming to deliver the word of scorn and intimidation for FBI. There was no DEA when JFK was assassinated.

18. Portable Microwave shooting instrument

I often went to library. Sometime in 1992, I began to feel dizzy and hot after I was there for half an hour or so.
What I could do was to move away and left. I was very depressed. They even killed President Kennedy, what was I? I knew I could die anytime.

In early 1993, I bought 100,000 life insurance and I put my wife's name in 'grand deed' of the house. To
fill the application form, I went to the registration office of supreme court where they offered typewriter for public use. There was almost no people when I got there. I chose the typewriter in the middle position. The old typewriter was hard to handle especially I had many errors to correct. I looked around to see if I could change for a better one. I found both sides were occupied by black girls. Then, I felt dizzy and hot,same feeling I had in library. I looked back. There were several people lined up behind me, waiting for typewriter. The man headed the line had a duffel bag. He put the bag between us with one end towards meand the other end towards him. It's strange to place the bag in that way because it obstructed people walking across. People used to put bags beside them. I knew what happened and hurried finishing the form.

I felt sorry for the two black girls. They were placed in positions to assure no other people being suffered from microwave radiation. I saw them smiled at each other. They might think they worked for law enforcement agency, but they would not know how dangerous the situation they were in.

19. Alleged murder of Ron

Ron was a white man. He was a hardware seller. Like me, he had business both in Berryessa and Galt flea market. His selling space in Galt flea market was several spaces next to me. I was familiar with his face, but rarely talk to him. I even didn't know his name then.

One weekend, in Berryessa, I went to his space to buy a pair of rack. He asked for 16 dollars. I didn't buy because in Galt market, another seller asked for only 12.

On Tuesday I bought the rack from the other seller. When it was time to knock off, Ron drove to my space. He parked his van, looked at me, obviously intended to talk to me. I was still unhappy with his higher offering, so I went on packing up and left him alone. He stayed for a few minutes. Found I having no intent talk to him, he left.

Weeks later, a seller asked me," Do you know Ron was dead?"
"Which Huang?" I wronged the pronunciation because I thought she talked about a Chinese. "The hardware seller." I knew a Mr. Huang selling hardware but she said it was not him. Next day, she asked me about "Huang" again. I really didn't know. I wondered why she was so interested in that topic.

Next week, when she saw me, she talked about "Huang" again. She said it was a white man, and his name was Ron, not Huang. White man, I immediately remembered the scene before Ron's death. I asked her how did Ron die. He was only about in his 50's. She said Ron collapsed while walking along: a heart attack. I had experience of microwave killing then(the result is like a heart attack). And that Tuesday when Ron parked his van at my space, I had thought : He blocked the view of law enforcement agency's surveillance camera. (I thought law enforcement agent had surveillance camera in opposite space)But this should not be the reason for killing. Maybe his strange activity caused suspicion? He parked his van at my space for a few minutes, than left without a word. Only I knew he was trying to sell me the rack. And this too, should not be a reason to kill. I recognized the ruthless only later when I had more experience.

Sometime later, there was a hardware store opened at the entrance of Berryessa flea market. It was a very hot spot. People said that it was Ron's widow's. I had a feeling that it was a compensation for Ron's death. From continuing question, they found I didn't know much of Ron. I didn't even know his name before then.

20. Video camera surveillance

In about 1990, there was a TV detective series 'Columbo' in which Peter Folk acted as Lieutenant Columbo who resolved many murder cases. One story was about two College students. They installed video camera and gun inside car's engine room to monitor and shoot through vent of radiator. I had that story in my mind.

Sometime after drug case I noticed the sellers opposite my space put their cargo van headed to me. Both in Berryessa and Galt Flea Market. Watching the black vent hole, I remembered the 'Columbo' TV. If there was no gun, there was a surveillance camera at least, I thought. To avoid being oversensitive, I walked all over the two markets to see how sellers parking their cars. People used to park their car inside space, parallel to the pathway so they could use front space to do business. No, no people parked cars like my opposite sellers'. It occupied useful front business space. It blocked coming customers' view sights too. That's why when Ron parked his van at my space, I thought it blocked the surveillance camera.

21. Alleged murder of Mrs. Churchill

Mrs. Churchill was a seller in Roseville Flea Market (near Sacramento). She bought porcelain figuring from me in Galt wholesale market. She was about in her 50's when she was dead.

One day in 1993, she asked me if I would sell all of a figuring item to her friend. The item she talked about was in hot sale. And her friend, I thought, was an undercover agent. The man was a porcelain figuring seller whose space was near entrance and was not far away from me. At first I had worried about he might be a competitor. I relaxed later when I found he had little business because his price was much higher than me. He used to sit there leisurely watching people. He sometimes even left his business alone, walked around chatting with other sellers.
I was once puzzled how he could make living on it, then with experience I was aware of that he might be an undercover agent from his business location and business attitude. (Agent likes to be at entrance so they can monitor all people)
So when Mrs. Churchill talked about the deal, I was certain he was an agent.
After the drug case, I noticed my customers were intimidated. They reduced purchase from me, someone stopped buying from me. Hot item would draw new buyers as well as old ones. That would have increased law enforcement agent's work of investigation. Buy all was the best way to avoid excess work. From my side, I didn't care. Business was business. You had it if you paid for it.

That night when I had supper, I told my wife:" An undercover agent bought a figuring item all."

Next Tuesday, I delivered the merchandise to the man. Then, Mrs. Churchill came.
When she asked me to give her a chair for sitting, I noticed she was very sick. I had
a puzzle that day "Why did she come when she was so sick."

Another week passed when a lady told me Mrs. Churchill was dead. Apparently my word touched off the killing. They thought Mrs. Churchill let out the agent's identity. The agents didn't play their role well, they never examine themselves, but owe their failure to other people. I recognized them through my own observation. What I knew(or maybe I should say: I thought) then in Galt flea market, there were seven sellers who were undercover agents. As a matter of fact, there were much more. After I returned from China, a seller told me that there were suddenly a lot of space vacancies in Galt flea market. It was very unusual because it was October, the best month for Christmas merchandise wholesale. (Tuesday Galt flea market is a wholesale market) It must be the result of withdrawal of undercover agent. They didn't care of business at all. And empty spaces were more than forty. I was surprised to learn there were so many secret agents involved.

It's a pity that Mrs. Churchill did nothing wrong, but being killed just out of suspicion. And most ridiculous thing was she was killed by those whom she thought working for. The lady who informed me the death of Mrs. Churchill talked about the death time and again. Just like what they did when Ron was dead to detect if I had any particular relationship with Ron or Mrs. Churchill. I could only say, "I'm sorry to hear that. I lost a good customer". Or do they expect me to say, "Oh, yes,through her death I now have no doubt they murdered Ron too. They don't need any evidence, suspicion is enough." or "Through her death, I realize that 'Miranda law', 'due process' ,'democracy' are just false cover. The real USA is a Mafia country full of extortion, private punishment, torture, and murder."

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22. Fluorescent lamp killing (1)

In about 1992, Flea market administration installed fluorescent lamp in our container storage room. After I had experience of microwave radiation I thought there might be something in fluorescent lamp and tried not being there alone.

In 1993, one early morning, with no customer coming yet, when I was preparing to set up booth, I felt a strike. A cold feeling went through all over my body, I could not breath and my heart seemed stop beating. After a while, I recovered and saw my helper, a teenage boy, huddling to himself, holding his head with arms. He was so painful that he could not answer my question. What in my mind was they almost killed a boy. At the same time, my neighboring sellers yelled, 'no light, black out." Obviously, a device in fluorescent lamp caused a radiation which drew large amount of current, touched off the fuse box and cut off the power supply.

I think the device developed a high voltage which forcing the ionized gas particle shoot out like a radiation. Which hurts human's brain, make it lose control of organs such like breath and heart beats. Later, I met such fluorescent lamp murder attempt several times.

23. Fluorescent lamp killing (2)

In 1999, I was forced to go abroad. In Bandon, Indonesia, I lived in Hotel Puduraya. It was a low price hotel where people shared bathrooms. I found the bathroom near my room was locked for more than one hour. When it opened, I noticed it lit with fluorescent lamp. And it was the only room lit with fluorescent lamp in hotel. As I always kept alert on that kind of lamp, I used the bathroom in other side.

Next day, someone cut water supply to all three bathrooms on the other side. Leaving no choice for me. I tried hard all over the hotel, and luckily found one in storage area. It was a dirty one with wet floor and broken door. But for me the most important thing was it lit with a bulb. When the undercover police who watched the bathroom ( I thought he was also the man control the killing device.) saw me back finished bath . He angrily stood up, ran to storage area checking the bathroom they missed.

Such conditions happened several times in Indonesia. The police there learned the technique from their U.S. partner.

24. Fluorescent lamp killing (3)

In April, 2000, I went to Viet-Nam. An article in newspaper aroused my attention. It said there would be a solar storm in following days and that ionized gas particle hit the earth would cause stroke of neurasthenic people. Since fluorescent lamp was lit by ionized gas and my complain about isotope money, microwave killing was regarded by someone as X-files. Besides, it's typical law enforcement agents' way to pre-propagate a natural decease to cover their attempt murder. I thought there would be another fluorescent lamp murder attempt.

When the bus took me to the hotel in next city, Hoi An,(In Vietnam, foreigners have to take charted bus line and been sent direct to hotel) the staff showed me a room in a closed area. I noticed the bulb light didn't work. (In Vietnam, hotels for foreigners meet certain standard,they used to equipped with both bulb light and fluorescent lamp.) The staff said I had to pay more for another room. I paid more.

Then I went Ya Trang. Same thing happened with a room in closed area and broken bulb light waiting for me. The staff said there was no other room. I went out, found another hotel easily with right equipment.

The following city was Dalat. There I was refused by five hotels before found one. This time there were plenty of rooms and all rooms equipped only with fluorescent lamp. For the third time, I was led to a room in a closed area. Since there was no choice, I insisted to get a room along the crowded street. I opened the window when I used lamp so light could reach people on street. Next day, hotel manager told me to move out. The reason he used was the hotel was booked in advance. I pointed out that he was lying because the staff of hotel offered a discount rate if I could stay longer just the day before. He turned out a police face and said, 'You have no option.'

I knew what would wait for me and left for Ho-nai to complain all this. To my surprise, the officer there told me to go to China even though he knew I was a US citizen. And he, too, said there was no option.

Question and answer

1. Someone asked that I claimed the government has been attempting to kill me through strange means for many years. Because in a seeming democracy they can't use more direct methods. And fairly many people have been killed by those same agents, simply for being friendly to me or being in wrong place at wrong time. If it was so easy to kill those people, I should have been dead now.

I am lucky enough survived. Rarely people can do that. That's the point I put at the very beginning. High tech. weapon kill without trace, and black-box practice of law enforcement agent endanger US democracy. Little people know these advanced murder weapon. Little people can do same thing like I do. I sleep behind metal plate. Moving when I feel headache. Avoid driving individually in car. Even when I was forced to travel in south-east Asia, I brought with me a lead protect apron( the one therapist wear in X-ray Lab) and a big fry pan. (not for cooking, but for protect from microwave radiation.) And those dead people, no one would have dreamed of being killed by those they thought cooperated with. (If you read carefully my posting) And the reason is only suspicious or simply: knowing the truth. Consider President Kennedy and his family member's suspicious death. And how many people involve in the case died mysteriously. And now since I expose my experience in internet, they are trying to frame a big case against me and those who know my story.

2. Question asked: that I have included Indonesia, Viet-Nam, and China in the group that is participating in harassing. This means that two nations that are the most aggressively hostile to the U.S. are joining with the U.S. to persecute. It seems logically inconsistent.

This is same question once puzzled me for sometime. I got the reply when I read such news.

(1) Several years ago, Mr. Kim dai cheong( Now South Korea Premier) was in election campaign. South Korea State intelligence Bureau decided do something against him because they once had tried to assassinate him. (The plot stopped by CIA) They paid several million dollars to the State Security bureau of North Korea. Then North Korea told media that they had supported Kim Dai Cheong financially to defame him. At that time, everyone knows that North, South Korea were two hostile states, much more hostile than US and China or Viet-nam now. Yet secret police had their own deal.

