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My American nightmare - Page 3

User Thread
 74yrs • M •
A CTL of 1 means that kathaksung is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.
137. SARS, who opened the Pandora Box?

Who has the ability to activate a bio-attack? Russia, China, US..... But who has the motive this time on SARS crises?

1. Bush started an era of war and bio-attack.

I've alleged 911 attack was allowed to happen. With it as excuse, Bush and his cabinet started two wars in Mid-east. I also alleged anthrax attack was done by government insiders to push the passing through of "Patriot Act" and DC sniper case to authorize the Iraq war power to President Bush. In less than three years, Bush has opened a Pandora Box, let out wars, decease, disease.... to the world.

2. US secretly research and develop bio-weapons

Anthrax attack revealed that US is still researching and developing bio-weapons in secret military labs in Dugway, Utah. In debate of Iraq war, I also found an information that West Nile is a bio-weapon resource. US provided Saddam Hussain bio-weapon resources when Reagan-Bush were presidents. Include West Niles, anthrax. I had alleged that Feds using West Niles as cover up to murder people( the brain death. see message "82. West Nile virus" Now there is great possibility West Niles is also developed to bio-weapon.

3. Preparation for a bio-warfare

Bush expressed a hysteria interesting in bio-war. He had pushed a wave of receiveing vaccination to prevent small pox. Despite small pox is a disease which is extinguished (? at least the one under control) and most people had received vaccination already. Why did he push for an unnecessary vaccination? My feeling is it maybe a vaccine for another disease, under the cover of prevent small pox. Is it for SARS which broke out laterly? or for a more virulent small pox newly developed in secret lab? No body knows unless people have the right to check this media and military cooperation war-monster.

Who likely opened the Pandora Box and let out SARS?


U.S. scientists deplore Army's silence on anthrax program
Posted on Monday, December 17 @ 10:19:28 EST

WASHINGTON Several scientists and biological warfare experts say they were surprised by the revelation that a U.S. Army installation in Utah has been producing dried preparations of the Ames strain of the anthrax bacterium, the same strain found in letters to senators Thomas Daschle and Patrick Leahy.

International Herald Tribune:

US who provided bio-weapon resources when Reagan-Bush were presidents. Include West Niles, anthrax.

Refrence:Quote, "Between 1985 and 1989, the Senate testimony shows, Iraq received at least 72 U.S. shipments of clones, germs and chemicals ranging from substances that could destroy wheat crops, give children and animals the bone-deforming disease rickets, to a nerve gas rated a million times more lethal than Sarin."

138. Smallpox and monkey pox.(6/18)

I wrote "137. SARS, who opened the Pandora Box?" on 6/7. Next day, a big word "Smallpox" in newspaper caught my eye. "Ho, how fast they reacted," I thought. The topic of article was "Outbreak in Midwest related to smallpox".

It wrote, "This is an unusual event....There's never been a human or animal illness in the Western Hemisphere by a virus that is either a monkey pox virus or a very close variant of the monkey pox virus."

"At least 19 people in three Midwestern states have caught a disease related to small pox, marking the first outbreak of the life-threatening illness in the US, federal health officials said Saturday (6/7)" (S.J.M.N. 6/8)

In consecutive five days, nearly everyday San Jose Mercury News reported monkey pox in big articles or briefing news. "Monkey pox is closely related to the smallpox virus, usually occurs only in central and western Africa.".(S.J.M.N. 6/10) "The US government recommended smallpox shots wednesday(6/11) for people exposed to monkey pox."

On 6/17, Chinese TV news reported there was a smallpox vaccination exercise held in San Francisco.

All these, I think, are the reaction to my allegation in last message about the preparation of bio-war by President. Though they densely reported the relationship between monkey pox and smallpox, it still couldn't justify why in December 2002, Bush pushed a vaccination program on a disease which has been extincted for more than 20 years in the world. How could he foresee there would be a monkey pox outbreak five months later? It only impresses me that how swiftly they reacted and how powerful they were.(manipulate media and other government branches.) It also add on list one more virus released from Pandora Box.

139. Convenient excuse.

When China can't find the origin of SARS, a hypothesis said it might jumped from animals to humans. The virus also found in a wild animal named civet which is consumed in Chinese food market.

The monkey pox virus was said, too, spreaded by wild animals. The cases were quickly linked to contact of prairie dogs. Government banned the sales and imports of the alleged animals. It gives a convenient excuse to the outbreak of SARS.

