Wisdom is knowing you are wrong and being right about it. - Dugbug
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Tagged > Usa real estate
THREAD BooksThis Book Will Change Your Life
62 Posts • 14793 Views
Talk Talk
YO! I'm Harold. I tried the staring thing at this really good looking woman, but she just gave me a dirty look, lol.*lol* Those are real falkin' funny though, lmao.!!!!
THREAD Paranormal & Pseudosciencedo u believe in magic, y so......
12 Posts • 3590 Views
Science & Technology Forum
i think there must be some unexplained bit, call it magic if you want, mayb like the force in star wars, but as something that no-one has any real control of, or no-one on our plane of reality.
THREAD ChristianityA question for a devoted Christian.
235 Posts • 35078 Views
Religion Forum
im not god. i dont have infinite wisdom. but if i did i would shore as hell come up with somehing better than that. admit it. it sounds real redundent, doesnt it.
THREAD Habits & BehaviorMy son and his odd imagination habit
6 Posts • 13501 Views
Psychology Forum
it seems from whast you've told us that he has no trouble with living in the 'real' world as well. in my opinion if he's content and functioning normally in his every day life ther...
THREAD Creative MusingsDeja-Vu you never knew?
5 Posts • 1934 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
...danke! My mother was the real poet, I just like Leonard Cohen and surreal meta-fiction too much...but glad you dug this, might have to post here more often...
THREAD Habits & BehaviorWhat Star Are YOU?
42 Posts • 15571 Views
Psychology Forum
Im not real sure that I beleive in the zodiacs. But I love to read them and I can say that there are a couple of them that seem to be right on. For a gemini this cannot be an easy task. For we are com...
THREAD pride
14 Posts • 4540 Views
Talk Talk
pride is one facet of ignorance. As long as you are proud you will start to stop or regress; but not progress in real terms.
THREAD Random PicturesRandom picture thread.
1169 Posts • 253517 Views
Photos, Videos & Music Forum
Leftwood...I found this site that has that picture you were inquireing about. It questions whether it's real or not, but it also tell you what it is. http://www.photofiction .com/ff102.html
THREAD ChristianityExcerp: America is not a Christian Nation
155 Posts • 37742 Views
Religion Forum
'I worked in a bank, and was told I was NOT allowed to say Merry Christmas...only Season's Greetings... Tell me my rights were not trampled... BUT DID I listen...NO! I said what I wanted, it is...
THREAD I don't know anything about anything
7 Posts • 3156 Views
Talk Talk
There's a girl I think I love. She just came out of a fairly long relationship. She always says she likes me, but then ignores me. So I ignore her. Then she gets mad at me for not talking to her...
THREAD Reality & MetaphysicsQuestioning Reality: Are we for "Real"?
118 Posts • 32206 Views
Philosophy Forum
Plato 2003, questioning reality, asks: "Are we really for real?" There has been a lot of discussion on this topic, some of it quite good. At this point I'd like to attempt a definiti...
THREAD God in ReligionCan someone disprove this logic?
101 Posts • 16149 Views
Religion Forum
The real question is can man outsmart God? The answer is simply no. If God made a boulder that He could not lift then we would fry our brains trying to understand it, because a lot of the things of Go...
THREAD Society & SociologyI just can't tolerate STUPID people!
184 Posts • 69363 Views
Psychology Forum
Poser Exposer (whose real name I will not divulge at the moment) is a legendary figure on the internet and in his own mind. My upcoming film will reveal all.
THREAD Pictures of Ourselves
281 Posts • 61465 Views
Photos, Videos & Music Forum
She's lovely, you look like a really nice couple. I tried to put a picture of me and my gorgeous hunk of a hubby on but it was too large! Most of my photos are over 350 kilobytes, it's a rea...
THREAD Society & SociologyStupid people complaining about stupid things!!!
27 Posts • 14598 Views
Psychology Forum
that pretty fucked up.....makes me feel real safe.........theres no way ther should be allowed to do that......isnt it illeagle to put up someones information like that?
THREAD PedophiliaPaedophilia
189 Posts • 61218 Views
Sexuality & Intimacy Forum
Just because you don't care what someone else says doesn't make it any less real. And incidentally there are a few homosexual organizations in North America as we speak that are trying to lo...
THREAD Where are you from?
52 Posts • 10743 Views
Talk Talk
I spend Most Of My time Living In Brisbane, Australia at Boarding School but my real home town is so small im better off not even bothering to say
THREAD StoriesA Fly
11 Posts • 3697 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
i thought the post was long, a boring and repetitive. but this guy apparently does have a real book, and it's gotten some pretty good reviews at amazon.
THREAD SocietyThe Real News
1 Posts • 1324 Views
Politics & Current Events Forum
Gore Vidal on The Media Sounds like he might still be stuck in the left right mentality, but makes good points none the less.
THREAD Centralia the city that inspired the director of the film version of silent hill.
2 Posts • 2574 Views
Talk Talk
That's badass.I had never seen photos of Centralia before. A lot of things in video games are inspired by real life places/events/objects.
THREAD PoetryMy poem
14 Posts • 2978 Views
Stories & Poetry Forum
I really enjoyed reading that fireangel. Really, that is amazing. created many pictures and situations in my head. you have a real talent there. Good work.
141 Posts • 25479 Views
Talk Talk
I'm cynical of Optimists & Idealists (unrealistic and impractical). They're egotists who are illogical, and they heartlessly ignore the suffering in the real World.
THREAD Science vs ReligionScience gives proof of God.
19 Posts • 5389 Views
Religion Forum
Holy sh**, You made scince an ally of god. That is tottaly wrong. I think science has proven that god isnt real so many times, instead of proving that he is.
THREAD Gender PsychologyNaivety in men
6 Posts • 3982 Views
Psychology Forum
The lyrics of this song,"Going Under" by "Evanescence" remind me of my naivety when i gave my heart and soul to a man, who jsut abused it. I was a lass with a fairytale romance pla...
THREAD Exsistential Angst
7 Posts • 3149 Views
Talk Talk
Have you ever contemplated non-existence? What is it? That is something we can never understand. Because it isn't real. You know that there must be SOME existence out there other wise you wo...
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