(2) Another example is: Years ago Taiwan purchased military vessels and fighters from France. Now the new elected government investigating bribe scandal in that purchase. They found a large amount of commission was to Beijing for exchange of no opposition. Everyone knows China and Taiwan's relationship, yet secret police had their own operation rule. As a matter of fact, the more hostile in outward, more deal inside. Cross murder deal, money for arrest deal.... and a frame case would become believable under such coverage.

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25. Neighbor seller and gun

After drug case and having many harassment experiences, I began to follow the newsabout law enforcement agency and drug case. I found there were a lot of police brutalities. Some police shot people, then planted a gun as reason for shooting. I immediately thought of my neighbor - Mr. Wang. Mr. Wan sold toys. Sometime he started to sell guns. California is a state with strict gun laws. People have seven days waiting period to buy a gun. The gun Mr. Wang sold is air rifle. It was, too, under gun control law. I remember the Flea Market authority has come to his space, ordering him to pack up the gun or to be kicked off market. Wang packed up gun that day. To my surprise, next week he went on selling his air rifles. Nobody came to make trouble for him ever since. He put the gun box along the line separate our spaces.

Then I was horrible to find that my neighbor seller in Galt flea market selling same guns. She, too, put the gun box along the line which separated our spaces .

Mr. Wang boasted how nice his gun was. Showed me the rifle line in bore. I was not interested. One evening when I finished business, I was ready leaving. But my van did not move so I got off to check. I found there was a big block underneath the front wheel. It was a box with a brand new air pistol inside. I returned it to Mr. Wang next day. He was not happy as I had expected. Simply with a 'Thank you', he turned away to do other things. I felt there was a disappointment in his sentiment. It was not a plant but a trap. I knew if they found any accusation, despite true or false, they won't let me alive.

I quit the business at the end of 1993. Then went to China. In 1995, I came back. When I went to flea market, I thought:'Now they have no reason selling gun.' I went to Mr. Wang's space. No, there was no gun. He didn't sell it any more.

26. A trap to hurt

One Tuesday in 1993, a customer in Galt Market ordered 100 pieces of a figuring item. He used to charge a high profit margin in his retail business, so his sales was slower than others. In his purchasing order, it used to be one or two pieces for each item, six utmost. One hundred pieces was quite unusual. Anyway, it was a big order, I was happy.
On Monday, I went to the storage to pick up his porcelain order. The storage area was calm. Usually when I went there, two men would come, too, to the right hand room next to me. They left when I left. This day, they didn't show. Instead, a black man came to the left hand room which used to be locked. He quickly opened the door, went in, then rushed out to his car and speeded away. What impressed me was his panic stricken face. It looked like there was a monster inside the room. The scene of two black girls in Supreme Court flashed into my mind. (See story of '18. Portable microwave shooting instrument' Black people were used to do the most dangerous mission. I realized there was a trap set inside. The big order was designed to lure me in. I left the storage house right away.

Next day, when I told my customer I didn't bring his ordered porcelain figuring to him, he was unhappy. He kept complain until I couldn't help to tell him the whole story. I told him I thought there might be a strong radioactive field waiting for me in storage room and my life was threatened. He was shocked apparently. Then said he was sorry to hear that and didn't expect there was such a development.

Next Tuesday, when I met him, he talked about this again. He said law enforcement agent might use something to trace and it would not harm health and people even could eat it as a tracer in medical study. Obviously this was what law enforcement agent told him to cover their plot. And this was the first time I learnt the English word 'tracer'.

I had several such events that year, and it at last led me quit the Flea market career. How could I do business while I could not enter my own warehouse

27. Quit the job

When I first found them surveying me by helicopter and infra-scanner, I laughed at them. I was happy on my discovery. I believed at last, after such a thorough investigation, they would know I was an innocent man.

Then, after the isotope money hurt my health and I complained. I had more new discovery. But I was unable to laugh anymore, I was horrible to find that I became a murder target. Government office would not help. I visited some legal service organization. When they heard the word of 'DEA' and 'FBI', they turned their face away. Business turned down, I even dared not go into my own warehouse. In October 1993, news paper said Mrs. Chen's drug case would be sentenced late that month. Watching the rifle gun laid beside my space, I had a feeling there would be a violent end for me. They wouldn't let me alive because I knew too much of their criminal activities. In middle October, I quit the flea market. And I was surprised to see that court postponed the sentence of Mrs. Chen's case, too, until I left for China.

My tenant introduced me to work as a temporary driver in his company. It's a software company. In early 1994, company staff said there was a job opening. I took the offer. The job was to copy and file software document. That day I started my work in copy machine room. There was a new copy machine sent in that morning. The copy machine company sent it in for demonstration. I worked alone in that room. Sometime later I felt a strong dizziness and warm feeling. I hurried out to file the documents in other room. Soon, I heard a staff yelled, 'Malfunction'. He tried to use new machine but found it didn't work. I quit the new job that same day. Worked only 4 hours. I have not applied for a job since. I don't want to quit after just working several hours. It's no good to me as well as to employers.

28. My wife intimidated

When my wife first heard my words that I was under surveillance of law enforcement agent, she laughed at me:" If little figure like you are the target of surveillance, then those agents have too much work to do."

One night, when I went out, I found a neighborhood house installed a motion detector lamp which reacted to my movement. It was about 70 feet away, so was not very bright, but it lit up my whole parking space. I told my wife. She was suspicious on this information and took a test. She walked out, the lamp lit up. After she came in, I tested with my hand and found it was so sensitive that it worked even with a palm's movement. My wife and I in turn tested the lamp by stretching out our hands from house. Like children playing game. Several times later, the lamp was off. Agent who monitored us found we were testing their lamp, switched it off. My wife kept in silence with a straight face. She didn't say anything but I could feel she was shocked.

Sometime after drug case happened, a tenant moved in my next door neighborhood. My window was towards to the lane. At night I always heard his automobile drove in to the garage. I noticed the time he came was about 11 o'clock. I thought if he was the one who monitored me at night, then he should work no more than eight hours. Next morning I got up early to watch. Really he left at seven o'clock. For days he worked on that schedule. I told my wife the new discovery. "He works night shift."

Then I could not hear the sound of his car any more. I found he started parking his car on street. Sometimes he was picked up by another driver. Time schedule was still the same. They eavesdropped my talking and changed their way. Such events happened several times. I, too, change my way. I wrote down on paper the new discovery.

At first my wife read my new discovery with smile. Sometime later, she refused to read my notes any more. She pushed my paper away with scary, "I don't want to read it". I was puzzled by her change. After several refusal, I realized she was intimidated. Agents apparently had interviewed her and asked what I had written on paper. I had a feeling that I lived in a 'spy' country. They vastly use informants to cross monitor each other. I could even not trust my wife.

29. "I am you, American."

In late 1993 and 1994, I worked as a driver for a software company. Their customers were mainly from China. One day, I picked up a customer from airport and accompanied him to the hotel. We talked about US and I told him my bitter experience. And how they delivered the word that they killed President Kennedy. He was a little nervous and said, "Please don't talk about that issue."

Next day, when I met him again, he asked me "Did you read the newspaper? The executive of Disneyland died of a helicopter accident". I was surprised that he paid attention to the forbidden issue and thought it might be another intimidation from Federal law enforcement agent. China opened to the world just for a short time then. Customers from China were interested in travelling and shopping for merchandise which was in shortage in their country. I never saw them reading newspaper. And the dead executive of Disneyland was competing fiercely with another one for the post of Chief executive then.

About that time, I had read an article from newspaper talked about Walt Disney. What impressed me was that he was an informant of FBI. He hated Union. He was evaluated as a good informant because he entertained FBI agents and their family free to Disneyland. Through him FBI could handle a large number of his employees. It was an important post. So when the helicopter accident happened, I felt that might be a work of FBI. They sent a candidate of their own to that VIP post through a violent plot.

Through my own experience, I feel US has became a 'spy country'. I started to view things from another angle. When Leuwinsky scandal happened and Linda Trip said in her speech,"I am you, American." I couldn't help to laugh. She thought many people were the same as her. She may be right. In this country, informant are vastly used by Federal law enforcement agency.

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30. Monitor and be monitored

In 1998, I read a book 'Study abroad in US'.( Chinese edition ) Author Qian Ning was a Chinese student studying 'News media ' in US. He visited many Chinese students during school vacation and wrote this book. He wrote, that most Chinese students said they felt US was a democratic country. They didn't feel that they were monitored by American government. Anyhow, there was exception. A man insisted that government monitoring foreign students. He had such an experience. Once he would take a vacation back to China. The night before his leaving, he told his wife (or friend?) to pack for their journey. "Take care, there is top secret documents inside." He said. That was a joke. Next day in airport, His luggage was searched thoroughly. He knew it was his joke caused it. Had he not made that joke, he would have joined that majority and won't say that foreign students were monitored.

Even Wen Ho Lee, once was thought a spy suspect, has been a government informant as well as his wife. They reported the contact of their Chinese counterpart. I think that was why Lee was cooperative at first, talk everything with laugh to agents until he was threatened by FBI agent that if he would not admit he was a spy he could be sentenced to death. Since then he was silenced. This remind me of the two black girls who were placed in dangerous position, (see '18. Portable microwave shooting instrument' ) I think they thought they worked for law enforcement agency without knowing the truth. Lee was lucky to get a good lawyer. Otherwise there was possibility he was still in jail. But compare to Ron and Mrs. Churchill, they were much better. Ron and Mrs. Churchill could never have dreamed of that they died in hands of people they worked for.

31. Extortion

Former FBI director Hoover held large quantity of black material of Presidents and Senators. With these material he blackmailed the politicians. That's why he could stay at that post as long as he wished.

In leuwinsky scandal, Linda Trip provided Starr's office with 20 hours secretly taped phone conversation in which Leuwinsky talked about her affairs with Clinton. She also instructed Leuwinsky kept the jacket which contaminated Clinton's sperm. Trip didn't get any advantage from it. From my point of view, it was obviously much more a purposed intelligent practice than the relationship of friends. An insistent eavesdropping and evidence searching. Mr. Hoover used to use this kind of material to extort.

In 2000, Mr.Ashcroft competed for US Senator of Missouri. The death of his rival former Governor Carnahan in an airplane crash reminded me of the accidental death of a Disneyland executive several years ago. Anyhow, voters chose the widow of his rival rather then him. I said to myself, 'it may be an coincidence, don't be oversensitive.' Then he was nominated as General Attorney of Justice. This is a post supervising Federal law enforcement agency, a VIP post . I then thought in different way. It seemed like if they could not have someone being a senator, they would sent him to a post which supervising them. Newspaper said Ashcroft is an extreme rightist. His nomination was protested by many civil right organizations. Democratic Party said they would stop him by filibuster. But I knew from beginning, if the nomination was decided by President and senators, then however absurd it was, FBI could get it through.

I started to post in internet in Sept. 2000. I suffered my first 'close for post' on the day Mr. Ashcroft passed his nomination. Here is a comment I posted in '':

"From: KATHAKSUNG Feb-6 2:07 pm To: Kayaker (KSWENSON3) unread 1572 of 1721 1588.1572 in reply to 1588.3 T

The mainstream America will be censorship on internet?
I have a thread:" Law enforcement, a threaten to U.S. democracy" in several forums. My discussion generally went OK, though be harassed sometimes. On Jan. 31, there was a big wave of attack at my sites: failing to post in 'Csmonitor'; topic being blocked away from readers in many forums; "Foxnews" was closed until today. In 'Independent argument', I was personally closed for posting. In an inquiry e-mail I asked " Is this a kind of censorship?" Their reply:"Yes,that is correct. Independent editors reserve the right....". It is not a coincidence. Ashcroft was admitted by senator committee that day with votes 10:8. as Federal Attorney General and 58:42 next day in senators. It is an outstanding signal that law enforcement agent can abuse their power to censor media, frame innocent people."

I thought the success of nomination inspired them to abuse their power in internet.

32. "Operation Fire Dragon"

My wife worked in a travel company in 1987. She was an accountant. Everything was quite well until 1991 when drug case happened. Then the boss became picky. At last she changed my wife's work, from an accountant to a ticket agent.