Although the wild animal could be the origin of SARS, it also could be a cover up excuse just like they can put Malvo and Muhammad as suspects in DC sniper case. Chinese have a history to consume on wild animals, why they haven't caught that disease until now? The conflict way of its spreading and dramatic way of its revelation show that it was more like an intelligence work.

140. Selective outbreak

The unusual outbreak area shows it was a selective work.

1. US and Canada are the similar two countries with certain amount of Chinese ethnic residents and busy daily air traffic routes connected to HongKong, China and Taiwan. US may be stronger than Canada in links with the area. Yet there was no cluster outbreak of SARS in US while Canada suffered waves of outbreaks. There were more than thirty SARS deaths in Canada, there was none in US.

2. In Canada, Vancova is a city gathering more Chinese immigrants with a nickname of "little HongKong". But the SARS breakout and the deaths concentrated in Torento.

3. In China, nearly a half SARS cases and SARS deaths concentrated in Beijing. (There were about 5 thousands of SARS cases and 5 hundreds of deaths in China). If people say it's because Beijing is a big city with a busy migrate population, then there is a bigger one, Shanghai. Shanghai, with a population of 16 million and more than four millions of migrate ones, is the most economic active city in China. There is seldom a SARS case and so far one SARS death(5/8)there.

Why SARS caused a heavy casualty in some area while in other area it became MARS? Newspaper rarely talk about this. It seems SARS virus having an evolved mind. It attacks selectively like a smart bomb.

141. My view on Selective SARS outbreak (6/28)

1. Why SARS become MARS in US? The US government don't mind to sacrifice lives to reach their goal. Such like what happened in anthrax attack and sniper case. They had designed Northwood plan to attack their own people. Why in this event they are so kind on US people? Because the most effective result of SARS is its impact on economy.

Fear to catch SARS halt the tourism. Airlines canceled flights, travel company shut down, commercial activities came into a standstill. China and HongKong at least lost 1% to 2% in their GDP growth rate. The SARS impact on economy is more severe than 911 attack did. Though US can bear such an attack, the power group doesn't want so. Bush is an obedient patsy. He had started a war without sufficient justification. The road map of Mid-east is not finished. There are more "evil" countries to be conquered. They need him to stay in President post for second term. Then they need a prosperous economy in 2004 election. For it they give a tax cut, they low the Feds' interest rate to 1%, a 45 years' low. Of course they don't want SARS to disturb their plan. That's why SARS this time attacked avoiding American.

2. In China, SARS took a big leap from Guangdon Province to Beijing and broke out there. (Beijing is more than a thousand kilometers away from Guangdon Province)Because Beijing is the political center of China. It was a hard hit not only economically, but also politically. The result is obvious, there was a strong shaking in high ranking official. The mayor of Beijing and Health Minister of China both stepped down, as well as a certain amount of local officials. Though it's not like a "regime change" in Iraq, to a big power like China, it's the best way to have a selection of favorable officials. To promote more open and pro-democratic officials which benefits US and intelligence.

The time is critical too. Two dramatical revelation took place in March and April.(see #134. From MARS to SARS, an intelligence work of revelation.) What happened then?
Iraq war started at late March. SARS diverted China's attention to oppose the war to the disease outbreak. Then followed by a meeting between US and N.Korea which was hosted by China. US requested China play a more aggressive role to stop nuclear weapon plan of N. Korea. SARS could be used as a pressure to push China to do so.

3. An uncontaminated route.

Fujian Province is next to Guangdon Province and faces to Taiwan. There was no report of SARS case there. It was a miracle for a place uncontaminated between the two areas which were hard hit by SARS.

I've alleged there would be a drug frame case in April. See my messages on 3/31 (#122. The plot of April) One of the reasons was my wife would take a trip on 4/18 to her home country Fujian through Shanghai. So they left an uncontaminated route for her to go. My family came from Shanghai, when we talked about SARS in late April, everybody thought it was incredible how could Shanghai exempt from SARS invasion. (there was one death case took place on 5/8, I thought it was a cover up after our talk) Of course I thought in different way. My opinion about drug frame case got a strong evidence in May.

