Finding oneself was a misnomer; a self is not found but made. - Jacques Barzun
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Tagged > A2 levels
THREAD Uncross the lines
39 Posts • 26645 Views
Jokes & Games
I played up to level 11, but it got too crowded after that. The problem isn't the lines so much as the size of the dots at the vertices. I saved the web page in Firefox, then opened uncross-the-l...
THREAD Gender PsychologyHIghly dissatsified with sexual stimulus
0 Posts • 3263 Views
Psychology Forum
one of the primary struggles for people in their twenties is seeking out and understanding the intricacies of intimacy. when searching for an appropriate mate, it is neccisary for a person to look wit...
THREAD ConspiracyExcerp: 9/11 Conspiracy Theories
214 Posts • 53617 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
Two more WTC workers have come forward with eye-witness testimony that a huge explosion ripped apart the lower levels of the north tower at about the same time a jetliner rammed into the top floors....
THREAD all powerfull
22 Posts • 4781 Views
Philosophy Forum
being all powerfull is a very complex thing. It is this fact that we as humans do not understand about God. We think on very small levels compared to him. In actuallity I think God laughed his ass off...
THREAD Why has my life turned out this way?
10 Posts • 3828 Views
Talk Talk
I sympathise with people on a day to day basis, on many levels. I understand sympathy Im just choosing not to be sympathetic in this particular case. The reason for this is because I cant stand the m...
THREAD Your Authentic Music thread
14 Posts • 2599 Views
Photos, Videos & Music Forum
It is a cool idea. Ive been having the HARDEST time trying to find only ONE song that sums me up though lol. I have decided one "all time song" is too hard to do and just go with the s...
THREAD SocietyThe Capitalism Debate!!!!
95 Posts • 25356 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
"China never became a democracy. " Is China rich? No, its GNP per capita is still rockbottom. When I say rich, I don't mean in terms of the Chinese State (which is number 2 in wealth)....
THREAD Gender PsychologyI Hate Women
84 Posts • 29914 Views
Psychology Forum
There are so many levels, strastopheres and dychotomies at play that makes such percentages less off kilter. A key point being that since current circumstances provide men with power and money throug...
THREAD ChristianityTruth about 666, the beast and seal of the beast
117 Posts • 20175 Views
Religion Forum
Well- Since in your Bizzaro world everything is reversed... I'd be holding the chain and he'd be running around on it while I cranked out tunes on a little machine... Insults......
THREAD Infinite universes from Matter and Anti-Matter
39 Posts • 9097 Views
Philosophy Forum
Long thread -- long theory? They say that electro-magnetic energy 9radition exist beyond our means to measure? So how do they know that it continues to exist beyond our own infiniminticle particles o...
THREAD BiologyIs Floride used to CONTROL
8 Posts • 2355 Views
Science & Technology Forum
Is Fluoride used as a controlling agent? Perhaps this is just Another crazy conspiracy or just my paranoid mind. Ive recently started to research more and more into the pineal gland (the only...
THREAD Ailments & DiseaseEmotional support.
6 Posts • 2060 Views
Health & Wellness Forum
Yeah I have a tumor that may be one of teh two cancers. Okay, about a month ago i had a car accident, in which they accidently came across a lump of tissue in my chest, im not great with the human an...
THREAD Things that are stupid
3 Posts • 1351 Views
Talk Talk
Hi I'm Jim Bob. I'm going to start by saying things that pee me right off. Feel free to argue with me - but I'm right. 1. Health and safety. Its okay if you have a job re-wiring e...
THREAD PerceptionDeath
12 Posts • 4096 Views
Psychology Forum
Decius, you should not think for a second that you are wiser than disenchanted or freakish-one simply because of age. In fact, if what disenchanted says is true, then I find that it may be quite the o...
THREAD BiologyMeditation altars brain structure
18 Posts • 5886 Views
Science & Technology Forum
Decius: the reason why I mentioned the different agents of evolution was because I assumed you thought that mutations were the cause of evolution regarding meditation (or emotional evolution). And the...
THREAD Intelligence, Memory & BrainRemoval from Working Memory...
12 Posts • 2288 Views
Psychology Forum
Sorry BethewateR, wasn't sure if you were talking to me as I did not use the term "working the brain"... But I'll answer anyway... If you were asking what I mean by 'mental...
THREAD Reality & MetaphysicsTime, existence, and reality
25 Posts • 7115 Views
Philosophy Forum
I don't know about you guys but I think I have a bigger headache then the one I started off with. Ive looked at a couple of things including Albert Einstein's theories, which I find difficul...
THREAD Is the Brain Really Big Enough?
15 Posts • 2837 Views
Philosophy Forum
In my opinion, The brain is a filter, consuming knowledge or concept through the senses. The brain then "thinks" about, or perceives the knowledge. It filters it all into, what you need t...
THREAD AstronomyAstronomy Picture Of The Day
216 Posts • 73063 Views
Science & Technology Forum
4 November 2012 Lenticular Clouds Over Washington Credit & Copyright: Tim Thompson Are those UFOs near that mountain? No -- they are multilayered lenticular clouds. Moist air forced to flow...
THREAD Speed Of Time
64 Posts • 14444 Views
Philosophy Forum
okay, continuing after a year and a everyone pls read some of the previous posts, including my first one. okay, considering that with higher levels of beings the speed of time increase...
THREAD BiologyDefense, home team, defense!
1 Posts • 2653 Views
Science & Technology Forum
The cell's natural defense against HIV... Howdy! Haven't had much time for forums these days, but this article seems relevent enough for me to make an appearance around here... (From S...
THREAD Society & SociologyPoluting the gene pool and wasting tax money
9 Posts • 2932 Views
Psychology Forum
First, I totally agree it's partly the woman's fault, after all, it takes two to tango, and I really believe that people should take contraception more seriously if they're not in a sta...
THREAD General HealthIs Soul-loss is the main source of unhappiness in Western society?
4 Posts • 4220 Views
Health & Wellness Forum
The Soul is unconscious field of ‘feeling’ including all memories of your life. If you experience something unpleasant in a subjective sense is too crushing and the soul gets wounded. It happens e...
THREAD Know your Fluoride: Think its a Joke? Look into it.
7 Posts • 4268 Views
Talk Talk
Here are some more testiments to the joys of Water Fluoridation. By the way, its apparently in your food too, yay, isn't reading fun! Even the AMA concedes that no studies were done to determi...
57 Posts • 8361 Views
Talk Talk
My brothers are wrestlers and football players, and I see their weight fluctuate according to the sports season. They push to the excess of 250-270 during football and they cut down to about 140-160 d...
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