I noticed that three of four of her colleagues left the company. The left one was a relative of Boss who just arrived in US and did not speak English. Otherwise I think she would have been repositoned too. I found it's a popular tactic of law enforcement agency when they put someone under surveillance. Among new comers, there was a lady, I called her G-lady because she guided my wife changed her job twice from two companies.

In 1994, I left for China. About that time, G-lady changed her job into another company- A and S Tours Inc.. She introduced my wife to work in that company. The boss, Mrs H, was a lady from Taiwan, she was under surveillance by Federal law enforcement agency because her brother H was an arms agent, and had a weapon deal at that time. Of course, none of us knew this until the case broke. The case was given a name "Operation Fire dragon" by BATF. H bought some rifles (AK-47, I think) from China and sold them to someone in South America. He was charged that he had shipment of assault weapon without permit. H said he did not know he need a permit because the destination was South America. US was just a transferring point.
What I knew My wife's new boss was charged for receiving a gun box. It was said an agent had guaranteed it was legal , and final verdict of 'innocent' proved he was right because 'gun box' itself was not a weapon. But it didn't stop them to prosecute her though they knew it's innocent.

I reviewed the whole case after it was closed. I have new recognition of Federal law enforcement agency. They tried to circle as many people as possible in a case. Because more people involved, more chance to be benefited. Mrs. H was charged for a gun box which was not a weapon. I think she was charged because she was rich, she had real estate property in San Francisco and San Mateo County, a possible 'profit' source. After I went to China, Mrs. Chen's case was closed. But my family was still under surveillance. Through guiding my wife to a company involved in a case, they still could monitor us legally. G-lady quitted from
the A & S Tours Inc. about one month before the case broke. She avoided to be involved in any trouble. I didn't believe any coincidence already then. I even think 'operation Fire Dragon' probably was masterminded by Federal Law enforcement agency.(It was easy, only by disguising a buyer from South America, a tactic they frequently use,they could easily build a case.) When my wife went to the new company, the weapon's deal should only be in process, maybe just started, but they foresaw there would be a case and guided her in.

33. Evaluation of property

About in 1992, a former colleague of my wife when she was in Hong Kong came to visit US with her husband. At that time, friends and relatives were intimidated by law enforcement agents and kept a distance from us. So I thought it was a little strange, especially they chose to stay at our house for two nights. Tourist used to stay in San Francisco, rarely came to San Jose.

The husband started to talk about stamp collection. I collected stamp when I was a child and kept that hobby until then. Even in the years of Chinese Cultural revolution, I didn't give up. At that extraordinary period, collect stamp was regarded as a capitalist hobby, stamp store were shut down, stamps were burned. I almost have most stamps government issued since 1949. Now it worths something, especially those issued during Culture Revolution and before that period, because most of them were abandoned and destroyed. He asked me to show him my collection and viewed them carefully. He astonished me by offering 1700(HK dollars) for a set of stamp which face value is only 2 (HK dollars). That price could cover almost total cost I spent on my collection. Then he talked about how he collected stamps. He bought bunch of sheets of stamp when new edition issued and put them in safe box. So when value increased, he made a lot of money. He talked about this again and again.

I thought, this way was not a hobby, it was investment. Rich men's business. He was rich, he had a securities company. He came to estimate the value of my collection and encourage me to have more by offering a high price on one set of stamp. Collection, as well as gold, cash, jewel are Federal law enforcement's favorites. Because these things are usually with no record and easy be stolen. Even my wife doesn't know how many and what kind of stamp I have. And the husband might think he worked for Law enforcement agency so he was trusted by government. He didn't know it was not coincidence. They picked him up because he was rich. Just like the burglary to my youngest brother in law, (he is the richest among my sisters and brother), the prosecution of the boss of A and S Tours, (though they knew she was innocent), he was chosen because he was a possible 'profit' source. Of course, I knew nothing of this, only felt it was unusual then. I recognize all this bit and bit by accumulation of experience later.

34. The lost Credit Card

I had a Visa card. About in September 1993, Visa card company said they would transfer my Visa card into GM Mastercard. I wonder why they did so and thought they might sold business to another company.

In Oct. 15, Visa card company gave me a letter, said that as one of select customers, they were sending me a Mastercard to replace Visa card. Usually this was a notice and customers would receive the card in a week or so. I didn't pay much attention on this because at that time, I felt pressure on my business. Newspaper said Mrs. Chen's drug case would be sentenced next week. Berryessa Flea Market announced there would be a Festival next week. There would be music, and free beer. I've been in Berryessa for nearly 10 years. It was the first time experience. Free beer reminded me of free entertainment of Disneyland for FBI agent. It seemed that they would close the drug case and had a celebration. I knew I was much more a target than any real criminals because I knew too much dark side of Federal law enforcement agency. I didn't know what they would do but expected there would be a violent end. So I abandoned my business that week.

In Nov. 24, GM Card co. mailed me a letter, reminding me they had sent me the card, and emphasized with bold letter that:" If you have not received your new card(s), please call our Lost/Stolen Dept. at......." The same sentence was put in an eye-catching box at the top of the letter. I called that number. Staff said they would cancel the lost card and mail me new one. Right next day, I received the letter contained new Mastercard. "What an efficiency!" I admired while calling Card company to confirm of receipt. To my surprise, I was interrogated by the staff for sometime. Then they told me the card number I confirmed was reported lost yesterday and should be the card due in my hands one month ago. I immediately realized someone surveying on my mail had held the credit card. They only released it when touched off by report lost phone call. That's why I got the lost mail next day to the phone call. The promised new card arrived nine days later.

Since then I was aware they even developed a system to steal from people. Everything was well planed in advance, they even could get a credit card of full amount from victim which the dead man could never verify. It may also explain why they are so easily kill innocent people: they can always 'profit' from it, either by credit card, cash or their collections. And it is the safest loot, no one will complain. All victims are dead people.

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35. A blackmail on 911 WTC bombing

On Sept.24, 2001, my wife received a letter from her credit card company. (I have cancelled all my credit cards long time ago when I knew their dirty methods) With big letters it asks "May we send you a new card?" and suggests to send a new Platinum Visa Business card with a credit line of up to $35,000. My wife does not have a business. And the amount she charged credit card is about 500 each month. In another word, the total amount she charged each year on credit card is only about a tail figure of that offer of each month. I don't know what information the credit card company based on. With my own experience, I knew it's unusual. Since I revealed the dark side of Federal law enforcement agency, I have a feeling they will eliminate those who know my story.

In same day, Attorney General John Ashcroft made an urgent plea to obtain greater police powers to combat terrorism. One proposal is to allow wiretap information obtained by foreign governments to be used in court by federal prosecutors even if it was gathered in violation of the Fourth Amendment to the US Constitution, which protects against unreasonable searches and seizures. Federal law enforcement agency already have unbridle powers. With new proposal they almost can do whatever they want to hurt the people they don't like. Something Federal law enforcement agent can't do or unwilled to do, can then be done by the hands of foreign government. Then they can frame many case by unreliable source. We know many foreign countries are under influence of US government branch such like CIA. The harassment I suffered in South East Asia proved FBI, DEA's extend power through inter-police. Now by the chance of 911 terrorist bombing, they try to grip more power. I think a plot planed by Federal law enforcement agent involved with Chinese government is now in developing.

36. Frame a case

At the same time, I found my thread "Why DEA,FBI involved in secret deal of spy plane" was censored in 'Above top', and was moved away in ''.
In the thread, I alleged DEA,FBI were framing a drug case with Chinese secret police. It seems they are uneasy with my thread and try to block people from knowing it. I fear it's a symptom they are carrying out a frame case.

They are demanding more power now. Ashcroft and President Bush are pressing Congress to rush through a new pakage of law which give them broader power to detain people, electronic surveillance and evidence using in court which gathered in violation of Fouth Amendment of US Constitution. Pushing for a swift passage, Ashcroft using the word "a clear, present danger" of terrorist attack to intimidate. Later law enforcement officer explained that's because of his "relative inexperience". They even put a label of 'Patriot Act' on it. Then those who oppose it for the threatenning of civil liberty will become 'unpatriot'.

And it's the best time now to do it. Since it's a frame case, there will be a slaughter to seal the mouths of people if they would have been in custody. They need a big event to transfer public's attention. And the coming Afghanistan war will be a good one.

See "Why DEA,FBI involved in secret deal of spy plane" at:

38. Anthrax crisis

1. Several weeks ago, I went to internet, found all windows of web-sites were error message pages. Thus I was blocked away from reading and posting. To verify if it was a virus attack of 'code red', I went to my tenant's computer, he had a diffrent phone line. All web-sites were normal there. I was under surveillance by agents for a long time. It was an obvious proof that they harassed my computer on my phone line. Now in "Patriot Act", there is broder power authorize agents to survey multiple lines instead of one, which means it's now legal for them block someone from communication to out world if only agents think he is a suspect. In previous event, I could have been blocked from getting information or asking for help if I found they abuse their power.

2. Anthrax crisis. Who has the resource and motive to do it?

I don't think it's Bin Ladden's work. Their terrorist operation were well planed and prepared. And resulted with large influence. If they use biotech weapon, most likely will be in public spot such like public square, railway station.... . Casulties will be large.

Now the anthrax threats seemed to be a purposed one. The only case of death attracts public's attention, (do you think terrorist will give you a signal to warn that they will bomb somewhere like TWC with hijacked planes?) then with the help of media , raise a wave of horror to push through "Patriot Act" to grip more power. And let people agree with them to abuse these power.

The next targets were chief of NBC and Senator Daschle. (For terrorist targets, President Bush, Defense Secretary Rumsfield are more likely) The purpose is obviously to intimidate Media and Legislature, which could have been a check power if there would be a frame case.

And I allege they'll also eliminate people they don't like by this chance. I have four sisters and brother, two of them and two of in-laws are working in post office. I always worry about thier safety because they know my story. Especially when the news reported "No-glove rule worries some San Jose postal workers - Officials say safety policy prohibits machine operators from wearing latex gloves, despite fears of potential anthrax exposures" which makes an anthrax killing resonable. ( Consider Federal law enforcement agent used to do pre-propaganda to cover their murder plot. Such like to owe a Fluorescent lamp killing to Solar storm; microwave killing to heart attack; microwave ray shooting killing to memingitis, cellule phone...etc.)

Least casulty to raise public's scare. Intimidation on media and legislature to create a surrounding to grip and abuse power without interference. A case created much more likely by Federal law enforcement agent than terrorist. That's my point of view. Hope there will be no more development for cover up after my comment. (Such like killing more people, expanding mailing range, the cover up work they used to do.This comment first posted on Oct. 21, 01)

39. Anthrax crisis, who has motive and resource(2)

1. The first victim, Bob Stevens, died on Oct. 5. He was an photo editor of Sun, a tabloid focus on scandals of celebrities such like Princess Diana's affair, Clinton and Lewinsky affair or President's drunken daughters. It seems he was much more a revenge target of some powerful celebrities then OBL and his Al -Qaida. Do you think terrorist know Bob and choose him the first target?

2. The following event was a purposed intimidation on media and Senator, to develop an atmospere of horror which would favour Federal law enforcement agency to grip more power.

3. After 15 days observation, I reached conclusion of " Least casulty to raise public's scare." and put it on internet on Oct. 21. I had worried if they would do some cover up so I wrote at the end of message:"Hope there will be no more development for cover up after my comment. (Such like killing more people, expanding mailing range, the cover up work they used to do.This comment first posted on Oct. 21, 01) " Because I am too familiar with their behavior. (You can see they quickly released held credit card after report lost phone call (#34. The lost credit card), and they changed their parking behavior right away after I found their working shift. (#28. My wife intimidated)

4. The response is swift. On Oct. 23, news paper said there were two more deaths related to anthrax. One death on Oct. 21, and one on Oct.22. (to break "least casulty"allegation) and discovery of anthrax spore in Pentagon and supreme court. (to break "media and legislature only" allegation) and to my worry of "no gloves rule" A news said, "Promted in part by complaints from letter carriers in Sunnyvale and several west coast cities, postal authorities Tuesday(Oct.23) reassured in light of the anthrax scare they now have a right to wear gloves and mask...."(San Jose Mercury, Oct 24) In several days, all my allegations were covered, but my expectation was proved too though I had wished not. I don't believe all these were coincidence.