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 74yrs • M •
A CTL of 1 means that kathaksung is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.
142. Drug case in Fujian

In 5/17, at first page of World Journal (Chinese newspaper), there was a big topic "US, China united assaulting, break up drug gang in Fujian". It said, the justice department of US and China united in an investigation in a drug case, broke up a big drug smuggling group which was based in Fujian. They arrested 20 suspects in China, HongKong, NewYork and Miami.

Federal Prosecutor James Comey announced the case in a NewYork news release. DEA pointed out, the drug group smuggled 1500 pounds of heroin into US from 2000. The drug was from Burma, transported to Fujian, than shipped to US. They sold the drugs in NewYork, N.Carolina, Florida and Canada. The investigators arrested 10 people in NewYork.

In 5/27, in "World Journal" a news topiced "Beijing for the first time allowed US undercover landing in China". Related to the drug case in Fujian, it said it was a big break through that Chinese government allowed US agent acted in undercover in mainland China. It was historical because China always thought it was a sovereignty.

In 5/28, World Journal said, "Kin-cheung Wong netted, US, China justice co-operation may facing a break through". Kin-cheung Wong was the head of that drug gang. Law enforcement agency on 5/16 announced the break up of his drug group. They arrested 30 suspects in China, US, Canada and India. DEA and FBI got the information about Wong in early 2001, in early 2002, they concluded it was a big fish. Wong was arrested in a trap of a deal of 77 tons of heroin in 5/16.

Since September 2000, I started post this thread to reveal the dark side of Federal law enforcement agency, I felt several times the pressure of to be framed in drug case. It seems they used this group as a tool to frame the case. And I allege Feds conduct and cultivate the crime group. That's their own criminal style.

143. Drug case in Fujian (continuation)(7/10)

In Sept. 2000, I started to post in internet.

In 11/12, 2000, there was an article "Killing Pablo" in Mercury News which I think was the announcement they would have a large scale murder.

In April, 2001, both directors of FBI and DEA resigned from their post, would leave in June that year. I think it's because my revelation in internet. (see messages "61. Resignation of FBI chief" and "62. Plot "

In May 2001, I noticed an article about the secret deal to release a spy plane EP-3 and its crew which landed in HaiNan, China in April, 2001. It said US paid a large sum of money for the release.
In secret deal, DEA and FBI were signatories and guarantors agree not to use the term of Chinese Secret Police on dope traffic interdictions to Mexico, Colombia, Nigeria, and related locations and not mention Southwest China. (See "Why DEA,FBI involved in secret deal of spy plane" at:

Why DEA and FBI were involved in a diplomatic (or military) event and sign for something relate to drugs instead of hostages and spy plane? I realized then DEA and FBI had bribed Chinese secret police to frame a drug case. There were three big attempts since.

(1) The first one was planed in June 2001. Which used McVeigh's execution as diversion of public's attention. To match the McVeigh's execution date to the plotted frame case, they even delayed it for 30 days. The excuse was that FBI found 3000 pages of unreported documents. (see messages 61. 62, 63, 64)

(2) The second one was set up in 5/3/2002. In which they planned a dinner party. I later knew B (my brother in law) invited his staffs in New York to the party in San Francisco. He has a branch company there. I noticed the news reported in Fujian drug case, NewYork was a place the gang had drug business. (see messages 65, 66, 67)

(3) The third one was set up in April 2003. When my wife planned a journey to Fujian. At that time, because I accurately analyzed the death of FBI staff Linda Franks and the third party involving in DC sniper case, they sent Mao's daughter to my house twice and even left her car at my house. Thus a direct link was established. Mao's daughter was said to go for a business deal. Her destination was Fujian. (see messages 117, 121,122,123,124)

The news about Fujian drug gang was perfectly match the frame case. It started in 2000. DEA and FBI were aware of it at the beginning. Chinese secret police was very cooprative even for the first time allowed US undercover acted in mainland. (Of course for that big bribe). I think the activity of that Fujian drug gang was under guidance and conduct of FBI, DEA and Chinese secret police. It's easy to pretend as a buyer. If my opinion is correct, then I expect people can find there were big deals or drug shipments took place around the time of these three alleged frame cases. At least in the first two events. That is, June 2000 and May 2001. If people have the right to check this case.

Federal agents used to manipulate criminal gang to reach their own purpose. Such like what they manipulate the "Nuestra Familia" in bay area. They allowed it to commit crimes. When they need killers in jail, the agents netted them, thus could use them in bargain deal. (see message "102. Gang manipulation (12/6)" In Fujian drug gang case, the gang was under control from the beginning. It was allowed to grew bigger and bigger. Because Feds could use it to frame a drug case anytime they want. Such like what happened when they were anger at my revelation, they could immediately arrange a trip to Fujian for Mao's daughter. As to why they arrested the Fujian drug gang this time. I think maybe the deal was too big to be neglected. Paper said it's a deal of 77 tons of heroin. Large sum of money would involved. Feds are profit chaser. And with great possibility, the source of buyer maybe Feds itself.

144. Roof contractor from Idaho

N.D. was my neighbour of D house. Our houses share a wall. If there was something such like roofing, paint, landscaping, we used to have same contractor and shared the cost. More then twelve years ago his family left for Idaho. There was a profitable business there, a restaurant waiting for him. Agent used to monitor suspect(or victim) as close as they could, I think this was a typical tactic they used to get the closest location to monitor me by moving my neighbourhood(lure him moved away by a profitable business). But N.D. didn't sell the house, he rented it off. After N.D.'s leaving, it was his father who contacted me if there was a house maintenance.

About six years ago, the tenant of D house complained of leaking roof. Though my house had no leaking problem, to be cooperative to neighbour, I agreed to renew the roof. I didn't want there was an eye catching line in the middle top of the house. I also thought it was a tactic agent used for a covert search. They often create a flooding or something like that to get chance of house repair to fulfil their search purpose.

On 6/30, ten days ago, the tenant of D house came to my door, saying landlord would change roof because there was a leaking. I wonder why N.D.'s family hadn't contact me directly as they used to do. The roof was changed just six years ago and it was guaranteed 15 years. Why pay for another repair instead of looking for the original contractor? I refused to join it this time.

Next day, the roofer came to start his job. When I went out to watch, the roofer contacted me, said he would give me a good price. He offered 700 dollars. Include changing wooden board of roof if it's rotten. It's a price I could afford. I knew it was an attempt to check my house. What I worried about was they'd deliberately damage my roof in working, so I said I would consult my wife then gave them an answer next day (7/3). I asked to see the license, he hadn't. Then I asked to see a business card, he hadn't too. How could I have a guarantee? The roofer said, "N.D. trusts me. I often went to his restaurant." But N.D. was in Idaho. "Oh, yes," he was from Idaho. I went to his car, he was right, it was a license plate of Idaho.

Of course I didn't accept his offer. On 7/3, I told him I wouldn't deal with any contractor without license. There were four men waiting for my answer that morning. They even showed me the wooden board roofer replaced from the D house to push for a deal. B house owner (his friend had put a replaced tire at my front door six weeks ago. see #131. Strong and swift reaction (5/17) who seldom seen outside showed up this time. After I said "no", he and the other two men left right away. I think he played a role of "reliable witness" if I accepted the contractor's deal

A contractor came from Idaho to California for a roof change deal. Price was too good to believe which included change the wooden board roofer. (generally roofing means change tile only.) I saw it as an aggressive search tactic, or most likely this time it was a frame case attempt. I think if I said :"yes" to accept the deal, I am not able to post this story here today. Because same day on 7/3, there was a news in newspaper that, "Hacker contest may target web sites", that "government and private expert warned Wednesday that hackers planed a loosly coordinated "contest" aimed at defacing thousands of Web sites Sunday(7/6). "(S.J.M.N.)

In my experience, there always came with web sites attack when the agents plot a frame case on me. They fear my revelation.

145. SARS, a big issue(7/20)

When I told the roof contractor I'd consider his offer on 7/2, next day the newspaper had an article reporting of hacker would attack internet on 7/6. It meant on 7/6, I might not be alive in this world or at least, was not able to react to the disappearance of my thread in internet. It was only 3 days. What would they do, I don't know. But from their demonstration of replacing neighbor's roof board, I guess they would compel to change the roof board of mine, and then "discover" something illegal in my attic (such like drug?). I wrote message #144 on 7/10.

Within days, the local Chinese TV news said a worker was dead falling from the roof. The contractor was arrested for not purchasing worker's accidental insurance. The news said government would enforce the roof business to buy workers insurance and would prosecute those who didn't follow up. On 7/14, I noticed an article in newspaper:"Conflict over homeowners groups"It said, "Associates strict rules prompt growing number of disputes with property owners. In a country founded on private property rights, home owners' associates increasingly dictate the nation's home colors, landscaping, pet sizes and placement of satellite dishes." The article made an enforcement from Associate reasonable.