40. Anthrax crisis, who has motive and resource (3)

Newspaper said 911 terrorist leader Atta made contact with an Iraq diplomat this spring in Czech. And the material found mixed in anthrax letter are used by three countries: US; Russia; Iraq. Iraq thus becomes a main suspect. This meets some government officials' demand. They need an excuse to extend war against countries which sponser terrorist. And Iraq is the most wanted.

If Iraq is behind this anthrax attack, then it's a 'friendly attack' because 1. The first victim is a US celebrities' dislike. 2. Through that death, it gave US a pre-warning that there would be an anthrax attack. 3. It's a 'mercy attack'. Casualty is light and victims are ordinary people. 4. It maintains an intension on media and legislation so that they'll support adminstration's draged Afghanistan war.

But it's more like a little qroup's operation than a state sponsered biological warfare. The qroup took the chance of 911 terrorist bombing to test a new murder method by first mailing some brown granular material to NBC news on Sept. 18, then mailing letter with refined white powder to Senator Daschle on Oct. 8. They are testing the result of anthrax which were took from different sources step by step. And the fourth anthrax fatality, Nguyen, died mysteriously. She had no access to comtamination of bacteria. Her death won't cause any serious attention or trouble. She was a single, old minority, a perfect victim for a biology weapon test. Since anthrax is a restrict material, who has the authority and motive and resources to do that attack?

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41. Anthrax crisis. Who has the resource and motive to do it?(4)

Anthrax crisis rose fast, faded fast. I review the whole case, get such conclusion.

1. The letter containing brown granular material to NBC News dated Sept. 18, Seven days after 911 WTC bombing. And all letters were mailed in N.J. Obviously taking the chance to owe it a terrorist attack.

2. The letter to Senator Daschle dated Oct. 8, at a time the government officials announced to extend war to "countries hosting terrorist" while Iraq is their most wanted. In that letter, a refined white powder was found mixed with a clay called bentonite which is said only three countries used with. They are: US, Russia and Iraq. At the same time, a news said terrorist leader Atta had contacted Irag diplomat in Czech this spring. An information obviously let out by intelligence. All these made to fit government's demand: Iraq was a big suspect.

3. The first victim Bob Stevens was a photo editor of a tabloid, much more a revenge target of powerful US celebrities than terrorist.

4. One thing touched my mind was Dan Rathor's angry face in TV when his assistant Fletch was tested positive in skin anthrax and his office was found contaminated. I have posted in a web site "CBS evening news". Host was Dan Rathor. The forum title was "My America dream". I had posted about ten messages there then found it was closed before I was going to put some more. My thread "My America nightmare" became the last one of that web site. I thus think Dan Rathor might know some of my story, or in another word, the dark side of Federal law enforcement agency. Because he is a media man, he becomes a target? Or is this just an intimidation?

5. Though Federal law enforcement agency hold big power, they still have a little check and balance in legislation such like they need legislation's approve for their "Patriot Act". When Rep. Gary Condit's case happened, I had a feeling it's almost the second edition of Clinton and Lewinsky scandal. All these need intelligence operation behind curtain. Affairs revealed, politicians told a lie try to cover the scandal, then evidence appeared to discridit them. At first, I didn't know why Condit was chosen. I got it when I saw the news said he is a member of 'intelligence committee'. A committee which oversees Federal law enforcement agency. That's the way they played once and again in peace time. Now it's war. From my angle, anthrax attack is another kind of extortion, or intimidation.

6. Ashcroft proposed "Patriot Act" on Sept. 24. It was passed on Oct.24. The anthrax letter targeted media and legislation, put a pressure on them, created a situation favoured law enforcement agency to grip more power, and pushed public to support government's 'war' policy.

7. The powder found in letter to Daschle is weapons grade. Yet none staffs in the room suffered casulty when the letter was opened and powder was spewing into the air. But casulties were considerable in postal workers even though the letters were sealed well with four sides taped.

8. Who has the ability to get different anthrax products. (It should be a restrict material) Especially the white powder is weapon grade. Even in US, I think maybe there is only one or two secret lab carry it.

9. I posted my doubt on Oct. 21. Said it was a "least casulty to raise public scare". Then there were three deaths occured (Oct. 21,22,31) I alleged it was a cover up. And all three were minorities, two blacks and a Vietnamese. In my experience, scapegoat used to be minority, mostly black people. Hope this won't cause another cover up operation. (first put into internet on Nov. 13)

42. Intimidation

Anthrax was first said could be gotten from 30 to 40 places in US which are produced for medical purpose. But the one used in letter to Senator is weapon grade, which means maybe only one secret lab involved. Perhaps that's why investigators early said the highly refined strain of anthrax bacteria could only have been produced by labs in US, Russia and Iraq, but now believe it could "be from anywhere". And also, it could be done in "any lab with equipment worth as little as $2500." But that raises one question: if it's that easy to access, why it hasn't been used by terrorist?

Now the perpetrator is defined as a "lone wolf". The result maybe like the case of assasination of President Kennedy. A scapegoat like Oswald to be found to finish the case.

After I put my opinion about this anthrax attack,(about one comment each week) someone put two follow-up:

Quote,"PalpableEvil Nov 9, 2001 GMT (#24 of 28)
Listen to me very carefully. You need to seek help from a professional psychiatrist. Please do it as soon as possible. You are suffering from a mental disorder known as acute paranoia. Please get help before you become a danger to your wife or family. Your life does not have to be this way. Things can be better. You have to take the first step to help yourself.

PalpableEvil </WebX?- 03:55am Nov 16, 2001 GMT )
Perhaps you did not read my message with the attention you should have given it. I strongly suggest that you see a psychiatrist before you endanger your family .
Must I warn you again? "

To set up a case of family tragedy of "murder and suicide "? I don't know. But I believe my comments make them very much uneasy.

43. Recent development of anthrax attack.

It's dismay to learn that 94-year old woman died of anthrax on Nov. 21. She is a white. A response again to my post: "In my experience, scapegoat used to be minority, mostly black people. Hope this won't cause another cover up operation. (first put into internet on Nov. 13)"?

Her mysterious death is similar to Nguyen's, with no access to contamination of anthrax bacteria. Old, alone, an easy victim for a biology weapon murder. It's also an intimidation : They don't care to expand the bio-tech killing out of normal way.

On Nov. 16, an anthrax letter to Senator Leahy was found. Leahy is Chairman of intelligence committe which oversees Federal law enforcement agency. A right target to intimidate.

44. My tenant

As early as 1991, I noticed that friends and relatives were intimidated and estranged from me. And it's secret police' rule to stay as close as possible to monitor, either in living house or working place. In about 1993, there was a young man M often came alone to my house doing missionary work. Since other people came once, then never showed up again,(must have been interviewed and intimidated by surveillance agent) I thought he was an undercover. After I abandoned my work, fearing there would be a murder, he came again, this time with a strong man. M introduced him as his partner. For the first time, he asked me to let them into the house. I refused. I was afraid there would be a violence to me in the house. M never came to mission since.

My current tenant T rented a bedroom of my house two years ago when I was in South-east Asia. In same period, new neighbor moved into the house next to mine. To my experience, they are someone with special mission. He was a good tenant anyway. Visitors were rare. He always stay at his room. Never go outside except buying food or going to work. (Even in week ends) On Nov. 8, he came back home with a man. He said it's his former collegue, happened renting a bedroom in next house. I don't believe coincidence for a long time. The man's strong body remind me of the M's partner several years ago. I waited for his leaving until midnight. I told him I didn't want to see him again in my house because his late staying harassed my family. I did this out of security reason. Then on Nov.9 and Nov.16, two messages in web sites suggested I was a danger to my family. Which just convinced me that my worry is not over-sensitive. It's a reaction to my opinion on anthrax attack.

45. Tenant

I used to have lunch at 1 o'clock and supper at 7. T (tenant) used to have his at 2 and 10, rarely bothering us. At about Oct 19, he came down when I had my lunch. I thought he must have something to talk to me. He made it very straight. "What's your opinion about anthrax attack?" I made it straight too. "It's not from OBL terrorist, that's for sure. I think it's Federal law enforcement agency did it. They have motive and resource." I give him my reason. Anthrax was a hot topic with pages of them on newspaper then. I was worried about the safety of my relatives, four of them worked in post office. Though I was estranged from friends and relatives for a long time, there was one advantage: I don't have to guess true or false if they had a question. There was a purpose always. It seemed they really did something in anthrax attack that they even asked my opinion. That's why I broke the sequence of my thread starting on anthrax topic.

Several days later, T came down again when I had my lunch. He said he had seen such a news that morning: government arrested three people. One of them was suspicious because he held an envelope far from him with fear. And police found it was anthrax. These people came from middle east. So no doubt terrorist did anthrax attack. I said it was more like a cover up case. It was easy for law enforcement agent finding some Islamites eager to revenge and disguised as a scientist to sell them some anthrax to make a case. It would not resolve the motive and resource of recent anthrax attack. I pointed out that what I expected or worried about in last discussion came true or got a quick cover up response. (In 'Anthrax crisis 1, first posted on Oct. 21) T's story of anthrax attack by terrorist has ever shown in newspaper, though I saw several times in web sites.

Then happened on Nov. 8 that his friend coincidently moving into my next house. T worked from 3 pm to 5 pm, two hours a day for food delivery. His friend is said unemployed. The first day they met, his friend stayed until midnight at my house. He could have stayed whole day everyday since if I would allow him to.

Then followed by PalpableEvil's intimidation on Nov.9 and Nov. 16. (see "42. intimidation".

On Nov. 18, there was another message from:
Quote,"texaswildkat (47/F/Houston, Texas) 11/18/01 10:28 pm
I have passed your message along to a friend of mine who is undercover at the Sacramento Police Department. Either they, or another undercover investigator in the area, may contact you. Do not be afraid. Just tell them your story and I am sure they will help you. They may want to take you somewhere where you will be safe. Please trust them. Your friend "
I would rather take it a serious matter than a redicule. When all these came together, I don't think it's a coincidence. I don't want disappeared mystically like Chandra Levy.

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46. My view of anthrax attack

On Sept. 18, taking advantage of 911 WTC bombing, perpetrator mailed letters to NBC news. The anthrax inside was brown granular which might mean perpetrator intending at first not to kill but to intimidate.
Perhaps disappointed by little reaction, they did it again(on Oct. 8), this time with a military grade anthrax. The letters to Senator Daschle and Leahy contained fine, white powder which mixed with a material designed to kill. And a man, Bob Stevens, died of anthrax on Oct. 5. His death caused fear of bio-chem attack nation wide. Anthrax crisis reached its peak on about Oct. 20, then faded away. During the period, it created a situation of bio-attack horror, put a pressure on legislation to pass through "patriot Act" to let Justice Department having more police power, push media and public to support government's war policy and also gave an excuse for government to extend war to Iraq. (The "Patriot Act" was proposed on Sept. 24 and passed in legislature on Oct.24. US started war in Afghan on Oct. 7)

Rosenberg, a biologist, has testified on biological weapons before Congress, has recently published a paper contending that a government insider; or someone in contact with an insider, is behind the lethal attacks." (Excerpt from: San Jose Mercury News, page 9A,Dec. 2,2001. Topic:'Inside job probed in anthrax attack' One official (law enforcement agency) called Rosenberg theory " the most likely hypothesis".

I believe the anthrax attack was done by government insiders. They have motives and resources. (They control intelligence)
They are the one to be benefitted by the attack. They expanded their power by creating public's fear. They intimidated the media and legislation which are the check and balance to their power. They have the authority to access the secret lab under the name of 'security'. (like the case of Wen Ho Lee.)

1. The first victim was an editor of tabloid, a dislike of powerful US celebrities. His wife was the manager of apartments which had been rented to some 911 terrorists. He was possibly under FBI's surveillance. (consider thousand of aliens who even had no relationship to terrorist were detained by FBI)

2. Government released information that Atta visited crop duster aircraft. Hinted Al-quada relating to bio warfare. Matching perpetrators' intention to attribute it to 911 terrorists.

3. Government released conflict information. Such like at first they said the material mixed in anthrax was bentonite, purposely to target at Iraq. Then admitted the material was silica, not used by Iraq, but US. It may proved that the perpetrators are not expert, only know little about the anthrax they were using and gave a wrong information when they making use of it.

4. At the same time, government released information that Atta made contact to Iraq diplomat. It matched the theory of bentonite, made Iraq a big suspect.

Most of these information can be only released by intelligence.

5. . Though government said first that there were 30 to 40 places had access to the anthrax and much more people could produce it by cheap equipment, it's only an excuse that they are unwill to find real criminal. The anthrax in Senator's letter is military grade. A fruit of years' research and experiment. And even in US there maybe only one secret lab carrying it. And access to it must be very strict.

6. US rejected a UN resolution condemning the anthrax attack. For what reason they did so if it's done by OBL, Al-quada, or domestic pertetrators? Unless it's done by they themselves.

7. My personal experience told it was a practice of Federal law enforcement agency. From their swift response to my comments. And I think they originally only planned one death(Bob Stevens) to raise the public attention and fear. The later four deaths were cover up to the comment " Least casualties to raise public's scare".

This elected government administration tries to hide something from people. They started a war but failed to give evidence, said that was for safety of informant. Then they want a military tribunal, what secret do they want to keep even they win a war? On Dec. 10, newspaper reported that Russian scientists had helped OBL to produce anthrax. Workshop was bombed away in war, but unknown quantity of anthrax might have been in abroad already. There was no detail, obviously let out by military or intelligence. An attemption to attribute anthrax attack to terrorist when they failed to find a scapegoat of lone wolf? Perhaps that's why they limited media's report in Afghan war, and want a secret court. When US is the strongest power in the world, why there are so many things to be hided? If we have reason believe those who being sent to court are guilty, a military court only covers up corrupt government and criminal activities of it's official.

47. Swift response

When I talked about swift response of cover up, (see #39. Anthrax crisis, who has motive and resource) there were more.

1. Two weeks ago I talked about T had his meal time different from our's. He then got a full time job. He now has his supper when we have ours despite inconvenence of a crowded kitchen. (See #45. Tenant)

2. I talked about Linda Trip on #29. "I am you, American.". Next day, eye catching thread about her news were posted by the side of my thread in web-sites I went.

Quote, "Your Tripp Needs YOU! Msg #629164 To: All 1 reply From: Jon fredersen <ProfileResults.asp?SRV=Republicans&HMN=626892&UID=jonfrederse
n> 10:18 p.m. on 22-Aug-2001

Ah, how have the beloved icons of Republican hate Clinton campaigns fallen in the esteem of their former friends....."

Quote,"1 of 20. dwbh <user.php?op=userinfo&uname=dwbh> Point Pleasant, NJ |
Posted: 2001-08-23 13:03

August 22, 2001 -- Sexgate squealer Linda Tripp is crying poverty in a fund-raising letter sent to Republican supporters - in which she says she can no longer pay her rent, buy food or support her family....."

I don't know if losing a job can prove she is not a "volunteer". What impressed me was the swift cover up reaction. It seems there is a pretty big team working surveyllance on me.

3. About October, G-lady and her husband visited us. The husband lost his lucrative contract one month ago. He is a computer progamme designer and got the contract about six years ago, about the time G-lady guided my wife to the tour company which had trouble later. How lucrative the contract was? They lived in a nice location and their childern are all attending private school. G-lady doesn't have a former job. She works as an outside sales for tour company. May be paid only several hundred dollars a month. Her husband has never come to my home before. This sudden visit must had some intention. To prove me something like Linda trip's? A month ago? I recalled it was the time I posted the message"32. Operation Fire Dragon". I don't believe coincidence. I don't know how Federal law enforcement agency's policy how to treat their paid or unpaid volunteers. But if Mrs. Churchill could allegedly been put to death just out of suspicious, what else can't they do?

48. Test

Last week end, B (my Youngest brother in law) came to my house, he dropped a gift for my daughter at doorway then left.

Another relative of my wife came the other day, dropped a bag of gifts at doorway and left right away too.
We rarely met her and never exchange X'mas gift. It was a big surprise she came to my house.

I get used to these scenes since 1991. People are intimidated. I think they were forced to do this. Though the pressure never stopped, I feel extra heavy after I comment the anthrax attack was likely from federal law enforcement agency. It looks like they try to circle profitable source while they are framing new case. B is a business man and the relative's husband is a doctor. They are rich.

I worry about B's family because they'll take a cruise trip next week. It's easy to make an accident in travel. B is a work addict. He works seven days a week. He never takes a fun trip for missing a business day, especially in hard time after 911. I knew it's against his will. I hope there will be no accident in plane or ship which in a time easily owing it to terrorist.

37. Manipulate Bank operation

Congress, under tremendous pressure, hastily passed the "Patriot Act" on Oct. 12. Democratic members of Congress were given little time to review the content and were given only one hour to debate although it is the most important Act about civil rights in recent decades. It once again proves Federal law enforcement agency has unchecked power that they can push through Act swiftly which favours to them. It will surely lead to conditions under which petty criminals as well as innocent people, get labled and punished as terrorists. And potential of abuse is predictable.

I'm afraid they will use new griped power to deal with people they hate. So I broke sequence to talk about how I seeking asylum in Thailand.

In February, 2000, I was in Cambodia. Where I was alarmed by it's telephone rate, 4 dollars per minute to US.(When I managed to live at a level of 10 dollars per day), And I learnt from book that the next three nations I was going, Vietnam; Laos; Burma were all notorious for their high rates and inconvenience on tele-communication. So I went back to Thailand where telephone rate was comparatively low. I called my wife to remit me some money. She told me that San Jose bank said I had to have a bank account to receive money. I visited several big banks in Bangkok and found it was almost impossible for foreign tourist to open an account. (A minimum ballance of 5,000 to start. If I had that much money, I wouldn't need remittace) They all assured me that it was common practice that tourists can get remittance by passport with appropriet name and passport number. They told me they had many remittance from US in this way. And surprisely asked:" Which part of US you live?" I thought these banks explanation were reasonable. I thought Federal law enforcement agency might abuse their power to block me to get the remittance in normal way. I wrote a letter to Mr. Ralph Horton, legal attache of US Consulate in Bangkok, request an investigation. There was no response.

Re: Letter to Mr. Ralph Horton
"March 7, 2000

Mr. Ralph Horton
Legal Attache
95 Wireless Rd.
Bangkok 10330

I am writing you to ask for help to solve remittance problem. I was a retailer in flea maket. In 1991, one of my merchandise supplier was arrested for heroin smuggling. I found I was under 24 hours surveillance by law enforcement since then. Things became worse after I found they use radiation material as tracer which hurt my health badly. As pressure intensified, I was forced to go abroad because I felt my life was threatened. I went Southeast Asia. even in these countries, I am still survied by the police of these countries.

Om February. 2000, I asked my wife to send me $3,000.00 She told me that the banks in San Jose would not wire money unless there is an account in Bangkok. But banks in Bangkok make it impossible for foreigner tourist to open an account. It is common practice that tourist can get remittence by passport with appropriet name and passport number. The staffs of bank are surprise at account need theory and asked "(this rule) is from which part of United States?"

Someone has abused their power to blocked me to get money in normal way. I request you to investigate in this event and a quick response would be appriciated.


Kat Hak Sung

p.s. My permanent mailing address is: *********
San Jose, Ca.95132

My wife's name: ******* Sung"

49. Frame attemption (continue to "37. Manipulate Bank operation"

In early this month (Dec. 2001), there was a news in World Journal (Chinese newspaper) which said that FBI was one step away to have the permission of Chinese government to allow a FBI representative in US Embassy in Beijing. The title of representative was Legal Attache. Now I understand why US Consulate in Bankok wanted me wrote to Legal Attache and why there was no response from him.

Back to March 14, 2000, when I had no response from Legal Attache and Visa date was due. I went to Burma through a port named Ranong. The police in custom told me I was not allowed to go to Rangoon unless I took part in a state running tour. I went to MTT(state travel agency). They asked 350 for a two days tour. That amount was one month's cost when I drifted in South East Asia. I couldn't afford it especially I couldn't get remittance from my wife then. I went to airline ticket office, they said all flights were cancelled. I was lock in Ranong. I had a feeling it was a revenge of my complain letter but didn't expect more serious event was waiting for me. Since I couldn't go any further in Burma, I went back to Thailand the same day.

Next day, I took bus to Bangkok. A young man with cap tried to talk to me. Thought he might be a detective, I turned away from him. To my surprise, he kept follow me, tried to stand beside me all the time when we took a break. Next morning, a newspaper was put at my door. Since the guesthouse I stayed were all cheap one, (only about 5 dollars a day) an English newspaper was a luxury. I thought someone wanted me read it. An article got my attention which said that on way from Ranong to Bangkok, police had seized a record haul of drugs. Two men involved spoke Thai with heavy Chinese accent. They fled after they asked to go to toilet. I recalled the young man's strange behavior, and guessed they might try to connect me to that case.

On March 18, I was in Canchanenbury, visiting Bridge of River Kwai. In dining-room of guesthouse when guests were watching TV, in dim light I saw a young man with cap came in whom was identical to one I met in bus rest area. That night about 3 am.I was awoke by a large noise. Some one talking loudly, walking back and forth at my door. The room I stayed was a bungalow above River Kwai connecting with others by wooden boardwalk. The walking steps made a large noise in midnight. It was obviously an attempt to lure me out. Fearing there might be a violence, I stayed inside. Next day, I complained to manager of guesthouse. She introduced me to Papa. Papa was a western about in his fifties. He said,"You should go out, tell them stop talking." I suddenly was aware that what they needed was that I being outside at midnight talking with someone placed there so they could take a picture. I moved to another guesthouse that day.

On Mar. 20, I was back in Bangkok. I went to National library reading newspapers. When I finished reading it was about 7 pm, I was horrible to find the whole reading room was empty, the only other reader was that young man who was sitting next to me. Three times he tried to stay beside me. You can not explain this a coincidence. In south-east Asia, though I was still under surveillance of local police, I didn't care because I did nothing wrong. But to frame me up in a drug case, that was different. I was in panic.

50. Seeking asylum

The newspaper suddenly surged with reports that a lot of drugs were imported from north countries of Burma and Laos, and arrests were made in boundary with Malaysia and Cambodia. The police were intensifying patrol there. I knew it was pre-propaganda for the arrest. They were determined to frame me in a drug case. What could I do, in a country not much people speak English. I thought it over and over and decided to seek asylum. At least let some people know the true story.

On Mar. 22, 2000, I went to Foreign Ministry of Thailand, seeking for asylum. The man received me was Vathayudh of North America Division. I told him about the torture of high tech weapons which made me leaving US and the attempt of framing case in Thailand. He was shocked and said this was his first experience of hearing such a story. He repeatedly asked me did I feel the radiation torture on the time I left US. I thought it might be very important for asylum case. Then he said he must discuss with his supervisor. Next day, he told me that my case should be resolved in Interior Ministry. I checked the book in library and found it controlled police and investigate bureau. The Bureau of investigation was the counterpart of FBI, and the one, I alleged, set up the frame case against me. It was no difference than to complain a murder case to the murderer. I hesitated. I wouldn't have to hesitate long. The newspaper then reported the scandal of the Interior minister of Thailand. He was accused of holding unreported property. (In Thailand, minister must publicize their private property.) It immediately became a hot issue, within days, the Interior Minister resigned. An American seeking asylum was a big event, the minister would involve in. Interior Minister was political assigned, would be an obstacle for Bureau of Investigation in a frame case. In US, I was delivered the word that they even killed President Kennedy. I believe so with my own experience. So when later President Clinton was in Lewinsky scandal and almost was impeached, I knew who was behind it. Now in Thailand, it seemed same thing happened. I gave up the idea of seeking asylum. And I wondered what's wrong with the system of democratic countries.

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51. Unbridle power of intelligence.