I think my message "I didn't want there was an eye catching line in the middle top of the house."touched off their new plot. (Though the connection roof line is not eye catching as I imagined, in fact people would seldom notice it) It seems this time they would use Homeowners asscociate to force another roof change work. To assure the work to be contracted with the agents guised as roofers, they enforce professional roof contractors buying work accident insurance.(TV said it was very expensive, would significantly raise the cost)

From the message writting date (7/10) to newspapers article of homeowners associte,(7/14) it's only 3 days too. Include to produce a worker's accidental death. They were really in a hurry.

This would be a repeat tactic I had met 8 months ago. When I painted the house as Homeowners' associate instructed, they said I had to repair the "Gutters/downspouts on garage". (see #95. A notice for a meeting) I remember clearly at same time the same TV station reported government strictly enforce the plumber's license policy. This caused plumbers' shortage in market. Same way to push for a selected agent plumber. I later bought a downspouts in Home Depot and replaced it by myself.

The agent planned plots one by one with high efficiency. Repeating old tactics almost in rogue's way. The only reason I think is the SARS' topic. I can feel the pressure applied on them from high ranking officials. It's a too big issue.

146. Regime change

The regime change I met was not for liberation or democracy. It's for cover up of corruption.

(1) In Tailand, March 2000, when Foreign Ministry informed me to apply asylum in Interior Ministry, within days, they made Interior Minister resigned from his post. (see #50. Seeking asylum. and #51. Unbridle power of intelligence.)

(2) Regime change in Fujian

In mid 1999, I think they guided and conducted my wife built links to her home countryside- bought a house in XiaMen city, Fujian province. It's only 20,000 for that three bedrooms apartment. My wife said it was a special price, because a relative knew developer. The price was so good, my wife's brothers bought the new houses too. The other development see #142, 143, Drug case in Fujian.

I allege agents tried to frame a drug case with links to the Fujian gang. Because it would be a frame case, to avoid investigation, they must change the regime like what happened in Tailand.

In mid 1999, there was a big smuggle case broke out in Fujian. The base of smuggle ring was in XiaMen city. It was said the biggest smuggling case in China. Hundreds of government officials involved. Seven were put to death. Include high ranking officials of provincial administrators and police officials. It was a big regime change. Many said it's a political struggle. I believe The Chinese secret police conducted this case and got the post they wanted to control.

3. Regime change in California

The recent one took place in San Francisco. see messages #122, 123, 124, about "Unusual case against top S.F. police officers" which took place in March, 2003.

At the same time they activated a recall on California Governor Gray Davis. It's unusual because Davis was just elected for his second term. The recall signature collect date started from 3/25/03, only four months after Davis' re-election. A case started as sudden as the top S.F. police officials being indicted.

The governor can order an investigation of a case, he also can appoint officials to oversee state prison system where I allege the murder will happen if there is a frame case. I saw intelligence shadow behind the recall.

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 74yrs • M •
A CTL of 1 means that kathaksung is a contributing member of Captain Cynic.
147. Steal California (7/31)

It's an operation can only be activated by an organization with large resource.

1) No one has such determination to do this just 4 months after the Governor being re-elected unless it has an urgent motivation.
2) Though Republican like to see Davis losing the post of Governor, they also worry about a backlash by voters. They lack of the motivation.
3) A swift and effective movement to collect 1.7 million of signatures show that it was done by a well organized and experienced group. Which has rich financial and manpower resource.
4) Some activists with a dirty background. Issa, the man started the recall, was fined for gun possession, faced theft charge. He had a string of youthful brushes with the law that include allegations of stealing cars and once set fire to his car-alarm business. Davis camp also complained some people worked to collect signatures with criminal record so tainted petition. We know Federal agents used to manipulate gang member and criminals to work for them.
5) The group behind the scene has rich resource in judicial system. Though Davis camp filed suits in court to halt the recall, they suffered setbacks both in Sarcamento and Los Angles counties. The suits were rejected within days, a very efficient procession in judicial system.
6) The group behind the scene has rich resource in media. Mercury News, so said a "liberal media", propagand on recall with first page, pages of articles, stories such like "The pay only $7 yearly in car tax, which will increase to $20 under Gov. Gray Davis' proposed budget." hinted Davis will be ousted.
7) The group behind the scene also has big influence in Democratic Party. Though Davis is in inferior position. No other Demo came out to run the election. This is incredible. Which means they'll give up the position to their rivals without campaign.
8) My experience is media is in stronghold of intelligence. Early this year, a TV station announced one of their colleague would leave to work in a county election office. I had a feeling then they'll move their resource to control the election office for 2004. Now it seems they are preparing for an early election.