I complained persecution from secret police. They managed to turn me into their control. I couldn't go to Malaysiya and Cambodia. They made arrest at board reasonable already. They blocked me to Burma. The only exit left was Laos. I bought a small backpack and filled it a full bag. So it would be hard for them to plant anything into it. On April 5, I took a night train to Nong Khai. A city on board with Laos. I could see the night flight light of a helicopter which followed the train. I kept my eye open the whole night, fear they would plant drugs into my bag. I did not buy any drink and food from sellers on train, fear they would put sleeping pill in it. Next morning I reached the board and went into Laos. About in Apr. 9, in Vientien I read "Bankok Post". In an article, a Cabinet member comforted resigned Interior Minister that, 'It's over. Now there will be no more problem for you.' Poor minister, he lost his post in less then 10 days' event. He even didn't know what caused this political storm. Manipulating politicians by secret police seems to be common everywhere. The counterpart of this post in US is General Attorney of Justice department, that's why the nomination of Ashcroft reminded me the experience in Thailand.

And that's why when Ashcroft proposed 'Patriot Act' on Sept. 24 once again reminded me the bitter experience in South-east Asia. In provision, he had sought to allow certain intelligence information gathered overseas to be admitted in US courts even if the method used to get information would, if used in US, violet US Constitution. I broke the sequence to talk about what happened in Thailand.(Started on message 35, 36, 37) In South-East Asia, I was under surveillance by police of all these countries. I didn't care because I didn't do anything wrong. But in some countries, I suffered attemption of high tech. weapon murder and attemption to set me up in drug case. Since I am an US citizen, the local secret police there must have been authorized by Federal law enforcement agency. 'Patriot Act' now gave Federal agent more police power and increased their budget. They could buy more informant and corruptive officials overseas. I worry there will be more frame up cases throw the hands of foreign countries.

I also have a puzzle. Intelligence always benefitted from terrorist attack.(more police power and increased budget) In anthrax attack, they released an information that 911 terrorist leader Atta had made contact to Iraq diplomat. They discussed a plot of bombing US broadcast station. I think the release of information was on purpose that Iraq had connection to terrorist so there was excuse to extend war to Iraq. But this also meant terrorist leader Atta's talking was evaesdropped. And he was under surveillance of intelligence at least as early as this spring. Do you believe that intelligence knew nothing of 911 bombing in advance?

"Public Announcement January 12, 2002

Anybody who is interested in my messages posted in internet can download them and publish them with no obligation. It's free. I have only two request: 1. Put my name "Kat Hak Sung" on the publish. 2. You can correct mis-spelling word, but can't add or reduce the content of each message. No individual person, or group, or organization can own my messages privately and forbid others to read, publish them. The purpose of this announcement is to prevent someone from censoring my messages if I was murdered. Kat Hak Sung is my real name.

Kat Hak Sung"

I have recently receieved an E-mail from a man said he is a publisher. He wrote, "Can you give me your name if it is okay to publish your story which certainly seems to be true as I know a good deal about police departments and the FBI." And later got another message in internet as this:
HAL838 </GovernmentConspiracies/profile?>Sent: 1/2/2002 10:58 AM
Forgive me for not following your thread as closely as I could to have possibly missed something; ...... What am I missing here? Can you put your story in a smoothly readable format and send to me. (I'd like to print it out to read at leisure in a way that wouldn't waste all my ink and paper.) Also if anyone wants to know more about the story that's on this page <> you'll find what I deemed fit to print (for the time being) and some interesting documents at <>

I don't communicate privately with unknown in case there is a trap. I don't want anybody declare that they have sole private right of my messages because I directly e-mail them. I don't want to disappoint those who really intend to publish my messages. So I made previous public announcement. I was harassed these days by slow processing, losing contact with internet so had to sign in repeatedly. All these gave me an impression that they are setting up a new plot to dimolish me and my postings. I used to go to each web site about 10-15 days. If I failed to continue with my thread, then you know what have happened. If something unfortunately happened, I think most likely they would have some informants or undercovers posting some messages to defame such like 'mental disorder', gave host an excuse to delete it, or simply, activate a virus attack. And the time most likely will be at the end of this month. I'll give my reason in next message.

53. Fear

I fear Federal law enforcement agent will frame a case against me and my relatives and those who know my story. Though they never stop planning this, events happened recently predicted that a new plot might be in process.

1. Recently several people who rarely had dealings with me came to visit my house. (See "48. Test" And in early January, an old friend gave me a phone call from Chicago. He was my classmate in primary school, we were friends for forty years. We lost touch after drug case taken place. The cause is very clear. Just the same that Wen Ho Lee experienced. Lee said 90% of his friends estranged from him after he was investigated in spy case. After nearly 10 years without contact, my friend said he would drive to California to see me. I requested his e-mail address and mailed him my internet home page, hoped him to know what happened to me in this ten years. I think all these people were forced to do this. The purpose is either to test if I have any particular relationship with them or to circle as many as possible victims when agents are framing a case.

2. About last April, both director of DEA, FBI announced resignation from their posts. And I alleged that DEA, FBI and China secret police were framing a drug case against me. The time was on June, and they delayed McVeigh's execution date to June 11 to transfer public's attention on that frame case. The reality was that on June 6, there was a big attack on my web sites. My messages were moved away from sites at same time. (See "Why DEA, FBI involved in secret deal of spy plane" URL in #36) I realized they hated my messages as well as me. Last month and this month, I received messages from e-mail and internet site, requested me to e-mail them my name and arranged messages so they could publish or print it. I fear it's another tactic to censor my thread. (They could claim I authorized them to do so by e-mail, thus they had the right of publish and could forbid other's having my posting in their web sites. Of course, all this must be in condition I would have died.) That's why I posted a Public Announcement on Jan. 12 (see last message)

3. G-lady's husband got a contract again in late December. I don't know if this was a cover up reaction of my thread '47. Swift response', or for the 'guide trip', or for both. My wife will visit China at the end of this month, G-lady will guide, guard, or whatever you say, go with her. It's easy to be planted something during travel. It's also easy have an 'accidental death' in travel. I can't stop my wife's trip. I fear something will happen due to above reason.

4. Last month, a Chinese political dissenter, Wang Ru Wang, died. In this month 9th, another dissenter, Wang Ru Shui, and a sponsor from Taiwan, Liu Kai Sheng, died too. The two Chinese dissenters were famous in Chinese democratic movement, they both died of lung cancer. Liu was only 57, his death at first was speculated as homicide, because he was an activist supporting Chinese democratic movement. Later police said he died of heart attack. He collapsed in street. Like Ron's death. (see 19. Alleged murder of Ron)Their deaths could be a coincidence, but also with great chance a cross murder deal between secret police of two countries. Which increases my anxiety.

54. Trap

On April 13, 2000, I took a bus from Vientian to Parkse in Laos. The bus should have arrived in Parkse at 8 pm. An accident made it there at 2 am. In bus terminal, the driver of little transferring vehicle turned his face away from me, carried the other passengers away. I was left alone in bus terminal at midnight. It was dark wild field outside the terminal. While I was helpless, a man appeared. He said he was a businessman from China and knew where hotel was. When I was rejoiced for the help, he said he had other two friends and they had no I.D. He hinted to use mine to cover them. I recognized it was another trap and left him immediately. The man, realized his failure, like his sudden appearance, faded away in darkness. About half hour later, the little transferring vehicle came again. This time, the driver didn't refuse me. He took me to the hotel in town. But if they wanted a photo that I was talking to someone, alone and at midnight, they succeeded.

Then in Viet-nam, harassing and attempted murder made me again going to Foreign Ministry asking for help. They turned me to a "consulate officer", who was more like a police officer and suggested me to go to China. He said that was the only way for me and there was no option. Of course I didn't obey him. But his attitude made me believe that there was a contract between the secret police of US and China. (see "24. Fluorescent lamp killing"

55. Internet censorship

I had feared they might plot a framing case in later January, it didn't happen. But they did activate a wave of attack on my message in internet. This is the third time I suffered from such large attacks . The first time was on January 31, 2001, the day Ashcroft passed his nomination. The attack was comparatively mild, they only put a lock on thread or delayed posting or shut down the forum. The second time was on June 6, 2001. And the latest one, as I expected was in later January, my thread was moved away from more than ten web sites. And the method they used were improved one. When I click on URL, the page said," You are not allowed to access this club" (' or ' You are banned from this board. ( I even had no chance to enter the forum. In the other web sites, They moved my thread away, no trace left. I call this kind of censorship an undercover way. Like in 70's Argentine and those totalitarian countries, people disappeared without trace, nobody knew where they went.

The most dramatic one is at:
Where on Jan-28, I found eye catching boxes like thisIn that web site, each message is posted in a small window, the window became small long box if the message was deleted)

"Message 70 of 74 was Deleted
Message 71 of 74 was Deleted
Message 72 of 74 was Deleted "

In a thread 'No free speech in Austria', I put a comment: "Talk about this topic, I found my messages in previous two months were all deleted....." Then someone posted:
'Go to the left of your screen where it says "show messages" and select "all messages." ' I followed his instruction, it worked. This is 'Civil liberty' forum, I have had technique problem on last year's Jan. 31 attack I had made a complaint, the guide of this forum gave me an E-mail which said:
"I've even received complaints because I allow some truly vile people, such as racists
and Nazis, to voice their views.

I hope you feel comfortable raising issues in the forum, and rest assured
that I will never shut down a discussion because of the topic."

After one year, he didn't move away my thread like others' but deleted my recent messages. I believe he must have suffered large pressure from FBI and did something against his will. I speculate that agent forced him shut down my thread, promised him that I would not come back. He deleted my messages of recent months. When I did come back and complain, agent installed a programme. Which creates a strange scene: when I clicked in with 'unread messages', there are many small boxes of 'message....deleted', once I entered with 'all messages', these deleted messages revive.

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56. Internet censorship (2)

On Jan. 28, my thread in more then ten web-sites of different country were removed. (They are Russia, Ukraine, Sweden, New Zealand, South Africa, Nepal.....The owner of all these forum of different countries is same one.) I have posted in the 'open board' of these country's forum for more than 6 months. Which reminds me a 'close for post' ten months ago.

I had same thread in ''. . I found it was closed for post on Mar. 20, 2001. I asked why. Moderator said he did not know, and hinted the problem was in U.S.A.. Later administrator said it was partial right, there was a 'break' from US political issues. Apparently, the pressure came from top ranking. On March 22, news paper said US expelled 50 Russian diplomats for FBI espionage case. It seems that my event is part of government operation. I put the dialogue here. Please notice that the time was a little earlier than the expulsion of Russians.

I asked:
"Why close my post?
My thread "How U.S. law enforcement agent murder people" on March. 18. was closed for post. You can go there to see why they close it. Just because what I said are true, they are scare of it. If you like to see more complete story, see 'My American nightmare' in:
' '
20th March 2001 09:55 IP:"

benCA Moderator
" I don't know why it was closed but i guess its because it was about some country but russia. don't forget where you are
20th March 2001 10:22"

admin Administrator
" That is partially right, Ben. is taking a "break" from US political issues. At this time, it is too hot of a topic for rational discussion. __________________ admin
20th March 2001 19:49 "

Ten months ago, the method they used was mild. Only put a lock on thread, I could still take part in discussion. And they gave a reasonable reason: the side effect of Hansen's espionage case. US was anger at Russia. They didn't touch my thread in other countries boards.

Last month's (later January) attack was severe. They removed everything without leaving a trace. I tried to complain but failed to post, only got a page said:"Sorry! The administrator has specified that you are not allowed to post." The administrator gave me an e-mail which said because my thread was 'anti-u.s. propoganda'.

You can see that 1. Ten months ago none of them thought of using the reason of "anti-US" even it's same message. 2. It was a joint operation which happened simultaneously and used same severe method. Readers knew nothing of what happened. I could not complain even I came back. 3. It happened at a time I predicted in "53. Fear". Part of a frame case. 4. The action was operated by owners. Not moderators. So it's not against any rules, but in politics. Obviously these administrators were intimidated.

57. FBI's interest

On Jan. 31, 2001,(the first wave of attack on my thread) one web site I failed to post was It's a big firm. So the level of moderator was high too, I suppose. Perhaps they were unwilling to shut down my thread without proper reason. They simply shut down the forum. A message said that "If you are looking for the and Fox News Channel community message boards, they have been temporarily disabled while we build a new and easier to use format. We'll have them up and running again as soon as we can." This is obviously cover words. The format they had used was a good one which is using now by big firm such like, ..... The promised 'new and easier to use format' never come true. From time to time I went there, found the page of 'temporarily shut down' was still the same, with threads posted on last day (dated Jan. 31) laying there, showed shut down took place abruptly.

Shut down a prosperous message board was by no means an insignificant event. It hurt Fox's fame and popularity. The decision must be from top ranking. It also helped me to strengthen a belief of how FBI control this country.

I learnt that Walter Disney was an informant of FBI. He died in 1960's. I think there were many VIP informant like him worked for FBI. In early 1990, I believe a helicopter accident was a result of a conspiracy of selection for CEO of Disneyland. I had a puzzle then. Whoever selected a CEO would be co-operate with FBI. Why did they select with violence? Unless they needed one whom was more than an informant, that was, a candidate of their own. Walt Disney was an informant, but once he was required to do something which was conflict to the interest of Disneyland, what would he do? He might choose to protect the interest of Disneyland.

HP and Compaq's emerge is a good example of the difference of a CEO and an owner (I can't find proper word for it. I mean someone who has real interest in business.) HP CEO Fiorina proposed to emerge with Compaq, HP heir Hewlett opposes the deal. Fiorina wants to make HP the biggest PC manufacturer. Hewlett think it's too risk to emerge with a rotten business. I think Hewlett is real care for HP's interest. That's because he has big financial interest in HP. (18% of HP's stock) And he has personal feeling on HP. It's a company set up by his father. Same thing like W. Disney to Disneyland. If the deal is a failure, CEO's loss will be much less than him. And she may become a CEO of another big firm.

Through Disneyland's story, I have a feeling that 40 years ago, FBI got VIP of big firm as their informant. 30 years later, they are not satisfy with this, they need a representative of their own interest.
(I have no intention to link HP and Compaq's emerge with FBI at all. It's different from the shut down of message board of Foxnews. I only use it as reference to show that CEO's decision could hurt the company they work for. )

58. Manipulating media and killing by radiation

In later 1992 and early 1993, I felt unwell and suspected agent using radiation material which hurt my health. I complained. Then in early 1993, the newspaper I used to read, were full of news about deadly radioactive material. Such like "RADIOACTIVE LUMP FOUND IN CHINESE WELL KILLS 3", sick 90. "VIAL OF RADIOACTIVE POWDER LOST" It said that a metal container filled with cesium-137 powder was lost or stolen. People hold it for 30 minutes would result in radiation burns and an increased risk of cancer and would lose their hair if close contact with it for a few days, and probably would die if they stayed in close contact for a week or 10 days. The state Department of Health Services ordered employees to take lie detector tests,.." In 'World Journal'(Chinese) there was an article said a mafia head felt disposed but could not find what's wrong. He at last found his chair was contaminated with radioactive material after he was diagnosed he had cancer. Later I realized it's psychological persecution frequently used by agents to influence people's sentiment through media, it increased my fear then indeed, but also kept me alert on it. Sometime later I had toothache and got my tooth pulled. When someone urged me to wear false tooth, I remembered that story and refused. In 2000, newspaper said John Gotti, an ex-mob boss, dying in jail for neck and mouth cancer. Newspaper said it was believed that cancer was caused by dirty false tooth. I believe it was the second edition of that mafia story and thought it might be one of regular practice for agents to wipe out their dislikes.

In early January, 1998, I went to State assemblyman Mike Honda's office to complain about harassment from state government.(I will talk about this story later) Within days newspaper continuously reporting bad news of Honda's proposal in state assembly, said his amendment suffered a major setback and may be dead. I was quite familiar with such negative information war then. It's a tactic of discouragement. In early February, Honda's aid told me he could not handle complaints about FBI, I must seek help from my representative. He gave me the address of Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren.

I went to Zoe Lofgren's office. The staff being responsible for law enforcement agency was not at town. Other staff arranged for an appointment for me for next week(set about on Feb 13). Then on Feb 8, an article in Mercury News shocked me. The title is:"TWO BEST FRIENDS SHARED LIFE, DEATH ", The news said Joni Commons and Elaine Manley White were best friends, old comrades, fellow victims. Linked by Democratic politics, and victim of cancer. They worked for the same politicians, served on the same boards, fought for the same causes.Joni Commons died of a malignant breast cancer on Jan. 29. Elaine White died on Feb. 1, of a malignant brain tumor, The deaths of two were within 65 hours. They met 16 years ago, when Commons was working as an aide to newly elected Supervisor Zoe Lofgren, they worked for Lofgren for about 5 years.

This was a warning to me. It also an intimidation to Lofgren's aids, probably to Zoe Lofgren too, if they would accept my complaint. From my view then, Federal agents control media, manipulate politicians, spread cancer. They are malignant cancer of democratic society.

59. Continuing cough

In later February, 2000, when I was in Bangkok, I had a continuing cough. It was unusual, because Thailand is a country with warm climate. After several days, it became worse. I started to worry. Then I noticed the cough always took place when I was outside. And I also noticed the cough stopped when I was inside the reading room. So the problem probably was from the bag. In South East Asia, I always brought a bottle of water when I went outside as well as a tourist guide book which was a thick one. For convenience, I carried them with a bag. I had to deposit the bag at the reception of library when I went inside to read newspaper. And cough would stop then. I washed my clothes everyday, that night, for the first time I washed the bag. I washed it thoroughly, especially the suspender because it cross my breast. It worked. Severe cough stopped next day when I went outside.

But cough came back that night when I went to sleep. I couldn't help to cough once I laid down on bed. After several tests and with experience of yesterday's discovery, I knew what happened and moved to the upper deck. (the bed was a double deck one) I put the lead protection apron beneath me for protection. Lay there I thought a lot. Should I report police? But it was secret police trying to murder me. What would happen if you ask for help from one who try to murder you? It was a way hard to go through.

I didn't change the hotel because I gave the telephone number to my wife, I was waiting for her call. (In cheap hotel, there used to be only one public telephone which could not make international call, but could receive call in.) I asked manager to change room for me. She gave me the one which was next to my original room.

To my surprise, the cough came back again at night. This time it was from my original room. I had presumed they would have moved the radiation contaminated bed away, they hadn't. The man, apparently knew nothing of it, coughing constantly while laying on bed. Since I was under 24 hours surveillance, in my opinion, next room was used to be occupied by undercover agent. At first I thought, how could they be so negligent even hurt their own people. Then I thought, how could he be so stupid, even was not aware of what caused his cough. At last I decided even if he was an undercover, he was innocent of this malicious murder method, I must tell him the dangerous situation he faced. I knocked at his door. A man opened the door, when he saw me, he quickly shut the door before I could speak to him. He knew me and had been warned not to speak to me, that's what I concluded then. To my strange, when I went back to my room, no more sound was heard. Either he was ordered to leave, or he realized where the problem was and slept on upper deck. I never know. I had a puzzle until now, was that man a dislike of secret police?

Next day at entrance when I was waiting for phone call, a lady with a bagage came in. She asked me to help her to bring the bagage to second floor. (All bedrooms were in second floor) It was a heavy bagage. I estimate it must have been more than hundred pounds while I dragged it to upper floor. I wondered how could she move such a hevy bag into the hotel. I suspect there might be a metal container inside with radiactive material. Once again, I asked manager to move me to another building though I had to pay double price. One day later, when I saw a lot of customers in that building checking out, I left too, with fear.

During the period I was in Thailand. There was an event of radiation killing. Someone picked up a metal container and sold it to junk handler. Nobody knew the material stored inside was isotope until people got sick and death occurred. The isotope was from an import company which was accused of negligence of storage dangerous material. It was a big topic in newspaper when I were in Thailand. I suspect there was links between the two events.

60. Plant, Frame and alleged murder

On Sept 30, 1992, I was astonished to read an article on Mercury News. The topic was "Activist to sue FBI over bombing of car." Judi Bari was an environmentalist who was against logging company. She organized Redwood Summer in 1990. She received several death threats and then on May 24, 1990, a bomb exploded in her car which shattered her pelvis. Within hours, while she was still in coma in hospital, investigators issued a warrant labeled she was a violent terrorist for transporting the bomb that injured her. However, D.A.'s office refuse to file charges for lacking of evidence. The person planting the bomb was never found. Two years later Bari and another bomb victim sue FBI and Oakland police for false arrest, illegal searches and violation of their civil rights. Bari said "It's terrifying to stand up against FBI. Who tried to frame me for the bombing of my life."

At that time, I was complaining at Government office that FBI and DEA using isotope money which hurt my health and then trying to murder me by radioactive material. (I was not aware of the other high tech. weapon killing then yet) I knew how evil they were. But did Bari know what danger she was facing? I really worried for Bari's safety. I kept that newspaper.

It was dismay to learn her death. "CANCER KILLS EARTH FIRST! ACTIVIST BARI ". On March 3, 1997, San Jose Mercury News wrote, " Bari, 47, died less than 48 hours after her attorneys pleaded with a federal judge for a speedier review of the 6-year-old civil rights lawsuit."

On Oct. 8, 2000, another news caught my eye. "Pratt, new book examines role of FBI." It said that Pratt, ex-Black Panther activist, was sentenced to death about 30 years ago for a murder case. As a matter of fact. He was in a meeting in Oakland the night murder occurred, hundred miles from murder site. FBI wiretapped the meeting but hid the tape. Further more, FBI even planted letters to convince the group's already paranoid leaders that Pratt was against them. So they refused to testify for him.
If US Supreme Court had not temporarily suspended capital punishment in early 1970s, the government would have executed an innocent man."

I sent an E-mail to writer of Mercury News. Wonder why FBI could use all dirty methods to frame people, it's no other than attempted murder. The reply mail said, anyway, FBI would pay settlement for the case, "THAT'S A DEVELOPMENT". It seems FBI and other Federal law enforcement agency are outlaws. They could plant, frame, murder without being punished. Once it was revealed, nobody has to be responsible for the crime. And if they paid victims some compensation, that became a development, even the money was come from tax-payers. Pratt luckily survived, Judi Bari hadn't . How many innocent people died in black box practice? And how many will be the next?

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61. Resignation of FBI chief

About in early April, 2000, when I was still in panic mood of Thailand event, I read a news from a Chinese newspaper that FBI director Freeh would resign from his post, because FBI abused their power to a man whom bought a house which FBI wanted. It was a strange news. I had a strong feeling the article was for me. In US, when I complained in government office, FBI could cover it up with their power. In Thailand, I complained to US Embassy, then seeking asylum. It seemed that they couldn't cover it up anymore. Someone had to take responsibility. As for the house, there were something unusually took place when I bought it in 1985. But I could never expect it would bring me such a disaster. (I would talk about it at very last in my thread) However what the newspaper said didn't come true then. Freeh still stayed at his post.

On July,2000, I went back to US. I learnt that in 1999, when I just left US, all three old people of neighborhood died. (see "10. The death of the old people". ) On July, 1999, Jr.Kennedy died in airplane's accident. They felt they were unable to control me abroad as they did in USAand feared I would reveal their criminal activities. They worried about Jr. Kennedy's political potential.

Feeling they would frame a big case to silence those whom knew my story. I started to post my experience in internet in later 2000.

On April, 2001, both directors of FBI and DEA announced resignation. Freeh left on June, two years short of his ten years tenure. I alleged they plotted a big drug case to frame me and person in the know on the month he leaving. (see 'Why DEA, FBI involved in secret deal of spy plane?' in my web-site.) It seemed they would attribute the responsibility to person whom left from his post.

After I posted my opinion that anthrax attack was done by Federal law enforcement agency, I felt strong murder threaten. I had said they probably would have done it in late January. It didn't happen, but there did be a big attack on my thread in internet. Then in early February, the chief of FBI Sacramento office said he would retire in May. They never stop persecution. Will there be another plot designed for him to take responsibility? Because once there is a responsibility taking, there would be a wrong doing. In most condition, it is killing to silence. Though under the coverage of suicide or other form they designed.