California is a camp of Democratic Party. With a sudden attack, I expect a patsy of intelligence will steal it. Which will enable intelligence easier do any commitment. But also US democracy will fall further into a covert totalitarianism.

148. Regime change in San Jose Police

On 7/13, a San Jose police officer shot and killed a VietNamese ethnic woman in her kitchen. Police were answering a call from her neighbor that the woman neglected to take care of her child. Police said they found woman was a threat to them by holding a knife. Her relative said it was only a fruit peeler. Police over reacted with a deadly force to a small woman .

There were a lot of such police killing cases every year. Mostly police quit the charge especially if the victim holding a weapon, (or looked like a weapon). Seldom they were challenged by judicial system because police is a power. But this time it's different.

VietNamese community held protest in city hall, San Jose police chief Bill Lansdowne had to stand out clarifying its policy. Media reported with first page picture and discuss. When I read the news that "Responding to public outrage over the police shooting death of a 25-year-old San Jose woman, the Santa Clara County District Attorney's Office took the unusual step Wednesday of calling for an open grand jury to publicly air the facts in the case."(S.J.M.N. 7/17) I knew this time they'd take the chance to extort S.J.P.D..

On 7/24, big topic in first page:"FBI looks at fatal shooting in S.J." "Agency reviewing whether police abused woman's rights". At the same time, San Jose Police Chief Lansdowne was reported to take the top job in San Diego.

It took only 10 days to succeed a regime change in S.J.P.D.. Chief Lansdowne made no mistake. He was under great pressure of "unusual step" and was lured to another job offer. Since then there were reports of Lansdowne and his new job in San Diego. The dead woman's case was disappeared from newspaper. After all, it is a game of power and manipulation of power. The dead woman's right is only a tool used in this game.

149. Dig the history

On 7/24, my brother came to my house with two case of toys. It was toys I deposit in his garage. About 16 years ago(or longer?), I sold toys. Since my garage was full, I deposited some in my brother's garage. Then I switched the merchandise to porcelain. Those toys were forgotten.

The sudden return of the toys alarmed me. These days, agents were aggressively set up traps. They put tire at my door, blocked the drainage, tried to have my roof changed, agents even came to knock at my door. When all these failed, they dug the history.

I think agents had interviewed all my relatives and acquaintances long time ago and got every detail of me. Now they turned to the toy box which I forgotten already. It's easy to plant something inside. My brother told me, there were some more. I worry they are preparing a frame case on these box.

150. Development of Fujian drug case (8/11)

For more than two years in internet, I alleged Federal agents frame drug case against me and my family with the help of Chinese secret police. Which was proved by the breakout of Fujian drug case in 5/16/2003. Now it becomes clear how they managed to create a regional link on us by luring my wife to buy a house in Fujian. And arranged a trip for her to Fujian on 4/18/03. For that trip they even left a route free of SARS for her to go. I revealed it in message "142. Drug case in Fujian" on 6/28/03. Two days later, on 6/30, neighbour D knocked at the door, asked for a roof change. It's a swift revenge attempt. From their urgent reaction, it proves my allegation is correct.

About 10 days or so ago, I heard a news from local Chinese TV station that to an investigation mission FBI complained they lacked of fund to operate. That their pay is low. One of their agent in LA, with a salary of 26,000 a year, can't afford a permanent residence. That another agent in San Francisco, though with a pay of nearly 50,000 a year, had to do an overload work. (Since it was from TV, I haven't seen it in newspaper, the number of salary is from my memory, but is approximately right.) "FBI are underpaid? Strange news." I thought.

Days later, on 8/2 I noticed a news. It was very short, even without topic. The whole message is:"Karen P. Tandy, the first woman to run the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, said Friday that her main goal is to focus on dismantling larger international drug-trafficking organizations and choke off their money supply." (S.J.M.N)

Combined two unusual short and vague news I realized it was for that Fujian drug case there is an internal investigation. Someone has to step down to take the responsibility. (Though the news didn't say it, no doubt there was a regime change. The fomer director of DEA was a man.) And to my accusation that they manipulating the drug gang, allowed it growing bigger and bigger, their defence was they are in shortage of fund. So they cultivated criminal group, guided them to commit crime, once the gang became big and fat, Feds reap the profit. (see "8. FBI's profit" Justice is business. Criminal became a tool of Fedral law enforcement agents to loot money from the people.

Many information revealed Feds knew OKC bombing and 911 attack in advance. Terror attacks were allowed to happen because Feds need it. Former FBI director Freeh had proposed a bill with same content like "Patriot Act" after OKC bombing but failed. Ashcroft proposed it again after 911 and succeeded. They manipulate terrorists and criminals to grasp more power and money. To cover up their criminal activity, they use "secret", "national security" to block investigation. DOJ needs a reform. People should have more power to monitor the Federal agents.

151. Development of California recall

For my comment in "147. Steal California (7/31)"
7) The group behind the scene also has big influence in Democratic Party. Though Demo has Lt. Cov. Bustamante join in the competition, he is less populated and general opinion is he would lose to Schwarzenneger. The only choice which Demo. can win over Reps., Senator Feinstein stayed out. The respond of Democrats is weak and confusing.

6) The group behind the scene has rich resource in media. It' s obvious when we saw the topic is around Arnold in talk show, TV and newspaper. Push Schwarzennegger's population to a peak.

5) The group behind the scene has rich resource in judicial system.Supreme Court denied Governor Gray Davis' bid to delay voting, cleared the way of recall in 10/7.

"I expect a patsy of intelligence will steal it. Which will enable intelligence easier do any commitment."

Nobody is more suitable to be a patsy than Arnold. He has no experience of managing a government, even a small one like a small town mayer or councilman. What can he do with a big bureaucracy of a big state? Becoming a puppet is a certain. Samething took place in Minnisota where the governor is an athlete.(Ventura) Demo lost Senator's election after Wellstone's death. Even for the sympathetic effect, or for the fame of Mondale, Demo shouldn't lost in 2002 mid-election. But it's not their governor, and they don't control election office. Those who control intelligence was easy to get a vote result favorable to them like what happened in Florida.

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152. Recent censorship in internet

I recently suffered harassment by losing connection with internet and had to click in repeatedly. My messages were also deleted in some web sites at the reason of "spamming". Moderator said he found same postings in other sites. My feeling is they acted more like a FBI agent interested to track members activity in other forums. And their reason is ridiculous: people can't post same opinion in different web-sites. Some suggested to use URL. If this works, it means one library has a book, then the other libraries can't have that book. They should post a note:"you can read that book at library so and so". Otherwise it's spamming. Is that absurd?

I also blocked from many sites in Delphy forum system. I allege agent planted a programm in their software to ban me from entering. When I try to log in, the page always turned up "There was a problem with this page. Please try again." The problem never resolved, some for more than a year.
They are:; queerpsychic; baalzephon; coyoteroad; messages; ouroboros (conspiracynet; ab-uspolitics; yourlost; cs-politics/start (delete))

Field report:
How do they make trouble? I try to post new messages 150, 151,152. I lost connection to internet at least 6 times, and have to re enter each time. It took 22 minutes and I still can't post my new messages. (4:50 pm 8/11) I think because my revetation, they now check my messages first (report to high ranking?) before I can post them. (Because of slow entering, I have time to write this Field report.) Now the trouble becomes: "dial is busy," when they saw my complain of lost connection. I have to listen to continueos dial tone. Now the dial attempt 25, now they even stop dial and issue a continueos tone. (to stop the dial attempt number increasing?) It took 38 minutes to post new messages 150-152.
After a short while, I was blocked again. It's nearly two hours "dial is busy" so I had to shut down the computer.

153. Computer Worm attack(8/16)

In later afternoon on 8/11, when I started to post new message #150, I suffered harassment of repeated error page and lost connection to internet. I was almost banned from posting for more than two hours. It's something never happened before. I was angry and wrote a "field report" detailed how they harassed me in internet. Next day (8/12) I was allowed to surf internet about 2 hours then lost connection to internet for good. It seems the modem was damaged. (don't know how they did it. There is always a notice of "dial is busy" On 8/13 the newspaper reported the "Computer worm" attack. It caused problem similar to one I suffered.