62. Plot

On Nov. 12, 2000, San Jose Mercury News carried such an article. Topic: " Killing Pablo" It said "Pentagon officials were concerned that US forces were possibly violating a presidential directive that prohibited American involvement in assassinations of foreign citizens. " To kill Columbia drug lord Pablo Escoba, US government spent millions in a covert operation in which a secret group assassinated about 300 people. No one was ever prosecuted. US ambassador, DEA, special force of pentagon were involved. The full extent of the US role has never been made public. Then why do they reveal this questionable maneuvers? To let people know some aspect of dark side of government? That's their taboo. Consider media are in the hold of intelligence. It's unusual.

I started to write about my experience in internet on September. I realized those Federal law enforcement agency were in panic. They couldn't wait any longer. Article "Killing Pablo" was a warning to other government department, 'you committed crime overseas, now I will commit mine, don't interfere. ' It seemed they would frame a drug case and silence those who are witness of my story. But how did they murder citizens in their own countries? Most of them are still young.

In early January, 2001, Clinton issued an order, creating a new czar with a broad mandate, namely, to identify potential security threats and vulnerabilities. It oversaw all intelligence include CIA, FBI. Freeh became the czar. Which meant FBI could carry out their plan without obstacle then. I think this 'counter intelligence' post was created for the particular purpose of this frame case. There is no news about this post ever since, and three months later, Freeh resigned his post of FBI director.

On Jan. 21, S.J.M.N. reported "Feds widen Nuestra Familia probe", it said federal attorneys in Northern California were dramatically expanding their charge to gang members and attempting to penetrate its leadership within Pelican Bay State Prison. This may lead to the first federal death penalty trial in the Bay Area in decades. The unusual thing was why the federal government using its resources to go after a state prison gang. Local atterney puzzled, "how this became a federal issue. A prison gang is a state problem."

I could resolve this problem. It would be a murder for less penalty bargain between federal law enforcement agency and prison gang. In 'Killing Pablo', I learnt they would frame a drug case to kill many people. I also knew they used to murder people by "suicide" in jail. But they can't say all people died "suiciding", by then I realized they would kill by the hands of prison gang.

About at same time a TV news impressed me which said City of San Francisco announced that they forbid walking dog on beach to prevent they bitting people. A doubt in my mind was immediate, "Absurd rule. If people can't walk their dog on broad beach, they 'll walk dogs on crowded street. The rule creating more chance for dog to bite people." Several days later, on Jan 26, two dogs mauled a woman to death. What shocked me was not my doubt came to true, it was the background of the owner of the dogs. They were lawyers. They have an inmate as their adopt son named Schneider. Schneider was infamous among inmates and prison authority. He is serving a life sentence for stabbing a prison guard and stabbing an atterney in courtroom. He was in Pelican Bay State Prison. He is a member of Aryon brotherhood gang.

It seems they were picking up possible murderer whom fit their demand. In "Fear of frame", I expressed my worry. And in message "10. the death of old people", I expressed I feared they would kill by the hands of gang.

63. A well planed frame case

There is another reason for them to frame the owner of the dog. Knoller and Noel are lawyers. Noel once had been a lawyer in President Nixon's Justice department. The couple then were practising their business by representing inmates and correction staff in lawsuits against the state government.

In Won Ho Lee's case, though FBI had no evidence, they still determined to frame him. Even CIA had warned FBI that Lee case was flawed. What FBI did was when they threw Won Ho Lee in prison, a news was spread that former CIA chief committed same crime as Lee, down loading classified document without permission. Were they intending to enforce law on former CIA chief? Of course not, it's same game they had played when publishing news "Killing Pablo". An intimidation of "no intrusion". Won Ho Lee could have been spent the rest of his life in jail if he had not a daughter. Lee's daughter is an undergraduate. She tried her best and found her father a good lawyer. The lawyer proved FBI agent's testimony was inaccurate and exaggerated. Lee's daughter played an important role in Lee's release, as well as a good lawyer.

In April, Freeh announced he would leave his post in June. Then they suddenly delayed McVeigh's execution date from May 11on to June 11. I alleged they planed to cover the murder by a big event which would attract public's attention.

On April 20, newspaper reported there were racist graffiti recently in Standford University against Asian. On June 10, an ethnic Chinese, 21 years old film student was shot in head and died outside a nightclub. But friends standing nearby and hundreds of bar patrons said they saw no gunman. Newspaper said, "Police described Maria Hsiao as "crystal-clear, a random victim". setting off a rare homicide investigation in a city known more for serenity and Stanford University than violence." Just like they did in other murder cases, they always pre-prepared a reasonable situation. If they are performing a fluorescent lamp killing, they have a news of "solar storm attacking earth" in advance, make death look like a stroke. If they are going to kill by EM wave, they will produce "meningitis" cases. This time, they made a background of racial random killing. Maria Hsiao, unfortunately, became a scapegoat.

My nephew, like Won Ho Lee's daughter, was an university student. He studies in Stanford University. He is the son of my youngest sister. And I talked about them in previous message, they are the target of FBI and DEA, because they are rich. Federal agents seemed considered everything in advance to make it a perfect frame case. Yet there were flaws.

64. My Brother in law was targetted.

About in 1992,(see message 6), B's house (my youngest brother in law) was burglarized for three times within a week after I talked about isotope money. Because B is a successful business man, I think money was the target of burgler(Feds).

In early April, 2000, the house where my parents lived, was damaged in a fire. It is a house of three storeys in Taravel St of San Francisco. It was said the fire caused by a candle in top floor where a tenant lived. Though my parents lived underneath, most things were damaged not by the fire but the water pumped in by fire brigade and had to be abandoned. I think it was a search under the cover of fire or a revenge. Because it happened about two weeks after I seeking asylum in Thailand. (March 22, 2000) The house is B's property.

In April, 2001, both director of FBI and DEA announced resignation and would leave post on June. Then a news in internet drew my attention. It said US paid a large amount of ransom to China for the releasing of the crew of spy plane. FBI and DEA were signatories and guarantors agree not to use the term of Chinese Secret Police on dope traffic interdictions to Mexico, Colombia, Nigeria, and related locations and not mention Southwest China. It was a strange news, and was much more a framing drug deal than a spy plane deal. In which drugs would be smuggled from China to US and be captured, but the media would be under control so it won't hurt China's fame. I realized China was bribed to frame a drug case. It was a real good idea, the case would be believable since China was in dispute with US in spy plane accident, US law enforcement officer could do their business more relieved that they didn't plant drug, they only enforce law. B imports tens of containers of merchandise from China each year. It's easy to plant drugs in it.

The expiration date of my drive license was May 24, 2001. I received renewal notice in March. I hesitated to mail renewal form to Sacramento DMV office because many things strange happened then, such like attemption to got my signature in blank paper. Then in May 12, a news said there was a malfunction in machine which issuing renewal drive license in Sacramento DMV office, sent a lot of renewal drive license to wrong addresses. I never mail the renewal form. I don't think I can get new drive license. They even made the missing of drive license reasonable.

In early May, Justice department suddenly delayed McVeigh's execution date to June 11. June was the last month Freeh stayed in his post. I think they planed murder case then. And they needed a big event to transfer public's attention. I expressed my worry in internet in later may and early June. Talking about the resignation of FBI director Freeh and the delayed McVeigh's execution. On June 6, I suffered the second wave of internet censorship. At least seven web-sites I posting were attacked simultaneously.

Later I learnt from my sister she lost her tenants at same time. B runs his business in a warehouse. His neighbor was a book company. The book company not only rented the warehouse next to B, but also rented an office room inside B's warehouse, so it was B's tenant, too. There is an independent living unit in the back yard of B's living house which he rented to a single man. In may, both tenants moved away with different reason. It reminds me the event in about 1996, when G lady quit the job one month before 'operation Fire Dragon' took place. (see '32. Operation Fire Dragon' In my experience, Feds monitor as close as they can and avoid to be involved as possible as they can.

I do believe they planed a framing drug case in early 2001. For some reason, it soured. Because I didn' t mail the renewal form of drive license? Or I posted revelation in internet? Or some other reasons, I would never know.

Now the Chief of FBI Sacramento office will retire in May. Will there be another plot then? Probably in my sister's birthday party when so much people who know my story attending. Whatever happening, one thing is for sure that my messages in internet will be attacked too. On April 25, newspaper said, "US intelligence officials believe that the Chinese military is working to launch wide-scale cyber-attacks on American and Taiwanese computer networks....and are bracing for a possible wave of hacking attacks by Chinese students against US in coming weeks" The secret deal of last year is still effective and it's the best way to get rid of US intelligence's dislike: by the hands of foreign country so US officer take no risk.

65. Birthday Party on May 3 (5/10)

After the house in San Francisco was burned down, my parents moved to Shanghai, China, live with my uncle. Two months ago(Mar. 2002), the house in Shanghai was said in a development plan and would be dismantled. It motivated my sister to buy a house for them to live. Last month (April), my youngest sister (B's wife) bought a house in Shanghai, within two weeks, another sister bought one, too. I think the deal cost my sisters a lot of money.

On April 28, I learned B would have a big birthday party on May 3. It's Friday. It was unusual. My family union are used to be on Saturdays and Sundays. People won't have to be in a hurry in holiday. Friday is a day fit for plot in jail. Jail won't do any bail work on week ends. So there are two extra days for agents to do 'suicide' job there. I recalled the house deal two weeks ago. Was that a pre-set to transfer victim's would be bail money? ( I am sensitive on this because I had experience, I'll tell the story later) I called B, telling him about my worry. He said he didn't do anything illegal so what I said was impossible, he won't change his decision. He talked a lot of how grateful he was to US because his success in business. My feeling is that he didn't talk to me, he talked to agent who monitored the phone call. We are first generation immigrant. We always use our native language when we talk. This time he spoke in English. I could feel he was in panic. He thinks he is innocent, he may obey everything agent tell him to do. Yet I know a lot of people like him have been killed. What I could do was to post my worry in my thread "64. My brother in law was targeted" (first posted on April 30)

I learned the plot was postponed on May 3, the day of the party held. There was a letter from credit card company that day with a renewal card inside. My wife's Visa card expired on 04/02. So a Renewal card should have been arrived in March. But they held the card until May 3rd when they knew the plan soured.
Next day was week end, my wife would shopping with it, they couldn't hold it anymore. (See my experience of credit card at "34. The lost credit card"

I post in BBC's forum. Their format lifts the thread to top when you post a message to it. My thread failed in this function after I had about 20 messages posted. So each time I have to started a new thread for a new message. And each time I repeated:"I failed to lift "Secret police" up to top. Since the problem I posted here, such like messages missing, lagging show up of messages.... for readers who are interested in whole thread, go search "The dark side of USA" in 'goggle', or to 'guardian's 'talk', find 'Unbridle power of Federal agency' in category 'Europe and world' of 'Politics talk' "

BBC is a famous broadcast company. My commend repeated for months which might make them uneasy. So on May 1, they couldn't help to put a reply:
Quote, <"re: Secret police <
3E&board=greatdebate.thisisatest> Jessica W - HOST - 1 May 2002 06:37
Dear Kat Sung, I hope your cough is getting better. Thank you for alerting us to this story.
In another order of things, I hope the new message board lay-out that begins tomorrow Thursday will help us all follow threads more easily.
Thank you for your post and do keep them coming. ">

I just posted "59. Continuing cough" there. You can see the sarcasm of the Host. She might be told I would not come back after May 3. Same thing like what happened in (see "55. Internet Censorship" Then on May 3, there was a post from another Host:

Quote, <"Messageboard relaunch problems <
&board=greatdebate.thisisatest> Alice Castle - HOST - 3 May 2002 17:54
Hi everyone - big apologies for the recent messageboard hiccups - we were meant to relaunch with a new, neater layout this week but technical problems have meant there's been a delay.
Also, you'll notice that paragraphing and character formatting are not working at the moment, and post counts are gone - again, sorry about this: things will be fixed and running as planned soon! ">

The relaunch problem will continue while I continue to post.

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