I think as my revelation going deep into Feds' secret, they are scare. Now they postponed my new posting so they can report to high ranking official for a pre-examination. I think if they can't bear my new revelation, they'll have some emergent "operation".

The new computer worm "blast" targets at home users. I think it was an attack from Feds. Media is controlled by intelligence. They manipulate it for their purpose. Such like when they need a war in Mid-east, the media censored anti-war information. When they need a patsy in California, they propagand in Media for Arnold and discount Gray Davis even though he was just elected as a Governor. (After all what crime has he committed?) Internet is different. With which people get a passage to something government don't like them to know. Intelligence, naturally, will try to control it too. Virus and worm became one of methods to control.

Federal agent pours a large resource to control internet. Ashcroft in July 2001 announced establishment of 9 cyber space team to monitor the net all over the country. What did they do? Monitor people. We saw virus and warm came out one by one: Nimda; Code Red; Klez; SQL Slammer..... all targeted on ordinary people. Have you ever heard they broke any case of them? Although these virus and warm cost hundreds of millions of dollars in loss of productivity, they were generally left alone.

That's why a FBI cyber space analyst was shot to death in DC sniper case. The rogue part tried to overcome the decent part of Feds.

My condolence to Linda Franklin. My condolence to Bill of Rights which is eroding away bit by bit by corruptive part of Feds.

154. Help

Due to heavy harassment, I'm afraid I can't post my message on time in each site. I decide to post every five days on my homepage with new message. If I fail to do that, then either I have been blocked to post, or more likely, "disappear" from some "operation". If that happens, there will be a blackout on my thread too. So, download it to follow the development.

I ask your help to spread my thread. Tell your friend. Let other people read it. The more people know, less harm they can make. It's not only for me, my family, it also for you and every decent American citizen.

My homepage:

If there is harassment (blank page, slow entering, server busy....) try

155. SARS is planned with Fujian drug case.(8/21)

Some people don't believe that government would spend so much resource (time and money) to murder me. Here I must make it more correct, that it's DEA, FBI and D.O.J. (department of Justice). I think those people should adjust their opinion that government is always correct. As a matter of fact, I do think D.O.J. is corrupt because there is a lack of check and balance. They have too much power without restriction.

There was a film "Witness"(? don't remember the exact name) Actor Harrison Ford. It talked about an Amish boy accidently witnessed a murder case committed by a corruptive police criminal group. Then there was a story of man hunter. If you have no doubt why the corruptive police want to eliminate the boy, then think samething on me.

If there are three people there, Bin laden, Rudolf and Kat Hak Sung. And there was only one bullet available for FBI, who would be their priority to shoot at? Bin Laden will be the least possible one. Though he is the leader of terrorist, he is too important for this government. With whom government can demand more money and power from people. He is a tool of intimidation and extortion. Then it's Rudolf. He has no threat to Feds. If he was at large, it would not hurt Feds. If they got him, that's their achievement. Me, though innocent, would be their most wanted. Because my revelation give them big damage.

In 1999, trying to escape from Feds' persecution, I went to South-east Asia. There was a chance then that my story be revealed. Within months, three old people of neighbour all died. (see message "10. The death of old people" I learned this when I came back in 2000. I realized they would eliminate all people who knew this story and could be potential witness against Feds. Since then I observed several attempts of drug frame case. The Fujian drug case on May 2003 was the latest one. It came with SARS which I think was a bio-attack planned by Federal agents.

156. The road map of SARS (8/22)

Toronto is the only city hit hard by SARS outside the Asia. When news reported thousands of people quarantined and quite some died, I was suspicious: was that a coincidence? Toronto is also the only city in Canada I have relative lived. In late April, my parents came back from China. I learned that though SARS was very severe in Beijing, it was more severe in Huhehaote, Inner Mongolia Province where whole mansion were quarantined because of SARS. My uncle lives in Huhehaote, I have cousins live in Beijing, Tentsin and some other parts of China. They knew my story. Dying from SARS will be the best way of elimination without suspicion.

My relatives who know my story mainly live in China and in Bay area, California. My wife's relatives live in Fujian Province; Phillipine; Hongkong; and Toronto. I looked at the map, SARS contagious area covered most of them. It only avoided Fujian and Shanghai, because there was a designed drug case to be breakout, they must leave a route free of SARS for my wife to go to frame us. That's why SARS became a smart bomb, not attack some area nearby but picked up remote area such like Inner Mongolia and a single city far away: Toronto.

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